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Gerald Celente: Donald Trump is a Clown, Hillary to Win 2016!

Gerald Celente: Donald Trump is a Clown, Hillary to Win 2016!

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Palisade Radio Host, Collin Kettell: Welcome back to another episode of Palisade Radio. This is your host Collin Kettell. On the line with us today is a favorite guest, returning guest, and one of the most popular guests that we have ever had, Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. Gerald, thanks so much for joining us.

Publisher of Trends Journal, Gerald Celente: Oh, my pleasure, Collin. Thanks for having me.

CK: It is Friday morning and we are recording to talk about last night’s Republican debate. Of course, it was the most watched presidential debate ever and that was most likely because Donald Trump was front and center during the debate. Gerald, what do you think of Donald Trump and what do you think of the debate?

GC: Well, first of all, I am a political atheist. Just to give you a little quick background I began my career writing political campaigns in Westchester County in New York. I was the assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate. I taught American politics and campaign technology at St. Johns University. For several years I was a chief government affairs specialist of the chemical industry in D.C., between D.C. and Chicago. I am pretty familiar with the whole thing and I was on the inside, one of our writers, of course, of the Trends Journal, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan.

They ask me what I think, who I like? It is the presidential reality show. It is the cover of our spring Trends Journal: cowards, liars, freaks, and fools. Donald Trump is the champion of reality shows. I mean we can’t make this stuff up and we wrote that before he announced his candidacy. It was an empty show. It was one cliché after another.

Little Marco Rubio, this guy and Scott Walker – these are the guys you remember in high school that wanted to be class president and head the student council. Ted Cruz, the whole bunch of them: the brownnosers, the suck ups, the overly ambitious, and the insincere. Nobody puts down anything. “I may get rid of Isis, I tell you. I am going to deploy and I am going to destroy them and degrade them.” I have heard enough of this baloney. There was not, “What are you going to do with the economy?” “Well, I am going to cut taxes and help the small business people.” The same old, empty lines. How could any thinking human being trust the same people that caused the problem to fix them? And not even caused them once; a never-ending string.

As far as Donald Trump, this guy, I got to tell you on a personal level, what aggravates me is when this clown comes out and I listen to his interviews because I have to, and he says things like where he is giving a talk, “You know I got out of college and I made a fortune.” Oh, you did, junior? Did you tell them that papa left you $400 million? Another guy born on third base and thinks he hit a triple with a real bad attitude. The same thing with that Christie, putting down nothing other than a lot of hot air and a lot of arrogance. There is not one plan to do anything to restore the economic growth of this country. It was one cliché campaign line after another.

Rand Paul, his father should be ashamed of him. Nothing, nothing. I am a different kind of Republican. I will leave it to you if you are a different kind of Republican. They back track on everything, on everything. I got to tell you we forecast in the Trends Journal in the spring who would win if the election were held then? We are holding with that forecast – Hillary.

Every one of these guys making a point, they already blasted— what was his name? Trump for being misogynist. Every one of them was talking about pro-life and that is going to be a big issue in the campaign. They are pushing Hillary as the women’s candidate. If only a woman were in charge. Oh, yeah, great! What was her name? Yeah, Hillary Clinton. Saddam Hussein has to go. Assad has to go. Qadhafi has to go. Oh, yeah! Peace and love. Oh, yeah! Who are the women that brought down Qadhafi? Let me think. For a split second Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton.

I do not want to hear this stuff. I do not want to hear about gender. I do not want to hear about race. I do not want to hear about creed, color, religion. I could care less. By their deeds you shall know them. But Hillary’s going to win. They are going to play the women card. Rightfully so in the areas of telling women what they should do with their bodies, whether you agree with it or not. It is going to be the issue. Every one of these guys out there, “I am going to protect the unborn.” Hey, I love these guys that talk about protecting the unborn and protecting our children while they are killing people all over the world. How many million did you kill in Afghanistan?

They just came out with a report last week. The highest death toll of civilians in Afghanistan since the longest war in American history began, and these little loud-mouthed boys that could not fight their way out of a paper bag talk tough about killing people all over the world, but yet, “Well, I am going to protect the unborn.” Who are these people having the children? 41% of the newborns today are to single parent families. When you look at who the single parent families are, they are mostly poor people. That is going to be the issue. Whether you agree with it, disagree with it, if the election were held today Hillary would win.

