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The Smartstox On-Line Talk Show - Interviews: Bill Murphy Chairman of GATA.

By Stanlie Hunt
October 19, 2004

A milestone for GATA.

I met Bill at the Toronto Resource Show and was he excited! He had just received a copy in English of a talk from the keynote speaker from the Central Bank of Russia that was delivered in Moscow before of the London Bullion Association. Within their talk, the Russians have recognized the work that GATA is doing.

The Russians are saying that Gold based on inflation figures should be trading between $740.00 and $760.00 in today’s market. GATA has being telling the world of this conspiracy for 6 years now and why this trading is NOT happening. Bill is hot and angry that there really is NO free speech in America and that the publishers of the mainstream financial papers should wake up because they have never mentioned GATA. Bill obviously is challenging them to pick up the story and tell the world of the Gold conspiracy factor.

This is an exclusive interview (unedited) with Bill Murphy the commander in chief of the gold army, the Chairman of GATA, the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee, and host of the web-site LeMetropole Café, where he leads gold’s bullish charge daily as he writes, sometimes rants and raves at his arch nemesis “the gold cartel”, and gives his readers a blow-by-blow description of the daily market events as they relate to gold, silver, and other markets.

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