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Tuesday September 04, 2012 11:24

“It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right?  And, then, like, the earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.” –From the Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational: A contest where brilliant people take a dictionary word and alter it slightly to supply a new definition.

-From our Northern Advisor.

We enjoy word games as much as the next guy or gal. This one however, appears to hit home, as the Feral Reserve and their entourage of happy bankerclowns continue to dismember the global economy by printing bonds and currencies that are backed entirely by smoke, mirrors and media manure.

The Wall Street Journal last week referred to the upcoming fall schedule for Europe’s seasonal so-called policy makers’ meetings as “Judgment Days.”  During this cycle they will be purportedly dancing around a propitiously timed, alleged QE-3 right in front of the largest, most important election in the world which happens in the USA on November 6.

Hey, is this going to be a fun fall or what?  Get ready to sell tickets to Squirm City, that neato prolonged event where the pols and their fiat money henchmen find serious disarray.

In our view, these people are not as smart as they think they are, tip-toeing through a credit minefield so far-fetched we dare them not to step on a trip-wire such as the example of Long Term Capital’s mess in the middle 1990s when Russian Bonds became decidedly unworthy, threatening an implosion of global credit.

That event was just little league compared to what we see coming over the next six months. Those alleged leader-authority dopes will be holding meetings to schedule more meetings in a fanciful extend and pretend just like the wise guys (wise men?) preparing to leave their annual fishing, drinking, gourmet and limo-riding vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

After all, Chopper Ben and his money helicopter are ready and standing by.  Our schoolteacher Feral Reserve Chairman (who can’t grow hair on his head but can on his chin to look “wise”) is seriously ready to “do whatever we need to do” to save the world with the printing press. Yeah, sure. We have an extraordinary serene and peaceful relief: Benny can save us all! Ha! Not even my deceased dog, bless his heart, would ever believe that one.

We’re sure the locals in Jackson were happy to take their taxpayer plastic money and then show them the door, sending them back to La La–Land on the left and right liberal-socialist-commie coasts from whence they came.  The real people, those that work and earn a living and behave themselves, reside in the middle country between the coasts.  This area is a more peaceful region of reality where genuine folks work hard to pay taxes, which end up supporting this passel of coastal credit degenerates.

In our somewhat detached and jaundiced observation we like to call such a moment in time as a lovely, religious experience; one of economic reverence, where a shining light of reality turns into a Nightmare on K Street in Washington, D.C., home of the USA lobbyists who are busy writing nefarious legislation and lining their pockets as they empty those of the American taxpayers.

The answer to this major mess is there is no answer.  We are witnessing the upcoming dissolution of the Euro Currency, Euro-land and Bond-land, all self-destructing in a massive confidence failure in any kind of paper. 

Since the European region is triple the population of the United States, this baby will not be a Fourth of July firecracker but rather a boomer of a bunker buster felt in markets over the globe.

Many analysts suggest the US dollar is now going over the hill to oblivion, but we think the old greenback will instead stand with a lesser value.  Normally, smashed markets drop -50% as they experience a hard sell in a Fibonnacci Retracement cycle. So, as we have predicted before, the dollar value drop could go from 80.00 on the trading index to 46.00-40.00. This means your assets are then worth about half what they were last week.

A skidding of the currencies and more importantly the US Dollar can sell and drop in fits and starts.  However in a weaker nursery of very ill fiat currency children, the dollar should retain the most strength; at least for now.  Dollar reserve measures fell from about 85% of the whole worldly money pile to roughly 77% in the past few years or so.  The buck is still king, especially as the Big Boy Euro turns into a vanishing nothing.

These self-appointed Turkeys and Turkettes are writing and deciding economic policy this fall for the entire continent, affecting billions of people who are helpless (for the most part) to defend themselves against this insidious agenda.

However, as we have expressed numerous times before in our work, these policy makers are doomed to fail as their primary credit weapons, the bond markets, and fiat currencies are rushing toward a crash and burn cliff and they know it.  The bond market is sincerely weaker as it takes longer and longer for any results from crummier sales events in a strain for gain.

One report told us last week that over 60% of Benny’s paper is now in his hands and not in the hands of stupid investors who do no know any better.  The world is in a race to unload the paper for hard assets in trades, sales or whatever, just to get out from under quickly diminishing values.

In the USA, this cliff has been named The Fiscal Cliff.  We would call it a major credit money mistake but not nearly as big in stature as Europe’s current failing and falling in fiscal flames. 

Our American communist administration will probably get new taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year, in 2013, with those earning less, being consumed with dozens of new back-door taxes heretofore not in existence.  This way the media can say the Big Boyz pay as the peons get relief. 

Sorry, but no they don’t.  In this ugly stealth plan, we all get screwed and pay more across the boards.  Unless and until the bond markets vanish; the tax and spend and take and seize game marches on.  The Big Boyz administration definition means those with wealth that used to invest and provide millions of jobs for their former employees.  For now that wealth is running to hide for preservation and self defense while millions of former jobs are gone forever.

