IMF Declines Comment on China IMF Gold Purchase Rumor – Kitco News One Ounce 9999 Gold

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it had no comment on a rumor that China is the buyer of the remaining 191.3 tons of gold the IMF is selling.

Alistair Thomson of the IMF's Press Office told that the agency does not comment on speculative stories, calling this a "sensitive area" of discussion.

The unconfirmed rumor was based on Russian news reports and some sources said it boosted gold futures prices.

In his daily commentary, Jon Nadler, Senior Analyst for Kitco Metals Inc. wrote, “According to the Russian FinMarket news Agency, Chinese officials have confirmed the intention for China to buy the remaining 191.3 tones of IMF gold that are still for sale. The rumors have however not yet been confirmed. “

The IMF announced the sale of its remaining 191.3 tons to the open market in mid-February. Reportedly the IMF couldn't sell its gold to central banks like China and India, traditional big buyers, so it had to resort to the open market.

In September 2009, the IMF announced an intention to sell 403.3 tons of gold; India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka purchased close to 212 tons by the end of the year.