Trade Rhodium Like the Pros with a Kitco Pool Account
For years the hedge funds have been speculating in rhodium. But because there are no futures exchanges that trade the metal, access to rhodium has been out of reach to all non-institutional investors. Pool accounts instead are used by bullion banks, refiners, and dealers to facilitate the buying and selling of the metal.

Up until now pool account trading has been limited to dealers and institutions. Refiners grant them only to industrial consumers and recyclers, and bullion banks will maintain them only for the hedge funds and other institutional investors with deep pockets.

Leveraging the use of our own pool accounts with major refiners and bullion banks, Kitco is the only precious metal dealer to offer pool account trading in rhodium to private investors. The rhodium market has never experienced speculative demand from the private sector. And with an annual market supply of only 480,000 ozs, a brand new increase in demand, however small, can push prices drastically higher.

A Pool Account Alternative - Take Delivery:
For those who may feel more secure when in physical possession of your personal property, you can take delivery of rhodium purchased through Kitco.

Rhodium's physical standard form is known as "sponge" and resembles a high density dark grey powder. We can safely ship it to you in sealed containers that hold exactly the quantity you've purchased. Because the rhodium will be drop-shipped to your door directly from the refiner, you can feel assured that the material is authentic and the quality will measure up to the highest industry standards.

When selling rhodium sponge back to Kitco an assay fee of $100.00 is deducted from our purchase price. That, and the shipping charges represent the only cost disadvantage of choosing physical sponge vs. Kitco pool account for your rhodium investment. We recommend that the seals on the containers remain intact, and that the paperwork that accompanies the metal be copied and subsequently returned when the time comes for you to sell.

About Kitco Pool Accounts
Whether you're an experienced or first-time investor, Kitco's Pool Account service makes purchasing precious metals easier  than ever before. We'll add dimension to your portfolio and enhance your investment strategies when you open a Pool Account.

Kitco Pool Accounts are free and hassle-free!
Pool Accounts let you purchase rhodium to hold on account at no charge. You can add to this account, take physical delivery, sell your account holdings, or even transfer to a third party at any time. When exchanging pool account holdings for physical metal, a small premium plus shipping and handling charges would apply.

Known in the industry as "sponge", in its physical form rhodium is a dark gray heavy powder. We will deliver rhodium sponge when requested although there are some costs associated with selling it back. These additional expenses, though not large, are avoided when rhodium is bought and sold in a pool account.

Pool Accounts allow you to buy from Kitco without taking delivery of your product, since your purchases are held with us. You pay no safety deposit fees or monthly depository charges. You also pay no premiums, shipping, or insurance unless you're ready to receive physical products in exchange.

Opening a Pool Account
We've made the process of opening an account as simple as placing an order.

Go to the Pool Account section of our online order form and fill in the quantity of rhodium pool (or any other product) to purchase. You do not need to have an established account to do this. Once you add your name and address information and proceed to check-out your account is automatically opened. Almost immediately you'll receive an email with your username and password which can be used equally for placing orders as well as verifying your transaction history and pool account balances.

Click here to go to Kitco's online order page now to create an account.

To learn more about rhodium investing or pool accounts, contact
Kitco at 1-877-775-4826 (1-877-77-KITCO).


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