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Julian D.W. Phillips

Julian D.W. Phillips

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Julian Philips' history in the financial world goes back to 1970, after leaving the British Army having been an Officer in the Light Infantry, serving in Malaya, Mauritius, and Belfast. After a brief period in Timber Management, Julian joined the London Stock Exchange, qualifying as a member. He specialised from the beginning in currencies, gold and the "Dollar Premium". At the time, the gold / currency world exploded into action after the floating of the $ and the Pound Sterling. He wrote on gold and the $ premium in magazines, Accountancy and The International Currency Review.

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Gold's Future Confiscation is a Growing Reality, as Currency Confidence Slides!

The subject of goldâ??s confiscation has come onto our screens again, but this time, being described as a â??Mythâ? in the future. This thought comes from Canada, a favorite place for U.S. citizens to store their gold in the hopes that it will be outside the reach of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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What is the COMEX Futures & Options market really all about?