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HIVE Blockchain Technologies is the first publicly traded crypto miner, listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange in 2017, under the ticker symbol HIVE. In 2021 the company listed on the Nasdaq Exchange, also under HIVE. HIVE uses 100% green energy to mine both Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a committed ESG strategy since day one. HIVE strives to create long-term shareholder value with its unique HODL strategy, bridging the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional capital markets.

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Implications of "ETH Killer" Terra's failure

(Kitco commentary) - The kind we all know is inevitable at some point, but is somehow still gut-wrenching and utterly unwelcome when it arrives.

Central African Republic decentralizes with BTC | The HIVE Newsletter

(Kitco commentary) - On April 27, 2022 the Central African Republic (CAR) became the second country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

ETH PoS delayed, bitcoin updates

(Kitco commentary) - Well, it's official. A prominent Ethereum Foundation member announced they would delay the proof-of-stake "merge" once again.

Bitcoin’s role as inflation hedge grows | The HIVE Newsletter

(Kitco commentary) - Gemini surveyed 29,293 adults across 20 countries. Ages ranged from 18-75, and it was restricted to those who make more than $14,000 per year.

In Ukraine 'crypto is king'

(Kitco commentary) - The good news is that real-world adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum appears to be advancing by leaps and bounds.

Has de-dollarization begun?

(Kitco commentary) - It looks like major changes are coming to the international financial system. The U.S. dollar may be at a crossroads, and its status as an undisputed world reserve currency could be in play.

Hey Mr. Wonderful, a word please

(Kitco commentary) - Ah-hem. Excuse us, Kevin O'Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful? We noticed that you say you sold HIVE shares, along with other miners, because you say we use carbon credits and "it won't survive audit". Here's the tweet.

Bitcoin, inflation, and the big macro picture

(Kitco commentary) - Russia's invasion of Ukraine is clearly a humanitarian disaster. We hope for the best for Ukraine, but as investors we must explore the potentially massive financial implications.

What’s Missing From the Bitcoin Energy Debate

(Kitco commentary) - In early February 2022, a big winter storm was headed towards Texas. Many feared a repeat of 2021, when the power grid failed and left four million people without electricity in freezing temperatures.

The Fed vs. bitcoin | The HIVE newsletter

(Kitco commentary) - In our last newsletter we touched on a topic that deserves a more thorough examination.