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Monica Kingsley

Monica Kingsley

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Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst. Checking dozens of charts daily, she integrates their messages with economics and in-depth experience. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as studies in market histories. Having been at the financial markets when the Great Recession arrived, she experienced many bull and bear markets - be it in stocks, bonds, gold and silver.
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Daily reprieve or more

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 modest risk-on turn talked yesterday, is underway â?? with adequate support from bonds.

Snowball's chance in hell

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 is turning around, and odds are that would be so till the FOMC later today. The pressure on Powell to be really dovish, is on.

Now, that's better

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 gave up the opening gains, but managed to close on a good note, in spite of credit markets not confirming. Given though the high volume characterizing HYG downswing and retreating crude oil, we may be in for a stock market led rebound today.

Peculiar reversal

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 recovered most of the intraday downside, and in spite of value driving the upswing, there is something odd about it. Tech barely moved higher during the day, and the heavyweights continue being beaten similarly to biotech compared to the rest of healthcare.

Confirming carnage

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 plunged with broad participation, a bit more than could be expected by the credit markets action. The bulls lost a good intraday opportunity to move above 4,420, and now itâ??s up to the credit markets toâ?¦ confirm the carnage as todayâ??s title says.

More profits ahead

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 bulls took the opportunity yesterday amid mild credit market support. Looks like more fireworks are to come â?? the risk-on turn is merely starting.

Smelling blood

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 is grinding lower, and bonds concur. Risk-off posture and rising yields arenâ??t techâ??s friend really, and the VIX is back to moving up.

Powell put coming

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 upswing attempt rejected, again â?? and credit markets didnâ??t pause, with the dollar rush being truly ominous.

Glass half empty or half full?

(Kitco commentary) - Tough call as select S&P 500 sectors came back to life, but credit markets are a bit inconclusive. Some more selling today before seeing a rebound on Wednesdayâ??s FOMC (Iâ??m leaning towards its message being positively received, and no rate hike now as thatâ??s apart from the Eastern Europe situation the other fear around).

SPX reversing again

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 plunged to open the week â?? how fitting given the unfinished job in tech and Treasuries.