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Jonathan Da Silva

Jonathan Da Silva

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Jonathan Da Silva developed a passion for hard money and economics from a young age having been influenced by family who sought to teach me that "nothing is free", and the importance of intrinsic value early on. My interest in markets grew keener during the great financial crisis of 2008; leaning on family with vast trading experience, I began to self-educate on technical analysis and economics- drawing inspiration from the works of individuals like W.D. Gann and Adam Smith. I have been a proud member of the Kitco team since 2017 and hope that my writing inspires readers to consider an objective view of the metals, and the greater financial markets.

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Stocks steady while metals smashed - What gives?!

(Kitco commentary) - A blowout jobs number ahead of the state of the union address – color me shocked.

Powell Pending: Another leg up in Gold and a new Stock bull?

(Kitco commentary) - Monday I wrote that traders might find today’s 25bp hike to be a “sell the news” event for anything denominated in USD – but the action in gold, the DXY and stocks since then suggests to me that bulls may yet have another leg up.

PCE disinflationary but metals flat - rate hike next

(Kitco commentary) - Last week I wrote that stock bulls had a weekly closing target of 4100 on S&P futures and they hit that level about 30 minutes before the close on Friday. I’ve noted that I think consideration should be given to whether a bull market is back on, if the descending trendline, going back to spring of 2022, is breached.

Metals hold support ahead of PCE data

(Kitco commentary) - The 4-hour chart of gold below shows an upward-sloping wedge, the top of which corresponds with approximately the $1950 level. Bulls want a breakout to the upside, with some quick follow-through to put $2000 in reach.

Much ado about silver

(Kitco commentary) - Friday I suggested metal bulls still have the power and for gold, the evidence of that is yet another higher high made overnight. Yesterday morning gold produced a false breakdown (shown on the 2 hour chart below) of the rising uptrend line shown on Friday as well, but promptly recovered to resume the trend; this can be taken as a bullish sign.

Metals bulls still got the Power

(Kitco commentary) - Yesterday morning I suggested that should the Jan. 5 low in silver break, a move to $22.55 would become likely; the price came to within 5 cents of that low; the below 4-hour chart shows the metal still moving sideways.

US 10 year bond yield falls - but stocks and metals pressured?

(Kitco commentary) - Yesterday morning I suggested that if silver couldn’t hold $23.80 (spot), lower prices would probably quickly follow; silver proceeded to drop intraday to a low of $23.25 spot.

$1920 gold - The first real test for bulls?

(Kitco commentary) - Last week, I suggested a run to $1920 was likely from Thursday’s low of $1875. Spot gold has since hit $1925 before turning back down.

Gold moving as expected : Now what?

(Kitco commentary) - On Monday I wrote that I thought gold had room to move into the spot $1905/10 area; and today’s CPI seems to be the catalyst to get the move started.

Gold - How much higher to go?

(Kitco commentary) - I last suggested the probability was that a range would form between $1820 and $1850 spot gold. Although price did in fact dip into the $1820’s the next day, bulls would have done well to continue to buy the dip.