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Socialism's Destruction of the West

Tuesday November 12, 2013 07:12

This past week my wife Teresa and I visited my ageing mother-in-law in Cascais, Portugal. The picture you see on your left is but one of many gorgeous views I had this week as I rode my bicycle west some 10 kilometers from Cascais along the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful Guincho Beach that ends at the foot of a mountain range that extends through the Iberian Peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean. Teresa and I love to drive up the mountain to a windmill/restaurant hidden in the heavily wooded mountain-side to view Guincho beach, shown on your left. The view from the mountain you see in the picture is absolutely fabulous!

For tourists who travel in this still upscale city about 30 kilometers west of Lisbon, Portugal is as beautiful as ever. But stop and talk to the natives and you realize that beautiful scenes like the one above are increasingly being owned and operated by predators who are impoverishing the masses of this beautiful country. And with the help of the United States of America armed with drones and the latest spy technology, it seems the chance of escaping to freedom for the masses is becoming increasingly unlikely.

While that statement may seem way too alarming to many of you, as one who has lived 66 years I have seen the changes away from a society that, at least to an extent, objectively sought truth and justice, to a people who stubbornly refuse to see anything but its own self centered “truth.” I will be quick to agree that as an American I still have it good. I can’t complain about my life right now. But it is the one-way direction away from freedom toward totalitarian government and the loss of due process and repression of the truth that is most alarming.

We are told bald-face lies about Keynesian economics. We keep repeating the same policies and expect a different outcome, which is the definition of insanity. Our country refuses to let the American people know that the real reason the U.S. military marches into foreign lands to kill tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children and to change governments is for the sake of profit and global domination. Our government refuses to let the lawyers of drone victim families visit America, where they can tell us the real story behind the tragic deaths of innocent human beings just so our government can keep all of us “down on the mushroom farm.”

The repression of truth appears to benefit the masses. And they can believe that is true even when it is not, for a very long time, as long as true cause and effect is disguised through the means of bread and circus and propaganda. The well programmed masses then become fodder for the rich and powerful. This most certainly has played out in the U.S. following the trillions of dollars of bank bailouts and stimulus that has served to accelerate the wealth of the top 1% at the expense of the remaining 99%.

But this is happening not only in the U.S.  My stay this week in Portugal has made it clear this country is indeed in a depression, though slick propaganda denies any such use of the “D” word. But let me give you just a bit of anecdotal evidence of hard times for this country, even in this wealthier area of Cascais.

  • My mother-in-law has a couple of apartments to rent in her multi-family home here in Cascais. She had been receiving 397 euros/month for one smaller apartment but the eastern European tenants she had left suddenly after three years, for a less expensive apartment. They were having difficulty making ends meet while paying that level of rent, and with unemployment high and wages in decline, many people are doubling up in apartments and homes. That has freed up apartment space, leading to a decline in rents. My mother-in-law had her apartment up for rent for a lower price of 375 euros but there have been no takers for three months. She was told by the real estate agent that she needs to drop the rent to 300 euros, or by 24.4%, to get it rented.

  • Restaurant patronage is way down compared to last year, as fewer locals can afford to eat in restaurants. Not only is unemployment high and wages in decline, especially for those in the private sector, but the value added tax imposed on all purchases has risen from 15% last year to 23% this year, which explains why my wife was complaining about the higher restaurant bills this year over last year’s. As a result of less traffic, many smaller local restaurants have gone out of business.

  • When we arrived a week ago here in Portugal, government workers were blocking entrance into Lisbon on a major bridge entering the city to protest layoffs. It seems as though there are many government workers who don’t have any work to do. Under pressure from the Euro Zone, Portugal is being forced to make the kind of painful cuts the private sector automatically does. (Why on earth keep an employee on the payroll if they are twiddling their thumbs? Well that’s what governments with monopoly powers do and that is one reason the western world is in trouble.)

One major improvement I have noticed since I fist started visiting Portugal back in 1978, when Teresa and I were married, is that the country now has beautiful highways. It takes only about a half-hour now to drive on a major modern freeway from Lisbon to Cascais, whereas in the old days it took well over an hour on a narrow but scenic road along the ocean. But that reminded me of what John Perkins has talked about on my radio show. The ruling elite have managed to get poor countries indebted by taking on major infrastructure projects. When countries reach debt levels they cannot repay, the creditor nations/bankers are in a position to lord it over the locals. The end result is that natural resources like that beautiful scene in the picture above, along the shoreline from Cascais to Guincho, is no longer the property of the Portuguese people but rather of rich multinational bankers who are very rapidly looking to form a one-world government to replace local control of the people. Along the way, it’s all about transferring money from your pocket to theirs. To the extent possible of course, our goal is to become aware of this pernicious, legalized theft in order to survive and, if possible, thrive. 
October 28, 2013

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Jay Taylor

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