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Phillip Streible

Phillip Streible

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Phillip Streible is a Series 3 licensed Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures and specializes in working with clients in developing futures and options strategies in the metals markets. As the Chief Market Strategist his goal is to show clients how to anticipate, recognize and react to bull and bear market conditions through the use of fundamental and technical analysis techniques that help them to define risk. With more than 16 years of experience working with clients, Phillip ran one of the largest retail commodities desks while at Lind-Waldock where he focused on metals, energies, currencies and agricultural markets.

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Gold/Silver: Buy the upcoming crash

(Kitco commentary) - After last week's rocket move higher in precious metals and other risk assets, this week proved to be the hangover we expected.

Gold/Silver: Two charts you must watch

(Kitco commentary) - It was a busy week for markets, and a downside surprise in CPI on Thursday along with a crypto collapse, was all that was needed to propel markets higher.

Copper/Silver: Let those 1 oz American Eagles keep soaring

(Kitco commentary) - Friday night is my favorite time of the week. You get to reflect on the trading you have done so far, the mistakes you've made, and the opportunities you might have missed.

Gold/Silver: Who wants to take delivery?

(Kitco commentary) - It was another week of panic, as volatility kept the investing public on tilt as rates, real yields, and U.S. Dollars continued to drive markets.

Gold/Silver: Where is the bottom?

(Kitco commentary) - It was another volatile week in the markets, both for the longs and the shorts, with the technical backdrop continuing to deteriorate.

Silver/Natural Gas: Winter is coming

(Kitco commentary) - It was a roller coaster ride of a week in the markets. With the Fed in the middle innings of a rising global interest rate cycle, traders remain on edge, frantically chasing every bear market bounce while, conversely, burying their heads in the sand with each sell-off.

Gold/Silver: Use options to play a short covering rally

(Kitco commentary) - What a volatile week it's been with the month and quarter ending after a downgrade of Apple stock sent retail stock investors scrambling for the exit signs and the British Pound falling to a record low against the Dollar.

Gold/Silver: What the heck is going on?

(Kitco commentary) - I probably received that question 100 times on Friday from traders and investors speculating in a wide range of asset classes.

Gold/Silver: Your next options play

(Kitco commentary) - This week, precious metals came under significant pressure as the risk-off sentiment weighed in on most asset classes. Persistent inflation continues to confirm after this week's CPI and PPI data.

Gold/Silver: The only chart you need to watch

(Kitco commentary) - Over the past week, order flow from the trading desk has given me an inside view of how traders perceive the economic environment. When commodities such as Energies or Agricultural markets decline, inflation expectations decline, reducing interest hike expectations.