What's that Rock Worth?
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Metals Amount Units/Weight Metal Market Price Value of the Rock
Precious Metals
Gold $1190.00 /oz $0.00/tonne
Silver $16.70 /oz $0.00/tonne
Platinum $1109.00 /oz $0.00/tonne
Palladium $775.00 /oz $0.00/tonne
Rhodium $1035.00 /oz $0.00/tonne
Precious Metal Sub-total » $0.00 /tonne
Base Metals
Aluminum $0.77 /lb $0.00/tonne
Copper $2.73 /lb $0.00/tonne
Nickel $5.69 /lb $0.00/tonne
Lead $0.88 /lb $0.00/tonne
Zinc $0.99 /lb $0.00/tonne
Base Metal Sub-total » $0.00 /tonne
Total Gross Metal Value($USD)
$0.00 /tonne
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Last updated at May 30 2015 2:25PM NY Time