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Richard (Rick) Mills

Richard (Rick) Mills

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Richard is the owner of and invests in the junior resource/bio-tech sectors. His articles have been published on over 400 websites, including:

WallStreetJournal, SafeHaven, MarketOracle, USAToday, NationalPost, Stockhouse, Lewrockwell, Pinnacledigest, UraniumMiner, Beforeitsnews, SeekingAlpha, MontrealGazette, CaseyResearch, 24hgold, VancouverSun, CBSnews, SilverBearCafe, Infomine, HuffingtonPost, Mineweb, 321Gold, Kitco, Gold-Eagle, The Gold/Energy Reports, Wealthwire, CalgaryHerald, ResourceInvestor,, Forbes, FNArena, Uraniumseek, FinancialSense, Goldseek, Dallasnews, SGTReport, Vantagewire, Resourceclips, Indiatimes, ninemsn, ibtimes, jsmineset and the Association of Mining Analysts.

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Copper roars past $4.60 as resource nationalism grips market

(Kitco commentary) - A number of happenings in the copper market conspired to elevate the spot price beyond $4.60 a pound on Thursday, confirming Ahead of the Herdâ??s suspicions that a new wave of resource nationalism in some of the largest copper-producing nations is washing over the sector.

Gold historically follows inflation higher. Will it do so again?

(Kitco commentary) - Precious metals are among the best places to park your money in times of economic or political distress.

Copper, the most critical metal

(Kitco commentary) - In 2018, before the trade war between the US and China put the boots to copper demand, and covid-19 mine closures/ abandoned expansion plans crimped supply

Tin: an upcoming 'green' metal

(Kitco commentary) - The next time you crack open a can of beer, you might want to think about tin. The silvery metal with a faint yellow hue goes into 25% of the 370 billion metal drink containers produced every year, via tin-plated steel.

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