CK: Gerald, does anybody even take this stuff seriously anymore? I know that they do. There are so many Americans that are tied in to Fox News, or if they are on the other side they are tied in to CBS, NBC, and they are sitting there supporting a certain candidate. You got all the Republicans with Trump right now. They are obviously taking it seriously without realizing the irony that they are tuning in to this debate for the first time they ever had because there is a reality television star in the middle of the debate. Based off of your sentiment on the Republican field, I would guess that you are going to say it does not really matter who wins, but how are people taking this seriously?”

GC: They are taking it seriously because that is a reality show and look at the coverage of reality shows? I would say I voted, just so you know, I for Ralph Nader. I would have voted for Ron Paul. I would not vote for his son. And I would vote for Chafee from Rhode Island. He is the only one speaking about with peace comes prosperity while all these other loud-mouthed are talking about, “We got to get tough.”

I want to make this really clear. The United States military has not won a war since World War II. They always got all these grand strategies. It was when Eisenhower said, “The military industrial complex is robbing the nation the genius of the sciences, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.” This is a real commander in chief. This is a guy that was a five-star general, supreme commander in the Allied Forces during World War II, a two-term president. He hated war because he saw what it looked like. Not these little psychopaths. Again, not a man among them. Not a man among them; little boys with no cojones, big mouths, and a lot of bodyguards around them.

CK: Gerald, in our last interview you talked about how 2015 was probably going to be the year, and that, of course, is for the United States economy to unravel and potentially to have a market crash. Since then we had Robert Kiyosaki on, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He chose 2016 but that was an arbitrary number. He said, “Listen, this thing is coming, and it is coming quick.” Other people we have had on are talking about this event called the Shemitah, which happens to be a seven-year cycle where the market happens to crash or there is a big happening every seven years. That is coming up next month, in September. What do you think with all the new numbers coming out on the economy? Nothing is looking good, and yet the market is still near an all time high?

GC: The market is rigged. It is rigged by record low interest rates, and your listeners know this, and quantitative easing worldwide, whether it is Abenomics, or Bernanke, and Greenspanomics. Record low interest rates, companies buy back their stock, borrowing money for nothing and all the private equity groups buying all these deals. Every day, virtually, you pick up the paper - $30 billion deal. They are borrowing the money for nothing. That is what is pushing the equity markets up. Look at currencies, the Canadian dollar is now at the 2004 low against the US dollar, the Aussie dollar now the 6-year low, the Brazilian real had a 16-year low.

You keep going down the list. Venezuela, name all the natural resource rich countries that are not selling their natural resources anymore as they used to because China is in a recession. They will not call it that. They are rigging the numbers just like they are obviously overtly rigging the stock market, the Shanghai Index, which is collapsing. You know what they have done. They have prohibited short-selling. Oh, yeah, you think the stock is going to go down? You cannot sell it. Yeah, how is that? It sounds like America. How about if you have a lot of stock of great issues you cannot sell them for six months?

I have got another one for you. We are going to pump in $400 billion. By the way, when trading gets really tough, we are going to knock off 50% nearly of the stocks being traded. When we do put them back on, if they go down 10% we stop trading on them, so they are rigging the markets. They are rigging the gold markets, the Shanghai gold index, when gold took its big hit. They usually trade about 16 tons, metric tons a day. In two minutes they sold 33 tons when the Japanese markets were closed, so it is very thin trading. The whole thing is rigged.

When you are looking at the crash of commodity prices, whether it is nickel or iron. Iron ore, in 2011, was selling for $191 a metric ton. Today it is selling for $50, around there but lower. You see what oil is doing, nickel, copper. Again, China takes in about 50% of those raw materials. The only thing that is holding this whole scam up on the equity markets because commodities and currencies are already plunging and crashing. When will it happen? Again, you see what the Chinese just did to rig the market to keep it propped up. They will do the same thing here with the plunge protection team and everything else. It is very hard to see when things will finally die and they will not be able to keep it alive with their monetary methadone. But I believe it will happen before the end of this year.

CK: I just got sent an article earlier today. Economist Christopher Balding has added up the bailout in stimulus measures announced in china since that market panic took hold in June. They now total $1.3 trillion or more than 10% of China’s GDP that the government has put into the market to try to hold it up.

GC: Even more than that. The numbers that I have seen even higher numbers, and they just announced yesterday that they are going to put more money into building the infrastructure. They are doing everything they can to prop this up.

