Steven Jon Kaplan


Steven Jon Kaplan was inspired by Dr. Carl Christ of Johns Hopkins University in 1981 to write financial commentary and to be able to defend it in a class of skeptical macroeconomics students. He has been publishing his thoughts on the internet since August 1996; since February 2006, he has maintained a daily subscription service through

Steve has been quoted in MarketWatch, Reuters, Dow Jones, Jiji (Japan), Barron's, and other financial media, and has been featured on MarketWatch's cable TV programming. His general philosophy is to identify which trades have become far too popular and to do the exact opposite, while simultaneously finding the least-popular sectors and investing in them before they are discovered by hedge funds and the general public. Steve has developed a strategy for creating a strict investment discipline to minimize the emotional element of trading. In his spare time he enjoys running, playing the piano, writing songs, and visiting interesting places.

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