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Can inflation rise to its expectation? Nov 09 2020
The perfect storm Apr 29 2020

Anna Golubova

Gold or bitcoin? Two assets can co-exist as gold retakes its safe-haven status Feb 23 2021
Can crypto be taxed like gold? Is regulation the real threat to bitcoin's $1 trillion market cap? Feb 22 2021
Gold vs. everything else: Gold price is competing with bitcoin, dollar and now silver Feb 20 2021
Will gold's selloff accelerate next week? Search for a bottom in gold price Feb 19 2021
U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in January, gold price keeps morning gains Feb 19 2021
Bitcoin is better 'stimulus asset' than gold, says 'Bond King' Jeffrey Gundlach Feb 18 2021
Warren Buffett exits GOLD entirely Feb 18 2021
Mixed housing data keep gold price muted Feb 18 2021
Is bitcoin a threat to U.S. dollar? Emerging markets see an explosion of interest in crypto Feb 17 2021
Gold price takes another major step back as investors look for value elsewhere, says Pepperstone Feb 17 2021
BlackRock sells more than $470 million worth of gold as it focuses on silver Feb 16 2021
If gold price can't hold $1,800, major selloff could be next Feb 12 2021
Bullion coin demand 'off the charts,' why isn't gold price? Former U.S. Mint director weighs in Feb 11 2021
'The tide is turning' on inflation, kicking off the 5th commodity supercycle, says JPMorgan Feb 11 2021
Jim Cramer's top 3 alternatives: 'Own some gold, bitcoin, and cash' Feb 10 2021
Silver demand to hit 8-year highs, but what about prices? The Silver Institute weighs in Feb 10 2021
Is there enough silver? The real story in silver is the physical squeeze Feb 09 2021
Gold price fights for higher levels as focus shifts back to stimulus Feb 08 2021
Bitcoin hits record highs as Tesla jumps in, but it's also great news for gold price Feb 08 2021
Is the silver squeeze really dead? Here’s some great news for silver price Feb 05 2021
Is gold price at risk of another $100 drop next week? Feb 05 2021
Silver price is defined by volatility, this is nothing new - Capital Economics Feb 04 2021
Why was silver targeted? Analysts point to a price move in silver Feb 04 2021
Gold and silver coin sales surge in January, U.S. Mint limits sales Feb 03 2021
Mark Cuban to Reddit: If you believe in an asset, hold it; just look at bitcoin Feb 03 2021
Gold price to hit record highs in Q2 as retail demand picks up, says Standard Chartered Feb 02 2021
'Silver is a tough nut to crack': Why silver squeeze is failing, analysts weigh in Feb 02 2021
SLV records one-day inflows of $1 billion Friday, more to come Feb 01 2021
Silver explodes; these silver miners are seeing best gains Feb 01 2021
Gold price is riding silver's new attention wave, but is that good news? Jan 29 2021
Gold price rallies as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in December Jan 29 2021
Gold to still hit $2,300 in 2021, but silver and platinum to outperform — MKS Jan 28 2021
Army of day-traders piling into silver? As prices rally, analysts point to $40 and higher Jan 28 2021
Gold price holds gains as U.S. new home sales disappoint Jan 28 2021
China's muted gold demand: Gold imports from Hong Kong plunge 85% in 2020 Jan 27 2021
Gold price edges down as U.S. durable goods miss expectations Jan 27 2021
Inflation or deflation? Markets most likely to see 'extremes,' but gold price benefits, says WGC Jan 26 2021
Bitcoin's volatility could drop below that of gold, says Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 26 2021
There's price reaction delay in bitcoin, here's how investors can benefit – TradingView Jan 25 2021
Gold's new trading regime and Fed Powell's comments in focus this week, can gold price break out? Jan 25 2021
Why this could kick off new bullish phase in gold price Jan 22 2021
Why is gold stuck? Analysts see 'ladder approach' when it comes to gold price rally in 2021 Jan 22 2021
Gold price erases a chunk of morning losses as U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in December Jan 22 2021
Polarized U.S., delayed recovery, inflation: Gold price to 'maintain high prices' in 2021 – StoneX Jan 21 2021
Gold price begins bullish phase as Biden takes office, analysts eye $1,950 level Jan 20 2021
'Bulk of gold price gains to materialize in first half of 2021' – Standard Chartered Jan 19 2021
'Bulk of gold price gains to materialize in first half of 2021' – Standard Chartered Jan 19 2021
Gold price maintains daily gains as Yellen says 'U.S. does not seek weaker dollar' Jan 19 2021
More selling in store for gold price? Markets eye Yellen's take on U.S. dollar Jan 18 2021
Is a move to cash a threat? Fear is creeping in and gold price is falling - analysts Jan 15 2021
Gold price won't recover quickly after Friday's selloff, says Wall Street Jan 15 2021
Gold Survey Jan 15 2021
Gold price tumbles to new daily lows as U.S. PPI comes in below expectations Jan 15 2021
U.S. retail sales disappoint in December, weighing on gold price Jan 15 2021
Gold's 2021 drivers: Ballooning deficits, inflation and overvalued equities – WGC Jan 14 2021
'Commodities can survive USD strength,' says Wells Fargo Jan 14 2021
Gold price under pressure as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 965,000 Jan 14 2021
Gold market saw record ETF inflows in 2020 - WGC Jan 13 2021
Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach: 'I'm neutral on gold and bitcoin,' 25% of your portfolio should be in real assets Jan 13 2021
Gold gains as U.S. consumer prices rise in December Jan 13 2021
Russia's gold reserves surpass its U.S. dollar holdings for first time, says country's central bank Jan 12 2021
Buy gold now, prices on path to $2,800, says Edelweiss Jan 12 2021
Is gold price now oversold? Markets focus on Fed debate, higher U.S. yields Jan 12 2021
Silver survey 2021: Average silver price by year-end is $38, most popular vote is $50 Jan 11 2021
Central banks sold gold in November as prices dropped below $1,800, says WGC Jan 11 2021
Can gold price drop below $1,800 next week? Here is what's behind the shocking selloff Jan 08 2021
Gold price plummets $100 this week as economic outlook remains grim, bitcoin competes for safe-haven status Jan 08 2021
Gold price trades below $1,900 as U.S. loses 140,000 jobs in December Jan 08 2021
Most of gold's 'big gains are behind us,' says Capital Economics Jan 07 2021
$2,000 gold to keep metals 'atop the leader board' in 2021, says Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 07 2021
Gold price edges up as U.S. service sector beats expectations in December Jan 07 2021
Gold price steady as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 787,000 Jan 07 2021
Gold price climbs from daily lows as pro-Trump protesters storm U.S. Capitol Jan 06 2021
Fed releases minutes from December meeting, gold price still down $40 Jan 06 2021
U.S. factory orders beat expectation in November, gold price trading near daily lows Jan 06 2021
Gold price moves up from daily lows as U.S. private payrolls surprise with a decline in December Jan 06 2021
Ethereum's co-founder calls gold 'lame' as precious metal starts 2021 with a bang Jan 05 2021
Bitcoin could rally to $146K as it competes with gold for 'alternative currency' status - JPMorgan Jan 05 2021
Gold price edges down as ISM Manufacturing Index beats expectations in December Jan 05 2021
'$2,300 is gold's key level': Georgia Senate runoffs, bitcoin crash to boost prices to new highs – OANDA Jan 04 2021
'Don't be surprised to see new highs this quarter': Gold price jumps more than $50 to start the new year Jan 04 2021
Tallying up 2020: Gold price up 25% as analysts look to new all-time highs in 2021 Dec 31 2020
Top 7 gold stories of 2020: From a boom in gold price to best buying opportunities Dec 30 2020
Watch out for this risk as bitcoin looks toward $50,000 and higher in 2021 - analysts Dec 29 2020
Last-minute rally? Gold price to challenge $1,900 next week as investors shift away from risk assets Dec 24 2020
U.S. dollar outlook 2021: 'Significant weakness' in store for greenback as global economy recovers - analysts Dec 23 2020
Gold price is making its way to daily highs as U.S. annual core PCE disappoints in November Dec 23 2020
'Silver may take the gold': Bloomberg Intelligence is looking at $50 silver price Dec 22 2020
U.S. existing home sales disappoint in November, falling for the first time in five months Dec 22 2020
Rapid recovery in 2021: 'We'll be shocked at how strong economy comes back' but risks remain, say analysts Dec 21 2020
Is gold price gearing up for a Christmas rally? Dec 18 2020
Why gold price will rally to new record highs in a new normal - analysts Dec 18 2020
'Convincing move higher' in gold: TD Securities looks for $2,000+ gold price next year Dec 17 2020
Gold price spikes as Fed's Powell sounds dovish, stresses asset purchases will continue 'until job is well and truly done' Dec 16 2020
Bitcoin hits new record high as it breaches $20K for first time, is $25K next? Dec 16 2020
Silver price outperforms gold as precious metals rally Dec 15 2020
Gold to trade near $1,900 in 2021, price risk is to the downside, says Capital Economics Dec 14 2020
Gold price zeroes in on Fed's last meeting of the year Dec 14 2020
Year-end surprise in store for gold? 3 weeks left in 2020 Dec 11 2020
Can 2020's last full week take gold price to $1,925? Dec 11 2020
Gold price to 'suffer' in coming years as money shifts into bitcoin - JPMorgan Dec 10 2020
Gold price attempts to tackle $1,850 as inflation beats expectations in November Dec 10 2020
Here's why gold price is up nearly $50 in two days Dec 08 2020
More hedging options: Gold and oil futures welcome another resource competitor to Wall Street and it's water Dec 08 2020
Bitcoin is challenging gold: Gold price outlook is 'no longer overwhelmingly bullish,' says UOB Dec 07 2020
Gold price to return to $2,000 in just a couple of months - Standard Chartered Dec 07 2020
This is why $1,925 gold price is next: 'Stimulus is absolutely crucial' – analysts Dec 04 2020
Cash is a 'temporary parking space': Are you holding too much of it? Wells Fargo weighs in Dec 03 2020
Gold price attempts to tackle $1,850 resistance as U.S. service sector disappoints in November Dec 03 2020
Is this a breakout for gold price or just an oversold rally? Dec 02 2020
Investments into gold ETFs to tumble in 2021, weighing on gold price - Citi Nov 30 2020
Risk in gold is 'limited': Prices still on track towards $2,100 in 2021 - Bloomberg Intelligence Nov 30 2020
Gold is off more than $250 from August's record highs, but here's why the bull run is not over Nov 29 2020
Can gold price fall below $1,700 before selloff is over? Markets eye COVID restrictions, stimulus Nov 27 2020
Vaccine not to 'scuttle gold's current rise higher,' says ANZ Nov 26 2020
Bitcoin just inches away from record highs, Blackrock says crypto could replace gold Nov 25 2020
Is Powell-Yellen duo good news for gold price? 'Market is looking past realities on the ground' - analysts Nov 25 2020
Gold price fights for $1,800 as U.S. consumer confidence disappoints in November Nov 24 2020
Peak in gold price? Precious metal to drop below $1,650 in next two years, says Westpac Nov 23 2020
Selloffs in gold are 'misguided': Focus shifts to Fed's minutes and December meeting - analysts Nov 23 2020
Is gold price in a zero-sum game? Here's the catalyst needed to go higher Nov 20 2020
Gold's path to $2,300: Renewed investment flows from lower stocks, 'bitcoin's demise' Nov 19 2020
'Massive ETF selling' is hurting gold price, say analysts Nov 19 2020
Euro beats U.S. dollar as most used currency globally - SWIFT Nov 19 2020
Why are base metals doing so well? Nov 18 2020
$40,000 bitcoin in 2021? Cryptocurrency is quietly making its way back to record highs Nov 17 2020
U.S. dollar to plunge 20% in 2021 on vaccine rollout, loose monetary policy, says Citi Nov 17 2020
Gold price ticks up to daily highs as U.S. retail sales disappoint in October Nov 17 2020
Miners are taking advantage of higher gold price, more projects kicking off in Q4 - Metso Outotec Nov 16 2020
'Gold's story is not over': Rallying stocks don't mean investors forgot their fear - RBC Capital Markets Nov 16 2020
Chaotic week but here's why gold still got it Nov 14 2020
Biggest immediate gold price risk is U.S. government inaction - analysts Nov 13 2020
How will higher gold price, COVID-19 impact Diwali's gold demand? Nov 12 2020
'Buy gold price dips with conviction,' says Orchid Research Nov 11 2020
COVID-19 vaccine is 'a boon for gold bugs' - TD Securities Nov 11 2020
Aggressive investors need to 'favor oil over gold' - Goehring & Rozencwajg Nov 10 2020
'It's too early to dismiss coronavirus': Gold price setback is temporary - Commerzbank Nov 10 2020
Silver price falls 7% on vaccine news, but here's key difference between gold and silver Nov 09 2020
Are stocks too optimistic? This rally is 'justifiable,' says Jim Cramer Nov 09 2020
Post-Trump era? Gold price to see $2,000 next week as attention shifts to coronavirus - analysts Nov 06 2020
Gold price rallies $50 as Biden maintains lead, markets look past litigation - TD Securities Nov 05 2020
This trigger will get gold price back to $2,000, and it's not the election - Digix co-founder Nov 04 2020
Gold price battles $1,900 as U.S. service sector disappoints in October Nov 04 2020
Gold price up 1% as markets watch swing states, weaker dollar on U.S. Election Day Nov 03 2020
Gold price ahead of U.S. election: 'We cannot be certain of a clear result on Wednesday' - StoneX Nov 02 2020
How to trade U.S. election night and what to expect from Fed, BoE this week Nov 02 2020
The election is just days away, is gold the biggest winner? Oct 31 2020
How much chaos will gold price see next week? U.S. election, Fed meeting, jobs data on the docket Oct 30 2020
Why is gold not acting like gold? Safe-haven quality to kick in after U.S. election Oct 29 2020
Volatile gold price action is triggered by 'low volume and aggressive flow' before the U.S. election: TD Securities Oct 29 2020
Gold price climbs as U.S. pending home sales miss expectations in September Oct 29 2020
Gold price sheds $40 on COVID restrictions, contested election worries Oct 28 2020
Volatile gold moves expected into the election but major selloffs below $1,840 are unlikely: MKS PAMP Group Oct 28 2020
Contested election is a 'primary risk for gold bugs': TD Securities Oct 28 2020
It's election homestretch for Trump and Biden, but which asset is the post-election winner? Oct 27 2020
Chinese gold demand rebounds in Q3 Oct 27 2020
Gold options expiration 'could be very volatile': RBC Wealth Management Oct 27 2020
Wait-and-see mode sets in on the gold market: TD Securities Oct 27 2020
Weaker-than-expected U.S. consumer confidence pushes gold price higher Oct 27 2020
Election outcomes for gold price: from a slow grind higher to an explosive rally Oct 26 2020
Why is gold price action on pause? Standard Chartered sees $2,100 level early next year Oct 26 2020
On the radar this week: U.S. political drama, rising COVID-19 cases - FXTM Oct 26 2020
No major gold price move expected until U.S. election or stimulus agreement: MKS PAMP Group Oct 26 2020
Lack of physical gold demand in Asia is weighing on the metal: Commerzbank Oct 26 2020
Is gold price stuck until the election? This driver can propel metal higher next week Oct 23 2020
Gold price could surge another 50% under the next president – Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 22 2020
Lower chance of stimulus before the election weigh on gold price: Commerzbank Oct 22 2020
Gold could see support as focus shifts to U.S. presidential debate, Brexit headlines: MKS PAMP Group Oct 22 2020
Best-case vs. worst-case election scenarios: Why gold price wins either way Oct 22 2020
Gold price hits new daily lows as U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in September Oct 22 2020
Markets don't discount '2016 election outturn', here's what it means for gold price - StoneX Oct 21 2020
'Gold traders would benefit from looking past the noise' - TD Securities Oct 21 2020
U.S. stimulus to trigger rally: Gold price to surge to $2,200 by year-end - ANZ Oct 20 2020
Stimulus deal to see resumption of the gold bull trend: MKS PAMP Group Oct 20 2020
Gold price is watching key stimulus deadline while Asian demand remains weak: Commerzbank Oct 20 2020
On gold's radar this week: U.S. stimulus talks, Brexit, rise in COVID-19 cases - Commerzbank Oct 19 2020
Risk of gold selloff in the near-term if prices fall below $1,900: TD Securities Oct 19 2020
Gold price could 'change quickly' amid political/election headlines today: RBC Wealth Management Oct 19 2020
Election countdown: Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, and other advice from analysts Oct 17 2020
Election countdown: Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, and other advice from analysts Oct 17 2020
'Markets addicted to stimulus' as anxiety builds: What to expect from gold price with election two weeks away Oct 16 2020