CK: It is kind of surprising to some that China is taking the exact same steps in a larger sense than the United States. It is adding to this worldwide problem you were just touching on. Meanwhile the commodity prices are low right now. But this all seems inflationary to me.

GC: Not really. It is not inflationary. It is inflationary but there are two types of inflation. There is inflation that is caused by supply and demand. If there is a lot of demand and short supply, the commodity price goes up. That is one type of inflation. This is a currency devaluation where it takes more currency because your currencies like I mention— for example, if you owned Brazilian real or Canadian dollars. Gold is priced in dollars. It is going to take you more dollars to buy that gold. If you are holding gold instead of Brazilian real or Canadian dollars you would be in better shape. Because the only reason that dollar is strong is because all the other currencies are so weak.

I do not think it will be inflation in the typical sense; it will be inflation because of a devalued currency. That is what we are going to see more and more of. The yuan is going to be among them. There is also this myth that you have to devalue a currency to increase your exports. That is true to a very small extent. If people do not have money to buy stuff, you can devalue the currency all you want, and that is what we are seeing now.

CK: Gerald, we have talked about the United States and China at length. What other geopolitical happenings are going on in the world right now that you see as being a major influence for this year and next year?

GC: One of them that is not making the news at all is our great ally that you heard all those suck-up, low life politicians last night bragged about, our wonderful ally, Saudi Arabia, who is on record, by the way, to have more beheadings than last year. I think they are up to about 127 now. Isis has a long way to go to catch up to the Saudis. I love this thing, the kingdom. What am I six year old? What are they a princess kiss the frog then frog became the king?

Anyway, the slaughtering, the poorest people in the Middle East on a daily basis, Yemenese. The Saudis attacked Yemen at the end of March announcing it by the way from the capital of the United States, “We are involved in that.” I am not making that up. You could look it up. Lincoln— Lincoln, what a name! The guy from the state department. We are providing reconnaissance, refueling, armaments, and intelligence. Intelligence. There is not a bit of intelligence out there.

By the way, I do not support the troops. It is volunteer army. If that is your trip go do it and do not give me the baloney that you are making me safer by going in other countries blowing people’s brains out, destroying the joint, and then say, “Oh, I wonder why they hate us?” I do not support them. By the way we are holding Occupy Peace on September 28th here in colonial Kingston, New York. If you go to the website, it is a very simple plan. Bring home all the troops, close the bases, secure the homeland, put the troops to work to rebuild our rotten, stinking, third world infrastructure rather than building highways in Afghanistan to enrich the Military-Industrial Complex and force congress to vote every time they become involved in a foreign entanglement. One of the caveat we pay for these wars with our money and our lives. We are going to have on each state ballot a referendum that when they vote we will tell them how to vote because the congressmen and senators never send their sons or daughters.

Going back to Yemen, the United States’ involved in it. They slaughtered over 4,000 Yemenese already since March, bombing until obliteration. There are 4 million Yemenese working and living in Saudi Arabia, and now they are talking about attacking the oil fields and attacking the monarchy. That could destabilize the entire Middle East because now the United Arab Emirates and other countries are sending ground troops into Yemen. As we used to say in the Bronx, “Payback is a bitch.” That is what people better get in their heads. Anybody ever hear of do unto others as you have them do unto you?

If I was an Iraqi and Americans came over there, based on lies sold to us by a criminal group, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, little Colin Powell. Colon, yeah, a lot of crap moved through him then, right out that colon. “Yup, I got this little vial here. It is proof, I tell you, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” If you are an Iraqi and they slaughtered all your family, destroyed your county, created the chaos that you have there, you think that you would be “radicalized”? I want to blow your brains out if they kill my parents and my loved ones. Oh, it is okay. We could kill anybody we want, but you cannot kill us back. Yeah, that English attitude. Sun never sets on English empire, huh! British Empire. Yeah, how about all the people you slaughtered?

What we are doing with Occupy Peace is we are honoring our founding fathers beginning with George Washington, a real warrior, not these little boys that cannot fight, fight it like the troops, his farewell address, no foreign entanglements. Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, one after another, stay out of other people’s business. The world was at war back then. Someone tell me, “Now it is a different world.” No, it is not. The armaments are different, that is all.

CK: You are talking about Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt. Many of the geopolitical issues we face are in the Middle East region dominated by Islam. This seems like another one of the many holy wars. Of course, the holy wars go back centuries, millennia, many of them instigated by the Christians, others instigated by the Muslims. Gerald, what do you think of Islam? How much trouble that we are facing today is due to the traditions of Islam, the religion, the culture?

