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Peter Degraaf

Peter Degraaf

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Peter Degraaf is an online stock trader, and technical analyst, who has been active in the metals markets since 1956. He sends out a weekly Email to his many subscribers.

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Three exciting charts reflecting the present outlook on gold prices

(Kitco commentary) - The first chart (courtesy tracks a 15 week gold cycle that bottoms at the green arrows. The brown arrows point to tops in the cycle. This week marks the start of week #6.

Tired of watching silver being manipulated? Here is a plan!

(Kitco commentary) - The longer you study and invest in silver, the more obvious it becomes that someone with deep pockets snuffs out almost every rally, just when technical analysis tells you that price should be rising.

The Demise of the Gold and Silver Bull Run is Greatly Exaggerated

Is it time to Back up the Truck? - Mortgage the Farm?

Technical Analysis of the gold sector reveals a number of red flags, such as negative COT numbers and a mining sector that is at least temporarily overbought, having more than doubled since January.

Are You Still Waiting for a Pullback, So You Can Take Part in the Gold and Silver Bull Market?

Well, your time has come! Gold is in the process of testing the February breakout at a very important moving average.

Commercial Gold Traders Appear To Be Losing Their Grip!

An Open Letter To Mining CEO's

Consider changing the policy of shipping your product into the warehouses that supply bullion which backs up futures contracts.

The Most Important Chart Of 2016!

Charts in this essay are courtesy unless indicated.

“7” - What’s so special about the number “7”?

Trading Gold and Silver along with the Pros.