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Lior's father went bankrupt 3 times by the time Lior was 22. At 32, Lior became a self-made millionaire without any formal education. He has done it through implementing specific principles in businesses and investments.

His story includes failing and recovering, years of working 12-hour days, 7 days a week, countless books that he read to guide the way, and a relentless pursuit of sharing the ideas he uncovered.

Lior has a wealth of knowledge at creating successful businesses. His investment philosophy marries the timeless strategies of deep-value investing with cutting-edge sectors, such as natural resources, blockchain tech, and cannabis legalization.

His nickname is the "GlobeIonaire" thanks to his non-stop traveling, visiting over 40 countries and experiencing the most adventurous attractions of each location. He has scuba dived with sharks, sky dived, climbed to the top of volcanoes, and rafted in whitewaters.

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Pop the bubbly: Trump delivers - phase 1 inked!

(Kitco commentary) - I've spent yesterday and today combing through the details of the soon-to-be-papered deal between China and the United States, which has already caused (1) general markets and large indices to soar and mysteriously dump at the end of the Friday session.

Sirens Going-Off: We're Out Of Time!

(Kitco commentary) - We've got a number of critical subjects on the plate in front of us, the first one being that a recession is nearing.

SAY GOODNIGHT: Gold Mimicking 1971 BEHAVIOR!

LITMUS TEST: Washington Falling APART!

CHICKENED OUT: FED Lighting Fire Under GOLD!

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