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Avi Gilburt

Avi Gilburt


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Avi Gilburt is a widely followed Elliott Wave technical analyst and author of (, a live Trading Room featuring his intraday market analysis (including emini S&P 500, metals, oil, USD & VXX), interactive member-analyst forum, and detailed library of Elliott Wave education.

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Avi Gilburt: '4300SPX is not gonna happen'

(Kitco commentary) - If I had to distill the stock market down to two primary words, I would likely choose “emotion” and “risk.”

Sentiment speaks: Silver may explode

(Kitco commentary) - Approximately 12 years ago, I wrote my first public market prognostication and it was focused on gold. At the time, gold was enjoying a parabolic rally, and the discussion amongst the general public was how far past the $2,000 mark gold was going to strike during that rally.

GDP will go negative as market reaches new all-time highs

(Kitco commentary) - If I told you that I received the GDP report the day before it was announced, and it showed that GDP came in almost half of the general expectations, 99% of those I would tell would automatically assume that the market would drop hard after it was announced. Yet, the market rallied 2% the day this was announced.

Here is the set up for a fast 10% rally in gold

(Kitco commentary) - I can’t believe it has been almost 12 years since we opened our doors to our analysis service on

Avi Gilburt: I warned you about the banks - you really need to act now

(Kitco commentary) - First published on Seeking Alpha on Friday May 24: Many depositors were shocked by the SVB collapse, which, in our opinion, demonstrates that the majority of them are ignorant of serious systemic risks in the U.S. banking system.

Avi Gilburt: A bear market could take much longer than you expect

(Kitco commentary) - For those that have followed me through the years, you would likely remember at least one of the many major market directional calls we have made in many different markets through the years.

Avi Gilburt: should we give up on 4300SPX and expect a market crash?

(Kitco commentary) - First published Monday March 13 on Seeking Alpha: What a week we had last week. As we came into the week, I said I was standing aside, as I was not sure how this would resolve.

Avi Gilburt: let me explain what caused Thursday and Friday's rally

(Kitco commentary) - This market has certainly provided much stress to both the bulls and the bears alike. And, unfortunately, that is the nature of corrective structures.

Avi Gilburt: The Fed is trying to pull a fast one

(Kitco commentary) - The Fed has recently released the hypothetical scenarios for its 2023 supervisory stress test. This test is conducted annually to show how the banks are likely to perform in a recessionary environment.

Gold is at upper support - watch it carefully

(Kitco commentary) - In my last public article on gold, I outlined my expectations for a rally to the $2,428. And, as I write this article now, gold is finally giving us the pullback I wanted to see to set up the rally towards that target.