Looking past election mayhem: Gold price to move to new record highs once new administration is established - TD Securities Oct 15 2020
Don't trust the gold market? Nearly half of potential new investors lack trust but there's a solution Oct 15 2020
Expect 'renewed and lasting upswing' in gold price in next few weeks: Commerzbank Oct 15 2020
Gold buyers remain on sidelines amid 'some rush to cash': RBC Wealth Management Oct 15 2020
IMF not planning to sell its gold for debt relief: 'Gold reserves provide fundamental strength' Oct 14 2020
Gold to see more investment demand after the election: TD Securities Oct 14 2020
Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, says Goldman Oct 13 2020
Gold price fails to hold $1,900 level as U.S. dollar gains strength: Commerzbank Oct 13 2020
$2,000 gold price delayed as volatility weighs: RBC Wealth Management Oct 13 2020
Gold price enters election countdown mode, here's what analysts are watching next week Oct 09 2020
This driver could 'propel' gold price back to its new all-time highs - Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 08 2020
Trump or Biden? Both to 'provide substantial tailwinds for the long gold trade' - TD Securities Oct 08 2020
Biden victory presents 'the most upside risk' for gold price and it's yet to be priced in, says Standard Chartered Oct 07 2020
Gold price steady below $1,900 as Fed's minutes reveal officials expect more fiscal stimulus this year Oct 07 2020
Interrupted inflation expectations weigh on gold price: TD Securities Oct 07 2020
Market volatility, U.S. election 'don't deter $2,000 gold price, $30 silver price' near year-end: RBC Wealth Management Oct 07 2020
Bitcoin could go from 10K to 100K in 5 years as crypto becomes 'digital version of gold' - Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 06 2020
Gold price tumbles 2% as Trump calls off stimulus talks with Democrats Oct 06 2020
Gold price sees support from weaker U.S. dollar, ETF inflows: Commerzbank Oct 06 2020
Central banks could be stepping up gold purchases after 2020 pause Oct 05 2020
Some gold with your gas and groceries? Costco enters the gold bullion market Oct 05 2020
Interest in gold is back as markets eye U.S. stimulus talks: Commerzbank Oct 05 2020
Gold price action 'agnostic' to who wins the election: TD Securities Oct 05 2020
What does Trump's COVID-19 news mean for gold price next week? Oct 02 2020
Bridgewater on gold: 'It's wise to hold some of what central banks can't create more of' Oct 01 2020
Gold price is 'a long way from ending its upswing': Commerzbank Oct 01 2020
Gold price edges down as ISM Manufacturing Index slightly disappoints Oct 01 2020
U.S. fiscal stimulus hopes are supporting gold price: TD Securities Oct 01 2020
Gold price at new daily highs as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in August Oct 01 2020
Silver price to get a boost from higher gold price, improved demand into year-end, says Capital Economics Sep 30 2020
Gold price looking at biggest monthly drop in nearly 4 years if $1,900 doesn't hold, more volatility ahead - analysts Sep 30 2020
Traders are conserving cash as they digest first presidential debate: RBC Wealth Management Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
This is the time to buy gold, says Wells Fargo Sep 29 2020
Gold price advances on hopes of U.S. fiscal stimulus package: Commerzbank Sep 29 2020
The U.S. dollar retreats, watch this level for a deeper pullback: BBH Sep 29 2020
'Stage is set' for gold price rebound: TD Securities Sep 29 2020
Bumpy ride ahead as investors price in elections and raise cash: RBC Wealth Management Sep 29 2020
China to launch first space mining robot in November Sep 28 2020
Silver price plunge 'not terminal', precious metal already up 2% on the day – StoneX Sep 28 2020
Without so many speculators gold price should recover, says Commerzbank Sep 28 2020
Is this the end of consolidation phase for gold price? Sep 28 2020
Is gold oversold? $200 price drop does not mean the bull market is over – analysts Sep 25 2020
U.S. election risk 'under-appreciated', gold price could see new record highs above $2K before year-end, Citi says Sep 24 2020
'Both gold and silver are now oversold': Commerzbank Sep 24 2020
U.S. dollar's rise is not a trend change but a positioning adjustment: BBH Sep 24 2020
Pullback in gold price 'is unlikely to turn into a rout': TD Securities Sep 24 2020
Gold price ticks up from daily lows as U.S. new home sales beat expectations in August Sep 24 2020
Use this gold price weakness as 'aggressive buying opportunity', says Goehring & Rozencwajg Sep 23 2020
Gold price story is not about a break higher, it's about about sustained profitability: BMO Sep 23 2020
'Firm U.S. dollar is like a millstone around the neck of precious metals': Commerzbank Sep 23 2020
The U.S. dollar's rise is fueling gold price pullback: TD Securities Sep 23 2020
Watch out for these 3 gold price risks as most volatile quarter approaches Sep 22 2020
Gold price 'to recover quickly' after Monday's selloff: Commerzbank Sep 22 2020
Gold investors to miners: 'Appeal of mining equities escapes generalist investors' Sep 21 2020
Gold price could touch $1,765 before reversing towards $2,300, says Credit Suisse Sep 21 2020
Rising COVID-19 cases shift risk to the downside: FXTM Sep 21 2020
Investors are taking profits off the table as election uncertainty looms: BBH Sep 21 2020
Bloated positioning weighs on gold price: TD Securities Sep 21 2020
Gold price begins the week in positive territory as analysts eye new U.S. election risk, dollar, and Fed speakers Sep 20 2020
Another rush to cash? Analysts are cautiously watching stocks, gold price Sep 18 2020
Risk to stocks in Q3: Equities could lose $200 billion as wealth funds re-balance portfolios - JPMorgan Sep 17 2020
'The very high bar set for rate hikes' points to higher gold price: Commerzbank Sep 17 2020
Minority expecting 'powerful dovish tilt' were disappointed by the Fed, pushing gold price down: TD Securities Sep 17 2020
Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index drops as expected, gold price remains under pressure Sep 17 2020
Gold price is down more than 1% on the day as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 860,000 Sep 17 2020
Why is platinum surging and should you be investing? Sep 16 2020
India to see a significant rebound in gold jewelry demand: BMO Capital Markets Sep 16 2020
The Fed to send a dovish signal: QE, the dot plot and Powell's press conference - TD Securities Sep 16 2020
Missed the gold rally? Gold mining stocks are still undervalued as gold price trades above $1,950 - VanEck Sep 15 2020
Gold price to take on $1,992-$2,000 resistance: MKS PAMP Group Sep 15 2020
Fed to 'clear the second hurdle for gold bugs': TD Securities Sep 15 2020
Gold to outperform silver into year-end, $4K gold price not ruled out by 2023 - Bloomberg Intelligence Sep 14 2020
Junior and intermediate mining companies raise the most in more than six years in August: BMO Capital Markets Sep 14 2020
Gold price is all about the U.S. dollar and interest rates right now: RBC Wealth Management Sep 14 2020
This week's biggest market movers are central banks: FXTM Sep 14 2020
Extreme gold price swings to hit markets next week as metal tackles $2,000 - analysts Aug 28 2020
Markets 'want more substance' out of Powell as gold price tumbles $72 in less than an hour Aug 27 2020
Gold price hits new daily lows as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in July Aug 27 2020
Gold price retreats as U.S. weekly jobless claims come in just above one million Aug 27 2020
Gold price to test this key level before rallying towards $2,700, says Credit Suisse Aug 26 2020
Attention is turning to platinum as gold price trades below $2,000 an ounce - Commerzbank Aug 26 2020
Western markets dominate Swiss gold exports for 5th month in a row in July: Metals Focus Aug 26 2020
Gold price consolidation could last for months, deeper pullbacks not ruled out: TD Securities Aug 26 2020
Gold price bull run points to 'lack of trust in the world’s monetary system' - Wells Fargo Aug 25 2020
Rallying stock market keeps gold price under pressure: Commerzbank Aug 25 2020
Current gold price weakness is a buying opportunity before Fed's Powell speech on Thursday: TD Securities Aug 25 2020
U.S. new homes sales beat expectations in July, gold price falls to daily lows Aug 25 2020
Gold at $3,000? 'Upward gold price trajectory to accelerate' - Bloomberg Intelligence Aug 24 2020
New and old money is behind gold price’s explosive move this year, says Standard Chartered Aug 24 2020
Fed Chair Powell's keynote at Jackson Hole could 'reinvigorate' gold price action: TD Securities Aug 24 2020
This event could change everything for the gold price next week, expect extreme volatility - analysts Aug 21 2020
Gold price holds $1,950 despite investors stuck in waiting mode after Fed's mixed signals Aug 20 2020
Should you be buying dips in gold price, silver price? Aug 20 2020
Fed stalls gold price rebound: Commerzbank Aug 20 2020
U.S. dollar-gold correlation to dictate price moves in the near term: MKS PAMP Group Aug 20 2020
Gold price edges up as U.S. weekly jobless claims rise above one million again Aug 20 2020
Scotiabank to pay more than $127 million to settle spoofing and precious metals market manipulation case Aug 19 2020
Which central banks are buying gold this year? Aug 19 2020
A slow price rebound for gold is actually more bullish in the long run: Commerzbank Aug 19 2020
Larger gold price moves are now expected: RBC Wealth Management Aug 19 2020
Turkey sees gold rush as local currency keeps losing value Aug 18 2020
test Aug 18 2020
Gold vs. bitcoin: Generational divide persists as investors seek alternative investments - JPMorgan Aug 18 2020
Confidence in gold is on the rise: Commerzbank Aug 18 2020
Gold price at one-week high and well above $2K as U.S. housing starts surprise on the upside in July Aug 18 2020
Here is why gold price uptrend is intact – Standard Chartered Aug 17 2020
Fed's unlimited QE is pushing the world 'to the verge of a global financial crisis' - China's banking watchdog Aug 17 2020
Silver price is 'now only marginally undervalued as compared with gold': Commerzbank Aug 17 2020
Early-dip buyers of gold and silver are vulnerable but silver maintains cleaner positioning: TD Securities Aug 17 2020
Gold price is gearing up: Here's the direction analysts are looking at Aug 14 2020
After major gold price drama, bullish sentiment still looks at $2,000 and beyond - Kitco's gold survey Aug 14 2020
Gold Survey Aug 14 2020
Gold price lower on the day as U.S. retail sales disappoint in July Aug 14 2020
Gold price finds new support as U.S. dollar sinks, stimulus talks fail to move forward Aug 13 2020
CME Group sees record precious metals volumes during Tuesday's gold, silver price drops Aug 13 2020
Is the gold price pullback over? TD Securities is not convinced Aug 13 2020
Gold price ticks up as U.S. weekly jobless claims drop below 1 million Aug 13 2020
'Last great buying opportunity': Gold price can dip below $1,700 this year before resuming its path towards $15K - Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates Aug 12 2020
Can gold price see quick return to record highs after worst daily sell-off since 2013? Aug 12 2020
'There are no signs of capitulation' in gold price, silver price just yet: TD Securities Aug 12 2020
Gold price above $1,940 as inflation beats expectations in July Aug 12 2020
Here's how gold price lost over $100 in one day and why this is your 2nd chance to get in before new highs Aug 11 2020
The overdue correction begins: How much can gold price, silver price fall? Aug 11 2020
Bloated positioning in gold could set off a deeper price pullback: TD Securities Aug 11 2020
Gold price continues to drop below $2,000 as U.S. PPI surprises on the upside Aug 11 2020
Gold price below $2K: Profit-taking triggers sell stops - RBC Wealth Management Aug 11 2020
Chinese national arrested with $28K in gold bars after illegally crossing Canada-U.S. border Aug 10 2020
Investors continue to pile into gold ETFs, boosting price in July - WGC Aug 10 2020
Gold price, silver price see nine weeks of consecutive gains: Commerzbank Aug 10 2020
Silver is 'our precious metal favorite' as gold's positioning is bloated: TD Securities Aug 10 2020
Barrick Gold reports 14% rise in dividend amid soaring gold prices, on track to achieve 2020 production guidance Aug 10 2020
The chase for new all-time highs is not over, gold price eyes this level next Aug 07 2020
Be careful what you wish for: Would a gold standard trigger gold confiscation? Aug 07 2020
Surging interest in gold keeps price rally alive but bearish sentiment creeps in — Kitco's gold survey Aug 07 2020
Gold Survey Aug 07 2020
Gold price, silver price ‘know no bounds’: Commerzbank Aug 06 2020
Look for $30 silver price by year-end: RBC Wealth Management Aug 06 2020
Gold price keeps making new all-time highs: TD Securities Aug 06 2020
Hecla announces 24% higher revenues, citing rising production and prices in Q2 Aug 06 2020
Gold price retreats from new record high of $2,076 as U.S. weekly jobless claims drop more than expected Aug 06 2020
'A star asset': Here's how $3,000 gold price could be on the table - RBC Aug 05 2020
Gold is up 34% since start of the year, expect volatility at these prices: RBC Wealth Management Aug 05 2020
'Excess retail speculation and momentum' are adding fuel to gold price rally: TD Securities Aug 05 2020
Gold price holds near new record highs as ADP report disappoints in July Aug 05 2020
Gold price has another $200 to go after soaring past $2,000 - analysts Aug 04 2020
Gold price at daily highs as U.S. factory orders beat expectation in June Aug 04 2020
Gold price dips are buying opportunities, weak jewelry demand not an obstacle: Commerzbank Aug 04 2020
Gold's surge beyond $2,000 'might prove difficult for now': TD Securities Aug 04 2020
Gold's historic rally is a sign that the U.S. dollar’s reign as reserve currency is in question, says portfolio manager Aug 03 2020
Gold investors are changing their trading pattern as gold price approaches $2,000 Aug 03 2020
Gold price recovers after a slight pullback as ISM Manufacturing Index surprises on the upside Aug 03 2020
Gold price hits new record highs, but $2,000 proves strong resistance Aug 02 2020
'Gold is climbing a wall of worries': As $2,000 gold price approaches, there might be buying opportunities, say analysts Jul 31 2020
Gold price near new record highs as U.S. PCE price index rises 0.2% in June Jul 31 2020
Gold price is looking at making new highs: Commerzbank Jul 30 2020
Gold price largely ignores worst U.S. GDP contraction on record Jul 30 2020
Pullbacks in gold price, silver price look to be short-lived: Commerzbank Jul 29 2020
Gold price ticks down as U.S. pending home sales surprise on the upside in June Jul 29 2020
Is this gold's market top? Jul 29 2020
IAMGOLD announces a restart of operations at Rosebel Gold Mine Jul 28 2020
'I don’t like the idea that people don't have exposure to gold', but choose your buying days wisely, says Jim Cramer Jul 28 2020
Gold price sees more gains as U.S. consumer confidence disappoints in July Jul 28 2020
Gold price above $2K can be sustained, but be cautious in near-term: TD Securities Jul 28 2020
Will Trump's Judy Shelton Fed nomination disrupt or fuel the gold price rally? Jul 27 2020
Gold could take on $2,000 an ounce price tag in a few days, says Commerzbank Jul 27 2020
Dollar debasement is now a key theme driving gold price higher: TD Securities Jul 27 2020
Gold price path to $2,000: 'There is no quick solution to U.S.-China tensions' — analysts Jul 24 2020
Spot gold price above $1,900 for first time since 2011 as U.S. new homes sales beat expectations in June Jul 24 2020
Gold is a 'safer bet than chasing overvalued stocks': FXTM Jul 23 2020
Silver ETFs on track to see record inflows this month: Commerzbank Jul 23 2020
Gold price holds above $1,870 as U.S. weekly jobless claims worse-than-expected Jul 23 2020
'$1,900 is certainly in sight': Overvalued equities are buoying gold price – StoneX Jul 22 2020
Silver price 'is firing on all cylinders', says Commerzbank Jul 22 2020
Gold price action could see sudden profit taking this week - RBC Wealth Management Jul 22 2020
Gold price holds above $1,850 as U.S. existing home sales see record recovery but fall short of expectations Jul 22 2020
Are gold and silver prices benefiting from margin trading out of China? Jul 22 2020
Silver's price arsenal now includes exposure to green stimulus — BMO Jul 21 2020
Gold prices gearing up to take all-time highs, silver could reach $30 — Citi Jul 21 2020
'Silver's the hot commodity': Safe-haven appeal doubles down on rising industrial demand — TD Securities Jul 21 2020
Silver holds its value well in debased currencies — LCG Jul 21 2020
Silver leads the precious metals sector higher — MKS Jul 21 2020
Gold and silver prices begin the week ‘on the front foot’ — TD Securities Jul 20 2020
More conflict gold concerns raised, LBMA responds Jul 17 2020
