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CPM Group is a commodities research, consulting, financial advisory and commodities management firm providing independent research, analysis and advisory services related to commodities markets, corporate and project finance, and the financial management of exposure to commodity oriented investments.

We started our business in 1986 predicated on the idea that commodities research and advice is best delivered by independent experts who do not work for banks, brokers, mining companies, or any other entity that has interests that could conflict with the best interests of the clients receiving the research, analysis, and advice.

All of our work is driven by fundamental commodities research and economic analysis. As we undertake our research into individual commodities markets we gather a tremendous amount of information and develop an enormous body of extremely high quality, unbiased analysis of the markets and the companies that are involved with individual commodities. The outputs of our research and analysis take the form of research reports, specialized and targeted consulting related to these markets, financial advisory services ranging from corporate and project finance structuring to equity introductions, and managing specific commodities and investment positions for clients.

CPM Group continues to demonstrate the economic value and financial worth of superior research, information, and analysis. Our research is based on micro-economic analysis of the individual components of each commodity market, wedded with a top-down macro-economic analysis of the global trends affecting these markets. We apply the results of that analysis to our research, consulting, and advisory services.

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