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Kitco News has one of the world’s largest dedicated team of journalists reporting on the precious and base metal markets with accuracy and objectivity. We believe that our incisive and in-depth reporting can help investors make informed market decisions.

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News team

Daniela Cambone
Daniela Cambone

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1317

Daniela Cambone is the Editor-in-Chief for Kitco News. With over a decade of international experience, Daniela covers prominent industry events and interviews a number of leading analysts, financiers and political leaders for Kitco News. She began her career covering the Canadian financial landscape and later worked in Europe for four years, reporting on the political and financial scene for the International television station, Press TV. Daniela holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in Journalism & Communications.

Alex Létourneau
Alex Létourneau

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.3004

Alex Létourneau reports on the mining industry for Kitco News. He has covered various industry events, government mining initiatives and visited various mines. Alex hosts the weekly segment, Mining Minutes on Kitco News. He holds a journalism degree from Montreal’s Concordia University.

Neils Christensen
Neils Christensen

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1526

Neils Christensen has a diploma in journalism from Lethbridge College and has more than a decade of reporting experience working for news organizations throughout Canada. His experiences include covering territorial and federal politics in Nunavut, Canada’s newest arctic territory. He has worked exclusively within the financial sector since 2007, when he started with the Canadian Economic Press.

Sarah Benali For interview requests and events, contact Sarah
Sarah Benali
Associate Producer/Web Editor

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1314

Sarah Benali is the Associate Producer for Kitco News. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal. Prior to joining Kitco News, she worked in the Canadian banking sector and also covered emerging markets and microfinance news.

Analysts & Commentators

Our analysts and columnists are often featured and quoted in major American, Canadian and international publications. Our market news and analyses are often sought by leading business journalists because they are recognized as being authoritative, neutral and reliable. Kitco often finds mention in publications including: Bloomberg, CNN Money, Fortune, Forbes, Associated Press, Reuters, BNN, Marketwatch, New York Times, The Globe and Mail and The Wall Street Journal.

Jim Wyckoff
Jim Wyckoff
Market Analyst and Columnist

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1497

Jim Wyckoff has been involved with stock, financial and commodity markets for over 25 years. His experience and specialized training in journalism and economics enrich his popular daily AM-PM Round-up and his Technically Speaking column on

Peter Hug
Peter Hug
Director, Global Trading, Kitco Metals

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1372

Peter Hug has been involved in the precious metals industry since 1974. In his segment For Pete’s Sake, Peter draws on frontline experience acquired over the years to provide a trader’s perspective on the market.

Kira McCaffrey Brecht
Kira McCaffrey Brecht
Technical Analyst

1 877 963-NEWS, ext.1526

Kira McCaffrey Brecht, has been writing about the financial markets since 1991. Posts during her career include Managing editor SFO magazine, Chicago bureau chief at Futures World News, market analyst at Bridge News and technical analyst at MMS International. She has passed Level I and Level II CMT exams from the Market Technicians Association.

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