Sell-off or another rally? Here is what gold’s pause at $1,800 could mean for prices Jul 17 2020
Gold prices at daily highs as U.S. housing starts surprise on the upside in June Jul 17 2020
Gold to push above $3K in 3-5 years: Fiat currency is a key bubble — hedge fund Jul 16 2020
Gold's gains driven by 'macro themes and technicals', not risk sentiment — TD Securities Jul 16 2020
Gold in EUR holds just below record highs as ECB’s Lagarde says ‘ample monetary stimulus remains necessary’ Jul 16 2020
Gold prices see an uptick as U.S. retail sales surprise on the upside in June Jul 16 2020
Is it time to short copper? Metal hits 2-year high this week as analysts turn cautious Jul 15 2020
Gold's trading pattern is still 'heavily bullish' — FXTM Jul 15 2020
Gold is supported by weaker U.S. dollar, geopolitical tensions — Commerzbank Jul 15 2020
Gold takes a breather amid risk-on sentiment — TD Securities Jul 15 2020
Russia's revenue from gold exports beats that of gas for the first time Jul 14 2020
The days of bitcoin doubling in a week are over — fintech CEO Jul 14 2020
Gold's ability to return above $1,800 an ounce points to more gains — Commerzbank Jul 14 2020
Gold traders look for opportunities to buy below $1,800 an ounce — RBC Wealth Management Jul 14 2020
Long-term inflation expectations continue to support gold prices — TD Securities Jul 14 2020
Gold attempts to erase overnight losses as inflation beats expectations in June Jul 14 2020
Traders are looking at 'one of the most eventful weeks in a while' — BBH Jul 13 2020
Market wants gold price to climb even higher — Commerzbank Jul 13 2020
Silver to continue to outperform — TD Securities Jul 13 2020
Expect gold price volatility on 'overly bullish sentiment', price dips to be bought — RBC Wealth Management Jul 13 2020
'Record-highs in sight': Gold on path north of $1,800 next week — analysts Jul 10 2020
Gold price at daily highs following 0.2% decrease in U.S. PPI Jul 10 2020
Silver is exploding, is $20 an ounce next? Analysts weigh in Jul 09 2020
Volatility indicates gold is heading to $1,850 - RBC Wealth Management Jul 09 2020
Real rates to drive gold prices higher - TD Securities Jul 09 2020
Gold attempts to erase morning losses as U.S. weekly jobless claims beat expectations Jul 09 2020
Fighting COVID-19 with a mask made out of gold Jul 08 2020
'We still like gold at these levels': Prices can move another $500 by end of next year - Wells Fargo Jul 08 2020
Risk aversion is back and it is helping gold stay at its 9-year high - Commerzbank Jul 08 2020
Macro forces are driving gold prices higher - TD Securities Jul 08 2020
Gold at $1,800: 'There’s little to stop the gold-up trajectory' -- Bloomberg Intelligence Jul 07 2020
Short-term noise is reinforcing $1,800 as strong resistance level for gold -- TD Securities Jul 07 2020
Copper market to tighten further -- BMO Jul 07 2020
Gold is resisting positive market sentiment -- Commerzbank Jul 07 2020
December gold futures already above $1,800 as investors wait for August gold to get there -- RBC Wealth Management Jul 07 2020
Gold to perform well in Q3, on track to $2,000 by late-2021 - TD Securities Jul 06 2020
Gold prices take a step back after positive surprise in the U.S. service sector Jul 06 2020
Risk sentiment soars despite new daily record in coronavirus cases - FXTM Jul 06 2020
Gold setting up for major summer rally: Watch this level next week - analysts Jul 02 2020
U.S. weekly jobless claims drop but miss expectations, come in at 1.427 million Jul 02 2020
Pay attention to the gold sector: 'It is moving fast' as investors pile into gold equities - Lion Selection Group Jul 01 2020
Gold hits daily lows as ISM Manufacturing Index surprises on the upside Jul 01 2020
'There goes $1,800' - TD Securities Jul 01 2020
Gold prices edge down as private payrolls rise 2.37 million in June, big positive revision for May Jul 01 2020
Gold is set for the 'most pronounced quarterly increase' in more than 4 years - Commerzbank Jun 30 2020
Gold prices advance as U.S. consumer confidence beats expectations in June Jun 30 2020
Get ready for gold volatility as Fed Chair Powell speaks - RBC Wealth Management Jun 30 2020
Gold prices going into $1,800s as trading regime shifts to inflation-hedge product - TD Securities Jun 30 2020
'Most violent' bull market is here: Gold looking at $5K, silver at $50 in just 3 years - Chancery Asset Management Jun 29 2020
Gold prices edge up as U.S. pending home sales see a record 44.3% jump in May Jun 29 2020
After 'momentary correction' gold price is ready to attack $1,800 and higher - analysts Jun 26 2020
Gold 'to ease back' for rest of 2020 on weak demand, quicker economic recovery - Capital Economics Jun 25 2020
Thai gold exports surge more than 700% in May as people rush to sell gold at higher prices Jun 25 2020
This gold rally could take prices as high as $3,000 an ounce - Edison Jun 24 2020
Russia ramped up gold production right before COVID-19 hit Jun 23 2020
'Yes' to commodities, 'no' to real estate as investors brace for the rest of 2020 - Wells Fargo Jun 23 2020
Separate 'law from politics', says Venezuela's lawyer in spat over $1 billion worth of gold stored at the BoE Jun 22 2020
Gold prices get another boost as U.S. existing home sales disappoint in May Jun 22 2020
Gold price ends week with a knockout, what's next? Jun 19 2020
Silver price is 'better positioned' than gold to rally into year-end - Orchid Research Jun 18 2020
Russia's gold production growth to overtake China's in less than 10 years - Fitch Solutions Jun 17 2020
Perth Mint receives orders to audit conflict gold purchasing allegations, stops taking artisanal gold Jun 17 2020
India sees half of its gold refineries close after COVID-19 - report Jun 16 2020
Powell stresses uncertainty around 'timing' and 'strength' of the U.S. recovery, gold prices wait for direction Jun 16 2020
Bitcoin is here to stay: Crypto's structure more resilient than currencies, equities, Treasuries, and gold — JPMorgan Jun 15 2020
New mystery: Who left $200K worth of gold on a Swiss train and forgot to claim it Jun 15 2020
Market volatility is bullish for gold: Is $1,800 back on the table next week? Jun 12 2020
'Perfect storm' for gold bulls: Bond market and bearish outlook for U.S. dollar - Pepperstone Jun 11 2020
Gold to shed $150 by year-end as fear of runaway prices is premature: Capital Economics Jun 11 2020
Gold price shoots up as Fed keeps rates unchanged, forecasts no rate hikes through 2022 Jun 10 2020
Gundlach sounds alarm on 'Superman' Powell using yield-curve control, makes bold gold call Jun 10 2020
'Investing in gold' to offset U.S. dollar losing its dominance - Scott Minerd Jun 09 2020
Lunar gold rush? Ice Favorability Index gives prospectors a chance to strike big on the moon — study Jun 08 2020
'Investors who raise allocation to precious metals are sitting on a gold mine' - ANZ Jun 08 2020
'Big buying opportunity': Gold price to rebound as U.S. faces 'lingering damage' Jun 05 2020
Trend reversal in silver is coming: TD Securities bets long on silver Jun 04 2020
First U.S.-minted gold coin is back on the market and it could go for $15 million Jun 03 2020
Bank of Canada keeps rate unchanged as Tiff Macklem begins his term as governor Jun 03 2020
What is China's new digital currency all about? Jun 02 2020
Gold and bitcoin are the 'top candidates to advance in 2020' - Bloomberg Intelligence Jun 02 2020
'We expect a considerable drop in gold prices', says ABN Amro Jun 01 2020
Gold price to breach record high of $1,920 if Fed turns negative on rates - Standard Chartered Jun 01 2020
'June like no other': Geopolitics could take gold prices 'into crazy territory' - analysts May 29 2020
Mining company blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal heritage site in Australia May 28 2020
Russia's gold production surges 9%, silver production plunges 11% in 2019 May 28 2020
Gold prices lose some altitude as U.S. pending home sales plunge in April May 28 2020
Gold to see $5,000-$9,000 price levels in 10 years - In Gold We Trust Report May 27 2020
Why is gold not rallying? This research points to 'market manipulations on a scale rarely seen before' May 25 2020
Coronavirus lockdown leads to surprise discovery: Kids find $100K worth of gold bars in French town May 25 2020
Gold price is stuck below $1,800, when can it break out? Analysts weigh in May 22 2020
'Extreme volatility' ahead for gold: Next 10 years to see 'never really imagined' price levels - Digix co-founder May 21 2020
Will private gold ownership be banned if inflation runs out of control? Odey thinks so May 21 2020
Putin orders Russian army to help contain COVID-19 outbreak at country's largest gold mine May 20 2020
Is silver a high beta version of gold? Capital Economics looks at key price drivers May 19 2020
Gold price sees double digit gains as Powell reiterates Fed may need to do more to help the U.S. economy May 19 2020
'The biggest bad news out there': Gold eyes U.S.-China trade tensions next week May 15 2020
Silver price to outperform gold in Q2 - Orchid Research May 14 2020
'Lack of new major gold deposits': Discovery numbers dive in the last decade - S&P Global Market Intelligence May 14 2020
Should gold be closer to $1,350? Scotiabank looks at disconnect between physical demand and investor inflows May 13 2020
Gold is 'one of most undervalued' assets on the market - Elliot Management May 13 2020
Gold's price rally to $2,000 postponed till the end of 2021 - TD Securities May 12 2020
Australia to be world's top gold producer in 2021, overtaking China with its expansion plans - report May 12 2020
COVID-19 to accelerate development of central bank digital currencies - ING May 11 2020
New high scenario for gold sees prices approach $1,900 next year - RBC Capital Markets May 11 2020
What does the new 'big quest for yield' mean for gold prices next week? May 08 2020
'Truly bullish case': Gold price and the 'Japanification of the U.S.' - Pepperstone May 07 2020
HSBC sees surge in value-at-risk limit breaches, cites 'delivery disruptions in gold market' May 07 2020
Central-bank gold selling 'limited' but holdings could be used as collateral: Standard Chartered May 06 2020
Gold prices sell off as major refineries reopen, analysts look for spot-futures spread normalization May 06 2020
This bubble could decide whether gold goes to $3K or $10K - Celsius Network CEO May 05 2020
India's gold imports plunge nearly 100% in April on COVID-19 shutdowns, hit multi-decade lows - reports May 05 2020
Next step for gold price is to breach the $1,900 peak - Bloomberg Intelligence May 04 2020
Danger of second COVID-19 wave could 'kick' gold prices to new record highs - The Perth Mint CEO May 04 2020
Will gold's seasonality kick in? Here are the price levels for May May 01 2020
Venezuela now wants to sell its BOE-stored gold to the U.N. for coronavirus relief - reports Apr 30 2020
COVID-19 mining shutdowns hurt silver production the most, gold the least - report Apr 29 2020
Scotiabank's metals business closure could impact daily gold price discovery - analysts Apr 28 2020
The world needs a new kind of currency, says Shanghai Gold Exchange president Apr 28 2020
U.S. dollar is 'the only fly in the ointment' for gold as prices overreach - Mitsubishi Apr 28 2020
Weak Asian gold demand ‘to test historic lows’ but not impact price rally Apr 27 2020
Major price dislocations in gold and oil: what do these markets have in common? Apr 27 2020
One in six Americans chooses gold as 'best' long-term investment — Gallup Apr 26 2020
Gold price is ready for $1,800: Markets are watching these two events next week Apr 24 2020
Can palladium see temporary surplus this year? Norilsk Nickel makes its projection Apr 23 2020
'Hold physical gold' not 'synthetic exposures' as prices to challenge all-time highs of $1,920 - UBP Apr 23 2020
Gold prices up 1% as U.S. manufacturing PMI drops to 11-year lows, service sector sees record lows Apr 23 2020
Is gold price ready to test $1,800 amid this market 'mayhem'? Apr 22 2020
Silver is a 'tagalong' that will underperform gold until this catalyst kicks in - Scotiabank Apr 21 2020
Confusion over North Korea's Kim Jong Un being seriously ill shakes markets, gold price Apr 21 2020
Time to target $1,900 gold price, here's the timeline - TD Securities Apr 20 2020
What do massive losses in oil mean for the gold price? Apr 20 2020
Dramatic shift: Why gold prices might not breach $1,800 this spring Apr 17 2020
NASA wants to make oxygen on Mars and gold is a key part of it Apr 17 2020
NASA wants to make oxygen on Mars and gold is a key part of it Apr 16 2020
Higher gold prices to trigger spike in M&A activity in 2020 - Fitch Solutions Apr 16 2020
'Bottom in silver': 2020 is 'the best buying opportunity' - ABC Bullion Apr 16 2020
Royal Canadian Mint joins fight against COVID-19 by making hand sanitizer, face shields Apr 15 2020
Thailand PM to the people after rush to sell gold: ‘Sell gradually’ Apr 15 2020
Spread in gold market continues to baffle investors as futures prices eye higher levels Apr 14 2020
As IMF warns of 'crisis like no other', gold is working its way to new record highs Apr 14 2020
Gold prices could see a more bullish run than 2009-2012, but there is a caveat, says Scotiabank Apr 13 2020
'Gold is a hedge against the madness': Price pullbacks are now buying opportunities - Pepperstone Apr 13 2020
'Floodgates are open for gold to move higher': Inflation, retail in focus - analysts Apr 09 2020
'Cash is king?' Ray Dalio doubles down on 'cash is trash' relative to gold during Reddit AMA Apr 08 2020
New opportunity for silver: Demand to see a shake-up after COVID-19 outbreak - BMO Apr 08 2020
Trump signs executive order supporting space mining, Russia criticizes the move Apr 07 2020
Russian central bank asked to resume gold purchases to help miners Apr 07 2020
Gold price outlook for April: Can gold continue to outperform equities? Apr 06 2020
How high is gold price going next week? It all depends on these 3 factors Apr 03 2020
Best time for gold prices will be April-June: BNP Paribas Apr 02 2020
Buying 'paper gold' ETFs could be 'huge failure' if gold is in short supply - Bond King Gundlach Apr 02 2020
Here's how gold prices will get to $1,800 in the next three quarters — UOB Apr 01 2020
Gold prices recover from daily lows as ISM Manufacturing Index falls below 50.0 but beats expectations Apr 01 2020
Can silver price deliver in 2020? Mar 31 2020
Gold vs. stocks: 'The deck has been reshuffled in gold's favor in Q1' - analysts Mar 31 2020
Plenty of gold sitting in 'wrong location' and in 'wrong form' — Scotiabank Mar 30 2020
Kicking off historic bull run: 'Look for new record highs above $1,921' — Credit Suisse Mar 30 2020
Worried about gold shortage? Here's what the gold price thinks Mar 27 2020
Gold price at $2,000 is a 'distinct possibility' into 2021 - TD Securities Mar 26 2020
Are you late to the gold price party if you didn't buy 6 months ago? Mar 26 2020
Can surging demand for gold and silver last? COVID-19 lockdowns threaten sales, prices Mar 25 2020
New threat to higher gold prices: COVID-19's 'deflationary spiral' - Capital Economics Mar 25 2020
Get ready for $2,500 gold price this summer - B. Riley FBR Mar 24 2020
New record-high gold prices are coming in the medium term - CPM Group Mar 24 2020
It's time to buy gold, miners: prices in store for 'superior' trading next 3 years - Sprott Mar 23 2020
Gold jumps well above $1,500 as U.S. economic outlook 'dire' amid surging unemployment; prices ready for more gains Mar 23 2020
Gold prices to reverse course next week? All eyes on surging U.S. unemployment numbers Mar 20 2020
Is bitcoin a safe haven? What COVID-19 pandemic means for prices Mar 19 2020
Gold price sees more losses below $1,500 as S&P 500 sell-off triggers 'circuit breaker', halts trading Mar 18 2020
Massive silver price drop triggers a 'rush to buy' in India - INTL FCStone Mar 18 2020
COVID-19's shift to global pandemic ups gold’s year-end price by nearly $200 - Westpac Mar 17 2020
Recession is coming; gold prices to hit new record highs, but when? Mar 17 2020
Is $1,600 the new price top for gold in 2020? Capital Economics weighs in on metal's latest price action Mar 16 2020
Central banks slash rates to fight COVID-19; but why is gold price below $1,500 and silver, PGMs plummet? Mar 16 2020
What's next for gold price? COVID-19 targets U.S., Europe; Fed looks to cut rates to zero Mar 13 2020
Coronavirus market meltdown takes gold, silver, palladium and platinum down with it Mar 12 2020
Cramer on COVID-19 fears: 'Still not too late to own some gold' Mar 11 2020
Why is gold not at $1,900 this week? Scotiabank points to this reason Mar 10 2020
'Gold up, the rest down': it's a 'stair-step rally' for gold prices - Bloomberg Intelligence Mar 09 2020
Is gold the answer to Monday's market troubles? Analysts double down on metal's safety allure Mar 09 2020
10-year Treasury yield below 1% means Fed 'hasn't gone far enough' - analysts Mar 03 2020
Investors pour into U.S. Treasuries, gold follows stocks in major sell-off Feb 28 2020
