Interesting times, and stepping up the game


By Chris Laird

May 5 2010 10:12AM


Following the great banking crisis of 2007/8 the world now is realizing that the old ways are gone forever. Or are getting to that realization. What follows is described by the appropriately chosen Chinese Proverb ‘May you live in interesting times.’ to their enemies.

Right now, the US and Europe are wrapped up in trying to reflate a former economic model that raised economic expectations to unsustainable levels. The present efforts of central banks in the West are merely underwriting the massive losses across all sectors of the economy and taking that burden onto taxpayers. That effort will fail, and is failing. The failed reflation efforts are leading to strikes and social strife. Much more of this is to come, and it will sweep the world. China will have an especially dangerous manifestation of this in a year as they pop their construction and real estate bubbles. 60% of China’s GDP is construction related!

China too, ready for a crash of their own property and financial bubbles, will become wrapped up in their own efforts to hold onto the past. That was the economic build out since 1990 of an unprecedented speed and scale, bringing China into modern times and a modern although somewhat immature economy. China has let the speculator dragon out, and it’s time to try to throw a net over it. One thing I know about Asians, being from Los Angeles, California, is that Asians are the biggest gamblers on the planet. They love to save, and they love to gamble. I know because I play poker against them. They love to yell “GAMBLE!” when making a big bet. Prognosis: Bad to avoid a huge China crash of their own.

Europe experimented with the monetary union and the Euro, which is only about ten years old in its present implementation. Europe’s key problem with the Euro is that too many different countries with different economies cannot be accommodated by the Euro model. So, very simply, things will change dramatically over there.

The Euro as it stands is not going to stay the same. It is already cracking up. Typically, these crises take several years to build to a head, and every effort is made to avoid the inevitable. Even with a huge proposed 110 billion Euro bailout for Greece, the bond markets are still skeptical.

With German elections looming, Germany cannot support a massive bailout for Greece. Without that bailout being rapidly implemented, the contagion is spreading already to the Spanish and other weaker nations’ bond markets in the EU. Time is fast running out.

We have a looming war threat in the Mid East as well, which if it is not avoided could lead to World War 3. Israel stated again unofficially that the West has another two months before they act unilaterally on Iran. Obama has pretty much squelched the Israeli efforts to contain Iran, and has essentially halted US military aid purchases for Israel, and this has now been a year of that much to their chagrin. Does not mean, however, that they won’t act alone. Since they are being pushed into a corner, get ready for a real show over there.

Many looming crises right now

So, let’s see, we have a looming Mid East war right on our heels, a serious, very serious Euro crisis that is spreading and is not being contained…And a China crash of several dimensions looming in Fall 2010 (look out commodities!), and a supposedly recovering US economy, which is being torpedoed by all the negative developments, particularly in the EU at this time. The US stock market is ignoring any good economic news, which is a bad sign. Maybe sell in May and go away is the order of the day?

Who is not in fiscal disaster?

Japan is a fiscal disaster. The US is a fiscal disaster. The UK is a fiscal disaster. The EU is a fiscal disaster. All of these bond markets will be next on the firing line, after the EU mess deconstructs into chaos. We already have partial paralysis in the EU and chaos in Greece fighting the cutbacks of the public sector. The Unions are paralyzing the efforts to stem the fatal Greek fiscal situation, which is impossible to fix with cuts. The cuts needed are too large to tolerate.

The whole world that we know is turning upside down. The only thing that prevented two – yes two – world banking collapses and bank holidays was an unlimited US Fed checkbook. And the US is the last bastion of credit salvation for countries in fiscal chaos. I have no doubt the US will be central in any final bailout plans for Greece and Spain and whomever else. But the US cannot bail out every market under the sun.

The only solution anyone is willing to try is more public borrowing. That is not working and will only result in much higher taxes in two years across the world. The public will not tolerate budget cuts either in the US, in the UK, in Japan, in China, and especially in the weaker EU club med economies. Our entire world order is changing for the worse, and is again reaching a crisis stage. One or more of the above building crises will pop in 2010 and it will be ‘Oh no, here we go again!’. The others will follow in the next two years.

2010 certainly will go down as a final chapter before all hell breaks loose around the world. And, when the bond markets finally rebel on the last big borrowers who can still get money (the US and others), everything ends badly.

Have to step up the game

Our work at Prudent Squirrel has anticipated many huge changes in markets, repeatedly for years now. We are not only a survival site as some think, but rather more a financial resource. And we make real predictions. Our latest is still in play, we called a US stock peak several weeks ago, at Dow 11000. Our probability for that is 65%. The remaining 35% is for an unlikely US recovery which sticks, and is not merely laundered statistics. We also made a very prescient call for a USD rally late Nov 2009. We also believe resource currencies are peaking too.

We also called the 2008 summer commodity sell off months ahead of the event, due to an anticipated USD rally at that time. And many other prescient calls.

In order for people to survive what is coming starting in Fall 2010, we believe that people must be able to anticipate markets to a general degree, and combine that with very safe investing approach which is cash/gold heavy. Times are no longer safe to sit out market swings and park money in stocks like things used to be. Now you have to step up the game and be much more careful.

Our service is oriented toward major market predictions (about 4 a year for the last 4 years now, such as the USD rally calls) and close monitoring of potential trouble with alerts to subscribers. Our approach is fairly unique in that our predictions are clearly stated. We don’t hedge a lot on our predictions, and we rarely change them mid stream (I can only recall one or two cases in 5 years of publication now). Our bold predictions set us apart.
If you are looking for a service that can give you a good general sense of what is happening and will happen to markets, our site is for you.
We invite you to stop by and have a look.

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Christopher Laird


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