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Stewart Thomson

Stewart Thomson

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Stewart Thomson is a retired Merrill Lynch broker. Stewart writes the Graceland Updates daily mon-fri between 4am-7am. They are sent out around 8-9am.Stewart comes from a family of teachers, engineers, and professional athletes. The focus is training investors to use the tactics of the bank owner families consistently. Stewart’s writings are carried by a number of quality websites regularly. His personal contacts include hundreds of substantial business and factory owners across North America and Europe.

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The Fed meet & weekly gold chart stochastics

(Kitco commentary) - With gold consolidating in the $2000 area, tomorrow’s Fed decision is likely the catalyst for the next move

Gold: a bull era Pac-Man?

(Kitco commentary) - I think this statement probably sums up the current banking crisis most succinctly: "The American banks have a whole bunch of accounting tricks that they can play, to show earnings when earnings don't exist, to show capital when capital doesn't existâ?¦ totally unacceptable." â?? Dick Bove, US bank analyst, Mar 13, 2022.

Gold & the jobs report: investor tactics

(Kitco commentary) - For many years, gold has had a rough general tendency to decline ahead of the US jobs report, and then rally after the release of the report.

A golden valentine?

(Kitco commentary) - Today is Valentine's Day. It's also CPI report day. On this interesting day, will there be love for gold?

A triple whammy for gold: what now?

(Kitco commentary) - Last week the precious market got a “Triple Whammy” of a silver duty hike in India, another rate hike from the Fed, and a blowout jobs report.

Gold prices for action: $1880 and $180

(Kitco commentary) - Gold is often soft on Tuesday and… today is Tuesday.

Gold stock race cars on a bull era track

(Kitco commentary) - The glory of gold. In a world ravaged by debt, fiat, and war… is it a time for gold bugs of the world to be bold?

Gold at $1925: key investor tactics

(Kitco commentary) - In the financial markets, history shows that rather than lots of exciting predictions, mundane preparation for surprise is a much better tool for building immense wealth… wealth that is sustained.

Gold stocks & gold: a bullish divergence

(Kitco commentary) - As the Roman empire burned, the silliest citizens (with lots of tin and little gold) had a pipedream, which was that their favourite politicians would put out the fire.

The US election & a vote for gold

(Kitco commentary) - Today is mid-terms election day in America, a nation that is suffering from a major infection of… fiat germs.