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Matt Fernley

Matt Fernley

Head of Research, Volta Fund; MD of Battery Materials Review

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Matt Fernley is MD at Battery Materials Review and Head of Research for Westbeck Capital's Volta fund. He is a highly sought-after expert on rechargeable batteries and battery materials markets.

Matt has spent over 20 years as an equity analyst, following Mining, Chemicals and Industrials sectors. Starting his career at Warburg Dillon Read (now UBS Investment Bank), he was an equity analyst and also a global strategist for Basic Materials (chemicals, mining, paper, steel, cement/aggregates). Latterly he was global strategist for the Chemicals sector. While at UBS his primary focus was on the growth of India and China and development of materials markets due to structural changes in demand. He used previous economic take-off events in the US, Japan and Korea to model trends in materials demand in China and India. He was then able to apply this work to food and made one of the earliest calls in the market on the importance of fertilisers and agrochemicals in early-2005.

Following UBS, he spent two years in hedge funds before joining GMP Securities (Europe) LLP as a Senior Mining Analyst and latterly Head of Equities Research. After GMP he was head of a small online property company for two years, before taking up the position of Materials & Cyclicals strategist at Haitong.

Matt has published extensively on the Mining sector as well as the development of key materials and equity price trends associated with secular demand events in raw materials.

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