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Michael McCrae

Michael McCrae

Mining Audiences and Data Intelligence Manager

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Michael McCrae is leading Kitco's coverage of the mining sector. McCrae, who has both an MBA and CMA, knows how to build digital media properties. He was co-founder and publisher of, an award-winning news site. Before coming to media, McCrae worked in IT and banking. Please reach out: or (514) 670-1383. You can also follow him at @michaelmccrae.

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Tripling capacity in 12 months - Sigma Lithium's Cabral-Gardner on starting commercial production

(Kitco News) - Sigma Lithium Co-CEO Anna Cabral-Gardner said she expects her company to become the sixth largest lithium producer in the world.

'Consolidation has to happen' - Integra Resources' George Salamis on M&A

(Kitco News) - Resource companies need to combine and create more critical mass, said Integra Gold CEO Geroge Salamis.

Why the tech behind lab-grown diamonds may be too good - Lucara Diamond CEO Eira Thomas

(Kitco News) - The science behind making diamonds in the lab may be too good, and that helps mined diamonds, said Lucara Diamond CEO Eira Thomas.

The gap widens between the gold producers and developers

(Kitco News) - While relatively high gold prices favor the producers, weak financing conditions are going to be a drag on companies not yet producing, noted Kitco correspondent Paul Harris.

Ranking amongst the greats - Filo Mining's Jamie Beck on its large undeveloped copper project

(Kitco News) - Filo Mining CEO Jamie Beck was awarded Kitco's Mining CEO Of The Year 2022 in the non-operating category.

'Few companies have the cash flow yield that Lundin Gold has' - CEO Ron Hochstein

(Kitco News) - Lundin Gold CEO Ron Hochstein was awarded Kitco's Mining CEO Of The Year 2022 in the operating category.

A stay on the moon can be sustainable with help from mining - NASA's Robert P. Mueller

(Kitco News) - There are lots of resources and lots of energy in space to sustain life beyond Earth, said Robert P. Mueller, senior technologist at NASA.

A trillion-dollar market opportunity - Blue Dot Carbon's Christian Milau on carbon credits

(Kitco News) - Blue Dot Carbon Co-Founder and CEO Christian Milau is excited by the size of the opportunity in the carbon credit market.

'A very nice surprise' - TinOne Resources' lithium discovery

(Kitco News) - An extensive drill program is planned for a recent lithium discovery, said TinOne Resources' CEO Chris Donaldson.

A niche in the critical mineral space - Euro Manganese's Matt James on the company's namesake metal

(Kitco News) - Battery makers are turning to manganese-rich chemistries due to the lower cost, said Euro Manganese CEO Matt James.