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Gwen Preston

Gwen Preston

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Gwen Preston is the Resource Maven. Her independent letter chronicles her thoughts, buys, and sells in the world of mineral exploration, development, and mining. Gwen has a strong network of contacts, more than ten years of site visits and due diligence under her belt, a solid grasp of macroeconomics and how they shape metals price moves, and a track record of finding opportunity and managing risk in the metals and mining sector. 

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From the Maven letter: 29 March 2023

(Kitco commentary) - Canaccord published an interesting look back at times the KBW Bank Stocks Index (BKX) dropped more than 10% in three days. It happened March 7-9; BKX fell 11.9%.

From The Maven letter: 22 March 2023

(Kitco commentary) - If you had been on vacation and not seen the news for the last month and then you returned to see this gold chart, you would know youâ??d missed some major things.

Uranium excitement!

(Kitco commentary) - Copper is relatively boring right now. After going on a major run it is stepping back and the near term is not particularly interesting.

Reddit is trying to fuel the biggest short squeeze in the world..on silver

(Kitco commentary) - Oh my silver. There is so much to say about everything going on with Reddit and Robinhood and volatility and market tops and and andâ?¦but I will save most of that for Wednesday and keep my comments to silver.

Inflation? No one know & gold doesn't care

(Kitco commentary) - It hasn't been a tumultuous week politically or socially, at least not to the degree I feared seven days ago, but gold has been all over the place. I've had lots of conversations in the last week about why gold isn't doing better. Would that I had a clear answer!

What goes up must come down…At least a bit

(Kitco commentary) - I am totally comfortable saying that we are in a gold and silver bull market.

Stocks rising, gold easing…but I'm not worried

(Kitco commentary) - Gold has eased a bit in the last few days as the broad market has exploded up. Why? Because traders really want everything to get back to normal, including getting indices back to their pre-COVID highs. 2

Exploration explained: dating rocks

(Kitco commentary) - Knowing the age of the rocks that contain the metals and minerals we explore and mine might sound like an esoteric pursuit for academic geologists. Why should a savvy investor care how old the rocks are?

Explaining exploration: what is drilling?

(Kitco commentary) - Ask any seasoned mineral explorer and they will tell you that there is no exploration activity more valuable than drilling. Drill results provide the most information about what lies beneath. As such, they have a monumental impact on share value and determine the direction a project takes.

Seasonality one last time

(Kitco commentary) - I have been harping on about seasonality for the last few weeks. I promise this will be the last time I discuss it! (Thatâ??s a bit of a cheeky promise since this is my last issue of the year, but anywayâ?¦) What to do today is repeat