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Monica Kingsley

Monica Kingsley

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Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst. Checking dozens of charts daily, she integrates their messages with economics and in-depth experience. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as studies in market histories. Having been at the financial markets when the Great Recession arrived, she experienced many bull and bear markets - be it in stocks, bonds, gold and silver.
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Daily turn or more

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 turned on a dime, and the daily rally turned out indeed one to chase. It's as if the BoE stepping in had the power to bring about a similar Fed turn – it obviously doesn't, and one swallow doesn‘t make a spring. Still, the move ushered in celebration in the beaten down assets – from real to paper.

Treasuries flashing red

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 continued its downswing without much of a respite even though bonds favored stocks to reach higher than they did one hour before the closing bell.

Weak rebound, weak

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 decline on the disappointing CPI – especially core inflation points at more to come, and the better PPI figures don‘t make up for that.

The turn

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 more than erased Thursday‘s decline – buy the dip mentality won, and the advance was that broad-based that it makes sense that I examine the theoretical possibility of a new bull market being born.

Unclosed gap

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 bulls made a good run, but didn't deal with the bearish outcome looming, The renewed tightening bets spurred by strong headline NFPs figure, will take their toll on risk-on assets that had been driving Friday's run.

Bullish case explained

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 slowly rising into the FOMC served to confirm the upcoming bullish interpretation of Fed moves. On one hand, the 75bp rate hike is over, on the other hand less clarity about future rate hikes rules now – markets remained anchored in the now, running with the glass is half full message.

Stunning setback or not

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 gave up opening gains, a bit too easily. The 3,880s didn‘t hold, and bonds lost their risk-on posture. Yields rose, but the dollar declined – and the greenback doesn‘t look to be out of the woods even though I‘m looking for it to top out and roll over later than in July still.

No dodging the bullet

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 recovered from the intraday reversal to the downside, thanks to tech. Value‘s poor showing can be chalked down to the riskier junk bonds losing early gains, meaning the daily stock market move didn‘t surprise much when bonds closing values are considered.

Will they or won't they

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 is gyrating with the the Fed rate hike speculation – 50 or 75bp? Treasuries are still demanding a higher one now and more later as inflation hasn‘t even temporarily slowed down.

Decision time

(Kitco commentary) - S&P 500 declined, within the existing narrow range, but more downside is likely to come. Bonds continue pointing lower, commodities are squeezing, yields aren‘t meaningfully retreating, and inflation keeps biting.