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Matt Watson

Matt Watson

Matt Watson

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Matt Watson, Founder and President, Precious Metals Commodity Management LLC

Matt is an Operations executive with over 30 years of international and domestic experience, including various engineering, statistical consulting, and supply chain commodity management positions.

Matt spent the first 15 years of his career teaching and consulting in statistical methods in a wide range of industries. Matt then transitioned to the Hard Disk Drive sector for 17-years, most of that time with Seagate Technology. It was here that Matt managed $540M in platinum and ruthenium positions.

Recently, Matt led Tanaka’s North American R&D and Marketing efforts for Tanaka America Inc. Matt helped lead the deeper penetration of the HDD market PVD targets, micro machined medical components and medial PGM wire product markets, and semiconductor/OLED wet chemistry markets.

Matt is now consulting once again, this time with Precious Metals Commodity Management LLC. This new consulting entity supports clients with precious metals market research, risk management, trading/hedging, and design and process thrifting. Matt is working clients in the hard disk drive sector, mining, connector, PVD target fabrication sectors, and precious metals analysts. Matt has developed extensive three way auto catalyst demand models and forecasts, and is a student of the apparent structural deficits in palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium.

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