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Betrayed by the Village Idiot

By Richard Daughty "The Mogambo Guru"      Printer Friendly Version
Aug 5 2008 10:45AM

Last week, the low-IQ socialist scumbags in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. among other legislative horrors raised the debt limit of the U.S.A. by another $800 billion, taking the limit to a staggering $10.6 trillion, so that they could continue to act like the mental defective lowlife collectivist scumbags that they truly, truly are, which is destroying our money and our country, which is why I hate them, and which explains why I intend to vote against every incumbent as often as I can, and urge everyone else to do so, too, (except for the people in Texas who elect Ron Paul), unless I can successfully get the American people stirred up into an unruly mob so that I can take over the country and give myself a nice, big salary, a generous retirement package, and the awesome, unlimited powers of an emperor!

In the meantime, Thomas Sowell had an interesting perspective on these Congressional commie losers, too, in that he says that the housing crisis is a direct result of these selfsame Congressional morons passing laws requiring banks to loan to poor people so that they could buy houses that they could not afford, and in areas where nobody in their right mind would loan a dime because people who live there default on loans a lot, which is exactly what happened.

Now we know why nobody wanted to loan money to these "red-lined" areas! Ergo, too many loans, as required by Congress under penalty of law, were made to too many people that couldn't pay them back, and didn't, which the lenders knew beforehand, but were forced to do it! Hahaha! Thanks, Mr. Sowell! I never put that two and two together before!

Now that I think about it, it's the same thing that happened to health care; the cost has run to back-breaking levels because the government demanded that healthcare providers provide first-class services to anybody who asked for them, whether they could (or would) pay for them or not, and the providers just added it to the bill of those who paid for their healthcare! Hahaha!

I am ashamed to have laughed at such incompetence and government bungling that is destroying America and, putting a serious look on my face, I say that the lesson to be learned here is that we have been betrayed by Congress, again and again, as it screws up everything it touches, which is what government routinely does, which is why it is obvious that the Constitution never meant for them to be doing this.

In fact, the nation was supposed to be basking in liberty and free enterprise, with minimal government interference, and the Founding Fathers obviously thought that there would be no need for the Congress to ever even meet! This is why they thought it was important to include Article 1, Section 4 in the Constitution, which requires that "The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year." Hahahaha! Meet at least one day a year! Hahahaha!

Instead we have, courtesy of Gary North of bringing it up, The Federal Register, which "is published every weekday, and it usually is 200 pages long. Each page has three columns of fine print. These are new regulations imposed by the Federal government on the American economy." Published every weekday!

And while we are here, Mr. North has an article titled "The Senate's 700-Page Housing Bailout Bill: No Discussion, No Opposition", with the subhead that wins this week's coveted Mogambo Brevity Is Wit Award (MBIWA); "It's going to pass. It will not work."

And the loathsome, ruinous, nation-destroying activities of Congress could not be possible without an unlimited supply of fiat currency, instead of the strictures of Article 1, Section 10 which requires that only gold and silver shall be money, a requirement discarded by the despicable, corrupt Supreme Court, a folly for which we are now paying with inflation in prices, and will continue paying for the next decade.

Now you know why we are so screwed, and who is directly responsible, which means that the voters who elected these losers are also directly responsible, and as such are going to get exactly what they deserve. And in the words of H.L. Mencken, "get it good and hard."

There are, I am aware, pornographic films that successfully exploit this "get it good and hard" theme in a very entertaining way, but trust me, there is no similarity. If only there were!

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