Gold is safe below $1,600, price recovery is coming — analysts Feb 28 2020
If coronavirus fallout lasts into Q2, gold price could see $1,800 levels - Goldman Sachs Feb 27 2020
Catching gold's elusive $1,700 level: Prices eye coronavirus cases, U.S. Super Tuesday - Pepperstone Feb 26 2020
Looking to $2,000 gold price: Coronavirus is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ — Sprott CEO Feb 25 2020
Gold price explodes as coronavirus cases surge in Italy, South Korea, Iran Feb 24 2020
Is $1,700 gold price next? It’s possible in the short-term – analysts Feb 21 2020
End of bear super-cycle? 'Gold breaking away from the pack' - Wells Fargo Feb 19 2020
Gold is looking at $1,700 in 2020 and $2,000 in 2021/22: Citi Feb 19 2020
Palladium prices up 8% on the day, looking at new record highs on deficit concerns Feb 18 2020
Can coronavirus trigger a 'black swan' event? Gold price is watching the negatives - analysts Feb 14 2020
Gold's $1,600 level to remain elusive, prices to test physical floor - Standard Chartered Feb 13 2020
Canadian mining industry will have nearly 80,000 jobs to fill in the next decade - report Feb 12 2020
China's gold demand could fall by 10% in 2020, analysts cite economic uncertainty, coronavirus Feb 11 2020
Higher prices ahead for gold, metal to average above $1,600 by July, says TD Securities Feb 10 2020
Gold's new price floor of $1,550 is its 'buying opportunity' — Scotiabank Feb 10 2020
Has coronavirus peaked? Gold prices find support in the fallout Feb 07 2020
Strong silver price rebound is coming this month, says Orchid Research Feb 06 2020
Gold price is eyeing central banks' reaction to coronavirus - INTL FCStone Feb 06 2020
Gold prices try to hold $1,560 price level as U.S. weekly jobless claims drop by 15K Feb 06 2020
Top mining trends: Joint ventures, social investor, prepping for the next downturn — Deloitte Feb 05 2020
U.S. Mint gold coin sales see a sharp jump after worst year on record Feb 05 2020
Gold to kick-off a bull market this year, $1,700 is resistance target - Bloomberg Intelligence Feb 04 2020
Best gold plays as prices eye $1,600 level Feb 03 2020
Is gold price ready for a breakout? Here’s what the markets are watching next week Jan 31 2020
'There is fear out there': People are taking advantage of higher gold prices Jan 30 2020
Powell triggers small gold price rally after Fed keeps rates unchanged Jan 29 2020
Gold prices steady as Fed keeps rates unchanged Jan 29 2020
Is Fed worried about the coronavirus and will Powell talk about it? Jan 28 2020
Beware of gold price correction in the coming weeks — ABN AMRO Jan 27 2020
Gold prices edge up as U.S. new home sales disappoint in December Jan 27 2020
Gold eyes $1,600 as Fed meeting, new virus threat in focus next week Jan 24 2020
Gold bulls to have the upper hand in 2020, but massive rally is unlikely — INTL FCStone Jan 23 2020
More investors feel 'comfortable' holding long gold positions - VanEck Jan 22 2020
'Gold is a place you want to be' in this 'liquidity-driven market' - David Rosenberg Jan 21 2020
Gold at $1,600 is the 'bare minimum' for 2020 — Goldex CEO Jan 20 2020
Eyes on palladium as the metal continues its parabolic rise — TD Securities Jan 20 2020
Should you stay long gold? Don’t mind the rallying stock market — analysts Jan 17 2020
Gold consolidates while PGMs continue on their 'runaway train' — TD Securities Jan 16 2020
Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index jumps to 17 in January, beating expectations Jan 16 2020
Platinum breaches $1,000, nears 2-year high as investors turn long on the metal - analysts Jan 15 2020
The Perth Mint attributes sales surge to a single European country Jan 15 2020
Gold to lose steam in 2020: Prices to fall back to $1,400 - Capital Economics Jan 14 2020
Gold prices to hit $1,650 in second half of 2020 - TD Securities Jan 13 2020
'Gold, gold, gold': The metal wants to go to $1,800 - Cramer Jan 13 2020
How soon can we see $1,600 gold price again? Jan 10 2020
Gold jumps as U.S. economy disappoints with 145,000 rise in nonfarm payrolls Jan 10 2020
Perth Mint's gold coin sales surge in 2019 while the U.S. Mint sees worst year on record Jan 09 2020
Gold's $1,500 level is 'looking like the new 2020 floor' - Scotiabank Jan 08 2020
Gold prices kick off new bull run: $1,700 is 'initial resistance' - Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 07 2020
Geopolitics and trade: Steering through top risks of 2020 Jan 06 2020
Palladium hits record highs as prices trade above $2,000 Jan 06 2020
U.S. Mint's 2019 gold coin sales weakest on record, investors favor ETFs, stock market Jan 02 2020
How do gold's 2019 gains stack up in different currencies? Dec 31 2019
Gold prices look ready to start the new year with a bang Dec 27 2019
Gold eyes $1,620 in 2020 on global de-dollarization theme, geopolitical risks - ANZ Dec 24 2019
If you invested $10K in gold in 2009, where would you be? Dec 23 2019
Is recession a serious threat in 2020? Dec 23 2019
Gold prices ignore better-than-expected U.S. new home sales from November as October sees big downside revision Dec 23 2019
Gold price shows off its resilience, here's what to expect as markets enter holiday mode Dec 20 2019
Is bitcoin new decade’s digital gold? Halving, regulation, and volatility are key for prices in 2020 Dec 18 2019
‘The gold bug ain’t dead’ — TD Securities Dec 17 2019
Can silver prices top gold's performance in 2020? Analyst watching improving demand Dec 16 2019
What's next for gold prices after U.S.- China deal and some Brexit clarity? Dec 13 2019
Trump's tweet tanks gold price rally despite downbeat U.S. data and dovish ECB Dec 12 2019
Palladium hits new record high, breaks $1,900 on supply concerns Dec 11 2019
Bitcoin turns mainstream: Prices to hit $12K in 2020, volatility to decline - Bloomberg Intelligence Dec 10 2019
'There's little reason' for long-term gold holders to sell - RBC Wealth Management Dec 10 2019
What kind of a gold investor are you? Dec 09 2019
Two key events to watch this week - MKS PAMP Group Dec 09 2019
With a non-event Fed next week, could gold prices make a comeback? Dec 06 2019
Following Poland's lead, another country wants its gold back Dec 05 2019
Gold prices steady as U.S. factory orders rebound in October Dec 05 2019
Gold prices retreat to daily lows as U.S. weekly jobless surprise with seven-month low figure Dec 05 2019
Gold is ready to 'join the all-time-highs club' in the new decade - Bloomberg Intelligence Dec 04 2019
Gold prices at daily lows despite disappointing U.S. service sector data Dec 04 2019
Gold eyes $1,492 level - FXTM Dec 04 2019
'Silver is at a critical vertex': CPM Group issues silver buy call Dec 03 2019
'Smart money' continues to choose gold - Mitsubishi Dec 03 2019
U.S. tariff turmoil targets more countries, boosts gold - RBC Wealth Management Dec 03 2019
London's value of gold and silver vault holdings see record highs in August - LBMA Dec 02 2019
How to maximize your gains during a gold price rally Dec 02 2019
Gold holds $1,450 support on dovish Fed outlook - TD Securities Dec 02 2019
'Unchartered territories': Lagarde talks first ECB review in 16 years; gold in euros under pressure Dec 02 2019
Gold prices to peak at $1,500 in 2020, Fed to play key role - ING Nov 29 2019
Strong stocks and U.S. dollar are blocking gold’s major move up - RBC Wealth Management Nov 29 2019
This metal will hit $2,000 before gold does - analysts Nov 28 2019
'Very quiet' session as traders are 'sitting out' during U.S. holiday - MKS PAMP Group Nov 28 2019
New gold buying opportunity next week? Watch for price shakeout to $1,425 Nov 27 2019
U.S. weekly jobless claims drop by 15K Nov 27 2019
Better-than-expected U.S. GDP data puts more pressure on gold prices Nov 27 2019
One Russian Far East region mines 40 tons of gold worth $2.1 billion this year, breaks 40-year record Nov 26 2019
U.S. new home sales miss expectations for October, see big upside revision for September Nov 26 2019
Gold holds the $1,450 support - MKS PAMP Group Nov 26 2019
Gold 'symbolizes strength': Poland repatriates 100 tons from London Nov 25 2019
Asia's gold imports at 'historically low levels', trend to weigh on prices in 2020 - Capital Economics Nov 25 2019
Risk-on sentiment could push gold to monthly lows of $1,445 - Bannockburn Global Forex Nov 25 2019
Gold price has 'every reason in the world to rally', why isn't it? Nov 22 2019
Here's how gold prices will return to $1,500 and climb higher - Standard Chartered Nov 22 2019
Bitcoin hits 6-month lows on reports of China crackdown, technicals Nov 21 2019
Gold remains under pressure as Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index rises Nov 21 2019
What's driving rising Chinese 'shadow reserves'? Nov 20 2019
Breakdown in U.S.-China talks to send gold surging above $1,500 - FXTM Nov 20 2019
Going long gold in 2020: Prices to hit $1,650 - TD Securities Nov 19 2019
Gold needs a move through $1,480 ’to entice fresh interest‘ - MKS PAMP Group Nov 19 2019
Gold prices look past fresh U.S. housing data from October Nov 19 2019
Gold challenged to scale summer’s peaks Nov 18 2019
Serbia joins gold buying spree with a 9-ton bullion purchase as it looks for safety Nov 18 2019
Gold bulls are 'out of favor' in the near-term - TD Securities Nov 18 2019
Can gold shake off downward pressure next week? Nov 15 2019
Unique split on Wall Street to keep investors guessing the gold price next week Nov 15 2019
Gold prices unchanged after U.S. retail sales rebound in October Nov 15 2019
What's capping gold price gains? Nov 14 2019
Breakeven entry point for gold bulls is $1,440 - TD Securities Nov 14 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims rise by 14K as gold prices trade near daily highs Nov 14 2019
Gold at daily highs as U.S. PPI beats expectations in October Nov 14 2019
Gold in 2020: Prices to climb to $1,600 in 12 months after correction - ABN Amro Nov 13 2019
Gold keeps all daily gains as Powell says 'sustained expansion' is likely for the U.S. Nov 13 2019
Rally or not, risk to gold is still to the downside - TD Securities Nov 13 2019
Gold prices near daily highs despite better-than-expected inflation in October Nov 13 2019
Wealthy investors brace for market sell-off, higher volatility - UBS Nov 12 2019
A move below $1,440 in gold is a worry for traders - RBC Wealth Management Nov 12 2019
Here's the link between stocks and yield curve, but gold stocks are the exception — BofAML Nov 11 2019
Gold touching $1,600 in 2020 is not ruled out - RBC Capital Markets Nov 11 2019
Gains in gold limited as violence escalates in Hong Kong - MKS PAMP Group Nov 11 2019
Gold's $1,450 price floor saves the day, but floodgates can still open - analysts Nov 08 2019
Gold to stabilize at $1,400 in 2020 then peak above $1,600 in 2021 - Macquarie Nov 07 2019
Gold prices sell off but anything above $1,450 is still a buying opportunity - analysts Nov 07 2019
A drop below $1,480 could signal gold is running out of steam - TD Securities Nov 07 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims drop by 8K as gold prices trade under pressure amid risk-on sentiment Nov 07 2019
Gold at year-end: 'Risk sell-off' supports bullish price outlook - Orchid Research Nov 06 2019
'We like Barrick and Agnico Eagle' - Jim Cramer Nov 06 2019
Fed speak, U.S.-China trade deal could send gold back to $1,460 - FXTM Nov 06 2019
'Gold antsy to exit its cage': Price outlook tilted to the upside - Bloomberg Intelligence Nov 05 2019
Gold prices hit new daily lows as U.S. service sector beats expectations in October Nov 05 2019
'Ebbing price action' in gold could trigger selloff - TD Securities Nov 05 2019
Gold up 12% in Q3, prices have a chance to test $1,650 in the future - Refinitiv Nov 04 2019
Gold up 12% in Q3, prices have a chance to test $1,650 in the future — Refinitiv Nov 04 2019
India's gold imports drop 33% in October as high prices hurt demand Nov 04 2019
Gold is range-bound for now: $1,500-$1,525 - RBC Wealth Management Nov 04 2019
November gold prices need a spark, here's what to watch - analysts Nov 01 2019
Gold price dips to attract new buyers - RBC Wealth Management Nov 01 2019
No end to palladium’s good fortune Oct 31 2019
Risk-off tone after Fed meeting is giving gold prices a boost - TD Securities Oct 31 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims rise by 5K as gold prices trade firmly above $1,500 Oct 31 2019
Gold prices recover as Powell says no rate hikes until inflation rises 'significantly' Oct 30 2019
Where will gold prices settle after Fed cuts rates again? Oct 30 2019
Powell's comments more important than Fed's rate decision, watch the DXY - FXTM Oct 30 2019
Better-than-expected U.S. GDP data drags gold prices down Oct 30 2019
Gold prices tick down as ADP reports 125K private sector jobs were added in October Oct 30 2019
Bitcoin could collapse or hit record highs with this 2020 event risk Oct 29 2019
U.S. Pending Home Sales surprise on the upside in September, gold prices tick up Oct 29 2019
Gold edges up from daily lows as U.S. consumer confidence misses expectations in October Oct 29 2019
Gold down due to Fed anxiety, options expiry Monday - RBC Wealth Management Oct 29 2019
Gold prices to hit $1,600 in April and it’s not because of the Fed Oct 28 2019
Diwali gold sales down 40% as high gold price weighs on demand - analysts Oct 28 2019
The gold market could be disappointed come the FOMC meeting - TD Securities Oct 28 2019
What happens to the gold price when Fed cuts rates next week? Oct 25 2019
Silver prices surge 3% on the day as analysts point to industrial demand Oct 25 2019
Hefty gold price to cloud Diwali’s celebrations and weigh on gold demand - analysts Oct 24 2019
Gold tries to break resistance as U.S. durable-goods miss expectations Oct 24 2019
Gold prices can get to $1,700 in just 6 months, here's how - ANZ Oct 23 2019
Gold's short-term risk is lower, but the metal is heading to $1,600 in 2020 - TD Securities Oct 23 2019
Gold's 'rally is over': Copper to be the star of 2020, says Capital Economics Oct 22 2019
Degussa sees record gold sales, ups 2020 price forecast to above $1,700 Oct 22 2019
Gold's price action to pickup with U.S. earnings season - MKS PAMP Group Oct 22 2019
Time to take profits in gold: TD Securities points to $1,489 level Oct 21 2019
Eric Sprott has information: Silver is going up Oct 21 2019
Gold is moving back towards $1,500: RBC Wealth Management Oct 21 2019
Gold stuck near $1,500: When is the next big price move coming? Oct 18 2019
Gold’s summer uptrend in trouble amid lack of fear - TD Securities Oct 18 2019
China owns more gold than data shows - Wells Fargo Oct 17 2019
Brexit’s extension past October 31 deadline is still the most likely scenario — Bannockburn Global Forex Oct 17 2019
Gold prices edge down amid mixed U.S. housing data Oct 17 2019
Gold prices to return to $1,500 levels soon - analysts Oct 11 2019
Gold prices near the $1,500 level are here to stay, says Westpac Oct 10 2019
Gold prices near the $1,500 level are here to stay, says Westpac Oct 10 2019
Wells Fargo: Time to look at gold and bonds, major volatility coming in 2020 Oct 10 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims surprise with a 10K drop Oct 10 2019
China and Russia bought 251 tonnes of gold this year Oct 09 2019
Fundamentals to drive gold prices to $1,650 within 12 months - TD Securities Oct 09 2019
Geopolitics support gold prices, next major resistance is $1,535: MKS PAMP Group Oct 09 2019
Gold prices spike to daily highs as Powell says Fed to expand balance sheet ‘soon’ Oct 08 2019
Trump's trade tweets weigh on market’s Fed expectations, says Goldman Oct 08 2019
U.S.-China trade headlines to dictate gold price direction this week: MKS PAMP Group Oct 08 2019
Brexit drama is pushing U.K. investors into gold - Goldex Oct 07 2019
Russia dumps U.S. dollar: Country’s top oil producer chooses euro for all future deals Oct 07 2019
Interest around $1,500-$1,490 keeps gold price action 'buoyant': MKS PAMP Group Oct 07 2019
Silver to see ‘strong’ rebound in October, says Orchid Research Oct 04 2019
Gold prices are watching U.S. data deterioration, ready to jump on bad news Oct 04 2019
Goldman Sachs says gold is going to $1,600, watch the perceived risk of recession Oct 03 2019
Palladium 'running down available inventory' - BMO Oct 03 2019
Gold is not seeing a 'reversal of fortune', says Scotiabank Oct 02 2019
Gold prices to follow palladium to record highs - Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 02 2019
‘Multiple lifelines’ to boost gold higher this week - FXTM Oct 02 2019
Miners face growing hurdles accessing water – Moody's Oct 01 2019
Barrick Gold in uptrend, Newmont to reverse downtrend - BMO Oct 01 2019
Risk aversion could quickly boost gold back to recent highs - FXTM Oct 01 2019
Riding the gold rally: Two gold tycoons add $1.8 billion to their fortunes in 2019 Sep 30 2019
Gold's support at $1,485 to 'restrict further declines' - MKS PAMP Group Sep 30 2019
Gold won't let go of $1,500 level, geopolitics dominates Sep 27 2019
