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Richard (Rick) Mills

Richard (Rick) Mills

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Richard is the owner of and invests in the junior resource/bio-tech sectors. His articles have been published on over 400 websites, including:

WallStreetJournal, SafeHaven, MarketOracle, USAToday, NationalPost, Stockhouse, Lewrockwell, Pinnacledigest, UraniumMiner, Beforeitsnews, SeekingAlpha, MontrealGazette, CaseyResearch, 24hgold, VancouverSun, CBSnews, SilverBearCafe, Infomine, HuffingtonPost, Mineweb, 321Gold, Kitco, Gold-Eagle, The Gold/Energy Reports, Wealthwire, CalgaryHerald, ResourceInvestor,, Forbes, FNArena, Uraniumseek, FinancialSense, Goldseek, Dallasnews, SGTReport, Vantagewire, Resourceclips, Indiatimes, ninemsn, ibtimes, jsmineset and the Association of Mining Analysts.

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US banking crisis has gone quiet, but not away

(Kitco commentary) - It was exactly six months ago when the US regional banking crisis started to dominate news headlines, triggering concerns over the global financial system.

Is gold still a worthy investment?

(Kitco commentary) - After a hot start to the year, gold’s performance has somewhat subdued in recent months despite the usual supporting factors staying intact, namely high inflation and a bear stock market.

Mining industry risks another lost decade

(Kitco commentary) - Mining - like any other sector - has experienced its fair share of issues over the past decade, holding back its overall reputation and efficiency.

America's debt problem is only getting bigger

(Kitco commentary) - The US officially has a debt problem, in the present and in the future. As we speak, America’s gross national debt stands just below $33 trillion, or 122% of its GDP! The bigger problem, though, is the pace at which it’s doing so, leading to ballooning interest payments.

Copper now classified as US critical mineral, and rightly so

(Kitco commentary) - On one hand, as one of the most widely used metals on the planet, demand for copper has been consistently on the rise, matching the growth of economies step by step. Now, there’s an added layer of demand due to the increasing need for electrification.

Reasons why food inflation isn't going away

(Kitco commentary) - By now, we’ve probably surrendered to the fact that food prices will continue to get more expensive around the world.

The beneficiaries of dollar weakness

(Kitco commentary) - On July 9 the US dollar index (DXY) slipped under 100 for the first time since April 3, 2022, with cooling US inflation data released on July 12 maintaining the trend of a weaker greenback against a basket of other trade partner currencies.

Silver market fundamentals strong as it enters new era of supply deficits

(Kitco commentary) - Silver, like gold, has returned to the spotlight this year with the precious metal recently trading at its highest in a year at just under $26 an ounce.

Ascent of central bank digital currencies bodes well for gold

(Kitco commentary) - The days of paying for something with cold, hard cash may be numbered. The pandemic has accelerated our transition towards a cashless economy, with consumers nowadays preferring the convenience of mobile banking or digital wallets.

Gold stands in sweet spot between inflation and interest rate "tug of war"

(Kitco commentary) - Gold prices are on the brink of setting another record as a confluence of market forces has prompted investors to pile into the precious metal over recent months.