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Jonathan Da Silva

Jonathan Da Silva

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Jonathan Da Silva developed a passion for hard money and economics from a young age having been influenced by family who sought to teach me that "nothing is free", and the importance of intrinsic value early on. My interest in markets grew keener during the great financial crisis of 2008; leaning on family with vast trading experience, I began to self-educate on technical analysis and economics- drawing inspiration from the works of individuals like W.D. Gann and Adam Smith. I have been a proud member of the Kitco team since 2017 and hope that my writing inspires readers to consider an objective view of the metals, and the greater financial markets.

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Time to fold gold and silver? S&P ready to resume the run up?

(Kitco commentary) - Last Friday of September I wrote that I was still willing to give the long side trade benefit of the doubt even though sellers were able to prevent a breakout at $1950 on the FOMC.

Silver surges. Gold to catch up as Nasdaq keeps falling?

(Kitco commentary) - I ended Wednesday's metals commentary: "Bulls should brace for volatility, but barring an intraday reversal, the game will be to hold on for the next gold target around $1965 and that all too familiar $24.20 level for spot silver."

Gold and silver rip higher, but will Powell spoil the party?

(Kitco commentary) - Last week I commented that the weight of evidence suggested at least a short term low was in for the metals. I also suggested that gold was preparing to break out from the pennant formation.

US dollar at resistance: gold, silver, stocks, up

(Kitco commentary) - Tuesday, I wrote, "My base case is that metals get flushed down between now and the end of the week as the ratio and DXY hit their resistance and sputter out. If gold were to hold $1885 as the ratio and dollar top, I would consider that a signal for a long trade in metals".

Gold signaling a top in the US dollar? CPI, PPI volatility ahead

(Kitco commentary) - In the last commentary I wrote, I suggested exiting the precious metals. Indeed, both gold and silver are lower again this morning. The daily gold chart below shows momentum turned down, heading in the oversold direction.

DXY bullish - Bitcoin bearish as gold holds up and silver drifts lower

(Kitco commentary) - In mid-August, I wrote a piece that I took some heat for; in it, I suggested the DXY was showing strength following a false breakdown and reversal, and the next probable target for the index was approx. 105.5

Gold, silver correcting - buy the Labor Day dip?

(Kitco commentary) - As I write on this Labor Day Monday, silver is now 4% off last week's $25 high, with the price back at $24 right now, as gold is 0.5% off its $1950 high of last week, currently trading at $1940.

Gold, silver, in for a ride higher? Sights on $1950

(Kitco commentary) - As I wrote on Wednesday, bulls have the momentum but are fighting at overhead resistance. Below are the updated daily gold and silver charts.

Gold, silver bulls have the momentum, how much higher?

(Kitco commentary) - I suggested pressing the metals trade by flipping a profitable silver position into gold. If you stayed in silver, you captured the alpha on this move, congrats.

Gold, silver hit the top? Ugly reversal in stocks foreshadowing a bigger drop?

I wrote on Wednesday morning: “It seems to me that the secondary target of $24.20 in silver would manifest if gold bulls can get over $1905 for the extra $25 up to $1930.”