U.S. durable-goods beat expectations but gold holds $1,500 Sep 27 2019
RNC strikes gold again: New discovery worth nearly $4 million Sep 26 2019
Gold prices edge down as U.S. Pending Home Sales surprise on the upside in August Sep 26 2019
Geopolitics remain gold-supportive, all eyes turn to impeachment developments: MKS PAMP Group Sep 26 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims rise by 3K as gold prices hover near daily lows Sep 26 2019
Weak Asian demand to reverse gold’s rally, prices to fall below $1,400 - Capital Economics Sep 25 2019
Russia mulling $1 billion investment in Venezuela's gold, diamond projects Sep 25 2019
U.S. New Home Sales surprise on the upside in August, gold prices drop Sep 25 2019
Market is still under pricing October rate cut - TD Securities Sep 25 2019
Gold price to hit $1,600 on geopolitical turmoil Sep 24 2019
Gold at $2,000 is bad for diamonds - Citigroup Sep 24 2019
U.S. consumer confidence disappoints in September, gold rises Sep 24 2019
Gold still has room to the upside on safe haven demand and the Federal Reserve Sep 24 2019
Gold's new floor is $1,450 and central banks are to thank for that - Standard Chartered Sep 23 2019
Palladium hits record highs, is $1,700 next? Sep 23 2019
Is gold's new catalyst already here? Sep 20 2019
Gold won't go higher unless China tensions ratchet - INTL FCStone Sep 09 2019
China adds 100 tons of gold to its reserves in just 9 months Sep 09 2019
Gold needs a move past $1,530 to renew its rally - MKS PAMP Group Sep 09 2019
Gold to keep bullish trend next week: ECB, U.S. data in focus Sep 06 2019
The downside in gold is limited: FXTM Sep 06 2019
Did gold rally run its course? Global paradigm shift points to higher prices long-term Sep 05 2019
Gold prices down more than 2% on the day as U.S. service sector beats expectations Sep 05 2019
Higher gold prices drag China and India imports down: BMO Sep 05 2019
Gold-backed ETFs are just 2% away from an all-time high - WGC Sep 05 2019
Gold prices to pick off U.S. dollar high next - Bloomberg Intelligence Sep 04 2019
Investors have 'no reason to sell gold' - FXTM Sep 04 2019
'Silver can easily achieve $25 by Thanksgiving' - analyst Sep 03 2019
Gold prices climb above $1,550 as ISM Manufacturing Index falls below 50.0 Sep 03 2019
Shanghai nickel hits record highs as Indonesia plans to expedite ore export ban - SP Angel Sep 03 2019
Gold cautious: Focus on Powell’s final hint before Sept. meeting, U.S. economic outlook Aug 30 2019
Central banks' love affair with gold continues as currency wars threaten outlook — ANZ Aug 29 2019
Short-term caution vs. long-term momentum in gold — MKS PAMP Group Aug 29 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims rise by 4K, in line with expectations Aug 29 2019
This gold and precious metal miners ETF is up nearly 60% year-to-date Aug 28 2019
Is bitcoin about to tank? Self-declared bitcoin creator ordered to pay $4bn to ex-partner Aug 28 2019
Investors are anxious despite a lull in the markets: FXTM Aug 28 2019
Can anyone predict the price of gold? It’s 'wishful thinking', says one gold mining consultant Aug 27 2019
Gold as stock market hedge: Look at long-call strategies, says Bloomberg Intelligence Aug 27 2019
Gold steady as U.S. consumer confidence posts slight decline in August Aug 27 2019
Gold bugs keeping ‘the bid in gold alive’ — TD Securities Aug 27 2019
Long-gold position to pay off as UBS sees metal at $1,650 in 12 months Aug 26 2019
Silver to remain in gold's shadow in 2020 — ABN Amro Aug 26 2019
Gold could be heading towards $1,600 on U.S.-China tensions: FXTM Aug 26 2019
Gold prices steady as U.S. durable-goods beat expectations Aug 26 2019
Last week of August could rock gold prices as markets watch Trump's response to China Aug 23 2019
U.S. New Home Sales disappoint, gold prices near daily highs Aug 23 2019
Gold to remain supported as U.S. yields are on downward trajectory: TD Securities Aug 23 2019
Hold Some But Not Too Much Gold, Says Wells Fargo Aug 22 2019
Russia's President Putin Cancels VAT on Gold and Other Precious Metals Investments Aug 22 2019
This Top Hedge Fund Makes Gold Its No. 1 Holding Amid Recession Fears Aug 22 2019
FOMC Minutes Point to Gold Bull Trend Moving Prices to $1,600: MKS PAMP Group Aug 22 2019
Gold Price Near Daily Lows as U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Surprise on the Upside Aug 22 2019
Gold Price Risks: 'Extremely Extended' Positioning, Powell at Jackson Hole - TD Securities Aug 21 2019
Russia's Gold-Buying Spree Not Letting Up: Central Bank Buys Another 300K Ounces in July Aug 21 2019
Gold Price Could Jump To $1,600 On Military Intervention in Hong Kong: SP Angel Aug 21 2019
U.K. Imports Of Swiss Gold Surge To 6-Year Highs On ETF Demand Aug 20 2019
Gold's Surge to $1,600 Could Trigger Selloff Down to $1,470 - INTL FCStone Aug 20 2019
Any Downward Price Moves In Gold Are Restricted By Trade Worries: MKS PAMP GROUP Aug 20 2019
What Will Powell Do at Jackson Hole and What Will It Mean for Gold? Analysts Weigh In Aug 19 2019
Ten Percent Of Your Money Should Be In Gold: Cramer Aug 19 2019
Gold's Direction Depends On Trade Headlines - MKS PAMP GROUP Aug 19 2019
Gold Zeroes In On Powell At Jackson Hole: Get Ready To Be Disappointed - Analysts Aug 16 2019
Gold Prices Under Slight Pressure Amid Mixed U.S. Housing Data Aug 16 2019
Buy Precious Metals Dips: Fed Skewed 'More Aggressively Dovish' - Scotiabank Aug 15 2019
Gold Is 'Best Hedge' Against $16 Trillion Of Bonds With A Negative Yield: Pepperstone Aug 15 2019
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Disappoint With A Rise To 220K Aug 15 2019
People Rush To Sell Gold Jewelry During Rally Aug 14 2019
What Does Gold Need To Stay Above $1,600? Wells Fargo Makes A List Aug 14 2019
Gold Prices Catching New Bid On Yield Curve Inversion Aug 14 2019
Gold Price Waits For Cues As Hong Kong-China Tensions Escalate Aug 13 2019
'No Place Like Gold': Investors Still Sprinting Towards Safety - Analysts Aug 13 2019
De-Dollarization To Boost Gold Price Rally: SP Angel Aug 13 2019
Gold Prices To Hit $1,575 In 3 Months, $1,600 In 6 Months - Goldman Sachs Aug 12 2019
Hong Kong Protests Trigger A New Bid Under Gold Aug 12 2019
Watch For More Momentum In Gold As U.S.-China Trade Tensions Deteriorate - MKS PAMP GROUP Aug 12 2019
Gold Could See An 'Explosive' Move Up Next Week, Here's What To Watch Aug 09 2019
Momentum In Gold And Silver Still Points Up: TD Securities Aug 09 2019
Gold Near Daily Lows As PPI Meets Expectations But Core PPI Disappoints In July Aug 09 2019
Bitcoin Is Just 'Meh' Vs Gold In 2019 - Bloomberg Intelligence Aug 08 2019
'Don't Stand In Front Of Gold's Runaway Train': TD Securities Adjusts Long Target To $1,590 Aug 08 2019
'No Better Alternative To Gold': FXTM Aug 08 2019
Better-Than-Expected U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Keep Gold Prices Near Daily Lows Aug 08 2019
Can Gold Hit $1,600 In August? INTL FCStone Weighs In Aug 07 2019
China's Central Bank 'De-Dollarizes', Buys More Gold Aug 07 2019
Gold Price Is Roaring: Strong Momentum Could See Metal Head To $1,550 Aug 07 2019
'Lehman-Like' Market Collapse Could Be Next: Nomura Aug 06 2019
Gold Is Too 'Pricey': Look At Platinum and Silver - Wells Fargo Aug 06 2019
'Quantitative Failure' Gives Gold A Chance At $2,000, Says BofAML Aug 06 2019
Gold's Close Above $1,460 Opens Door To $1,500, Says FXTM Aug 06 2019
Gold Prices Hit All-Time Highs In These Currencies Aug 05 2019
Playing The Trade War: Own Gold, Domestic Stocks With No China Exposure - Cramer Aug 05 2019
Gold Prices At Fresh 6-Year Highs As U.S. Service Sector Expands At Slowest Pace In 3 Years Aug 05 2019
Gold To Still End 2019 At $1,400, Markets 'Pricing In Too Much Fed Easing': Capital Economics Aug 05 2019
Gold On The Cusp Of $1,500: Trade Confusion Brightens Gold's Future Aug 02 2019
Traders Are Calling 'Fed’s Bluff' - TD Securities  Aug 02 2019
Gold's Mission: Revisit Resistance At $1,700 An Ounce - Bloomberg Intelligence Aug 01 2019
Gold Prices Climb As U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index Misses Expectations Aug 01 2019
A Drop Below $1,400 In Gold Could Signal Correction: MKS PAMP GROUP Aug 01 2019
World's First Space Mining Kits Blast Off Into Orbit Jul 31 2019
Central-Bank Gold Purchases To Near Six-Decade High In 2019 - Capital Economics Jul 31 2019
Gold And Silver Still 'Widely Under-Owned' Despite 'Enormous Asset Bubbles', Says Crescat Capital Jul 30 2019
Can Powell 'Out-Dove' The Market? Gold Eyeing Presser As Fed's 25bp Cut Is 'A Done Deal' — Analysts Jul 30 2019
Gold Sees Slight Drop As U.S. Pending Home Sales Surprise On The Upside In June Jul 30 2019
Australia's Gold Production To Hit New Record Highs This Year - Report Jul 29 2019
Fading Rallies: Gold's Summer Peak To Elude Markets For Another 5 Yrs - Capital Economics Jul 29 2019
Two Scenarios For Gold Next Week As Fed Reveals Its Hand Jul 26 2019
Gold Prices Drop On Slightly Better-Than-Expected GDP Data In Q2 Jul 26 2019
BAANG Vs. FAANG Stocks: Here's Why You Can’t Go Wrong With These Gold Miners Jul 25 2019
Look At 'The Long Side Of Silver' As Prices Hit One-Year Highs - Hightower Report Jul 25 2019
Gold Priced In Euros Erases Gains As ECB's Draghi Paves Way For Fresh Stimulus Jul 25 2019
Goldman Chooses Japanese Yen Over Gold As Best Hedge Jul 24 2019
Gold's Path To $1,500 Could Depend On S&P 500 Staying Below 3,000 - Bloomberg Intelligence Jul 24 2019
Gold At Daily Highs After U.S. Markit Manufacturing PMI Drops To 50 Jul 24 2019
Russia's Total Gold Reserves Top $100 Billion As Central Bank Adds Another 600K Ounces In June Jul 23 2019
Brexit With Boris: Can Gold Soar On Renewed Turbulence? Jul 23 2019
Gold Edges Up As U.S. Existing Home Sales Disappoint Jul 23 2019
Gold's Next Rally Will See $1,500 Levels, But Not Until End Of 2020, Says ABN AMRO Jul 22 2019
Silver's Rally To Close In On $19 In A Year - Analysts Jul 22 2019
Silver Near 2019 Highs, Metal Clears Major Technical Obstacle Jul 18 2019
Gold Vs Treasuries: What’s The Best Buy Right Now? Jul 17 2019
Silver Nears $16: 'Smart Investors' See Metal As 'Alternative Gold Play' - Orchid Research Jul 17 2019
Bitcoin Plunges Nearly 13% As Facebook's Crypto Plans Worry U.S. Senators Jul 16 2019
Gold Bulls 'Have Very Little Reason To Worry' - ThinkMarkets Jul 16 2019
Going Back To The Gold Standard 'Could Crush U.S. Economy' - Wells Fargo Jul 15 2019
Pink Diamond Prices Could Surge With Closure Of World's Largest Diamond Mine Jul 14 2019
Pakistan Slapped With A $6 Billion Fine In Mining Case Jul 14 2019
Trump: ‘I’m Not A Fan Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies’ Jul 11 2019
Gold To End The Year At $1,440, Says Westpac Jul 11 2019
Gold In Contact Lenses Helps Shield Eyes From Damaging Light - Study Jul 10 2019
Gold To Trend Higher On Recession Fears During Summer-Fall Period - Orchid Research Jul 10 2019
Gold's 'Cyclical Repricing': Ceiling At $1,440, Hard Floor At $1,350 - Scotiabank Jul 09 2019
Gold's Next Massive Rally Will See The Metal Head Towards $1,500, Says TD Securities Jul 08 2019
'The Right Time To Buy Gold Is When You Can Afford It' — Probis Securities Jul 08 2019
Fed's Easing Pace Questioned But Gold To Remain Around The $1,400 Level - Analysts Jul 05 2019
Precious Metals Hammered After U.S. Jobs Report: Gold, Silver Down 2%; Platinum Down Nearly 4% Jul 05 2019
Gold Plunges As U.S. Economy Creates 224K Jobs In June Jul 05 2019
Gold Prices Could Gain Another 5% In Q3 - FXTM Jul 04 2019
Low Liquidity On U.S. Independence Day Could Trigger 'Stop Hunting' In Gold - Analysts Jul 04 2019
Silver Sees Largest Daily ETF Inflow In A Year: BMO Jul 04 2019
Could Gold's Rally Point To A Real Deflation Threat? Jul 03 2019
World's Largest Gold Coin On Display At NYSE For One Day Only Jul 03 2019
Ripe For Next Bull Run: Can Gold Retrace 2013's $1,700 Peak? Jul 02 2019
Gold Prices Breach $1,430 In Asian Trading On Rising Demand, Risk-Off Appetite Jul 02 2019
'It's Bizarre': $1.1 Million In Gold Bars Stolen From Canadian Home Near U.S.-Canada Border Jun 30 2019
Gold Prices Plunge Below $1,400 As Markets Open After G20 Jun 30 2019
Gold's Set Up For More Gains, Prices To Approach $1,500 In 2020: TD Securities Jun 27 2019
Gold In A New 'Bullish Regime', Biased Towards 'Good News' - Orchid Research Jun 26 2019
With Gold's 'Aggressive Move' Up, Gold-Silver Ratio No Longer Matters: BMO Jun 25 2019
How High Is Gold Going? Market's Focus On Risks Driving The Rally - RBC Capital Markets Jun 25 2019
As Bitcoin Surges Past 11K, ThinkMarkets Hints At New Bubble That Could Reach 100K Jun 24 2019
Gold’s Massive Rally Rooted In 'Massive Dent In Confidence Of The Fed' - ABC Bullion Jun 24 2019
Gold Could Have More Buyers At $1,400 Than At $1,300 - Scotiabank Jun 23 2019
Russia Bought Another 200K Ounces Of Gold Right Before The Rally Jun 23 2019
Gold Breaches $1,400 In USD, Sets All-Time Record In AUD Jun 20 2019
Going Long Gold: TD Securities Adjusts Target To $1,485 Jun 20 2019
Fed Stands Pat On Rates, Gold Rallies On Dovish Perceptions Jun 19 2019
Gold Vs. Risk Assets: Precious Metal Just Beginning Its Recovery - Bloomberg Intelligence Jun 19 2019
'I Am Certainly Long Gold': Bond King Gundlach On 2019 Being Opposite Of 2018 Jun 18 2019
U.S. Housing Construction Data Helps Gold’s Rally Jun 18 2019
Gold Could Jump To $1,400 But Wells Fargo Still Advises Not To Buy Jun 17 2019
Facebook's New Crypto Will Take Company's Stock To New Highs, Help With Image Problems - Cramer Jun 17 2019
Gold Above $1,350 Is The Cure For Junior Miners - 121 Mining Investment Jun 06 2019
Malaysian PM Wants Gold-Backed Pan-Asian Currency: ‘Gold Is Much More Stable' Jun 02 2019
'Boring' Gold To 'Fire Up' With Scotiabank's 'No Trade Deal' Scenario Jun 02 2019
Gold Should Be 'Nicely' Above $1,300 By Now, What's Holding It Back? Pepperstone Weighs In May 30 2019
Price Of Gold Reacts to Trump's 5% Tariff Announcement On Mexican Imports May 30 2019
Gold Is Second Most Popular Investment Choice For The Swiss May 29 2019
Silver To Continue To Underperform Gold - Orchid Research May 28 2019
Conrad Black: Canada Should Embrace Partial Gold Standard May 28 2019
Could This Newly Discovered Gold-Loving Fungus Reveal Massive New Gold Deposits In Australia? May 27 2019
Gold To Tackle $1,300, Watch For 'Deteriorating Data' - TD Securities May 27 2019
Gold To Prioritize U.S. Economy And Geopolitics As Price Outlook Improves — Analysts May 24 2019
Gold Ignores A 2.1% Drop In U.S. Durable-Goods Orders May 24 2019
Traders Looking At Gold As Investment, Not Hedge … Here's What It Means For Prices — FX Empire May 23 2019
Russian Central Bank Looking Into Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency May 23 2019
Russia’s Spring Gold Update: Central Bank Buys Another 550,000 Ounces May 22 2019
'Gold Has Nothing To Stand On Right Now': Watch The $1,269 Price Level - Analysts May 21 2019
Gold Attempts To Break Away From Daily Lows As U.S. Existing Home Sales Disappoint May 21 2019
New Reality: Gold Has A Chance To Hit $1,400 This Year, Says Scotiabank May 16 2019
Don't Rule Out Gold At $1,450 In 2020 - UOB May 15 2019
Wells Fargo Cautions Investors Against Buying Gold May 15 2019
'Gold To Be Relegated': Bulls Disappointed With Gold Pausing After Rally - INTL FCStone May 14 2019
May Is The Month Gold Rebounds, Says This Gold Bull May 13 2019
Bitcoin Gains $1,000 Over The Weekend, No Signs Of Market Top May 12 2019
Is Fear Finally Coming Back? 'Outlook For Gold Works Against The Market' - Eric Sprott May 12 2019
More Sanctions, Tariffs? Trade War Or Not Investors To Flee Equities For Gold — Analysts May 09 2019
Gold At $1,350 Is A 'Tough Nut To Crack' — Scotiabank May 08 2019
Bullish Gold Wave Is Coming; Be Patient And Watch Inflation Data, Say Analysts May 03 2019
Gold Won't 'Hibernate' For Much Longer — Bloomberg Intelligence May 02 2019
Powell’s Presser Slashes Gold Prices, Fed Dismisses Low Inflation As Transitory May 01 2019
Australian Aging Mines Are 'Running Out Of Gold' - S&P Global Apr 30 2019
Gold To Surge To 6-Year Highs As S&P 500 Plummets By Year-End - Capital Economics Apr 30 2019
Tradewind Appoints J.P. Morgan Executive As New CEO Apr 30 2019
Traces Of Gold In Tree Leaves Can Help Pinpoint Deposits - Australian Miner Apr 29 2019
Russia's Central Bank Chief: Love Of Gold Stems From Need To Diversify Apr 28 2019
'Jeopardy!' Hot Streak Takes Champ Holzhauer Past $1M Mark, Totaling 887 Oz Of Gold Apr 25 2019
This Is The Gold Stock You Should Own - Jim Cramer Apr 24 2019
Fresh Shorts Are Driving Gold’s Sell-Off - Scotiabank Apr 23 2019
Russia's 2019 Gold Shopping Spree: Another 600,000 Ounces Added In March Apr 22 2019
Beware Of Gold’s Move To $1,250, All Eyes On U.S. GDP Figure Next Week Apr 18 2019
Gold Heads Further Down As Retail Sales Post Biggest Gains In Over A Year Apr 18 2019
Gold To Peak At $1,400 On Risk Aversion By Year-End — Capital Economics Apr 17 2019
Venezuela Sells $400 Million In Gold As Metal Hits 4-Month Lows... Coincidence? Analysts Weigh In Apr 16 2019
Dollar Is Overvalued, ‘Extremely Attractive’ For Long-Gold Positions - Standard Chartered Apr 15 2019
