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Neils Christensen

Neils Christensen


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Neils Christensen has a diploma in journalism from Lethbridge College and has more than a decade of reporting experience working for news organizations throughout Canada. His experiences include covering territorial and federal politics in Nunavut, Canada. He has worked exclusively within the financial sector since 2007, when he started with the Canadian Economic Press. Neils can be contacted at: 1 866 925 4826 ext. 1526 nchristensen at @Neils_c

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Gold Prices Caught In The Middle Of A Trading Channel – Analysts

(Kitco News) - Don't expect uncertainty in the gold market to go away anytime soon as analysts see potential for upswings and downswings while prices continue to hover in the middle of a short-term trading channel.

Silver Could Be On The Cusp Of Major Rally - Mining CEO

(Kitco News) - Lackluster silver prices are not deterring one Canadian silver explorer from implementing its exploration plans because the market could be on the cusp of a significant market rally, according to the company’s top executive.

Gold Prices Push Higher In A Delayed Reaction To Hawkish Fed Minutes

Gold prices are holding steady despite what some are describing slightly hawkish minutes from the January Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting.

Five Percent In Gold Makes Sense As Volatility Rises - BlackRock

The world’s largest investment firm thinks that holding even a little bit of gold will help to smooth out growing volatility in financial markets.

Gold Price Should Be At $1,500 By Year End - Incrementum AG

(Kitco News) - Gold investors are taking profits Tuesday, as the U.S. dollar found some traction, bouncing off fresh three year lows, but one fund manager says that gold will be the asset to own in 2018 as the risk of stagflation in the U.S. economy rise.

Get Some Gold As Volatility Is Here To Stay - State Street Global Advisors

(Kitco News) - The days of holding on to equities and expecting double-digit returns are gone and one gold market analyst says that the recent correction in equities is a wakeup call that investors need to have a more diversified portfolio.

Capital Flows Out Of Gold Mining Into Cobalt, Steel, Lithium

(Kitco News) - The gold sector could see a supply crunch on the horizon as investment capital flows into other metals, according to a report from EY.

Silver Is Cheap And Has More Potential Than Gold - ETF Securities

(Kitco News) - Although the silver market has struggled to find momentum since the start of 2018, one investment firm is not giving up on the white metal.

Gold Prices See Profit Taking As USD Bounces Of Three-Year Low

(Kitco News) - The gold market is off its recent highs, starting the week on a soft note as the U.S. dollar bounces off a three-year low; however, analysts aren't ready to call an end to the yellow metal's long-term uptrend.

Mining Sector Comes Down With Olympic Fever

(Kitco News) - As the Winter Games heats up, even the mining sector has caught Olympic fever as one firm is doing what it can to promote women’s hockey.