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Will there be Clandestine Markets in the Developed World?

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Are Gold and Bitcoin to become more important in your future?

I grew up in the 1970s watching reruns of Star Trek. I loved that show and looked forward to watching the episodes repeatedly. Even when Star Trek Next Generation hit the market in 1987 and followed the same format I was thrilled. Both shows had a great knack of making social commentary using futuristic venues. I did not agree with some of the views the writers had and even some of the concepts were a little fuzzy for my taste. However, what was I to expect as our society kept slipping into more relativistic attitudes about life in general?

An important point is that many of the Sci-fi apparatus that appeared on Star Trek have now become a reality. In 1980 would I have believed that the world we live in now could exist? That we would have better than the communicators of the show, pocket computers? That we would be able to communicate via video with a group of people while walking down the street? That I can send money to virtually anyone anywhere with the touch of a few choices on my pocket computer, as we all know now as our smart phones? No, I wouldn’t have.

The crazy point I am going to make is that technology and advancements are moving at a super cycle speed now and not even giving human beings time to really adapt. I consider myself as always having been one of the earlier adopters of technology within my budget. I recall my argument with my employer in 1986 that we needed to buy a PC so my team can work with spreadsheets and make our work much easier to manage. It was a big expense at the time. A computer with IBM 386 chip and 20MB of ram and some tiny hard drive which I can’t even recall any more. The cost of this was something around $6,000. It was almost the price of a subcompact automobile at the time. I had the bandwidth at the time and convinced my employers and adapted.

Fast forward, now I am in my fifties and there comes something called Bitcoin (BTC). I did not understand it, and what little I could grasp didn’t make any sense to me. I gave it very little thought and all the people around were also affected with the same market bias. We just did not see the purpose. We did not understand, what is the problem it was created to solve? I mean, really, think about, some guy with a computer solves a puzzle and gets rewarded with some ethereal online coin called Bitcoin? This is ridiculous, what are we playing Zelda or something? Come back to reality people! This is what I was certainly thinking in the back of my head at that moment in time.

Somehow, I now have been able to discard my ingrained market bias. (Market bias, by the way is the same thing as saying looking through tinted glasses.) Finally, I freed myself from my world view. This change in honesty began prior to BTC. It began during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. It was then that my utopian view of the US government as a mostly benevolent entity was changed for good. It was then that I began to realize that our quasi-capitalist system had been hijacked and was being run by unelected officials through power and influence garnered through political will and legislation. Politicians in the back pockets of corporate interests protected their own people the rich and powerful. The public was forced to rescue them instead of letting all the insolvent banks crash because those with over $150,000 dollars in the banks would have found themselves penniless and this would have created a natural reset. Hence, all power would have been lost. Of course, this didn’t happen. Even with this outrage, the USA in my estimation remains the best place for a human being to prosper with liberty at this time, due to the protections given the individuals by the Constitution.

What did happen is that many people awoke and realized that currently money is being controlled completely by the government and to protect oneself one needs hard assets. This is where gold and silver began to shine once again. Investors began to diversify to have some asset that is not in control by outside interest of unelected officials who in the end are the puppet masters. This is all well and good, but nothing has yet to truly change. The status quo of the elites in power remains.  It is always hard to fight against the powers in control and worse now that they have full control of the media as well.

Yet, there is very little a regular private citizen can do. All we can do is speak up. When we get sufficient mass, they will either shut you down or try to buy your silence. Right now, they have the power to shut most of us down.

Enter the next phase of corruption. The use of a health crisis to control and endanger the citizens. This can be a lengthy article with links all over the web to true horrifying stories of the vaccine injured and the lies told by the US government to hide the facts. Meanwhile, my goal in this piece is to discuss the possible future of value transfer creation and what may be coming to a theater near you, but this had to be mentioned to support my next statements.

Various international organizations have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo of how the world is currently run and by whom.  If systems change many wealthy bureaucrats would no longer have a place in this world. To mention a few organizations under the threat of becoming obsolete: The Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the Bank of International Settlements, The World Bank, The Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and so on. I think you get the idea; these are very powerful people. If they lose the power of controlling our value, they lose the power to control the people and bend them to their will.

Now, they have come to the realization that they cannot stop the technological advancement that has been brought on by the advent of BTC. Just like the people were caught off guard when the first central banks were created in the 17th century by monetary scientists. It appears, these bureaucrats also were caught off guard by their own market bias. Oh, thank God, for the beauty of this great comedy that has developed in front of our very own eyes.

But as long as it took me to wake up to the new reality, it also took the central banks to realize this threat to their power and the current existing monetary systems. This is why I feel compelled to write at this time. Central Bank’s ability to assist governments in controlling the people through inflation (invisible taxation) and government theft (current spending of future earnings) are threatened by the new technology.

There are couple of great science fiction movies that again give us some vision of what we may be doomed to live as human beings if we do not react quickly. One, is Rollerball a 1975 film where everything is controlled by corporate interests, sort of like the financial crisis of 2008 and the Covid Pandemic. The second is The Terminator a 1984 film about the control of the world and humans by Artificial Intelligence. Chat GPT

for instance, is chock full of information preloaded to give the impression that all the world and understanding are set in stone and is one other form of manipulation of human beings under the pretense of providing a service. It is a threat to freedom of thought and progress. This may also evolve into a threat of human existence.

Oh, and don’t forget we are already living the nightmare of George Orwell’s book 1984 where words are being redefined and reality manipulated by the powers that be to suit their political objectives. I make these references to show quickly the possibility of likely outcomes.

I know several of my friends may think I am going off the deep end. But how do you explain the violent reaction of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) blocking crypto adoption? How do you explain Russia and China’s attempts at blocking of Crypto adoption? How do you explain Nigeria’s forced adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) destroying and impoverishing their own economy and nation? The simple explanation is the goal to maintain power and control right where it is, in the power of these bureaucrats and elitists. The Bank of International Settlements plainly admits in this link the Central Bank Digital Currencies will give the Central Banks absolute control over the use of the money.


What does absolute control mean? It means that they can dictate what you do with your money. They can dictate as is the case already in Nigeria whether you have access to your money or not. They can block you from your own money and they can marginalize you in the society. If this does not frighten you, then simply put you must be part of the system.

As Central Banks are frighteningly working fast to make CBDC a reality, we the people must stand in the way. We must do all we can to stop this. If we do not stop their adoption in the free world, the world as we know it will cease to exist and liberty will be something granted to you by the overlords running this monetary system. Basically, we will become slaves of the state.

Incredibly, after reading the current state of affairs in Nigeria under the new currency regime it became quite clear to me that the future may be coming much faster than I ever expected. This means to me that if CBDC becomes a reality in the advanced economies then we will have an explosion of demand for two things. The two things are gold and BTC.

Only gold, silver and BTC are decentralized real assets that can be easily transferred without interference from some totalitarian overlord. I expect that in the run up to an adoption of CBDC we will see an explosion of demand for these items that has never been seen before. Prices will explode to the upside against the fiat currencies and a new alternate clandestine market may come into reality in the first world markets. This may even be the tipping point for the reset of all existing world governments. Where oppression exist alternatives always are developed and come to aid the people where possible. Scary, right?

But don’t fret, I have great hope that many people will become actively involved in controlling the future of these technological advancements and maybe, for once, there can be a true liberty for all mankind due to the proper use of these advancements in our society.

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