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Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

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Jeff Thomas is British and resides in the Caribbean. The son of an economist and historian, he learned early to be distrustful of governments as a general principle. Although he spent his career creating and developing businesses, for eight years, he penned a weekly newspaper column on the theme of limiting government. He began his study of economics around 1990, learning initially from Sir John Templeton, then Harry Schulz and Doug Casey and later others of an Austrian persuasion. He is now a regular feature writer for Casey Research’s International Man and Strategic Wealth Preservation in the Cayman Islands.
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The Bank is Being Robbed

Kitco commentary - In 1903, the desperado in the image above appeared in an early film about a robbery. He was the classic guy in a black hat and, of course, he was eventually foiled by the guys in the white hats.

Picking Up the UK Tab

Back in the late 90â??s, I began saying, â??Iâ??ll give the EU twenty years.â? At that point, the EU seemed to be going great guns, but I believed that it was an ill-conceived concept that wouldnâ??t stand the test of time.

Musical Chairs

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

For over a hundred years, itâ??s been theorised that author L. Frank Baum wrote his 1900 book

Predicting the Efficacy of a Coming Revolution

There Might Be Dragons (the Fear of Internationalisation)

In the early sixteenth century, the Hunt-Lenox globe was drawn, showing uncharted (and presumably dangerous) areas, marked with the warning: â??HIC SVNT DRACONESâ? â?? â??Here are Dragons.â?

Nine Meals from Anarchy

Failure Of The War On Cash

Chang and Eng / The US and Canada

Chang and Eng were the first internationally known â??Siamese twinsâ?, as a result of their having been exhibited worldwide. Although each had a complete body, they were joined together at the sternum.

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