Sep 13 2010 3:07PM

A September Surprise Is Coming...As Stunningly Stupid Politics Spreads.

I have seen so much outrageous idiotic stuff by politicians the past few years I am thinking I am mind-numbed to both the process and what these lunatics are saying. However, this past week, as we all returned from the Labor Day Holiday, a new and wild waterfall of insanity has appeared.  I’m prone to not get super-excited but as I write today, I am beyond hot under the collar. Let’s look at some examples to see where things go next, especially in bond markets.

The American president just returned from his extended monthly vacation (he works part-time) to go politicking on behalf of his socialist compadres flailing at George Bush for his own messes-problems. He’s finally decided to address reality and that he just might have to cut taxes somehow and throw a bone to the Sheeple. Answer-Toss another $50 Billion in the debt fire. Meanwhile, the smarter Dems who hope to be re-elected, are pretending BO does not exist. What is really cool is not one Dem is running on passage of the new health care plan. How proud are they of this monetary monstrosity?

Christine Roamer who had previously been teaching Politburo Economics at that communist educational center in California decided she has had enough of White House economic-policy-play-acting for BO, also known as “The Kid,”our president. Christine is returning to her home turf to get busy once again twisting the minds of college kids on the now delicate topic of pseudo capitalism. A lot less heat-push back is generated in the classroom and of course no accountability is required. Ain’t tenure a grand scheme?

Rham Emanuel, BO’s sidekick and our real president of the United States sees the hand-writing on the wall nationally and internationally and plans on returning to Chicago to be mayor. This is the homeland of Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bugs Moran and Mayor Daly (Junior) retiring at age 68, after a long career of scooping-up who knows what following in the footsteps of his Daddy, the late El Supremo election-fixer. Some might consider Ol’ Rham’s new job as a come-down, but when your current office is burning down around your ears cause you screwed it up big time, its time to find a new building to burn. That would be the Chicago City Hall.

Bobby Gibbs, BO’s Minister of Propaganda, had his hands full again trying to explain away the disasters de jour of this past week. His pathetic cover-up is so laughable, the outside media and White House press no longer pay much attention nor take him seriously as they must write something plausible lest they appear as stupid and crooked as this administration and of course Bobby the G.

Our Secretary of State Hillary was busy this week being a referee at the latest Middle East talks as this entire gang’s been priming, preening, and spewing the usual nonsense while both sides were shooting at each other in the middle of their let’s pretend peace talks. Hillary took a verbal shot at BO’s policies, which Fox News tried to explain last Wednesday evening. She is gearing-up to be The Kids’ opponent (2012) after the next crash and burn election this fall. The gist of the Hillary-Fox report intimated BO’s wild spending puts the USA in mortal danger. We all knew that long ago.

Goldman Sachs, that Wall Street bank onto itself is on its third or fourth lawsuit settlement for being naughty. Of course no one goes to jail they just keep paying the hundreds of millions in fines with taxpayer funds they stole through the back door via AIG. Their alleged hot news this past Thursday morning is who will be the buyer of their proprietary trading desk the SEC says they must sell. In reality, they are dumping it for window dressing as this derivative gang cannot stand the light of day any longer in America as things are getting too hot, shall we say with the badge boyz. They are happy with this as now they’ll sell this division and scoop-up big cash, as those traders posted 10% of GS’s annual earnings. And next, this whole criminal trading enterprise moves to Asia and Europe where there are few, or no controls, or rules so they can do it all over again. Ya gotta love how those guys and gals operate. Watch for a new GS Prop Desk Scam to open in Hong Kong. Singapore would put them in jail.

Meanwhile, some of the larger hedge fund owner-managers have decided the impending global markets’ explosion is forth-coming. After pondering this concern, three of trading’s biggest of the big billionaire boys within the last few weeks have decided its time to take the money and run. They are “retiring to be with the family,” and are leaving the business as pressures seem just too much. Most probably, they wouldn’t even recognize their own families. Reality says the multiple economic bombs going-off in derivative and credit land might conceivably evaporate their funds’ capital in only hours or days. This is enough to instill naked fear into the toughest of the tough. It’s much easier to close the fund, pay the taxes and get aboard their personal Queen Mary yachts sailing for someplace where they can’t be found for awhile-preferably a place with no extradition rules.

The vertically challenged little shrimp in his elevator shoes from North Korea is now begging South Korea for rice to feed his starving nation. This after he attacked and killed South Korean sailors. This little twink has more nerve than Lloyd Blankfein in New York City at Goldman Sacks er, Sachs. Remember Lloyd? He said he told us he was on a mission from God while doing Goldman’s work.

We really got a kick out of Nevada’s Harry Reid on Fox News last week telling a reporter he is not in any way responsible for Greater Depression II, wild national debts, the housing debacle or any political fallout from his legislative steam-roller tactics during and before BO’s administration. Is Ol’ Harry asking us Sheeple to believe he’s been absent in Congress the past few years? Oh, pleeeze.

