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Why Gold Is Entering a New Era

By David Vaughn     Printer Friendly Version
August 13, 2004

And how did gold do for the week?

Gold continues to strengthen with each day it remains close to 400 an ounce. I know there are those out there who are impatient wanting for gold to hurry up & climb but it is actually better this way. Instead of the world seeing extreme volatility & flash in the pan rallies the world is evidencing gold maintain a strong core value & advancing slowly, smoothly & with muscle.

Oh! There are those who still question our continued assertions about an overall declining economy?

“…disappointing U.S. employment data sent the dollar sharply lower.” Myra, P. Saefong,, 8-6-2004

Yes, fewer jobs in the good ole’ US of A.

“Federick Panizzutti, an analyst at MKS Finance in Geneva, called it a “collapse.” He said that the dollars pullback “acted as a catalyst for gold & silver, & both rocketed higher within minutes, ignoring any resistances on their way.” Myra, P. Saefong,, 8-6-2004

And how bad was the employment data that came out last week?

“Economists predicted a gain of 240,000…” Choy Leng Yeong, Seattle, Blloomberg, 8-6-2004

And how many actual jobs were created?

“…employers added 32,000 workers to payrolls in July…” Choy Leng Yeong, Seattle, Bloomberg, 8-6-2004

And what does Leonard have to say about this?

“The numbers were shocking,” said Leonard Kaplan, president of Prospector Asset Management…” ChoyaLeng Yeong, Seattle, Bloomberg, 8-6-2004

Have you noticed how as gold continues to solidify & toughen more that the main stream news sources are starting to quote various gold analysts? This is what we call evidence of an establishing “trend.” Just a few years ago these guys were mocked by the main stream media.

Well, I know there are many of you reading this who feel they are too old to endeavor to learn the principals of investing & too old to learn anything new. But how old is too old?
Ray Kroc was 52 years old & making 12,000 dollars a year selling mixers when he started McDonalds. And I think McDonalds went on to do OK. Mary Kay was in her mid 40s & in the depths of despair & depression when she started what was to become a billion dollar a year company, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Probably the two strongest components that can help to spur men & women to succeed are failure & disappointment. Failure & disappointment either propel us forward to achieve greatness or we sink into depression & implode.

Our choice & decision really.

We talk constantly about changing trends. And another trend in the making?

I remember growing up in Cobb County outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the 60s & 70s & probably the most prestigious company to work for then was considered to be Delta Airline. And how is the great Delta doing today?

“Shares of Delta Airlines Inc. tumbled to their lowest level in more than 20 years Friday amid yet another ratings downgrade & growing fears that the struggling carrier will file for bankruptcy.” Harry R. Weber, Associated Press, 8-6-2004

The times are a changing!

We titled this article, “Why Gold Is Entering a New Era.” We’ve covered some of the changing trends that are creating a new era & age for gold. But where the rubber meets the road is how this “new era” will benefit the average man & woman on the street.

And what will be this future benefit for the average working stiff?

“And where is the ultimate flight to safety in a world of insecurities, of debt & fear? My personal belief is that in the next 5 years the so-called “relic commodities” of gold & silver will make a phenomenal come back which at this point nobody can even imagine.”

“I believe that once these facts & scenarios make it down to the consciousness of the “little man” on the street, then the same psychology which drove the internet bubble will also drive the commodities bubble even further.”
Randolph Buss, Berlin, LeMetropole, 8-8-2004

Just another sign of a “trend” as we witness the dinosaurs of yesterday collapsing as new stars ascend above the horizon. And of course one of those bright new stars ascending in the heavens is gold.

And there are other stars also shining today.

Has anyone out there ever noticed the physical resemblance between John Kerry & Gomer Pyle?

Let’s look one more time.

Can’t hardly tell em’ apart.

I’m voting for Gomer!!!

The following story is one I picked up in the paper while in Florida a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure really what it has to do with gold but I am certain there is a principal buried in here somewhere.

“When neighbors raised a stink over Scott Teston's request to change his property's zoning from agriculture to business, he responded with a bigger one -- he put 17 pigs in his yard.”

“…the pigs are legal…”

“Linda Brown, whose yard is next to the pig pen, said the swine have attracted rats and flies, and slop overflows onto her property and a neighbor's retention pond when it rains.”

"God as my witness, that was his plan: to stink us out…"

"If it doesn't go through this time," he said, "I'll just put about 500 head of hogs out there." Pace, Florida, Associated Press, 7-28-2004

After reading this story I could not help but think that maybe we could do something similar to this in our fight against the “gold cabal.” Except for one problem…the gold cabal folks would probably only feel at home with the pigs.

I wrote last week how it was past time that we brought the introduction of gold stocks to the masses & not just the privileged elite.

“…only Merrill (Merrill Lynch) believed there was money to be made servicing small accounts.” “We must bring Wall Street to Main Street…” Daniel Gross, Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time, 1996

And let me apply this principal to our present day gold market.


Why are these independent financial/gold websites & the publication of these commentaries so very important?

“If the only media companies are major corporations, controversial & dissenting views may not be aired at all.”
“This is a fight about freedom … the freedom of citizens to get news, information, & entertainment from a wide variety of sources.” Ted Turner, July 2004

When I first began to cover this gold market in 1997 I quickly noticed the absence of a large group of players. And, instead, for 20 years the gold market has been dominated & played by just a small handful of elite & rich investors who have succeeded in keeping the masses ignorant of gold’s many opportunities.

“The vast majority of the investing public has no understanding of, let alone faith in, gold as an investment…” Chip Hanlon, 8-9-2004

I maintain that it is past time that gold is introduced to “Joe & Jane” public.

And in our pursuit to help bring gold to the masses we have lowered our newsletter, Gold Letter, to the miniscule price of $99 dollars to help make researching gold & silver stocks more affordable. And as gold investors begin to make significant money then they can move up to the $1,000, $2,000 & $5,000 dollar a year financial & gold newsletters.

Subscribe to an email based publication that covers & reviews gold & silver stocks in addition to other occasional contrarian plays. There are literally thousands of gold & silver mining companies out there on the exchanges today with many cropping up over night & you need some measure of guidance to direct you which of these to consider.


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We will be returning to our regular price in September.

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“If those of us in this minority are right, then we’ll be handsomely rewarded over time as investors rediscover precious metals.” Chip Hanlon, 8-9-2004

We will NOT promise you the moon.

Our goal is a balance between conservatism & speculation. Our objective always is to provide you with good solid speculative gold & silver companies from which to consider. But ultimately it is YOUR personal decision to decide which individual gold or silver company to invest in.

“…PRICES FOR GOLD ARE LIKELY TO REACH $450 BY THE END OF THE YEAR.” Todd Hultman, President of, a commodity information provider, Myra, P. Saefong,, 8-6-2004


Just send by mail or email evidence showing you are presently enrolled & serving in the armed forces. We will honor any country’s military. Don’t forget to include your email address!

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David N. Vaughn
Gold Letter, Inc.
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August 13, 2004


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