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Smartstox Interview with Newsletter Editor, Greg McCoach

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Nov 26 2007 12:45PM

At the Cambridge House Toronto Resource Investment Conference, Smartstox spoke with a number of analysts about their views on the market, and investing in the natural resource sector.  Greg McCoach is the editor of The Mining Speculator newsletter, and despite today’s concern about the US economy, he sees at least another 10 years in the current Bull Run for metals. Greg observes that the three billion people in the world’s emerging markets are embracing capitalism and modernization. Forty million homes were built in China just last year, and the building activity is not just in China, but also in many places around the world.

How does a possible recession in the US impact the metal market? Greg says that diminishing demand from the US could slow down many other economies, but slowing from 12% growth in China to 6% won’t mean the demand for metals and other resources is diminishing.

Greg sees all the metals doing well going forward, but thinks that uranium has the strongest underlying fundamentals given that burning fossil fuels is more and more verboten, orders for nuclear plants are up, and there will be a supply deficit for mined uranium for years to come.  

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