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Christopher Weber

Christopher Weber

Chief Investment Officer

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Financially self-sufficient by age 13, Chris Weber always knew his teenage obsession with investment newsletters would see him destined for prosperity. At 19, he was writing for prominent West Vancouver (BC) economic research company, ERC, before moving on to writing for banks throughout Switzerland and Austria, and eventually exclusively for the Foreign Commerce Bank. By his early twenties, Chris was already a multi-millionaire.

Chris' natural penchant for calm in times of calamity has attracted thousands of affluent investors worldwide to his bi-weekly Weber Global Opportunities Report, a frank, forward-thinking and exceptional analysis of strategies for success in unpredictable markets. His propensity for investigative reporting on global market trends, coupled with his prolific ability to predict market success makes him a discerning and prolific investment advisor, both for his own wealth goals and those of his high exclusive, net-worth client base.

"If you are greedy, cheap, stubborn, cannot admit mistakes, etc., whatever your weakness is, the market will zero in on it."

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What a difference a year makes!

(Kitco commentary) - Longtime readers know that I take time in the last issue of each year (mid-December) to look back on any forecasts I made, normally in the year's first issue, early January.

Silver will show the way

(Kitco commentary) - For the first time in many years, the precious metal universe has outpaced the S&P 500 and Dow.

If every month were like October, our problems would be over

(Kitco commentary) - There's one thing that I've noticed over the years: whenever bull markets (or bull legs up after correction lows) begin, prices go down dramatically, but the upward trend crawls so slowly as not to be noticeable. That is, until you compare those prices over a longer term.

Now you may know what it was like in 2001, and even afterÂ….

(Kitco commentary) - When I turned bullish on gold and silver in 2001, I had an impossible time convincing anyone I talked to. Even miners and coin dealers had given up years before. I well remember the doubting looks on their faces.

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