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Stewart Thomson

Stewart Thomson

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Stewart Thomson is a retired Merrill Lynch broker. Stewart writes the Graceland Updates daily mon-fri between 4am-7am. They are sent out around 8-9am.Stewart comes from a family of teachers, engineers, and professional athletes. The focus is training investors to use the tactics of the bank owner families consistently. Stewart’s writings are carried by a number of quality websites regularly. His personal contacts include hundreds of substantial business and factory owners across North America and Europe.

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A stkt mkt surge with miners in tow

(Kitco commentary) - Globally, the big theme in play is the 2021-2025 war cycle and I worked diligently to prepare investors for its arrival… ahead of time. What now?

Gold stocks" a green light to buy?

(Kitco commentary) - As gold surged into my sell zone at $2000/ounce, I laid out the $1835-$1775 area as my preferred "rebuy" zone for investors, with a focus on the miners.

Gold $1835: it's where the miners come aliver

(Kitco commentary) - Given that the US government has lost almost every war it has ever fought, should investors and regular citizens be concerned that the current de facto war against Russia will end at least as badly as all the others and... what does this mean for gold?

Gold, war, & solid investor tactic

(Kitco commentary) - As Ukraine's Zelenskyy suggests his government could finally forsake NATO and embrace neutrality, should gold bugs be concerned about a sinking price of gold?

A hawkish Fed & gold

(Kitco commentary) - The United States of America is arguably now better termed, "The United Meddlers of America".

Gold stocks: some profit booking is prudent

(Kitco commentary) - Americans are gleefully tossing their virus masks into the garbage can, just when they should consider buying hazmat suits and building bomb shelters.

Gold stock diamonds: everyone's best friend

(Kitco commentary) - Relentless rate hikes and QT mean that the destruction of the US stock, bond, and real estate markets is essentially assured. Interestingly, the big question is not whether these markets will crash or not.

A dying fiat empire & gold

(Kitco commentary) - With the Fed set to hike rates and kill QE, markets are in turmoil. Some bank analysts are forecasting seven hikes this year.

Wings of wax & a house of gold

(Kitco commentary) - Where's Jay? As the US stock market tumbles, investors (who have devolved into QE welfare worshippers) want to know where their "sugar daddy" Jay Powell is.

Transitory inflation: great news for gold

(Kitco commentary) - Most market analysts believe the Fed got inflation wrong. They feel higher prices are not transitory and the strong arm of the Fed will push gold modestly lower in 2022.