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Michael Pento

Michael Pento

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Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, produces the weekly podcast called, “The Mid-week Reality Check”, is Host of The Pentonomics Program and Author of the book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.”

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Fade the post rate hike rally

(Kitco commentary) - The recent stock market rally is a trap. This is because Wall Street is vastly underestimating how hawkish the Federal Reserve will have to get in order to fight inflation. And how much weaker earnings and GDP growth will become as a result.

A recession unlike any other

(Kitco commentary) - The U.S. economy is already deteriorating due to the humongous fiscal and monetary cliffs. These cliffs are now being compounded by the war in Eastern Europe and near record-high inflation. And, the Fed's "PUT" is much lower and smaller in size than Wall Street believes.

Powell the pivoter cannot now pivot back to a dove

(Kitco commentary) - The current Fed Chair is perhaps best known for his quick pivots from hawkish back to dovish and vice versa. Maybe he is just too dependent on the prevailing winds of the current economic data. Or, perhaps more accurately, he is most swayed by the performance of the stock market.

Fiscal and monetary cliffs have arrived

(Kitco commentary) - According to Doug Ramsey of the Leuthold Group, 334 companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange recently hit a 52-week low, more than double the amount that marked new one-year highs. Thatâ??s happened only three other times in history -- all of them occurring in December 1999.

Fed to taper into weakening economy

(Kitco commentary) - Fed Chair Jerome Powell will soon announce the date for tapering its record-setting QE program, despite weakening jobs data.

Markets Should Fear Central Banks More Than Trump

Trumpâ??s economic agenda has become further delayed by what seems like daily leaks from the White House. This may finally bring about the long-awaited equity market pullback of at least 5 percent.

4 Stages of Monetary Madness

Record Bond and Stock Prices Sending the Same Message

Fed’s Rate Normalization Will Be Far From Normal

Time to Invest for Stagflation

Whether you call it a 1970â??s style stagflation or, as we call it, a recessflation, investors need to prepare their portfolios to profit from a protracted period of rising prices in the context of zero growth.