With the bankers’ ability to print more paper in prodigious amounts and then use it for pseudo financing, being curtailed and destroyed; the central banker suits, we think will be eradicated in one very unglamorous demise.

On the surface they appear to portray a stiff upper lip marching forward as they hope for the best. They clearly know the horror ending but are nervously hopeful they can quickly steal with impunity first, and then escape with their criminal largesse before the Great Unwinding.

This dissolution event would probably be observed as just a whining whimper and not a major news explosion due to the sheer size of their phony billions printed throughout the world.  It’s kind of like the frog in the boiling pot; we’re ok for now as Karmageddon comes later.

Keep in mind it’s always the weak and defenseless nations that fall first.  Greece is a prime example similar to Iceland and Ireland.  Those victim countries are small and easily run-over by the juggernaut of central bankers’ power.

Note now that part is over.  It’s just history as the next wreckage will not be spreading to the biggest of the big like Germany, Japan and the United States (their turn comes later) but rather more toward what we call the small-intermediates, similar to Eastern European satellite states and several others located in South America.

Meanwhile, China is not small potatoes either and they are slipping faster than most understand. We do, as we get several direct nightly reports from Asia.  China, Japan, and Korea are suffering and experiencing great difficulty.  China is the larger immediate worry due to its power and size in that region of the world. In that neck of the woods weaker Viet Nam has fallen first.

Theoretically, China could fall before Europe on the numbers but we say no, as they have more power to manipulate the game extending it for many more months.  For China, they can just hide their troubles and control media to the external world by saying, “It’s all ok!”  We knew of their problems as the numbers began to slide eight months ago and they are still getting worse.

The Denouement of Destruction.
Of the largest nations, who falls first?

The Big Boy Plunge is the Grand finale, the Denouement of Destruction; as in maybe a super huge economy like all of Europe’s nation states, and their neighbors, surrounded by economic idiots sliding into the abyss, as bankers pick apart the financial carcass of 850,000,000 innocent citizens.  

Europe’s big test arrives this fall and that will be the German citizen referendum held to approve and extend credit to broken neighbors, or not.  The long list of scary fall meetings as expressed in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, August 31, 2012, can be more easily maligned and manipulated in our view.

What these Bozos and Bozettes cannot control is the will of the German people!

That is the uncontrollable trip wire beyond the reach of these bankers holding the credit steering wheel with ever-increasingly trembling hands.  Watch the German Supreme Court extend and defer their supposed histrionic decision on September 12th, saying it has to come later. 

They are supposed to rule on the validity of the Euro-zones bailout fund. 

Are you kidding? That decision is the third rail of money and politics in Germany and the robes will not touch that one fearing instant political and citizen inflicted pain and electrocution.

Those judges will do a Duck and Run with Germany’s politicians letting the voters say no and do their dirty work. Then, they can all say: “See we didn’t say no! Honestly, we wanted to give all the broken and busted neighbor nations more credit they can never repay, but those naughty German voters just wouldn’t let us do it.”  Now there is a really big load of stuff.

To that we say: Go German Voters Go!  Give those criminals a resounding NEIN and then watch them run in fear and dismay.  Afterwards, the world can scrap bond-land and start over with a new and fresh, clean slate with the international criminal gang of trauma tormentors defeated and erased once and for all.

In the USA, we see so many things that can go wrong over the next 90 days it’s difficult to suggest what might go right. That’s a story for another day and we view expressing that one with great enthusiasm and vigor.

While all eyes are on Europe’s destruction, the USA’s test comes November 6th.
It might even arrive sooner if the broader stock markets
slide out of control during September 23-25.

Meanwhile, gravitate toward physical gold and silver and only the best of the best of related stocks supporting that view.  In our work we are busy looking for options, and selling ideas for the broader stock markets heading toward the dustbin of destruction.

The Greater Depression Repression II is swiftly taking hold now and layoffs will be legendary. Housing has an additional -20% drop from the current USA national average.  Joblessness goes to 30%-35% and food stamps reach over 50 million to 60 million. We will get a 2013-2014 World War in the Middle East and when Obama is re-elected, inflation goes to hyperinflation. Not happy stuff but it’s not the end of the world either. 

Somebody please tell us when the global bond markets crash for good and we’ll tell you when this can all get better and we can start all over again, maybe with a partially backed fiat gold currency.

Roger Wiegand
Editor Trader Tracks Newsletter

Roger Wiegand is the writer and editor of Trader Tracks Newsletter for gold, silver and energy traders.  Roger provides recommendations for short and longer term traditional stock shares, futures and commodities trading with specifics for individual trades. Stay tuned for more of Traderrog’s insights and predictions via his exciting new daily audio subscription.  Coming soon! Details at www.wavelengthpublishing.com

Roger also is a regular contributor to The Korelin Economics Report ( www.kereport.com) , the highest rated daily internet radio program listened to throughout the world dealing with politics and hard assets. He is also a regular guest on the Weekend Edition of The Korelin Economics Report which airs on radio stations across the U.S. on Saturdays and Sundays.

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