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Gary Tanashian

Gary Tanashian

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Gary Tanashian is proprietor of the financial market website and a technical analysis and commentary blog ( The focus is on broad market trends and precious metals. A contrarian by nature, Gary uses macro-fundamentals, technical analysis and market ratio analysis to remain on the right side of the trade.

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Gold; a stellar picture

(Kitco commentary) - As today's (Thursday's) market activity shows, the bubble is still in force as US stock markets/sectors generally remain intact

The Fed's inflated cake and a 'quant' of history

(Kitco commentary) - On 'Fed minutes Wednesday' the media amplified the noise, the machines are doing what the machines do and running with it, and itâ??s all eyes on the great and powerful Fed (of Oz).

The NFTRH big picture view for gold has been bullish since calling a top in mid-2020

(Kitco commentary) - Pardon the promotional sound of the title. I realize it, and Iâ??m putting it up there anyway. There is a time for temperance and there is a time for promotion.

Gold, silver, gold/silver ratio & hui (daily charts)

(Kitco commentary) - With an understanding that there is always much more in play than nominal charts (the macro & sector fundamentals for example

Yield curve is not currently an inflationist's friend

(Kitco commentary) - I don't cheer-lead a given view, but if I were to do that I'd be cheering for a yield curve flattener to put a correction to inflationist dogmatists quoting von Mises to the herds and otherwise sloganeering about inflation and a "commodity super cycle" (that term is pure promo).

COVID-19, 4th Wave

(Kitco commentary) - Before this week's COVID mutant headlines served well to take more enthusiasm out of a frothy market that we have been noting to be at longer-term 'structural'.

Beyond gold buggery; sectors reviewed

(Kitco commentary) - While I hold a special place (in my thoughts and in NFTRH) for the gold stock sector due to its counter-cyclical nature, itâ??s a big market out there and a strategic view of the macro helps with successful positioning.

Multi-Market Status: Stocks, Commodities And Gold

It has now been exactly 10 months since we established 2410 as the measured objective for the S&P 500. In forming a potential double top this week at 2405.77 Iâ??d say we are close enough to call the target in (as we did in February when the first top was made on what we called â??peak Trumpâ? day, post-congressional address).

Gold Sector Checkup After the ‘Inflation Trade’ Bounce

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