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Gary Wagner

Gary Wagner

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Gary S. Wagner has been a technical market analyst for 25 years. A frequent contributor to STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine, he has also written for Futures Magazine as well as Barrons. He is the executive producer of "The Gold Forecast," a daily video newsletter.

He has been a speaker for financial seminars including Futures West and the Dow Jones Financial Symposium which travels throughout the world.. Coauthor of "Trading Applications Of Japanese Candlestick Charting" a John Wiley publication.

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The hawkish Pause by the Fed erased all of the gains for gold since September 14

(Kitco commentary) - Never assume one has a good read on upcoming decisions by the Federal Reserve regarding changes to their monetary policy.

The Fed's Hawkish Pause; rates higher for longer with fewer rate cuts in 2024

(Kitco commentary) - The rate hike pause by the Federal Reserve was already factored into market prices; but the hawkish tone almost assures that interest rates will remain elevated not only through the rest of this year but well into 2024 was not.

Fed keeps rate unchanged, revises GDP upward, and releases dot plot

(Kitco commentary) - Today, the Federal Reserve concluded the September FOMC meeting. As it pertains to gold, gold spiked to its intraday high of $1968.90 immediately following the release of the policy meeting statement which included the most current revised economic summary or dot plot.

Market participants wait for the Federal Reserve to release 'dot plot' tomorrow

(Kitco commentary) - The Federal Reserve will conclude the September FOMC on Wednesday.

Gold’s direction next week will be guided by the “tone” of the Federal Reserve

(Kitco commentary) - Next week the Federal Reserve will begin its sixth Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting this year. The Federal Reserve convenes and holds its FOMC meetings eight times per calendar year.

PPI report, a precursor to what retailers and then consumers will pay later

(Kitco commentary) - Like a one-two punch, yesterday’s CPI report combined with today’s PPI report suggests that inflation is and will remain persistent.

CPI report reveals a 0.6% rise in inflation taking yields and the dollar higher

(Kitco commentary) - The CPI (Consumer Price Index) was released this morning, and predictions that headline inflation had risen by 0.6% last month forecasted by economists polled at the Wall Street Journal were spot on.

Headline inflation is expected to rise, and technical selling moves gold lower

(Kitco commentary) - Market participants are waiting for the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report which will be released tomorrow.

Dollar strength wanes, gold pops to $1954 but quickly retreats from high

(Kitco commentary) - Gold futures opened at $1943.80 then rose to $1954 in one hour beginning at 9 o’clock EDT. This rise was not sustainable with gold giving back those gains and trading to a low of $1940 before slightly recovering.

Dollar strength pressures gold, but gold’s current price is at an important technical level

(Kitco commentary) - Back at the beginning of 2022, the dollar index fell to a low at around 99 points. After hitting those lows, the dollar entered a trend with an upward trajectory which concluded at a recent record high just above 114 points on September 28, 2022.