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Phillip Streible

Phillip Streible

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Phillip Streible is a Series 3 licensed Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures and specializes in working with clients in developing futures and options strategies in the metals markets. As the Chief Market Strategist his goal is to show clients how to anticipate, recognize and react to bull and bear market conditions through the use of fundamental and technical analysis techniques that help them to define risk. With more than 16 years of experience working with clients, Phillip ran one of the largest retail commodities desks while at Lind-Waldock where he focused on metals, energies, currencies and agricultural markets.

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Gold/Silver: How to trade this bloodbath

(Kitco commentary) - The broad-based selling continued in the commodity markets this week, where "inflation worries" have shifted to "recession fears."

Gold/Silver: two critical levels to watch

(Kitco commentary) - Major indices sustained significant damage this week, confirming a global economic recession is coming, along with more central bank surprises.

Gold/Silver: The three scenarios you need to know

(Kitco commentary) - It was an eventful week for U.S. Equitites, with inflation data hitting 40-year highs and consumer sentiment reaching an all-time low. One bright spot was on Monday, where Silver caught a small bid on news that the Biden administration announced tariff suspensions on solar panel components from four countries.

Gold/Silver: Welcome to the economic disaster party

(Kitco commentary) - It was a shortened trading week with U.S. Equities and other key commodity markets factoring in signs that economic conditions continue to deteriorate domestically and globally.

Gold/Silver: the Fed screwed up, again

(Kitco commentary) - It was an exciting week in the markets, with Equity investors able to finally have a sigh of relief and catch their breath from what has seemingly been a never-ending sell-off.

Gold/Silver: It's all about to come unhinged

(Kitco commentary) - It was an eventful week in precious metals with what seemingly solidified a new hard floor in gold at $1785/oz. I am somewhat skeptical that I can say the same thing about silver, which has been trading more like a risk asset rather than a safe haven or an inflation hedge.

Gold/Silver: Laser eyes on China, copper, and crypto

(Kitco commentary) - It was an ugly week in almost all asset classes, with one by one falling like dominos. What seemingly started with a tech-driven selloff spilled over into cryptocurrencies and ultimately found its way into precious metals.

Gold/Silver: Was that the bottom?

(Kitco commentary) - You did not think that after 12 straight days down in silver and an article on why silver is so terrible, I would throw in the towel on client longs and go short, did you?

Gold/silver ratio: why does silver suck?

(Kitco commentary) - It was another week of elevated volatility with sudden downdrafts in the markets fueled by several different narratives depending on what you are trading.

Gold/platinum/silver: here is the floor

(Kitco commentary) - It was a tough week for the PMG complex if you carried your long positions past the April 18th seasonal exit. For those who followed the Platinum seasonal, you should have booked $1,335/contract. We will continue to use short-term weakness to boost holding in PGMs, focusing on adding long positions in Gold and Silver.