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The Man From T.W.E.R.P

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Apr 16 2009 3:20PM

Totally Wasted Economic Resources Program

My mother told me many times it’s not nice to call people names. Sorry Mom. The devil made me do it. Actually it was “Timmy The G? also known as Turbo Timmy, (who incited today’s unkind remarks). He’s that little T.W.E.R.P, weasel with the furtive glances on TV, which told us this dude is a born liar and not very good at it all. From the very first day when we saw his appearances we muttered to our self; self, we are in very big trouble and right now.

My initial apprehensions were not misplaced. If the TWERP can get through one single term as our esteemed U.S. Treasury Secretary we would be surprised. The problem is, even if the proven and highly experienced Paul Volker replaced Timmy, how would he deal with this mess? Those Bad Boy Bankers would not permit Paul to do the right thing as it would spoil their little games making bad loans and printing money out of thin air-Catch-22.

In fairness to Timmy he was preceded in our current global destruction by the King of Fractured Syntax, Sir Alan Greenspan, AKA “The Green Guy.? Alan is not only the King Of Verbal Disorientation, but Alan is also busy earning $100,000 a speech or more if he can get it, telling audiences the world over about how it was not his fault and he did not see it coming.

You see, Alan is busy repairing his economic legacy and reputation. We say its futile as keen observers know otherwise.

 Alan’s got more economic credentials than I do and I saw it all coming 5-6 years ago when I realized-understood our derivatives predicament and watched with amazement as the lumber futures crashed. Further, I began having serious sleep impairment when the depth of this disaster was realized.

Alan’s years and thousands of hours of testimony in Congress where he was congratulated for his economic intellectual prowess would be a better sleep inducer than all the sleep aids one could buy. I don’t know whether our Congressional Reps actually understood anything he said but it didn’t matter. The Green Guy kept our frail economy intact with band aids, bailing wire, obfuscation, and zero interest rates while promoting the largest phony housing boom in the history of mankind.

“That’s really all congress wanted. Keep this freight train on the tracks and don’t tell me how you’re doing it because I do not understand a thing you are saying anyway.? -Congress

What Alan did not expect (maybe he did) was that the slippery bankers would allow consumers to borrow gazillions more on their inflated house prices to buy stuff from Japan-China, Inc. making them all very happy indeed. Of course when the game ended all the players were in tears and ran to the Mother of All Money Wells the Federal Reserve and U. S. Treasury.

It is very important to understand that the New York investment bankers, the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and most of the rest of the central banksof the world are ALL IN THE SAME FAMILY. It would appear to us the daily motto of this entire gang-cabal would be “Incest is Best.?

“That unkind remark has nothing to do with what you think but rather suggests (we should just say it) it accuses them all of being in one big currency-bond-bank criminal bed together.?

Now if this is true and we along with many wiser heads and bigger mouths than ours say so; what do we do now?  Obviously the game is rigged and those Big Apple Bankers have an open check book underwritten by American taxpayers. Yesterday, the U.S. saw Tea Bag parties lawfully suggesting that maybe the president’s plans for their money were not maybe such good ideas. And even further, these folks were all really ticked-off and roaring mad.

I saw some smirking woman news announcer on cable at day’s-end yesterday telling us the Tea Parties were poorly attended comparing the numbers to larger attendance at failed sporting events. What in the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs? That particular channel is beyond left wing liberal but comports itself with daily toxic diatribes, throwing rocks at Middle Americans.

We would suggest you better pay attention lady. Middle America is paying your crummy bills and is on the verge of closing their collective check books. Some chick in France many years ago told her Middle American-types (French) constituents, Let them eat cake!? That remark wasn’t received well at all. She and her hubby simply lost their heads over this discussion.

Now I’m not saying hard-working Middle America would engage in those tactics but on the other hand they’re quite liable to do some things making our criminal economic leadership very uncomfortable-legally.

