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Sarah Benali

Sarah Benali

Senior Producer, Digital Media

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Sarah Benali is the Senior Producer of Digital Media for Kitco News, responsible for growing the brand and gathering expert market opinions. Prior to joining Kitco News, she worked in the Canadian banking sector and also covered emerging markets and microfinance news. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance. 1 866 925 4826 ext. 1314 514-663-2322 sbenali at @SdBenali

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Gold Will Move 'Quietly Higher;' Bitcoin Has Seen Its High - Gartman

Despite recent pressure, famed investor and gold expert Dennis Gartman says he’s ‘reasonably impressed’ with the metal’s performance, especially as sister commodity crude oil tumbles.

This Bank Is Forecasting Higher Gold Prices… Here’s Why

This Bank Is Forecasting Higher Gold Prices…Here’s Why

Gold Hasn't Corrected Enough, Too Many Gold Bugs Around - Jim Rogers

Despite being bullish on gold and silver over the longer term, one well-known investor says he’s not fully committed to the yellow metal just yet.

Bitcoin Is Not Real Currency, It's 'Nothing Like Gold' - Currency Expert

The surge in interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin has got some investors questioning whether or not they can eventually replace gold as an alternative currency, but to one expert and longtime gold watcher, that is not the case.

‘Helicopter Money’ Is Making A Comeback Says Frank Giustra

The Federal Reserve has backed itself into a corner, which means it might be time for quantitative easing to make a comeback, this according to mining maverick and Fed critic Frank Giustra.

Ignore the Hawkish Fed, There’s Still A Case for Gold - Traders

As gold wraps a volatile week, settling lower on the week, some traders still see potential for the yellow metal.

Feeling Generous? How About These Gold, Silver Gifts For Dad!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, and for those last-minute shoppers out there (like myself), here are some unique and exciting gift idea for dad…And they’re made of gold and silver!

Expect 'Very Good' U.S. GDP Data in the 'Very Near Future' - POTUS

Mirroring the Federal Reserve’s recent optimism, President Donald Trump seems to be bullish on the U.S. economic growth story, thanks to his administration’s efforts at reducing regulation.

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? Jim Rickards Seems To Think So....

Bitcoin 'Looks Like A Bubble' - Jim Rickards Opens Up On Cryptos

The cryptocurrency craze continues with the leading virtual currency – Bitcoin – trading near record highs.