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Arkadiusz Sieron

Arkadiusz Sieron

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Arkadiusz Sieron is a certified Investment Adviser. He is a long-time precious metals market enthusiast, currently a Ph.D. candidate, dissertation on the redistributive effects of monetary inflation (Cantillon effects). Arkadiusz is a free market advocate who believes in the power of peaceful and voluntary cooperation of people. He is an economist and board member at the Polish Mises Institute think tank. He is also a Laureate of the 6th International Vernon Smith Prize. Arkadiusz is the author of our monthly Market Overview reports.

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The bears took control of the market, but refrained from gold

(Kitco commentary) - The bears awoke from their winter sleep and took control of Wall Street. However, they haven’t conquered the gold market yet!

Unlike Gold, the Fed Doesn’t Want a Recession. Who Will Win?

(Kitco commentary) - Powell said before the Senate that he didn’t want a recession. Who would? However it can occur anyway, boosting gold prices.

Houston, we have a stagflation problem. Now it's time for gold!

(Kitco commentary) - Experts from the World Bank finally admitted that the risk of stagflation is getting bigger and more real. For gold, however, that's pretty good news.

Despite ultra-hawkish Fed's meeting, gold jumps

(Kitco commentary) - The FOMC finally raised interest rates and signaled six more hikes this year. Despite the very hawkish dot plot, gold went up in initial reaction.

Inflation peak - high risk or opportunity for gold?

(Kitco commentary) - Not only won't inflation end soon, it's likely to remain high. Whether gold will be able to take advantage of it will depend, among others, on the Fed.

Russian bear and inflationary hydra sent gold to $1,840

(Kitco commentary) - Gold soared as investors got scared by reports of an allegedly impending military conflict. Was it worth reacting sharply to geopolitical factors?

Will 2022 Be Better for Gold Than 2021?

(Kitco commentary) - 2021 was bad for gold. Unfortunately, 2022 doesnâ??t look any better, especially at the beginning. The end, however, gives the yellow metal some hopeâ?¦

Is the End of Transitory Inflation the End of Gold Bulls?

(Kitco commentary) - The debate about the nature of inflation is over. Now the question is what the end of transitory inflation implies for gold. I offer two perspectives.

Inflation risk: Milton Friedman would buy gold right now

(Kitco commentary) - Powell maintains that inflation is transitory, but the monetary theory of inflation suggests otherwise. So, elevated inflation could stay with us!,

The Impact of Brexit on the U.S. Economy and Gold Market

In the previous edition of the Market Overview, we analyzed briefly the consequences of Brexit vote.