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Paul Rejczak

Paul Rejczak

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Stock market strategist, who has been known for quality of his technical and fundamental analysis since the late nineties. He is interested in forecasting market behavior based on both traditional and innovative methods of technical analysis. Paul has made his name by developing mechanical trading systems. Paul is the author of Sunshine Profits’ premium service for stock traders: Stock Trading Alerts.

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Stock pick update: August 12 - August 18, 2020

(Kitco commentary) - Which stocks could magnify S&P 500â??s gains in case it rallies? Take a look at a part of our Stock Pick Update. We have included Industrials, Financials and Energy stocks this time.

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Briefly: In our opinion, no speculative positions are justified.

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March silver futures a short-term selling opportunity on more price weakness. See on the 15-minute intraday bar chart for March silver futures that prices have been in a choppy trading range the past few hours. A drop below support at $14.00 would give the bears fresh downside short-term technical momentum and it would also become a selling opportunity. The downside price objective would be $13.75, or below. Technical resistance, for which to place a protective buy stop just above, is located at $14.13.

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Senior Market Analyst



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