Gold Still To React To U.S. Dollar Weakness, Watch For A Move Higher — Analysts Apr 12 2019
Gold Is Stuck Between Dovish Fed And Risk-On Sentiment — ICBC Apr 11 2019
India's State Copper Miner To Boost Production By 160,000 Tonnes Per Year By 2025 Apr 10 2019
British Jeweler Unveils One Of The Largest Diamonds In The World Apr 10 2019
It Will Take Several Attempts To Break $1,350 Resistance - Scotiabank Apr 09 2019
'Just Waiting': Brexit Is Keeping Gold Investors On The Sidelines Apr 08 2019
Gold's Break Just Around The Corner? Watching Brexit, FOMC Minutes, ECB Apr 05 2019
Trump Picks Gold Standard Advocate Herman Cain For Federal Reserve Board Apr 04 2019
'FOMO' Is Pushing Money Out Of Gold ETFs And Into Equities - Analyst Apr 03 2019
Gold Is Heading Towards $1,400, Not $1,200 — Bloomberg Intelligence Apr 02 2019
Could A Hard Brexit Trigger A Gold Rally? Keep Watching The Pound, Analysts Say Apr 01 2019
Struggle For Gold's $1,300 Level Will End In Win For Bulls - Metals Focus Apr 01 2019
Surviving Gold Mining Downturns: One Junior Miner Turns To Hemp For Profit Mar 31 2019
Gold's Bear Market Will Only Be Over When This Level Is Breached - Strategist Mar 28 2019
'Short Palladium': Entry Level $1,431, Target $1,230 - TD Securities Mar 27 2019
Is Resource Nationalism A Threat To The Mining Industry? Mar 27 2019
U.K. Gold Thefts Top $180 Million Since 2013 - BBC Investigation Mar 26 2019
Gold To Rally To $1,360 'Sooner-Than-Expected' — TD Securities Mar 25 2019
Mounting Criticism Over Newmont-Goldcorp Merger: Paulson, VanEck Speak Out Mar 24 2019
Mounting Criticism Over Newmont-Goldcorp Merger: Paulson, VanEck Speak Out Mar 24 2019
Google Pay To Embrace Gold With New Investment Plan — Reports Mar 24 2019
'Trade Of The Century': Buy Gold, Sell Stocks - Crescat Capital Mar 21 2019
Spring Is Here And Gold Will Feel The Warmth - Analyst Mar 21 2019
Bear Market In Gold Is Over, But Watch Out For Short-Term Downside Risks - ICBC Mar 20 2019
Gold's $1,300 Is The New $1,200 As Central Banks Embrace De-Dollarization - Scotiabank Mar 19 2019
Strong Risk Appetite Is Keeping A Lid On Gold... For Now - TD Securities Mar 18 2019
What's In Your Phone? Scientists Throw A Smartphone Into A Blender To Isolate Metals Mar 17 2019
Gold, Silver, Platinum To Follow Palladium's Rally - Bloomberg Intelligence Mar 14 2019
Silver Has Better Fundamentals Than Gold - Mining CEO Mar 14 2019
Gold’s 'Healthy Year Of Gains': Climbing The Ladder To $1,367 - RBC Mar 13 2019
Gold Above $1,300 As May Suffers Another Heavy Brexit Defeat In Parliament Mar 12 2019
Ingredients For A Silver Breakout Are All There, Says This Analyst Mar 11 2019
'Now Is The Time To Invest': Gold Needs $41 Billion By 2028 - Wood Mackenzie Mar 11 2019
A Sense Of 'Renaissance' In The Mining Sector As PDAC 2019 Wraps For The Year Mar 08 2019
Gold's Dip Below $1,300 Is Temporary - Analyst Mar 07 2019
A Sense Of ‘Renaissance’ In The Mining Sector As PDAC 2019 Wraps For The Year Mar 07 2019
Canada's PM Trudeau Asked About Gold As Soon As He Arrived At PDAC Mar 06 2019
Gold's Technicals Are Looking Strong, Pointing To $1,480 In 2020 - Westpac Feb 28 2019
What's Not To Like About Gold Right Now? Feb 28 2019
Gold Miners Must Be Ambivalent To Gold Price Jumps - CEO Feb 28 2019
Why Are Markets Watching The India-Pakistan Flare-Up? Feb 27 2019
Nevada Is 'One Of The Cheapest Places' To Operate If You Are A Gold Miner - Mining CEO Feb 26 2019
Technical Issue That Halted All CME Global Exchanges Resolved - CME Group Feb 26 2019
Miners Need Silver At $18 To Really Go For It, Says First Majestic Silver CEO Feb 26 2019
Is Barrick Trying To Lower Newmont's Stock Price With Its Hostile Takeover Tactic? Feb 25 2019
Fed's Last Rate Hike Is An Inflection Point For Gold - Franco-Nevada's President Feb 25 2019

Tanzeel Akhtar

Crypto Miners Adjust Operations As U.S. And China Trade Heats Up May 28 2019
Bitcoin Price Plummets In Market Sell-Off, Then Rises Again May 21 2019
Bitcoin Rises Despite Recent Binance Hacking May 13 2019
Bitcoin Rises Despite Recent Binance Hacking May 13 2019
Ten Mysterious Crypto Whales Influence Bitcoin Prices May 07 2019
Ten Mysterious Crypto Whales Influence Bitcoin Prices May 06 2019

Bodo Albrecht

Sharp Rise In REE Prices In Response To Chinese Threats Jun 07 2019


Market wrap - July 6th, 2020 Jul 06 2020

Nigam Arora - Corner

Is Gold Finally Starting A New March To $2,000 Jun 24 2019

Allen Sykora

Wall St., Main St. look for gold prices to keep shining Jun 26 2020
TDS: COVID-19 fears interrupt but won't stop upward momentum in gold prices Jun 26 2020
Gabelli's Bryan; mining stocks lag gold based on history, leaving potential upside Jun 26 2020
Bannockburn: gold prices 'finding support above the top of the old range' Jun 26 2020
Commerzbank: stimulus efforts mean 'robust demand for gold as a safe haven' Jun 26 2020
BMO trims full-year price PGM price forecasts, maintains gold, silver outlooks Jun 25 2020
Gold remains softer after May U.S. durable-goods orders rise 15.8% Jun 25 2020
Commerzbank: Gold-price declines still used as 'buying opportunities' Jun 25 2020
More gold-sector M&A expected; no-premium deals gain in popularity Jun 24 2020
TDS: gold makes another attempt at $1,800; third time a charm? Jun 24 2020
BMO: Chinese auto sector to boost platinum demand Jun 24 2020
Metals Focus: gold prices to challenge all-time highs by year-end Jun 24 2020
Gold futures nearing psychological $1,800-an-ounce level Jun 24 2020
Midas Fund scouts for smaller gold producers with favorable ratio of share price to cash flow Jun 23 2020
Commerzbank: ETF holdings still rising; 'brisk demand' for gold as safe haven Jun 23 2020
U.S. Bank: 'central-bank policies should continue to support metals' Jun 23 2020
Money managers hike bullish positioning in gold futures Jun 22 2020
FXTM: gold 'a better alternative to many other asset classes' Jun 22 2020
Caldas Gold, Wheaton announce planned streaming deal for Marmato project Jun 22 2020
Standard Chartered: 'gold to continue to draw investor interest' Jun 22 2020
Exchange-traded funds post 'massive' inflow of gold - analysts Jun 22 2020
Gold prices trade to one-month high on COVID-19 concerns - analysts Jun 22 2020
Wall St., Main St. upbeat about short-term outlook for gold prices Jun 19 2020
Goldman Sachs hikes 12-month gold-price forecast to $2,000/oz Jun 19 2020
Commerzbank: ETF gold inflows slow but silver inflows remain 'robust' Jun 19 2020
Gold-mining shares still 'cheap' based on historical metrics - VanEck's Foster Jun 18 2020
TDS: gold 'coiling ahead of a breakout to higher prices' Jun 18 2020
Another 1.51 million Americans file initial jobless claims; gold pares loss Jun 18 2020
Metals Focus: 'investment inflows into silver are likely to continue,' $20/oz prices expected Jun 17 2020
Iamgold reports work stoppage at Rosebel mine Jun 17 2020
Commerzbank: Turkey becomes largest official-sector gold buyer in 2020 Jun 17 2020
Barrick cashes out partial stake in Shandong Gold Jun 16 2020
US Bank: 'Gold prices remain in a bullish longer-term trend' Jun 16 2020
Gran Colombia: May gold output nearly back to year-ago levels Jun 16 2020
Money managers trim gold bullish positioning to lowest level since May 2019 Jun 15 2020
Kinross Gold announces agreement to resolve issues Mauritanian government Jun 15 2020
RBC's Gero: gold under pressure but 'look for bargain hunting' Jun 15 2020
BBH: economic highlights include central-bank meetings, Powell, U.S. retail sales Jun 15 2020
Zijin Mining agrees to buy Guyana Goldfields for C$323 million Jun 12 2020
Wall St., Main St. expect gold prices to keep on shining Jun 12 2020
SP Angel: gold has strong week after investors saw metal as 'undervalued' Jun 12 2020
Gold prices surge on rotation into 'safety of gold, silver and bonds' Jun 11 2020
First Majestic acquires silver stream on First Mining's Springpole project Jun 11 2020
Another 1.54 million Americans file initial jobless claims; gold remains lower Jun 11 2020
Silvercorp won't match higher offer for Guyana Goldfields Jun 11 2020
BMO: Fed dovishness 'should be supportive of gold' Jun 11 2020
Gold prices to 'comfortably break through $1,800' - Metals Focus' Newman Jun 10 2020
Gold producers remain strong amid pandemic; prices to test $2,000 - VanEck's Foster Jun 10 2020
Goldman Sachs sees $1,800 gold prices with potential for $2,000 Jun 10 2020
TDS: 'can you hear the stampede of bulls on the horizon' in gold market? Jun 10 2020
BMO: investors bullish on gold prices for varying reasons Jun 10 2020
Amplats: repairs to ACP Phase B unit will be done next week Jun 10 2020
Metals Focus: European auto incentives to have limited impact on PGM demand Jun 10 2020
Palladium prices to remain well above platinum - Commerzbank Jun 09 2020
Kinross Gold sells stake in Pinecrest Resources for C$3.9 million Jun 09 2020
Artemis Gold agrees to buy Blackwater project from New Gold Jun 09 2020
Lumina Gold: new PEA shows increased mine life of 25 years Jun 09 2020
RBC's Gero: short covering boosts gold prices as stock futures ease Jun 09 2020
Commerzbank: gold ETFs post outflows while platinum ETFs record inflows Jun 09 2020
Verdence: U.S. economy has 'green shoots' but don't be 'complacent' Jun 09 2020
Money managers hike bullish silver positioning but scale back in gold Jun 08 2020
Eldorado Gold to begin construction of decline at Lamaque Jun 08 2020
FXTM: stocks recover quickly but consider 'portfolio insurance' such as gold Jun 08 2020
BBH: FOMC meeting, inflation, jobless claims highlight U.S. economic calendar Jun 08 2020
Wall St. mixed on gold prices; Main St. remains bullish Jun 05 2020
Walsh's Lusk: gold eases on 'run out of safe havens' after jobs report Jun 05 2020
Credit Suiise hikes gold-price forecasts, sees $1,701 average for 2020 Jun 05 2020
US Bank's Haworth: rising Fed balance sheet should support gold prices Jun 04 2020
Standard Chartered: equities 'stunted’ gold's advance but 'price risk remains skewed to the upside' Jun 04 2020
TDS: gold prices hold support, investors 'have reason to return' Jun 04 2020
WGC: ETF gold holdings hit record high in May Jun 04 2020
Another 1.88 million Americans file initial jobless claims; gold remains higher Jun 04 2020
BMO: Amplats news, Chinese car sales could boost PGM prices Jun 04 2020
Amplats announces temporary closure of ACP Phase B unit Jun 03 2020
Gold prices sliding as stocks, Treasury yields rise on economic optimism Jun 03 2020
Metals Focus: trade tensions impact electronics demand for precious metals Jun 03 2020
Great Panther Mining resuming Mexican operations Jun 03 2020
Commerzbank: Indian gold demand 'at rock bottom' Jun 03 2020
RBC's Gero: gold eases on profit-taking as investors seek 'other opportunities' Jun 03 2020
Solar power to remain 'important and consistent' source of demand for silver Jun 02 2020
Centerra Gold achieves commercial production at Öksüt Mine Jun 02 2020
Commerzbank: distrust of 'money printing' fuels ETF gold inflows Jun 02 2020
BBH: U.S. dollar under pressure; balance sheet for Fed grows faster than other central banks Jun 02 2020
Pan American Silver restarting mining operations Jun 01 2020
LBMA: fewer gold, silver ounces transferred in April than March Jun 01 2020
Operations restarted at Lundin Gold's Fruta del Norte mine Jun 01 2020
Money managers trim bullish gold positioning amid rise in equities Jun 01 2020
Monarch Gold sells Fayolle property to Iamgold for $11.5 million Jun 01 2020
Avino Silver & Gold announces reopening of Mexican mine Jun 01 2020
Bannockburn: gold's downward correction looks done, recent advance 'warns of a run at the high' Jun 01 2020
BBH: jobs report to highlight heavy weekly slate of U.S. economic data Jun 01 2020
Wall St., Main St. look for further gains in gold prices May 29 2020
BMO ups gold, silver forecasts, does not expect 'bad behaviors of the past' from producers May 29 2020
Mitsubishi: industrial, ETF demand boost silver prices during May May 29 2020
U.S. April personal spending falls while income rises; core inflation minus 0.4%; gold higher May 29 2020
Commerzbank: 'silver is currently in greater demand than gold' May 29 2020
Endeavour Silver restarts operations at Mexican mines May 29 2020
Credit Suisse: P/NAV suggests room for more upside in gold-mining stocks May 28 2020
Yamana Gold completes sale of royalty portfolio for $65 million May 28 2020
Gold maintains gains after U.S. durable-goods orders fall 17.2% in April May 28 2020
Another 2.12 million Americans file initial jobless claims; gold remains higher May 28 2020
Metals Focus: U.S., Germany account for most April Swiss gold exports May 28 2020
All signs are bullish, so why are gold prices in a rut? May 27 2020
Commerzbank: Swiss data confirm weak Asian demand but strong ETF demand for gold May 27 2020
U.S. Bank: 'central-bank money printing should keep gold prices supported' May 27 2020
Verdence: will summer be volatile for equities? May 27 2020
CPM Group's Savant: silver prices can benefit from both sides of COVID-19 debate May 26 2020
Gold remains softer U.S. sales of new U.S. homes rise 0.6% in April May 26 2020
TDS: rally in industrial precious metals 'could have some legs' May 26 2020
Commerzbank: Strong ETF gold inflows offsetting weak Chinese, Indian demand May 26 2020
Wall St., Main St. look for gold to regain its luster May 22 2020
Kinross: strike suspended at Tasiast gold mine May 22 2020
Golden Star reports COVID-19 impact at Prestea; guidance maintained May 22 2020
BMO: ETF holdings of gold, silver keep rising May 22 2020
Commerzbank: Hong Kong worries underpin gold prices May 22 2020
Silvercorp quarterly revenue, profit decline after output hit by COVID-19 shutdowns May 21 2020
Gold-silver price ratio to keep falling as 'undervalued' silver outperforms - analysts May 21 2020
Sales of U.S. existing homes fall 18% in April; gold remains lower May 21 2020
Another 2.44 million Americans file initial jobless claims; gold pares loss May 21 2020
TDS: silver could become 'explosive' metal May 21 2020
BMO: growing Fed balance sheet to underpin gold, silver prices May 21 2020
Bannockburn: 'gold is weaker amid some profit-taking' May 21 2020
Metals Focus trims forecast for 2020 palladium supply deficit due to COVID-19 May 20 2020
Commerzbank: gold-silver price ratio hits lowest level since mid-March May 20 2020
Bannockburn: Fed funds futures no longer implyingnegative rates May 20 2020
'Highly profitable' gold producers boosted by higher prices, lower costs - analysts May 19 2020
BMO: ETF gold inflows on pace for annual record May 19 2020
Newmont trims 2020 gold-output guidance; four mines reopening May 19 2020
McEwen Mining posts 1Q loss, takes impairment charge May 19 2020
U.S. Bank: gold 'remains in a bullish trend' May 19 2020
Verdence: 'negative interest rates are a dangerous tool' May 19 2020
Johnson Matthey: COVID-19 hitting both supply, demand for PGMs May 18 2020
Money managers trim bullish positioning in gold right before prices start to rise May 18 2020
Amended merger sweetens pot for Guyana Goldfields shareholders in deal with Silvercorp May 18 2020
Bannockburn: 'next big target is $1,800' for gold prices May 18 2020
Silvercorp, Guyana Goldfields amend merger agreement May 18 2020
BMO: price of gold, ETF holdings both rising May 18 2020
BBH: markets to focus on Powell, Fed minutes, jobless claims this week May 18 2020
Centamin maintains guidance but defers some capital expenditures May 18 2020
Wall St., Main St. both look for gold prices to keep shining May 15 2020
LaSalle's Nedoss: favorable technical picture for gold prices May 15 2020
Gold extends gains after May Empire State manufacturing index reading of minus 48.5 May 15 2020
FXTM: $1,800 gold prices 'just a matter of time' May 15 2020
Commerzbank: gold prices, ETF inflows remain strong May 15 2020
Fed officials says no negative rates; gold prices would benefit if they change their minds May 14 2020
Alamos Gold preparing to start ramping up operations at Mulatos mine May 14 2020
First Majestic reports 1Q adjusted profit; some silver, gold held to sell at later date May 14 2020
Teranga Gold 1Q results boosted by first full quarter of output from Wahgnion May 14 2020
OceanaGold posts 1Q loss as production declines May 14 2020
Gold fundamentals 'have never been stronger'; higher prices ahead - CFRA May 13 2020
BMO: Strong ETF demand underpinning gold prices May 13 2020
Iamgold encouraged by drill results from Rouyn gold project May 13 2020
Jaguar Mining posts 1Q profit as gold production rises 28% May 13 2020
Endeavour Mining 1Q revenue soars on higher output, gold prices May 13 2020
Osisko Gold Royalties reports higher adjusted 1Q profit May 12 2020
'Something big is coming'; Gold's narrowing range to lead to a major price move - analysts May 12 2020
SP Angel: gold prices poised for another leg higher May 12 2020
Low bullish positioning in futures market bodes well for gold prices - analysts May 11 2020
AngloGold Ashanti reports increased cash flow despite lost output May 11 2020
