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Michael McCrae

Michael McCrae

Mining Audiences and Data Intelligence Manager

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Michael McCrae is leading Kitco's coverage of the mining sector. McCrae, who has both an MBA and CMA, knows how to build digital media properties. He was co-founder and publisher of, an award-winning news site. Before coming to media, McCrae worked in IT and banking. Please reach out: or (514) 670-1383. You can also follow him at @michaelmccrae.

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Interested in gold? Pay attention to Canada

(Kitco News) - "It was just amazing how many different aspects I could look at. Canada was always number one. It has the most deposits, it has the most companies, it's got a fantastic stock exchange, great regulators, good democracy," said Silver.

Australian-lithium developer Liontown signs offtake with Ford

(Kitco News) - Liontown and Ford have executed a definitive binding full-form offtake agreement (Offtake Agreement), the third and final foundational offtake required to underpin development of Liontown’s Kathleen Valley Lithium Project.

'High-purity manganese has to increase 10-fold by 2030' - Euro Manganese's Matt James

(Kitco News) - Manganese has similar chemical properties as cobalt, but cobalt production is concentrated in one country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. To avoid country risk and over reliance on one supply source, manganese is gaining favor.

Saynoa board approves restart of North American Lithium operation

(Kitco News) - Prior to the NAL restart, the agreement provided for offtake of 60,000 tonnes or 50% of concentrate produced from ore mined at SYQ’s nearby Authier Lithium Project.

Kore Potash jumps on optimization plans

(Kitco News) - “The successful completion of the Kola optimisation study moves us closer to production and we eagerly await delivery of the construction contract and financing proposals," said CEO Brad Sampson.

A major automaker buys a stake in a lithium developer

(Kitco News) - Amsterdam-based Stellantis was formed from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the French PSA Group. Revenues in 2021 were $160 billion.

Rio2 drops on enviro news

(Kitco News) - "It has been alleged that Fenix Gold has not provided enough information during the evaluation process to eliminate adverse impacts over the chinchilla, guanaco, and vicuña," writes the company.

How Burkina Faso kick-started a mining renaissance - Diamond Fields Resources

(Kitco News) - Last year Diamond Fields announced it acquired Moydow Holdings, which has a portfolio of exploration and development projects across Africa, including the highly prospective Labola gold project in Burkina Faso.

Financial sanctions against Russia have 'backfired dramatically' - Matthew Piepenburg

(Kitco News) - The financial sanctions imposed against Russia after the country started its war in Ukraine have ended up doing more harm to Western nations, said Matthew Piepenburg, principal at Matterhorn Asset Management.

What you need to know about the Golden Triangle - Blackwolf Copper & Gold's Rob McLeod

(Kitco News) - Unlike mining, exploration still hasn't seen a big step forward from technology, said Blackwolf Copper & Gold CEO Rob McLeod.