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I recall when I was a kid and my parents had bought me a baseball and glove. I played with my brother and friends. We guarded our baseballs, and I wrote my name on the ball so I could easily identify which was mine. Especially because some kids would leave their balls outside, and the humidity or rain would destroy them.

Then one day we were playing catch and the ball got away and unfortunately rolled into the sewer. I was upset and I cried because I knew I had to work out some way to get a new ball. For the time being I played with my friends, but I wanted my own ball again. I did not get a handout from my parents; I did not get one from my brothers or friends. I earned a little cash doing chores and small jobs and then got on my bicycle, went to the store, and bought a new one. That was a glorious accomplishment.

Classic Baseball
That is the way life is supposed to work. You are responsible for your own things and if they get lost, stolen or damaged that is your own problem. You must work it out for yourself. In fact, I would say that was the American standard of living. We earned what we got, and we took lumps for our mistakes. Sadly, this is not the country we live in now.

We now live in a world, where we are not responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for keeping the successful and wealthy individuals, even when they make the mistake of where to put their money or where to invest, wealthy. The FDIC is covering the depositors of Silicon Valley Bank for more than the insured amount. There will be an assessment on the surviving banks for this. Who do you think pays in the end? For some reason only the middle- and lower-income wage earners with barely enough savings to get by have to constantly foot the bill. The mantra that we are fed by the Fed is to keep the monetary system functioning. That is nothing but bunk.

Not only does the Federals Reserve rob the public in the name of the US Monetary system via inflation, the most insipid form of taxation. But now they are making it a habit after the 2008 bail outs to rescue the wealthy once again. Some talking heads want to feed you the sob story that the depositors at these banks are just regular people like you and I. That is all well and good, but why do we have to forcefully pay for their losses above the FDIC insure value of $250,000? Because make no mistake We the People are paying for them!

If I want to donate to a fund to help some family in serious trouble that should be my prerogative not that of the Federal reserve or US government to take my money and give it to them. Essentially, the Federal agencies get to decide who they will keep solvent and who they won't. Hence, they are over and over making it known to us that they have full control of our hard-earned assets.

The Federal Reserve recently increased its balance sheet by nearly $300 billion. Which is a return to loosening money supply, but wait inflation isn't under control yet. Shouldn't they be raising rates and controlling money supply to stop inflation? They are caught between a rock and a hard place. They know that tightening will lead to further bank crises. The result is the only way they can get out is to foot the bill to the American public once again through more inflation.

An interesting quote I read recently from Nick Gerli, "The contraction of money supply has happened only four previous times in the last 150 years, each time a depression with double-digit unemployment rates followed.” This would indicate that further tightening will have to be out of the question. This guarantees that inflation is not behind us, and it may begin to rise once again.

Some people will say, I don't envy the Fed they are in a tough spot. In reality, this entire disaster is a creation of the Fed. It is 110 years since its creation and the world has seen major bouts of pain and suffering which I believe are caused by the entire global central banking network, of which it is the current leader. Easy money leads to corruption instead of value gained through hard fought labor and innovation. They should have learned this when they were children.

At my age, I still know the difference between red and black. A major portion of the banking community seems to be in the red. The writing on the wall is plain and clear for all to see. Your assets are at risk. Bonds are no good, dollars are no good, Euros no good, stocks a big risk but better than dollars, if you buy something with concrete market value.

This puts us in a position to make choices, do you we nothing and pray for the best? I don't think so. The best options out there are gold, bitcoin, and silver. These assets are outside the machinations of the Central banking authorities and their cohorts. This is how you keep your hard-earned value under your own control. At the minimum, a portion of what is at risk.

Of course, there are different avenues that can expose you to these products whether directly or indirectly through physical ownership, trusted investments, or funds. Yet, even in these scenarios you need to closely evaluate all your partners and the risk they may have during this certainly encroaching banking crisis. Better doing this than watching your value disappear.

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