SSR Mining agrees to acquire Alacer Gold in at-market transaction May 11 2020
Analysts doubt Federal Reserve would adopt negative rates May 11 2020
Wall St., Main St. expect more gold-price gains in wake of poor U.S. jobs data May 08 2020
Endeavour Silver 1Q revenues decline on mine suspension, build in inventory May 08 2020
Sandstorm Gold's 1Q revenue boosted by higher prices May 08 2020
London markets closed Friday; no LBMA auctions May 07 2020
Commerzbank: Spread between spot gold prices, futures 'normalized' again May 07 2020
ETF gold holdings rise to record high during April May 07 2020
FXTM: Wall Street too optimistic amid 'grim' economic outlook May 07 2020
Hecla lists revised 2020 gold, silver output, cost guidance May 07 2020
Metals Focus: 'conditions look positive for gold miners' May 07 2020
Royal Gold reports higher quarterly profit May 06 2020
OceanaGold first-quarter production declines from fourth quarter May 06 2020
Torex Gold Resources reports 1Q adjusted profit May 06 2020
Kirkland Lake 1Q results boosted by Detour acquisition, higher gold prices May 06 2020
Barrick Gold reports 55% rise in 1Q adjusted profit May 06 2020
Commerzbank: ETF gold demand makes up for drop-off in Indian imports May 05 2020
Unionized workers strike at Kinross Gold's Tasiast mine May 05 2020
Amplats completes repair to Phase B unit at processing plant May 05 2020
Newmont 1Q earnings boosted by higher output, gold prices May 05 2020
Newmont 1Q earnings boosted by higher output, gold prices May 05 2020
Money managers slightly increase bullish positioning in gold, silver May 04 2020
CME Group: Metals-trading volume rises during April May 04 2020
RBC's Gero: gold sought as safe haven again; 'look for $1,800' May 04 2020
BBH: Markets to focus on U.S. jobs data, China-U.S. tensions May 04 2020
Wall St., Main St. look for bounce in gold prices May 01 2020
RJO's Haberkorn: gold prices may ease further but rally to $2,000 by year-end May 01 2020
TDS: 'the balance of risks remains to the upside for gold' May 01 2020
LBMA: Gold ounces transferred daily hit two-decade high in March May 01 2020
Pretium Resources reports higher 1Q profit May 01 2020
Centerra Gold reports 1Q profit, higher metals output May 01 2020
Bannockburn: more follow-through gold selling could mean prices test support May 01 2020
Physical gold demand falls in 1Q; investment may fuel rally to $1,800/oz - Refinitiv Apr 30 2020
Yamana Gold posts 1Q profit, hikes dividend, trims production guidance Apr 30 2020
Another 3.84 million Americans file initial U.S. jobless claims; gold remains softer Apr 30 2020
Alacer Gold: 1Q production on line to meet 2020 guidance Apr 30 2020
Fresnillo: 1Q silver, gold output in line with expectations Apr 29 2020
Gold remains softer after pending U.S. home sales fall 20.8% in March Apr 29 2020
Commerzbank: 'expansion of liquidity should continue to boost gold' Apr 29 2020
New Gold lists loss for quarter when Rainy River Mine temporarily closed Apr 29 2020
CPM Group: pandemic to dent silver supply and demand in 2020 Apr 28 2020
Caterpillar 1Q sales, profit decline from year ago Apr 28 2020
OceanaGold resumes mining in New Zealand Apr 28 2020
Money managers trim bullish positioning in gold futures Apr 27 2020
Silvercorp Metals agrees to acquire Guyana Goldfields Apr 27 2020
Jacques Perron taking over as CEO of Pretium Resources Apr 27 2020
Commerzbank: 'gold should remain in demand as a crisis currency' Apr 27 2020
BBH: Federal Reserve to take 'wait-and-see approach' Apr 27 2020
Bannockburn: New high in gold ‘looks likely, but it may be marginal’ Apr 27 2020
Wall St., Main St. look for gold prices to strengthen Apr 24 2020
Freeport reports 1Q loss, trims copper-output guidance and costs Apr 24 2020
Standard Chartered: gold prices supported by investment demand Apr 24 2020
Commerzbank sees $18 silver prices by year-end; ETF inflows strong Apr 23 2020
Sales of new U.S. homes fall 15.4% in March; gold extends gains Apr 23 2020
Commerzbank: ETFs post gold inflows 23 days in a row Apr 23 2020
Initial U.S. jobless claims total 4.43 million; gold holds onto gains Apr 23 2020
Metals Focus: risk aversion resulting from weak oil prices supportive for gold Apr 23 2020
BBH: U.S. 'stands a decent chance' of ratings downgrade Apr 23 2020
Gold prices extend gains after Trump tweet on Iran Apr 22 2020
Credit Suisse: 'sentiment around gold and gold equities is positive' Apr 22 2020
RBC's Gero: $1,800 gold 'not far ahead' Apr 22 2020
Sales of U.S. existing homes fall 8.5% in March; gold remains softer Apr 21 2020
Rob Henderson named Great Panther CEO; David Garofalo board chair Apr 21 2020
Commerzbank: ETFs still accumulating gold, silver Apr 21 2020
Centamin maintains 2020 gold-output guidance after in-line 1Q production Apr 21 2020
BMO: traders get lesson on rolling futures positions Apr 21 2020
Long-term investors are the ones boosting gold, not futures traders - analysts Apr 20 2020
FXTM: 'disconnect' between economy, stocks; long-term key to be virus trajectory Apr 20 2020
Wall Street still bullish on gold prices but tempers enthusiasm Apr 17 2020
TDS: gold stronger, market prices in 'unprecedented stimulus' Apr 16 2020
Commerzbank: Temporary U.S. Mint shutdown could mean supply shortage of gold coins Apr 16 2020
B2Gold: exploration-camp worker tests positive for COVID-19; Fekola mine still operating Apr 16 2020
Wesdome: 1Q gold output rises; 2Q to be impacted by COVID-19 Apr 16 2020
Another 5.25 million Americans file U.S. initial jobless claims; gold prices remain higher Apr 16 2020
Barrick Gold: 1Q output on pace to meet 2020 guidance Apr 16 2020
Commerzbank sees $1,800 gold prices as investors seek 'last-resort lifeline' Apr 15 2020
New gold reports 1Q production, withdraws 2020 guidance Apr 15 2020
SSR Mining produces 107,000 gold-equivalent ounces in 1Q Apr 15 2020
Commerzbank: further stimulus would boost gold as 'store of value' Apr 15 2020
BBH: dollar 'fundamentally attractive' compared to major currencies Apr 15 2020
ETF gold, silver holdings rise sharply in April along with prices Apr 14 2020
Torex Gold on pace to meet guidance before COVID-19 suspension Apr 14 2020
McEwen Mining restarting Black Fox operations in Ontario Apr 14 2020
Gran Colombia 1Q output impacted by restrictions; limited operations continue Apr 14 2020
First Majestic 1Q output ahead of suspended guidance Apr 14 2020
FXTM: gold hits seven-year high; more gains if dollar eases further Apr 14 2020
Mandalay Resources reports higher first-quarter production Apr 14 2020
Analysts look for funds to start building bullish futures positioning in gold Apr 13 2020
Jaguar Mining 1Q gold production rises 28% from year ago Apr 13 2020
BBH: key U.S. economic data to be retail sales, jobless claims Apr 13 2020
Gold-price sentiment overwhelmingly bullish Apr 09 2020
Another 6.6 million Americans file U.S. initial jobless claims; gold prices higher Apr 09 2020
Standard Chartered 'positive' on gold prices but cites contrasting dynamics Apr 09 2020
B2Gold reports record quarterly output, revenue Apr 09 2020
Eldorado reports year-over-year rise in 1Q gold production Apr 09 2020
Gold miners are a 'top pick' in this crisis as gold price heads to at least $2,000, says Joe Foster Apr 09 2020
Roxgold: 1Q output leaves company on pace for 2020 guidance Apr 08 2020
TDS: 'gold is looking to solidify north of $1,600/oz' Apr 08 2020
ETF gold holdings rise by most in one quarter since 2016 Apr 08 2020
'Take that, you gold bashers!'; gold strongest commodity in 1Q - Adrian Day Apr 07 2020
Coeur ramping down Palmarejo mine due to COVID-19; U.S. operations continue Apr 07 2020
Hecla: 1Q output goes as planned; 2020 guidance withdrawn Apr 07 2020
Commerzbank: gold-silver ratio below 110; silver still 'considerably undervalued' Apr 07 2020
FXTM: Stocks surge as COVID-19 death rate falls; 'bumpy road ahead' Apr 07 2020
Yamana Gold 1Q output meets guidance; Cerro Moro operations resuming Apr 06 2020
Funds trim net-bullish gold positioning but increase silver net length Apr 06 2020
BMO: gold, silver ETFs post big weekly inflows Apr 06 2020
BBH: jobless claims to be key economic event this week Apr 06 2020
Bannockburn: stocks, gold stronger amid 'glimmer of hope' Apr 06 2020
Michael Holmes named permanent CEO of OceanaGold Apr 06 2020
Gold prices expected to shine as governments launch stimulus Apr 03 2020
Gabelli fund manager Bryan looks at balance sheets, likes Australian gold producers Apr 03 2020
Great Panther announces temporary suspension of Mexican operations Apr 03 2020
Torex Gold suspends El Limón Guajes mine output due to Mexico's COVID-19 rules Apr 03 2020
Analysts: big jump in U.S. jobless rate to occur in April report, not March Apr 03 2020
Metals Focus: 2020 global gold output 'significantly impacted' by pandemic Apr 02 2020
CME Group reports record metals volume for March, first quarter Apr 02 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold further curtails Canadian operations due to COVID-19 Apr 02 2020
Alamos Gold temporarily suspends mining at Mulatos; guidance suspended Apr 02 2020
Pan American Silver temporarily suspends operations at Mexican mines Apr 02 2020
Newmont ramping down Peñasquito mine due to Mexico's COVID-19 rules Apr 02 2020
BMO hikes gold forecast; prices 'natural beneficiary' of low interest rates Apr 01 2020
Kinross Gold withdraws guidance although output not impacted by COVID-19 so far Apr 01 2020
RBC's Gero: Comex gold drawing safe-haven bid Apr 01 2020
Equinox Gold lists sharply higher guidance following Leagold merger Apr 01 2020
TDS: measures ‘should help cement a multi-year rally’ in gold prices Mar 31 2020
Argonaut, Alio Gold: merger to mean more diversified company Mar 31 2020
Commerzbank: ETF holdings of gold rise but fall for platinum Mar 31 2020
Money managers increase net-bullish gold positioning Mar 30 2020
PGM producers declare force majeure; lockdowns ‘everywhere’ but no price boost Mar 30 2020
Jaguar reports 4Q profit, reduced debt, hedges cleared Mar 30 2020
BMO: China’s 5G expansion ‘positive for silver demand’ Mar 30 2020
Commerzbank: demand for gold, silver ETFs ‘very robust’ Mar 30 2020
Gold prices seen building on biggest weekly gain since 2008 Mar 27 2020
Silver ETFs post 'massive' inflows as prices recover Mar 27 2020
Standard Chartered: retail demand to lead gold prices higher; 2Q Avg. put at $1,725 Mar 27 2020
Amplats: lockdown won't stop repairs at processing facilities Mar 27 2020
McEwen Mining 'intends to take steps' to maintain NYSE listing Mar 27 2020
Analysts: gold prices headed to biggest weekly gain week since 2008 Mar 27 2020
Nomura revises 2020 outlook for global GDP to minus 4% Mar 27 2020
BBH: jobless claims soar but 'things will get even worse' Mar 27 2020
Centerra Gold reports adjusted profit, dividend payment Mar 26 2020
'Monster' U.S. jobless claims to keep climbing; gold prices to make run at $1,700 - analysts Mar 26 2020
Fortuna: operations at San Jose Mine resuming after blockade ends Mar 26 2020
U.S. jobless claims soar to 3.28 million due to COVID-19 layoffs; gold prices rise Mar 26 2020
McEwen Mining temporarily suspends Black Fox, Gold Bar operations Mar 26 2020
Bannockburn: 'If the rumor was bought, the fact has been sold' Mar 26 2020
Barclays: Risk markets need certainty that COVID-19 under control Mar 26 2020
PGM prices benefit from South African shutdowns, but gains may be limited Mar 25 2020
Teranga Gold reiterates 1Q output guidance; ops continue with safety measures Mar 25 2020
Yamana Gold withdraws guidance with some mines curtailed amid COVID-19 Mar 25 2020
BMO: Gold-price spread 'transitory short-term dislocation' Mar 25 2020
Commerzbank: gold prices to profit from 'more fiat money than ever' Mar 25 2020
World Gold Council CEO: 'gold is as relevant as ever' Mar 25 2020
Adrian Day: 'I'm very bullish on gold' prices Mar 24 2020
'Time to buy currency of last resort'; gold price to hit $1,800 in 12 months - Goldman Mar 24 2020
Huge spreads occurring in gold prices Mar 24 2020
Gold, silver prices soar after Fed action; previous forced selling abates Mar 24 2020
Money managers' bullish gold positioning at lowest level since June Mar 23 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold reduces operations at Detour Lake Mar 23 2020
Pan American Silver announces more mine curtailments due to virus Mar 23 2020
Freeport McMoRan suspends dividend due to COVID-19 impact Mar 23 2020
Endeavour strikes deal to acquire SEMAFO in C$1 billion transaction Mar 23 2020
Newmont withdraws 2020 guidance, suspends some mining due to COVID-19 Mar 23 2020
Bannockburn: 200-day average key chart point for gold prices Mar 23 2020
Commerzbank: gold has not lost its safe-haven status Mar 23 2020
FXTM: 'scariest scenario is that it turns into a credit crisis' Mar 23 2020
Midas Fund's Thomas Winmill looks for these attributes in gold-mining stocks Mar 20 2020
Yamana partially demobilizes workforce at Cerro Moro until March 31 Mar 20 2020
McEwen Mining withdraws output guidance after temporary mine suspension Mar 20 2020
Wall St., Main St. anticipate comeback for gold prices Mar 20 2020
New Gold suspends Rainy River mining for two weeks due COVID-19 guidelines Mar 20 2020
BMO: Daily ETF gold inflow roughly equals Newcrest annual output Mar 20 2020
Commerzbank: Swiss gold exports tumble in February Mar 20 2020
Sandstorm Gold pulls output guidance, reports progress on share buybacks Mar 20 2020
Frank Holmes: revenue, cash flow to boost gold-mining stocks Mar 19 2020
David Morgan: 'opportunities will come' in mining stocks but watch for bottom Mar 19 2020
Gold pares loss after U.S. jobless claims soar by 70,000 due to COVID-19 Mar 19 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold doubles dividend, repurchases 10.1 million shares Mar 19 2020
Rio Tinto temporarily closes Utah copper mine after earthquake Mar 19 2020
Commerzbank: more bad news coming for PGMs Mar 19 2020
BBH: markets remain 'unsettled' despite emergency measures Mar 19 2020
Credit Suisse: gold prices to recover as favorable fundamentals take over Mar 18 2020
Mick Wilkes resigns as chief executive of OceanaGold Mar 18 2020
First Majestic extends share-repurchase program Mar 18 2020
Bannockburn: gold at risk of closing below 200-day average Mar 18 2020
Commerzbank: will virus kill PGM demand, or will low prices trigger stockpiling? Mar 18 2020
Metals Focus: recovery in Chinese gold-jewelry market to be 'restrained' Mar 18 2020
Pan American Silver temporarily suspends mining in Peru Mar 17 2020
Goldman sticks to $1,800 gold price in 12 months Mar 17 2020
Freeport halts Cerro Verde mining for 15 days due to gov't COVID-19 rules Mar 17 2020
Gold price ‘trying to find its footing’ after recent sell-off Mar 17 2020
Newmont ramping down Yanacocha gold mining due to gov’t coronavirus rules Mar 17 2020
Sabina suspends Goose drilling as precaution due to COVID-19 Mar 17 2020
Vale suspending Voisey's Bay mining as 'precaution' due to COVID-10 virus Mar 17 2020
Barrick: Plan extends life of 'revitalized' Veladero gold mine Mar 17 2020
McEwen Mining lists 2019 loss but spending on projects, exploration Mar 17 2020
FXTM: gold left in 'firing line' despite 'market chaos' Mar 17 2020
BMO: gold-silver ratio hits record high as prices sink Mar 17 2020
Alamos Gold reacquiring NSR royalty, lowers cost guidance Mar 16 2020
BMO: ETFs post biggest gold outflows in a year Mar 16 2020
Funds trim bullish gold positioning; bigger decline expected as prices fall Mar 16 2020
FXTM: 'fear of the pandemic is taking control of investors' Mar 16 2020
Traders cautious for now about buying dip in gold prices after huge drop Mar 16 2020
Gold still weak after Empire State index hits lowest level since 2009 Mar 16 2020
'Confused' Wall Street split on near-term gold-price direction Mar 13 2020
FXTM: gold traders eyeing $1,600/oz level on the charts Mar 13 2020
Analysts: palladium having worst week ever; Feb. Chinese car sales tumble Mar 13 2020
Bannockburn: Fed to 'flood the market with liquidity' Mar 13 2020
Markets across the board caught in free fall, even precious metals Mar 12 2020
U.S. stocks sharply lower as trading resumes after 'circuit-breaker' halt Mar 12 2020
Circuit breaker halts trading in S&P Mar 12 2020
Standard Chartered: gold in tug-of-war now but seen averaging $1,725 in 2Q Mar 12 2020
FXTM: 'feels like we are living in a science-fiction movie' Mar 12 2020
Gold extends loss after U.S. jobless claims fall 4,000 to 211,000 Mar 12 2020
Gold prices sputtering as equities resume recent slide Mar 11 2020
Amplats' force majeure to tighten PGM supplies; BMO hikes price forecasts Mar 11 2020
TDS: 'gold positioning is becoming stickier' and price dips 'shallower' Mar 11 2020
FXTM: Gold to remain in demand despite dollar rebound Mar 11 2020
BMO: producers' shares outperforming gold during coronavirus outbreak Mar 10 2020
Kinross: technical report to mean 24% rise in Paracatu gold output Mar 10 2020
Franco-Nevada reports record results for 4Q, 2019 Mar 10 2020
Bannockburn: stocks higher, gold softer on hopes for U.S. measures Mar 10 2020
