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Francois Moreau

Francois Moreau

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Francois Moreau is a fintech writer and financial risk analyst based out of Paris. For the last decade, he's worked building financial risk models for multinationals and local banks.

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Green Metals: The sustainability revolution in the precious metals industry

(Kitco commentary) - Precious metals like gold and silver have always been important to us. They symbolize wealth and have been used for trade, jewelry, and art for centuries. Likewise, they have a huge role in modern medicine.

Beyond jewelry: exploring the surprising industrial applications of precious metals

(Kitco commentary) - When we think of precious metals, we often associate them with beautiful jewelry. Well, for some people, a safe investment option also comes to mind.

Precious metals in medicine: from ancient remedies to cutting-edge research

(Kitco commentary) - Believe it or not, various precious metals shimmer in treasure chests and within the very fabric of our healthcare systems. For instance, gold has always been treasured not only for its beauty and value but also for its use in the medical field.

The SEC v. Coinbase: Brian Armstrongs recent response

(Kitco commentary) - The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has intensified its ongoing dispute with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, reaching new heights of contention.

Cryptocurrencies that have real potential in 2023

(Kitco commentary) - Cash is dead; crypto is king. Since 2010 cryptocurrencies have been gaining traction in the financial world, and with a market that has now amassed trillions of dollars, the days of the paper currency are looking grim.

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