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Gary Tanashian

Gary Tanashian

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Gary Tanashian is proprietor of the financial market website and a technical analysis and commentary blog ( The focus is on broad market trends and precious metals. A contrarian by nature, Gary uses macro-fundamentals, technical analysis and market ratio analysis to remain on the right side of the trade.

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The tardy Fed and the new macro

(Kitco commentary) - In 2021 and 2022 we called the Federal Reserve "tardy" on several occasions as they doggedly held to their "transitory" inflation stance long after reasonable people (using the right indicators) would have given up on such a notion.

Gold stocks are not yet unique, but that’s coming

(Kitco commentary) - Gold stocks have been among the leaders of the Q1 rally, but are not yet unique

Q4-Q1 rally regains its mojo, led by the miners

(Kitco commentary) - Copper and Gold miners are leading the Q4-Q1 rally in broad asset markets

As inflation signals fade, the gold mining sector outperforms

(Kitco commentary) - The gold mining sector is doing what it should do amid fading inflation

NFTRH 732 excerpt on Bonds & Gold

(Kitco commentary) - NFTRH 732 excerpt discusses bonds and bond market indicators with respect to the gold price

Q4-Q1 plan engages

(Kitco commentary) - It was bound to happen sooner or later. October finally showed an easing comp in what most people think of as inflation (CPI)* and markets that were ripe to rally for other reasons used the 'CPI inflation' report as the trigger.

Gold stocks: until 'things fall apart'

(Kitco commentary) - Party on if you will, but the gold mining fundamental case is not complete

Post-bubble contraction

(Kitco commentary) - Bob Hoye has been talking about a coming post-bubble contraction (PBC) for many years, in my experience. Now after many false starts, it may finally be in play on the wider macro picture.

Oncoming gold stock bull

(Kitco commentary) - As the proper macro fundamentals for gold mining grind into place…

Gold miners watch the "last inflated man standing" start to fail

(Kitco commentary) - As we step toward a counter-cyclical macro, the fundamentals will finally improve for gold mining