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Gary Tanashian

Gary Tanashian

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Gary Tanashian is proprietor of the financial market website and a technical analysis and commentary blog ( The focus is on broad market trends and precious metals. A contrarian by nature, Gary uses macro-fundamentals, technical analysis and market ratio analysis to remain on the right side of the trade.

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Copper/gold ratio: still counter-cyclical

(Kitco commentary) - The Copper/Gold ratio has been indicating an oncoming counter-cyclical environment since breaking down in June, 2022

Gold stocks: the time is now

(Kitco commentary) - The time is at hand for gold stocks to prove a phase change similar to 2001-2003

Q4, 2023 broad US market seasonal situation

(Kitco commentary) - This article discusses one diverse component of the broad global markets; the US S&P 500. The market has some poor underpinnings that we routinely keep track of in NFTRH and are beyond the scope of this public article.

Will gold mining stocks look past Q3?

(Kitco commentary) - Gold mining stock charts have not yet confirmed a sustainable rally, and Q3 fundamentals may be a headwind

As the new macro engages, gold stocks to shine

(Kitco commentary) - Gold stocks are rallying in the short-term, but the real move may still be ahead

The spectacle, gold and a new financial era

(Kitco commentary) - Commoditization of humanity now exponentially worse as a new financial era engages and gold conspicuously clings to support

Why is the Fed still tilting at fading inflation?

(Kitco commentary) - With inflation fading, the US Federal Reserve continues to the fight against… inflation!

Gold: The anti-bubble

(Kitco commentary) - Gold is not a risk asset, it is an insurance policy, and the gold mining industry will one day leverage that characteristic

Gold Stock Correction Finally Hits Target #1

(Kitco commentary) - We begin this article, which updates the gold stock correction, as a platform for providing information requested by two NFTRH subscribers.

US dollar Index (DXY) hanging tough

(Kitco commentary) - I and NFTRH subscribers have been keeping well aware of the implications of a) USD following its daily chart downtrend, or b) painting the July plunge as a bear trap and going bullish again.