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Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt

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Jun 30 2011 2:05PM

A close look at where silver is currently positioned at this stage of its developing long-term bubble, and what can be expected short-term in its price using Bump-and-Run and Dead-cat Bounce pattern analyses, suggests that silver is on its way to returning to its long-term mean.

Where is Silver Positioned in This Bubble?

As shown below, it might be interesting to compare the silver chart with this graph of “Main Stages in a Bubble� by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue.  It shows that, after a brief “return to normal�, silver is now moving into the “fear� area of the Blow off Phase as it “returns to the mean.�

What is the Bump-and-Run Pattern Saying about the Short-term Price for Silver?

A  Bump-and-Run pattern typically occurs when excessive speculation drives prices up steeply.  According to Thomas Bulkowski, this pattern consists of three main phases:  

  1. A lead-in phase in which a lead-in trend line connecting the lows has a slope angle of about 30 degrees.  Prices move in an orderly manner and the range of price oscillation defines the lead-in height between the lead-in trend line and the warning line which is parallel to the lead-in trend line. 

  2. A bump phase where, after prices cross above the warning line, excessive speculation kicks in and the bump phase starts with fast rising prices following a sharp trend line slope with 45 degrees or more until prices reach a bump height with at least twice the lead-in height.  Once the second parallel line gets crossed over, it serves as a sell line.

  3. A run phase in which prices break support from the lead-in trend line and plunge lower in a downhill run.

As shown in the chart as of 6/28/2011 below, silver has been developing an intermediate-term Bump-and-Run pattern since last September.  It only recently broke support from the lead-in trend line and entered into the Run phase to plunge lower in a downhill run last week.

The next downside price target is projected at around $29/ozt. by the target line which is parallel to the lead-in trend line and is distant from the lead-in trend line with the same lead-in height.

What is the Dead-Cat Bounce Pattern Saying about the Short-term Price for Silver?

In addition to being in the run phase of the Bump and Run pattern silver is in a Dead-Cat Bounce pattern. A Dead-Cat Bounce pattern has three major phases:

  • An initial plunge phase during which a sharp decline of 25% to 45% is experienced over several days.

  • A bounce phase during which there is a short-term recovery of between 15% and 35% in 1-5 weeks.

  • A post-bounce decline phase during which there is a slow decline over a 2-10 week period to a low somewhere between 15% and 45% below the bounce top.

What’s Next for Silver?

Silver experienced:

  • the initial plunge phase in early May with a decline of 31% (i.e. from $48.42 to $33.53) and

  • the bounce phase at the end of May going up 15% (i.e. from $33.53 to $38.48).

The post-bounce decline phase has been ongoing since the early part of June and has the potential to drop 15% to 30%. A 25% drop would, incidentally, bring the price of silver down to $29/ozt. which would be in keeping with the abovementioned Run phase of the Bump and Run pattern.


The above chart patterns suggest that silver could drop below $30 per troy ounce soon on its return to its long term mean. It is the time to re-check fundamentals, reality, and risk for silver when Fed’s QE2 ends.

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Dr. Nu Yu



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