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New Financial world 2012 and the End of Days

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Jun 9 2010 9:00AM

We talked several months ago about how our estimate of when the USD really hits the fan came to be around 2012. That was an accident, not intentional. We mentioned then that we found that very intriguing. That is because the USD is so central to our present financial world that, if it fell apart, the outcomes would be so severe that the financial world, and even just how money works, would be turned upside down.

Then the entire Geo Political world would also turn on its head. Then almost certain is a widespread war…and a new world order…akin to when the US took financial leadership after WW1 and the UK lost its political and economic dominance. IE a whole new world politically and economically.

What is intriguing is the many expected outcomes for a final USD crisis, perhaps after the Euro crisis breaks up or changes the EU, would be utterly devastating to the way of life in the entire West. The USD rally right now is only a preliminary and expected phase as people flee to the last bastion of credit out there, the US bond markets. After this period, the USD will surely follow into the abyss.

And by association, the East would suffer dire consequences too, with Japan likely going under in the bond markets (they have the highest public debt of the developed world at way over 200 pct of GDP). And China would face an existential test during that period of Western economic collapse because they have a split country of rich and poor, with way too many poor (huge huge wealth disparity with a few rich and a few more middle class and the rest 1billion lucky to have a roof over their head who are totally poor, even if they are working.

We expect that China is going to have major problems spreading their wealth around the 800 plus million poor, not only the country folk, but the massive number of sweat shop workers who are so desperate they are killing themselves – the Apple factory. Apple quickly reacted to that and said they were all over it. But that exact problem, where the workers who produce the goods are paid slave wages (Imagine earning about $100 a month (800 Yuan) and working for 12 hours a shift with like a couple  ten minute bathroom breaks and standing the whole time….those conditions were listed as the reasons for the suicides in the Apple production factory and those people were about 18-20 years old!)

USD and prophecy

But not to digress. If you know about the 2012 prophecies, most major religions have prophecies regarding the period right around 2012 which sound like our headlines! You would recognize it if you knew them, as I do (the Christian prophecies). But you would also recognize them, if you knew the Muslim prophecies about their Mahdi, a Christ like messiah figure that Ahmadinejad thinks he will usher in (I am not joking, he stated this.) as another example of today’s headlines corresponding to major religious prophecies.

Because of this almost irrefutable correlation with the doomsday prophecies of many religions corresponding with 2012 events that are expected (more than you might think, actually a whole lot of them with different religions like the Maya, the I Ching, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews), we had to start talking about this relating to the USD problem and your investments and savings. The correlations are way too strong to ignore, and this time period is now less than two years away. The expected events of this time period described by these prophecies directly correlate with the major problems we are facing in the world geo politically, and economically, almost reading like a summary of our present news!

“If you wondered why I include prophetic comments, it is because so many people believe this, regardless of whether you do, so that markets are definitely affected, or you might say Geo Politics are, and are directly commented on by Bible Prophecies. In fact, Geo Politics and wars are a primary topic of prophecies and they all center around Israel..?. Our June 6 Newsletter

But getting back to the USD and the End of Days…

Before I continue, I would like to point out that I did not look at the timing of the USD system crash by asking if it would correlate with 2012. No, rather I worked for years on my USD expectations and when it would come into severe trouble in the bond markets, and that time came to be right at 2012! Then I started really looking into this prophecy stuff for our readers. I am almost an expert at Biblical Prophecy, so I had one big part of the prophecy puzzle already in my head.

When the correlations came they were striking:

Let us look at a couple of examples of what a USD crisis would do on its own, then compare them to specific prophecies about the End of Days in Bible prophecy:
What a real USD crisis will do:

Since the USD is the world’s reserve currency, if it collapsed it would collapse the entire economy related to the USD. What is not related to the USD today? IE, this would be an entire world economic collapse with currency crises every week…The present Euro problems are merely showing us what will come if the USD goes, because there is no other possible alternative to the USD right now big enough.

Looking forward, if the USD collapsed, banks would close and commerce would stop and ATMS would be interrupted until a new currency could be created, and the calls out there are for a one world currency to fix the present rapidly building currency turmoil, example- with the Euro right now.

A huge Mid East war is also prophesied to come at the end of days. So is specifically a one world money system! Both of these possible events are developing right in front of our eyes now.

So is a world famine that is prophesied, so is an economic depression so severe that it takes a day’s wages to buy a day’s food…Israel is prophesied to be isolated by the entire world at that time, alone, and will be invaded with catastrophic results for the world, just for starters. That time period is called the End of Days. Israel right now is more isolated than ever. They have no real friends out there now, not even the US much anymore.

And the list goes on. We have found these prophecies striking in their correlation with our world events presently unfolding. And markets are already reacting to all these…and as the months are passing and leading to 2012, we all can more or less see the ‘writing on the wall’ about the coming economic collapse if markets do not have a second wind right now.

Rather, another huge crash is brewing right in front of us today. And, the way it’s developing reads like a book – in Revelation in the bible…

And as we said, other religions are also speaking of this 2012 period, said to be a world changing time of huge danger.

Anyway, our latest newsletter discusses this, and there will be a lot more of our prophecy and markets discussion to come for subscribers because this is so compelling.

We also have made astounding predictions on our own (I am not claiming to be a prophet)- IE real predictions in our newsletter for years. Here is a testimonial:

I am a regular reader of very short duration (less than one year). I subscribe to quite a few financial newsletters. I like yours because you like to put your neck on the line with a forecast that include an event and a timeframe. Very rare.

FH, Subscriber

 To see those predictions, you can check them out at our site, the first page lays them out.

One other point. We predicted late April 2010 that the Dow peaked at 11,000. I do not know of anyone who even came close to predicting that. We predicted this crash two weeks ahead of time!

Anyway, we have made some astounding predictions over the last two years about the USD and gold and other currencies all before they happened, not after. If you stop by our site, we’ll have a page showing you them. We do not make many predictions like that, maybe 2 or 3 a year. But our last batch was quite on the money… you’ll see when you take a look.

Christopher Laird



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