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Battery demand drives quest for Class 1 nickel

In fact, there are two types of nickel, Class 1 and Class 2. The stainless steel that comprises the primary use for nickel comes primarily from Class 2 nickel, which has an iron component. And while that suits the needs of stainless steel just fine, Class 2 nickel lacks the purity for use as a component of batteries.

Cobalt-rich nickel-iron mine is European Electric Metals latest acquisition

While most people have heard of lithium due to the electrification theme, cobalt is still relatively unknown to many investors.

Taking advantage of the current downturn in precious metals

Prospero Silver applies the science of silver vein depth and temperature formation in Mexico

Prospero Silver Corp. (TSX.V: PSL) is a Mexico-focused prospect generator with the aim to discover world-class precious metals projects. They apply a unique blend of practical exploration experience and cutting-edge mineral deposit science to find new gold and silver systems.

Current precious metals market presents opportunities

With gold trading down for most of the year, talk has begun to circulate about whether a bottom is near for the yellow metal.

Innovative Technology Turns Pollution Into Profit

With wildfires scorching the western U.S. and Canada and record-breaking heat waves in normally temperate climates like Europe, the impact of climate change is very much in the news these days.

Zinc One’s Bongará Project Is A Company Defining Asset

Zinc One Resources Inc. (TSX.V: Z) is a Vancouver-based company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of prospective and advanced zinc projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions.

Where will Mexico's next big silver mines come from?

According to the World Silver Survey 2018, Mexico led the world in silver production in 2017, generating 196 million ounces of the precious metal. That was a 10 million ounce increase over 2016.

Peru: A critical part of the precious metals supply equation

Modern precious metals mining has a supply problem. The discovery rate of new gold and silver deposits is declining and getting new projects into construction and operational has become more difficult.

Looking for Diamonds, in the Face of a Supply/Demand Imbalance

Those familiar with the diamond industry know that few mineral discoveries can reap larger fortunes than an economic diamond mine.