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Help Silver by Letting Silver Help You

By Warren Bevan      Printer Friendly Version Bookmark and Share
Oct 6 2009 11:35AM

It’s a well known but often misunderstood fact that silver is being, once again, increasingly used in medicinal or purification applications. The recent reports of the H1N1 virus, more commonly , but falsely, known as swine flu (stock up on cheap pork while you can!) spreading at rates far faster than anticipated got me to thinking about how to help fight the flu if contracted, without relying on medical professionals.

Normally I would dismiss these types of flu’s as, as harsh as it sounds, mother natures way of killing off the weak, that is if it is indeed an incarnation of mother nature and not a man made flu, but that’s a whole other ball park that I won’t touch on.  But the reports of the majority of it’s victims being strong middle aged individuals increased my alert level.

Silver is once again taking up it’s former role as an antimicrobial agent. For the majority of the first half of the 1900’s silver was used in place of antibiotics. In the 1940’s that use diminished as drug companies developed and sold their new money making creations. According to Jeffrey Ellis at the Silver Institute;

“Use of silver for medical applications prior to 2005 was largely limited to topical anti-infective preparations using silver sulfadiazene and silver nitrate. Globally this accounted for less than 50,000 troy ounces of silver.

Since then, beginning first with wound dressings containing silver, the use of coatings containing silver on medical devices such as on stethoscope diaphragms and on catheters, and lately the use of silver coatings on sinks and other plumbing fixtures for hospitals and other patient treatment centers, and on use of silver particles on medical textiles such as surgical gowns, it is now estimated that medical use of silver is 200,000 troy ounces globally. Use of silver is likely to grow in response to efforts to minimize the incidence of hospital acquired infections.?

This quadrupling will continue into the future, albeit likely at a slower rate of growth, but silver is already in short supply and this growing and important application will be a major key to silver’s future price as it grows more and more precious.

As with most things, overuse is not recommended and eventually an immune system will develop tolerance for it requiring more and more of the substance until it has next to no effect at all. I’ve personally long avoided taking medicine except the odd pain killer for headaches when there’s work to be done, with the view that I would save medicine for when I really needed it and was much older.

Colloidal Silver could be the answer. I am not a medical practitioner or recommending anything at all, just trying to inform that there may be other viable options. While the promotion of colloidal silver as a medicinal application is illegal in the US, that does not mean it does not have merits. I won’t go into the mishaps government agencies have committed in the drug regulation field, but I have, and always will, prefer to find a natural remedy regardless of if my government calls it “medicine? or not.

While colloidal silver has mixed reviews with in vitro (test tube) tests and no clinical trials performed using in vivo (in living organisms) tests I still have faith that colloidal silver could help fight off a major infection or flu. From what I know colloidal silver is not to be taken as a drug or vitamin, but as signs of a serious contraction arise as a more serious preventative measure. If taken as a daily supplement tests show that it can cause argyria, an irreversible blue or grey discoloration of skin. Wouldn’t want to end up like the Tin Man.

The fact is that silver is being used in WHO approved water purification applications, medical clothing is being made with silver nano-particles for disinfectant purposes as well as medical equipment being imbedded with silver. Even washing machines are now using silver nano-particles. Fridges, sinks and soon whole kitchens will use silver as a disinfecting agent. When that day comes the old greasy spoon will once again be a safe sport to venture. Bacteria, nor viruses can live when it comes into direct contact with silver. Silver alters the attacker’s DNA, effectively suffocating it. 

The goal of this article is to get you to educate yourself and make an informed decision based on your findings, not what someone tells you you should do. Why not pick up a bottle of colloidal silver, it may just save your life. At the least it will slightly increase silver usage and make your silver more valuable.

Until next week take care and thank you for reading. 

Warren Bevan



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