Such as encouraging criminal prosecution for writing bad derivative checks to the tune of trillions or perhaps shutting down the Federal Reserve and taking its owners to task for 96 years of naughtiness printing our U.S. Dollar into oblivion with their stealth-stealing inflation.

“The gold currency broke down because one country after another began to disregard the rules. At the same time, the international order crumbled because the prevailing liberal economic order of the last century and the beginning of the 20th century beganto give way to a more and more socialist, interventionist, or even collectivist order. The new politics killed a currency order which was based on free markets and personal freedom.? –Ferdinand Lips, from James U. Blanchard III’s Golden Insights

Perhaps our new motto should be “You can fool some of the Sheeple part of the time but not all of the Sheeple all of the time.? Get out the tea cups.

Where the banksters and their minions went wrong is they were not content to steal with just dollar inflation alone, and use the circle-jerk ripping-off of nations-central banks using the IMF. No, they had to manufacture exotic derivatives giving them names and numbers no one could understand nor compute. If I were in their $1,000 custom-made shoes today, I would be seriously seeking a hidey-hole where I could become invisible from prosecutors, destroyed savers, investors and others.

We think there just might be some angry folks out there with revenge on their collective minds and are prepared to exact it in a most swift and unfortunate way. We hope this does not happen as then it could upset markets, and the social sensibilities of the United States.

More importantly, it could screw-up our trading program.

What To Do?

This entire situation is too large for us little chickens to repair. It reminds me of Donald Trump’s bankruptcy reorganization year’s ago. This was resolved as the real estate lending banks were forced by circumstances to reorganize and not cut-off The Donald’s water. He simply owed them too much money on his projects. He was too big to fail. It turned out well and Mr. Trump was able to rise again.

That example is a smaller one compared with potential failures of US global banks. Are these banks too big to fail?  We think they could fail in a rolling dump without destroying the global money system. There are lots of other good, dependable and solvent banks to continue operations.

In reality, the smaller banks and middle-sized banks throughout the USA could easily take-up the slack and offer good services. Many of them are in fine condition right now. The problem is the New York Big Boyz do not want to fail and lose control and be forced out of business. Neither do their partners in crime, the backers-owners of the very private Federal Reserve and gigantic corporations. Consequently, this very large and international criminal enterprise continues.


Here are some suggestions for protecting yourself, your family and your business:

  1. Never ever believe any news coming out of Washington, D.C., or the mouths of foreign leaders.
  1. If they voluntarily deny something this means that it will happen for sure.
  1. Arrange your life and your personal-business affairs to decouple your dependency from the System.
  1. Financially, buy 10% of your first $200,000 in savings in gold and silver coins using Canadian or United States metal currencies. Over $200,000, use other ideas or buy and hold just enough to manage-store.
  1. Hold those coins personally. They should not be in any bank, or with any third party.
  1. Ensure your household can exist without utilities, water and food for a minimum of six months. This is more of a weather induced problem than an economic one. However, supplies can be interrupted. Just ask any hurricane or tornado victim. Some folks in the middle southern US have had no power for several weeks. This will really spoil your day as well as your refrigerated-frozen food.
  1. If you can afford it, have a second home with supplies; perhaps just a small rental in another unrelated location.
  1. Buy junior and senior gold and silver equities (a few) for longer term investments. However, be prepared to trade in and out at least two times per year. Some markets demand even more trading.
  1. Own a second vehicle (pick-up truck or utility trailer) as well as a car.
  1. Take steps to ensure safety and security against crime. Being invisible is best.
  1. Understand the world has changed permanently. The old paradigms of life, economics, government, social rules and ideas are now quite different. Change with the world and deal with it, or you’ll be a victim.

Personally, I can see unbelievable opportunities to trade that we would never see again for many years. Turn these problems into opportunities. Those on the right side of the trade might get rich. Those on the other side are just victims. Stay Alert. –Traderrog

 Roger Wiegand



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