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Hubert Moolman

Hubert Moolman

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I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from Cape Town, South Africa. I am a self-taught gold and silver analyst. I am the author of a newsletter specializing in the fundamentals of gold, silver and money as well as fractal analysis.

I also have a website ( that publishes educational articles on gold, silver and the dangers of fiat money.

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Get the big prize for silver

(Kitco commentary) - We have to keep our eyes on the bigger economic cycle. It helps in maintaining a proper perspective, and putting more emphasis on the bigger prize rather than the day to day movements.

Gold and Silver: Boom or Bust?

Repeat Of 70s Pattern Shows That A $675 Silver Price Is Realistic

Gold's Final Warning of Impending Monetary Collapse

Gold is currently trading in excess of $1300 an ounce. This is well above the 1980 all-time high.

The Dow/Silver Ratio Signals All-Time High Silver Prices

I have written extensively about the relationship between the Dow and silver prices. One of the points I have emphasized, is the fact that Dow peaks are often followed by silver rallies.

The Alignment Of The Dow, Interest Rates, Debt and Silver Cycles Will Deliver A Fatal Blow

Since the inception of the debt-based monetary system (with its fractional-reserve banking), the banks have been playing a nasty game of Russian roulette.

Rand Gold Price Signals A September 2001-Type Event In The Financial Markets

How The Credit Markets Will Blow Up During The Coming Silver Rally

During the previous silver bull market, interest rates and silver moved in the same direction (up).

A Powerful Signal for the Coming Silver Rally

The silver price and the US Dollar/South African Rand exchange rate (USD/ZAR) have a very interesting relationship that goes back a long way. Due to the nature of this relationship, I have found the USD/ZAR chart to be a good tool for determining a silver bottom.

Fractal Analysis of US Dollar Index Suggests Massive Gold Rally Coming