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Stewart Thomson

Stewart Thomson

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Stewart Thomson is a retired Merrill Lynch broker. Stewart writes the Graceland Updates daily mon-fri between 4am-7am. They are sent out around 8-9am.Stewart comes from a family of teachers, engineers, and professional athletes. The focus is training investors to use the tactics of the bank owner families consistently. Stewart’s writings are carried by a number of quality websites regularly. His personal contacts include hundreds of substantial business and factory owners across North America and Europe.

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The US election & a vote for gold

(Kitco commentary) - Today is mid-terms election day in America, a nation that is suffering from a major infection of… fiat germs.

Gold: strong in November?

(Kitco commentary) - November begins on a positive note, with gold and silver on the move.

Oil $100: the big number for gold

(Kitco commentary) - America's impaled stock market investors finally got a bit of a rally. Ominously, they seem far more concerned about stopping the Fed's tiny rate hikes than stopping the growing number of homegrown terrorists who enjoy shooting their children. 

Gold stocks: key buy zones for action

(Kitco commentary) - If US pump gas has a reasonable price and the stock market is in rally mode, American president “Jackboot Joe” Biden can continue his hideous warmongering in faraway lands… and most US citizens will not complain.

A shocking gold price rally

(Kitco commentary) - The 2021-2025 war cycle, inflation, energy transition, and empire transition are a perfect "golden storm".

Metal miners: $1610 is the key

(Kitco commentary) - Since early March of this year, “King Dollar” has fared incredibly well against almost every asset.

Inflation: tactics for ebb & flow

(Kitco commentary) - Will Jay Powell be "less hawk than expected" tomorrow? Will there be a huge stock market rally to celebrate his return to a dovish stance for markets?

The CPI report: rally time for gold?

(Kitco commentary) - Rather than piping oil from staunch ally Canada, the US government has aggressively pumped oil out of its strategic reserve.

Gold $1810: the launchpad for miners

(Kitco commentary) - While it's impossible for sane citizens to get pleasure from an event like the de facto "annihilation of America", it is possible for hardcore gold bugs to retain most of their sanity… and get richer... as such an annihilation occurs.

War & inflation: rally time for gold

(Kitco commentary) - As the Dow tumbled 600 points yesterday, GDX and key gold stocks closed slightly higher.