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Phillip Streible

Phillip Streible

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Phillip Streible is a Series 3 licensed Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures and specializes in working with clients in developing futures and options strategies in the metals markets. As the Chief Market Strategist his goal is to show clients how to anticipate, recognize and react to bull and bear market conditions through the use of fundamental and technical analysis techniques that help them to define risk. With more than 16 years of experience working with clients, Phillip ran one of the largest retail commodities desks while at Lind-Waldock where he focused on metals, energies, currencies and agricultural markets.

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Gold - a new week with new defined levels

(Kitco commentary) - With the first full week of trading in 2020 behind us the market volatility has exploded with the average true range (ATR) in gold doubling from Decembers $10-12 a day high to low to Januarys $22-$25.

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Gold futures should continue to see a benefit from increased physical demand as an alternative asset after the BOJâ??s latest move to adopt a negative interest rate on reserves held at the BOJ.

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