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A Boomer's Plea

(Kitco commentary) - Sector expert Michael Ballanger voices frustration with his own generation, which has "turned a blind eye" to the radical, fiscal and moral principles that shaped it.

New Stock Market Highs Correlate to $57 Trillion in Printed Global Currency Units

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the relationship of rising money velocity, money printing and new stock market highs.

Will Brexit Vote Push US Dollar One Way or the Other?

Five Junior Mining Companies Creating Value Through Exploration

The drill bit is essential to junior mining companies. Only through active exploration can investors separate the companies with potential from those without.

Three Buying Opportunities in a Resurgent Gold Market

Why Technical Analysis Does Not Work for Gold and Silver

Goldcorp Went Ahead and 'Made my Day'

After COT Data Shocker, No Surprise Gold is Down $30 Today

Are We or Are We Not in a New Gold Bull Market?

Eric Coffin Can See the End of the Gold Bear Market and This Is What He Is Doing About It

When the New York markets run out of steam, the gold market gets hot. HRA Editor Eric Coffin has been watching the companies with the best assets, waiting for just this moment.