GC: Nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing as for their religion. It is an easy one to hate like when you come up with a name like Isis, Islamic state. As I said, if you were a guy living in Iraq or Libya or Syria and your country was destroyed, you think you would turn into a radical nut? It has nothing to do with it. I wrote about it in Trends 2000 back in 1996 that you are waking up in the new millennium and Crusades 2000 is raging. That is all this is. It is the 10th crusade.

The seeds of the new crusade were sown in areas of Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Throughout the Muslim world, devout masses, politically-repressed and impoverished, were rising up against their endemically corrupt and efficient secular governments with their pro-Western alliances. Imperialism, directly or indirectly, took the blame for the poverty, the lack of opportunity, and the social and moral decay. Disenfranchised, desperate, politically-powerless Muslims in their countries look to charismatic clerics to change their destiny. And I go on. There you go. I mean you could see it coming.

The other issue is Israel. I do not— why give my money to Israel? I do not support their government. I do not want to be called an anti-Semite. It is the same thing that I want about any government. I do not want to be called names about it like people so frequently do. By the way, they are Ashkenazi, who are the heads of these governments, the Eastern Europeans, they are not Semites in Mesopotamia. Beginning with Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Netanyahu, they are all Ashkenazi, Eastern Europeans. It is a colonial overtaking of a country. They kill a lion. It is headline news. But I just told you 4,000 Yemenese are killed. They do not count. 2,000 Palestinians slaughtered last year by Israel. They do not count either.

Radical Islam? What would you do? If you had an invader coming to your country and keeps killing your land, a violation of international laws and Geneva Conventions and you come out with a whine that God was a real estate agent and the Bible was a land deed? Anybody, to me, that supports other countries over ours is a traitor to this nation and the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as it is being rigged from us. I do not want any foreign entanglements. I do not stand with Israel. I do not stand with Italy. That is where I stand with first being an Italian. I stand with America. That is my pledge of allegiance.

CK: Wow! Very powerful argument there. Thank you for that Gerald. I want to end with a two-part question. The first part of that question is for our listeners. How do you come up with the trends that you place in the Trends Journal? The second part of that question and you have touched on this a little bit earlier in the interview, being able to predict timeframes is very important for making trading decisions and life decisions on the market and where a person lives. We know that everything is rigged: Interest rates at zero, quantitative easing. But the resiliency of the US economy has shocked many people including myself. When does this thing come to an end?

GC: Again, the timing is really difficult. I would have thought it came to an end in 2010. I had no idea they are going to make up a thing called quantitative easing. I had no idea they keep interest rates at zero percent. That hurts all the working people because when I was a young man they had a thing called savings accounts. People used to get 4 and 5% interest on their savings, and people actually retired on it. You have no idea. As I have mentioned how they are rigging the markets in China, over here to big to fail. They make the stuff up. The timing is really difficult on the economic end.

How we do it is very simple. Current events form future trends and all things are connected. Economists tend to look at only economic data. They fail to look at geopolitics, social change, environmental. There is a saying that opportunity misses those who view the world through the eyes of their profession is one of my sayings. What we look at is over 300 different trend categories.

The other thing is we study every day. I read between four and five hours a day. We have conferences over here, by the way, on how to track trends. For example, I will read the Israeli newspapers; Times of Israel; Jerusalem Post. But then I read Al Jazeera; Arab News; and Fars News Agency, which is Iranian. I read, but I also go to Stars and Stripes. I look at Veterans Today, Department of State, and therefore it is Times, but I also look at Common Dreams, Counterpunch, the Popular Resistance.

What I do is I balance everything out. I try to get all the sides of the story. All I want are the facts. Do I get the facts in the story? No. But after I see enough of them I decide what I could think is the truth and what is not. I would go through Russia Insider. Then, of course, all the American stuff from Drudge to CNN to USA Today. I read China Daily, People’s Daily. In fact I cover the world. Every day I get a hard copy delivered of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times. It is continually studying, looking for the developments current. We are all doing in life what we are doing because of decisions we make. Then there are the wild cards that nobody can predict at, so I know they could not predict the future. But you can see the course you laid out for yourself in life. Same thing holds true with the society. You could see where it is going. Right now it is going down, and it is going down quick.

CK: Gerald, on that note thank you very much for joining us again. All of our listeners can go to and the main site Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. Thanks so much.

GC: Thank you for having me. All the best and keep up the great work.

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