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Gary Tanashian

Gary Tanashian

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Gary Tanashian is proprietor of the financial market website and a technical analysis and commentary blog ( The focus is on broad market trends and precious metals. A contrarian by nature, Gary uses macro-fundamentals, technical analysis and market ratio analysis to remain on the right side of the trade.

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Gold Bug survivors prepare to capitalize

(Kitco commentary) - The 'macro' and sector fundamentals have been incomplete (details beyond the scope of this article, but they are not the easy, low hanging fruit that many in the ‘gold adviser’ herd focus on).

Commodities: Bounce or something more?

(Kitco commentary) - It is amazing how compressed the cycles are in the markets these days.

Gold/Gold miners fundamental checkup

(Kitco commentary) - As they leverage the macro, what’s good for gold is even better for gold miners

The inflation mutation

(Kitco commentary) - The Fed is starting to play catch-up with inflation signals from the bond market as evidenced by the Fed Funds Rate finally being pulled upward by the implications of the rising 3 month T-bill yield, among other more obvious signals like the long since rising 2yr Treasury yield and ongoing inflation headlines we read about every day.

A dis-inflationary whiff and its likely path

(Kitco commentary) - As inflation signals cool, various markets get relief

April ISM and the forward economic view

(Kitco commentary) - As a former manufacturing guy I am well aware of how monetary policy and the state of the US dollar affects US manufacturers. But I have not been that guy for so long now that I tend not to look at it as closely anymore.

Yield curve inverts; gold awaits

(Kitco commentary) - Like the larger media this tiny little spec within the media reports the news to you. The 10yr-2yr yield curve has inverted (ref. Yield Curve inversion upcoming). Now, what does it mean?

The Yield Curve flattener and a coming transition

(Kitco commentary) - As the Yield Curve flattens, this inflation is different from the 2020 inflation

Gold's next bull leg in progress; but a test is due for the metal & miners

(Kitco commentary) - In August of 2020 we noted the danger signals for gold based on sentiment excess coming out of the acute pandemic fear phase.

Precious metals 'vs. SPY'

(Kitco commentary) - We all know that gold and its fellows have bottomed (minor or major)* vs. broad stock markets, and below is a daily chart pictorial view showing the impulsive bursts upward off the lows (relative to SPY) by gold, silver and the miners.