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Roskill has nearly 50 years' experience of research and consulting in metals, minerals and chemical industries, and their end-use industries. The company was founded in 1930 as one of the UK's first management consultancies. Today the Group is headquartered in the UK and consists of four companies, Roskill Holdings, Roskill Information Services, Roskill Consultancy Group and Roskill Germany. The company has representation in China, North and South America and Oceania.

Our clients use our published research and consultancy services for a wide variety of purposes - formulating company strategy, following industry trends, planning exploration and marketing activities, competitor analysis, training new staff and gaining a complete overview of a single industry.

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Cathode and precursor materials, li-ion batteries: South Korea's LG to cut dependence on China for battery materials

(Kitco commentary) - On 14 July, LG confirmed a US$5.2Bn investment to expand its battery materials and chemicals business by 2025, covering cathode, anode, separators, and others.

Macroeconomics: implications of the coronavirus outbreak for commodity markets

(Kitco commentary) - As of 30 January, the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 170, with almost 8,000 confirmed cases and infections having spread to at least 15 countries.

Batteries: Southern Africa will remain critical to battery material supply chains

Graphite: Widespread Progress For Flake Graphite Projects

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