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Michael McCrae

Michael McCrae

Mining Audiences and Data Intelligence Manager

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Michael McCrae is leading Kitco's coverage of the mining sector. McCrae, who has both an MBA and CMA, knows how to build digital media properties. He was co-founder and publisher of, an award-winning news site. Before coming to media, McCrae worked in IT and banking. Please reach out: or (514) 670-1383. You can also follow him at @michaelmccrae.
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Gold could drop as much as 15% if election is contested - Hug

(Kitco News) - Regarding the physical supply of precious metals, Hug said demand and supply have evened out. Premiums on some products are similar to pre-COVID levels.

Gold will benefit from gov't stimulus, but copper could run further

(Kitco News) - Copper is currently trading at a two-year high.

The company that is 'perfectly set up for this market'

(Kitco News) - "First of all, they sold gold at an average price of $1,924 ounce," noted Reid. "When was the last time anybody did that? And...they're debt free. They paid back their revolver. They have absolutely no debt. Their cap ex is behind them, and now it's a free cashflow machine."

Why fourteen-day quarantines may be damaging to miners' health

(Kitco News) - Macdonald noted that some miners travel outside of Canada for work then have to return to a 14-day quarantine with no access to a gym or recreation. Meals must be eaten in the hotel room.

World's largest gold miner to trim its junior portfolio

(Kitco News) - "There's an absolute staking boom happening. New companies are sprouting up every day, consolidating bits and pieces here and there. Newfoundland is just absolutely so prospective," said Laviolette.

License to operate number one miner risk - EY

(Kitco News) - Only one-third thought the recovery would be slow and steady, a U-shaped recovery. Twenty-three percent thought the recovery would be quick, a V-shaped recovery.

'Simply implausible' for rare earths production to keep up, warns Adamas

(Kitco News) - The current slow pace of rare earth development risks a huge mis-match in supply and forecast demand, wrote Adamas Research in a report released Monday.

Renewables tighten chokehold on nuclear- report

(Kitco News) - The comprehensive annual study was released this week, stating that the nuclear industry is in a "stasis."

'You can get absolutely creamed in this market' - Peter Hug

(Kitco News) - "You know, from a macro perspective, you have to be bullish the metals, but if you're a trader--from a timing perspective--you can get absolutely creamed in this market," said Hug. "I was warning [be] extremely cautious about trying to trade this market with this volatility."

Elon Musk sees 'big target' in mining costs

(Kitco News) - "It's insanely complicated," said Musk. "These things just grow up as legacy. We looked at the entire value chain and asked how can we make this as simple as possible."