While this news is a few days old we must point out that some fool in the administration asked the United Nations to rebuke Arizona for their stance on immigration as they try to protect their citizens from criminals on the Mexican border. Does anyone give a rip what the UN says? We sure don’t as UN Organized Crime is induced by the money-let’s-get-more-power-boys.  Those are the invisible banker instigators continuously promoting a string of schemes like global warming, cap n trade, and free health care for all. You could include most any UN program, the IMF, World Bank, The Federal Reserve and many US Government agencies. These are all  specifically designed to address phony, man-made disasters, put in place for power, money and grand theft garnering Sheeple votes.

Here’s the good news: The global bankers who stole the taxpayer TARP funds via a big fat check from Henry Paulson, our formerly esteemed Treasury Secretary are going to get nailed with the money they stole. How does this work? They took the TARP cash and bought US government bonds for the steady and guaranteed returns. This way they don’t have to make loans but merely sit on their fat you know whats and collect the vigorish.

Now however, all that bond paper they are holding to scam the interest and remain banker solvent is going to go bad with a whoosh. Not just sink a little in value but totally implode. Paybacks can be remarkable. China has had enough and sold-dumped 11% of their toxic US paper and bought similar stuff from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and others. Their objective was to escape a, shall we say, rapid decline in valuations. More selling is scheduled.

So now the Federal Reserve crowd and New York global banksters will be holding capital that turns to zero-as in wiped out. Do you really think there will be buyers for bonds when the credit and bond markets crash? This is going to be breath-taking indeed. You don’t even have to buy tickets. This is going to be the super bowl of all crashes. The national bonds of Greece and their neighbors crash first; then those in junk bond land follow.

Sorry, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fellas. Well, Benny and Timmy “The Weasel” over at Treasury will surely concoct another credit scheme to prop-up the mess but we see no takers for any new paper once the game unravels. Criminal media has trained and fooled the Sheeple for years. However, too many are beginning to catch-on to the scam. When the media barnyard material hits the oscillator, its torches and pitchforks or worse. Bonds charts last week on the 30’s and yield chart signal imminent disaster.

If you study the weekly 30-year bond chart and review trading action in the December bond futures, Mr. Market is telling us this game has more than a tummy ache. It’s got food poisoning. Watch to see the next moves by Benny and Timmy. We think Benny just walks away and heads back to Princeton secured by his tenure. Timmy the G has never had a real job and will have no where to go. Further, this guy does not have the stomach for this nasty work when the lifting gets really heavy. He might just throw in the towel and jump off the Washington Monument. Please understand readers, that other political parties do not have clean hands on a lot of this stuff either. Politics in America with few exceptions has sunk to new lows. We see no relief nor changes in the near future to make things better.

In the aftermath of whatever happens and however this all turns out, we suspect our political population just might be a tad smaller. Shall we say slightly reduced by the wrath of voters and and exposure to a multitude of massive frauds against the American people? We could care less what happens to this passel of fools. Our primary concern is the liberty and freedom of the United States of America and its future. We just hope to God we can hang on and hopefully stay out of a world war. Economies can be fixed. Loss of Liberty can be permanent. Our only out remains in the purchase and holding of precious metals.

Investors and Traders Must Continue To Buy Gold And Silver.

We Are Entering The Very Long View Phase Two Rally For Precious Metals.                                                                                      

Gold averaged roughly +15% per year for nearly a decade. The last twelve months we saw this more than double. Silver was stuck at $5 for years. Now it’s pushing on $20. This next Phase Two will be a delight. Stay in the market somehow whether you are trading or investing or both. Do not miss what’s coming next. Our December futures gold forecast is $1,325-$1,375. Silver goes to $25-$26 and should be followed by $30.18.



Gold could over-run $1,325-$1,375 this fall and move higher to $1,450-$1,550 on wild markets. Silver has been rallying even faster than gold of late.
$20 is hard resistance soon to be broken.



Note old silver high resistance in 1980-1981 when price touched $25. That’s coming next on a breakout. The US Dollar and American standard of living might be cut in half over the next few years.

Now, more than ever, it is important to take the immediate necessary precautions to protect yourself and your families and friends. Traders and investors should be buying precious metals and select shares right now. In our newsletter we have a great list of trading and investing ideas for you. Meanwhile, you can never go wrong buying physical precious metals and holding them for security. We’ve had a constant run of nearly ten years in gold rising 15% per year so this remains a good trade. In the last twelve months, gold rallied over 34% and is going ever faster.

It’s not going to stop any time soon. In fact, we predict those annual percentages will rise even more and this offers a chance, arriving only once in 25 years on the historical cycles.


by Roger Wiegand
Editor of Trader Tracks Newsletter for gold, silver and Energy traders.


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