FXTM: 'you wouldn't catch a falling knife' Mar 10 2020
Commerzbank: ETF gold holdings still rising Mar 10 2020
Up and down: gold caught in crosscurrents Mar 09 2020
Money managers likely rebuilding bullish gold positioning after declines Mar 09 2020
Analysts: ETF gold holdings rise most since mid-2019 Mar 09 2020
Gold expected to remain healthy as virus spreads Mar 06 2020
Gold posts biggest premium ever over platinum - Commerzbank Mar 06 2020
Barrick increasing supply of key commodities during coronavirus outbreak Mar 06 2020
Credit Suisse: 'gold should react positively' as U.S. rates, dollar fall Mar 06 2020
Fortuna Silver Mines wins stay of execution over mining concession Mar 05 2020
Teranga Gold, Barrick complete transaction for Massawa project Mar 05 2020
Metals Focus anticipates recovery in silver coin, bar demand Mar 05 2020
Gold market on alert for further central-bank activity Mar 04 2020
RBC's Gero: gold pauses but in upper end of trading range Mar 04 2020
'Shock-and-awe' Fed rate cut bullish for gold Mar 03 2020
LBMA: gold ounces transferred daily declines in January Mar 03 2020
TD Securities ups gold forecast, sees $1,700/oz average in 4Q Mar 03 2020
FXTM: 'fundamentals remain in favor of the bulls' in gold Mar 03 2020
Equinox Gold reports 4Q adjusted profit, nears merger with Leagold Mar 02 2020
Fund managers cut bullish gold positioning before prices bounce Monday Mar 02 2020
Gold remains higher after Feb. ISM U.S. manufacturing index dips to 50.1% Mar 02 2020
RBC's Gero: investors buying gold again after Friday 'bruising' Mar 02 2020
Gold prices expected to regain footing Feb 28 2020
'Forced selling' pressures gold prices despite tumble in risk assets Feb 28 2020
B2Gold adjusted 4Q profit rises with sales, prices; dividend announced Feb 28 2020
Gold producers focused on dividends; investment sentiment upbeat - BMO Feb 27 2020
Standard Chartered: Gold may be sold to meet margin calls in other markets Feb 27 2020
Gold holds gains after U.S. jobless claims rise by 8,000 Feb 27 2020
Gold remains higher after U.S. Jan. durable-goods orders fall 0.2% Feb 27 2020
Gold ETF holdings hit record high amid coronavirus worries Feb 26 2020
Metals Focus: global macroeconomic backdrop supportive for gold Feb 26 2020
CrossBorder: gold could test $2,000 on Fed, PBOC monetary policy Feb 26 2020
New Gold announces $300 million deal with teachers’ pension plan Feb 25 2020
UBS: gold could top $1,700 but three-month target is $1,650 Feb 25 2020
Commerzbank: gold prices correcting lower after sharp run-up Feb 25 2020
Gold price soars as virus spreads; traders anticipate potential monetary easing Feb 24 2020
Money managers boost bullish gold positioning by 22% Feb 24 2020
Gold prices expected to maintain upward momentum Feb 21 2020
Bannockburn: 'gold is on fire' as virus worries persist Feb 21 2020
Teranga lists record 4Q gold output; financial results held back by unsold inventory Feb 21 2020
SSR Mining 4Q adjusted income soars on higher output, prices Feb 21 2020
Commerzbank: Investment demand continues to underpin gold Feb 20 2020
OceanaGold 4Q revenue hurt by continuing Didipio suspension Feb 20 2020
Newmont 4Q adjusted profit jumps as output, prices rise Feb 20 2020
Pan American Silver reports 4Q profit, hikes dividend Feb 20 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold reports record adjusted earnings in 4Q Feb 20 2020
Coeur reports 4Q adjusted loss, suspending Silvertip operations Feb 19 2020
Alamos Gold reports record revenue, higher 4Q adjusted profit Feb 19 2020
Iamgold reports smaller adjusted loss for 4Q Feb 19 2020
Palladium hits record high; 'madness' continues in tight market Feb 19 2020
Gold holds gains after Jan. U.S. producer prices jump 0.5% Feb 19 2020
Gold flexing muscles despite strong U.S. dollar Feb 18 2020
FXTM: gold has 'spring in its step' after Apple sales warning Feb 18 2020
Gold prices to stay healthy amid continuing virus worries Feb 14 2020
Yamana Gold reports 4Q profit, hikes dividend Feb 14 2020
Bannockburn: coronavirus is 'overriding driver today' in markets Feb 13 2020
New Gold releases new life-of-mine plans, posts 4Q adjusted loss Feb 13 2020
Gold holds gains after U.S. jobless claims rise 2,000 to 205,000 Feb 13 2020
Palladium deficit expected to widen in 2020 - Johnson Matthey Feb 12 2020
Producers to seek gold ounces through more exploration spending, deal-making Feb 12 2020
Pretium Resources reports higher profit, launches CEO search Feb 12 2020
Barrick Gold 4Q earnings top estimates; dividend hiked Feb 12 2020
Higher gold prices should help producers' 4Q financial results Feb 11 2020
RBC's Gero: gold eases but look for bargain hunting on big price dips Feb 11 2020
OceanaGold lists 2020 guidance of 360,000 to 380,000 gold ounces Feb 10 2020
Money managers cut bullish gold positioning but increase in silver Feb 10 2020
Equity market rally doesn't dampen sentiment In gold market Feb 07 2020
BMO: ETF gold holdings rise for 12 consecutive days Feb 07 2020
Hecla 4Q loss narrows as sales rise sharply Feb 06 2020
RBC's Gero: bargain hunting propels gold prices higher Feb 06 2020
Giant Donlin Gold project obtains more necessary permits Feb 06 2020
Metals Focus: Gold-sector M&A rises in 2019; return to 2010 deal-making not likely Feb 05 2020
Commerzbank: palladium boosted by improved risk sentiment Feb 05 2020
Gold slides as stocks rise; traders still like gold long-term Feb 04 2020
TDS: gold under pressure but to be underpinned by negative real rates Feb 04 2020
Gold to average above $1,550 in 2020; silver above $18 -- LBMA survey Feb 03 2020
Money managers slightly trim bullish gold positioning Feb 03 2020
MKS' Nabavi: gold falls on profit-taking after limited Chinese buying Feb 03 2020
Virus fears expected to keep fueling gold rally Jan 31 2020
Modern-day 49ers 'mining' for silver in Super Bowl Jan 31 2020
Standard Chartered sees 'sustained upside risk to gold prices' in 2H Jan 31 2020
Caterpillar 4Q adjusted profit rises, outlook calls for decline in 2020 Jan 31 2020
SP Angel: 'we maintain a bullish outlook for gold' Jan 30 2020
Gold unfazed by 7,000 decline in U.S. jobless claims to 216,000 Jan 30 2020
Palladium to remain strong despite added Nornickel supply - analysts Jan 29 2020
Fortuna reports new development in dispute over San Jose royalty Jan 29 2020
Metals Focus: gold to benefit from central-bank policies Jan 29 2020
Gold remains softer after U.S. Dec. durable-goods orders rise 2.4% Jan 28 2020
SP Angel: stronger U.S. dollar halts gold rally Jan 28 2020
Money managers modestly trim bullish gold positioning Jan 27 2020
Coronavirus underpins gold; $1,600 break would trigger chart buying Jan 27 2020
BBH: gold benefiting from risk aversion Jan 27 2020
Commerzbank: palladium's wings to be clipped Jan 24 2020
Chinese New Year gold demand called 'sluggish' Jan 24 2020
Gold prices higher after mixed IHS Markit PMI data Jan 24 2020
Commerzbank: ETF gold holdings rise 16 tons so far in 2020 Jan 24 2020
Metals Focus: 'palladium rally will continue this year' Jan 23 2020
Freeport: 4Q copper, gold output top forecasts Jan 23 2020
BMO: China's gold output, demand both fall in 2019 Jan 22 2020
Money managers retain bullish gold positioning Jan 21 2020
Commerzbank: palladium prices tumble after Monday record high Jan 21 2020
First Majestic looks to produce 11.8 to 13.2 million ounces of silver in 2020 Jan 21 2020
Lithium Americas one step closer to mine approval Jan 21 2020
Wall Street, Main Street expect gold price uptrend to continue Jan 17 2020
New Gold 2019 mine output within company guidance Jan 17 2020
Palladium prices now higher than old gold, platinum records Jan 17 2020
Mandalay Resources 2019 output meets guidance Jan 17 2020
Coeur 2019 gold output tops guidance; silver output below Jan 17 2020
Credit Suisse: gold to 'perform well' in 2020 Jan 16 2020
Iamgold announces leadership succession, 2019 production Jan 16 2020
Gold softer after U.S. jobless claims fall 10,000 to 204,000 Jan 16 2020
SSR Mining looks to match record 2019 output during 2020 Jan 16 2020
First Majestic reports record silver-equivalent output in 2019 Jan 16 2020
Yamana: 2019 gold-equivalent production tops guidance Jan 15 2020
BMO, Commerzbank: gold, silver ETF holdings down so far in 2020 Jan 15 2020
Strategists look for renewed gold buying after correction Jan 14 2020
FXTM: gold losing luster ahead of trade deal Jan 14 2020
Endeavour: merger discussions with Centamin terminated Jan 14 2020
Money managers' bullish gold positioning remains elevated Jan 13 2020
Commerzbank: gold eases on profit-taking; ETF holdings decline Jan 13 2020
Respondents mixed on short-term price direction Jan 10 2020
LBMA: Hochreiter, O'Connell top 2019 gold forecasters; Dahdah first in silver Jan 09 2020
RBC's Gero: gold pulls back as 'winds of war' recede Jan 09 2020
Gold remains softer after U.S. jobless claims fall 9,000 to 214,000 Jan 09 2020
Rhodium prices soar on 'demand-driven story' Jan 08 2020
TD Securities: gold bull market 'still in its early days' Jan 08 2020
Money managers hike bullish gold positioning; correction looming? Jan 07 2020
UBS sees gold prices averaging around $1,600/oz in 2020 Jan 07 2020
Credit Suisse upbeat on gold, sees 2020 average around $1,570/oz Jan 06 2020
Goldman calls gold a better hedge than oil Jan 06 2020
Analysts: investors seek 'refuge' in gold amid U.S.-Iran standoff; more price gains ahead Jan 06 2020
RBC's Gero: gold soars as 'favored' safe haven amid Mideast tensions Jan 06 2020
Gold market on edge; will Iran retaliate against U.S.? Jan 03 2020
BMO: gold sharply higher after U.S. airstrike Jan 03 2020
LBMA: Gold, silver ounces transferred daily rise in November Jan 02 2020
Looking back: 2019 rate cuts help gold to best year since 2010 Jan 02 2020
Phoenix's Grady: $1,550 key psychological resistance for Feb. gold Jan 02 2020
$5,000 gold? Analysts bullish for the decade ahead Dec 31 2019
Money managers continue hiking bullish gold positioning Dec 31 2019
U.S. Global Investors' Holmes: gold normally has 'great performance' into Chinese New Year Dec 31 2019
FXTM: softer U.S. dollar lends some support to gold Dec 30 2019
Hi ho silver! Metal favored by Main Street in 2020 Dec 27 2019
Bannockburn's Chandler: gold headed for best week since August Dec 27 2019
RBC's Gero: gold buyers seeking inflation, stock hedges Dec 26 2019
Gold pares gain slightly after U.S. jobless claims fall 13,000 to 222,000 Dec 26 2019
JV partners AngloGold, Iamgold selling interest in Sadiola mine Dec 23 2019
Money managers hike bullish gold positioning Dec 23 2019
Fed, ECB expected to leave rates alone...or maybe not Dec 23 2019
Gold remains higher after U.S. Nov. durable-goods orders fall by 2% Dec 23 2019
Wall St. Sees Steady To Higher Prices; Main St. Bullish Dec 20 2019
Gold steady after U.S. jobless claims fall 18,000 to 234,000 Dec 19 2019
Central banks’ appetite for gold expected to continue Dec 18 2019
BMO Sees Gold Averaging $1,501/Oz, Profitable Producers In 2020 Dec 18 2019
Hecla vows to return Lucky Friday to full operations despite union vote Dec 17 2019
Barrick: Power-plant conversion to natural gas to cut costs, greenhouse gases Dec 17 2019
Equinox Gold, Leagold merger to create a top North American gold producer Dec 16 2019
Money managers cut bullish gold positioning; prices rebound since Dec 16 2019
Wall St. Mixed; Main St. Bullish Dec 13 2019
Wall St. mixed on gold next week; Main St. bullish Dec 13 2019
Palladium may lose some altitude but expected to remain at lofty heights Dec 13 2019
Palladium posts all-time high that tops gold's record price Dec 12 2019
How high will gold go? Just watch the central banks Dec 12 2019
Gold rises after U.S. jobless claims jump 49,000 to 252,000 Dec 12 2019
Any tariff delay could mean trade deal delay; supports gold - analysts Dec 10 2019
Commerzbank: Loose monetary policy to lift gold in 2020 Dec 10 2019
Money managers increase bullish positioning in gold Dec 09 2019
Goldman Sachs: 'Strategic Case Is Still Strong' For Holding Gold Dec 09 2019
Economy, central bankers to support gold in 2020 - CPM Group Dec 06 2019
Softening economy to mean stronger gold in 2020 - Metals Focus Dec 05 2019
Trump pessimism over U.S.-China trade deal underpins gold Dec 03 2019
Golden Star Trims 2019 Production Guidance Jul 31 2019
Metals Focus Upbeat On Gold But Cautions Near-Term Upside May Be Limited Jul 31 2019
Centerra Reports 2Q Profit, Hikes Gold-Output Guidance Jul 31 2019
Detour Gold Reports 2Q Profit, Financial-Risk Positions Jul 31 2019
Kirkland Lake 2Q Income, Revenue Sharply Higher Than Year Ago Jul 31 2019
SSR: Red Dot Exploration Can Increase Marigold Mine Life Jul 30 2019
FXTM: Gold Awaits Catalyst; Plenty Of Major Events On Tap Jul 30 2019
Iamgold: Gosselin Zone Drill Results Encouraging Jul 30 2019
Silver Lake Agrees To Acquire EganStreet For $52 Million Jul 30 2019
Commerzbank: Any Post-Fed Sell-Off Would Be Buying Opportunity Jul 29 2019
Money Managers Pile Into Bullish Silver Positions Jul 29 2019
Wall St., Main St.: Gold To Shine During FOMC Week Jul 26 2019
Standard Chartered Expects Big Jump In 1H Central-Bank Gold Buying Jul 26 2019
OceanaGold Reports 2Q Profit On Higher Production Jul 26 2019
Yamana Gold Posts 2Q In-Line Profit, Reduces Debt Jul 25 2019
Commerzbank Sees $18 Silver Price By Year-End In 'Positive' Environment Jul 25 2019
Gold Pares Gains After June U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Rise 2% Jul 25 2019
Newmont 2Q Profit Declines; Integration Costs Cited Jul 25 2019
ECB Leaves Rates Steady, Sees 'Highly Accommodative' Policy For 'Prolonged' Time Jul 25 2019
Agnico Eagle Reports Rise In Income, Beats Expectations Jul 24 2019
Gold Moves Little On News of 7% Rise In U.S. New-Home Sales To 646,000 Jul 24 2019
Freeport-McMoRan Swings to Net Loss In Second Quarter Jul 24 2019
Investors Continue Piling Into Silver ETFs Jul 24 2019
TDS: Gold Range-Bound For Now; Silver To Hit $17 In 2019 Jul 23 2019
Iamgold Reports Discoveries From Monster Lake Drill Program Jul 23 2019
SSR Mining Reaches Deal To Acquire Full Stake In Puna Operations Jul 23 2019
Money Managers Favor Silver Over Gold Futures Jul 22 2019
SP Angel: Gold Poised For Major Bull Run Jul 22 2019
Barrick: Efforts Under Way To Extend Life Of Loulo-Gounkoto Complex Jul 22 2019
Wall St., Main St. See Gold Prices Maintaining Upward Momentum Jul 19 2019
UBS Upbeat On Gold But Says 'Caution Remains Warranted' Jul 19 2019
Yamana: PFS Shows 28-Year Mine Life For Agua Rica Jul 19 2019
Barrick Reaches Deal To Buy Remaining Acacia Shares Jul 19 2019
Commerzbank: Gold ETFs Post Biggest Inflow In Four Weeks Jul 18 2019
Hecla Reports Hedges In Options Market, Higher 2Q Silver Output Jul 18 2019
Roxgold: 2Q Output Leaves Company On Track To Meet Guidance Jul 18 2019
Gold Remains Softer After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise 8,000 To 216,000 Jul 18 2019
Centamin 2Q Gold Output Rises 27% From Year Ago Jul 18 2019
Barrick: 2Q Gold Output Comparable To 1Q Jul 18 2019
Analysts: Central Banks Add More Gold To Reserves In June Jul 17 2019
McEwen Mining Trims 2019 Gold-Output Guidance By 6% Jul 17 2019
Metals Focus: 'Matter Of Time' Before Palladium Breaks, Consolidates Above $1,600/Oz Jul 16 2019
Dundee Precious Metals Upbeat About On Timok Project After PEA Jul 16 2019
TMAC Resources: 2Q Gold Production Rises From Year Ago Jul 16 2019
FXTM: Disappointing Corporate Earnings Would Support Gold Jul 16 2019
First Majestic 2Q Silver-Equivalent Production Rises Jul 15 2019
Money Managers Trim Bullish Positioning In Gold Jul 15 2019
Commerzbank: ETF Holdings Of Silver Up Sharply Since Start Of June Jul 15 2019
Wall St. Leans Neutral/Sideways On Gold Prices, Main St. Bullish Jul 12 2019
Coeur Mining: 2Q Production In Line With Expectations Jul 12 2019
Roxgold Reports Jump In Resources After Maiden Séguéla Estimate Jul 12 2019
Gran Colombia Hikes 2019 Gold-Output Guidance Jul 11 2019
SSR Mining CEO: Production On Pace To Meet Or Beat Guidance Jul 11 2019
Gold To Be Supported By Monetary Policy, Central-Bank Buying - WGC Jul 11 2019
Wesdome: Gold Production On Pace To Top 2019 Guidance Jul 11 2019
New Gold's Core Mines On Target To Meet 2019 Guidance Jul 11 2019
RBC's Gero: Dovish Fed Still Underpinning Comex Gold Jul 11 2019
TDS: Powell Prepared Remarks Underpin Gold Jul 10 2019
Asanko Reports Record 2Q Gold Output, Receipts Jul 10 2019
Kirkland Lake Gold 2Q Production Boosted By Record Fosterville Output Jul 10 2019
Yamana Gold Trims GEO Guidance After Sale Of Mine Jul 10 2019
Eldorado: 2Q Gold Output Dips But On Track to Meet Guidance Jul 10 2019
Money Managers Still Hiking Bullish Posture In Gold Jul 09 2019
Torex Reports Record Quarterly Gold Production Jul 09 2019
Pretium Progressing On Mill Upgrades At Brucejack Mine Jul 09 2019
UBS Sees Gold At $1,450 By End Of 2019 Jul 09 2019
Global Gold ETF Holdings Skyrocket By 127 Tonnes In June Jul 09 2019
Orex, Pan American Silver To Negotiate New Joint-Venture Arrangement Jul 08 2019
Mitsubishi: Gold Market To Scrutinize Powell Testimony This Week Jul 08 2019
PBOC Adds Another 10.3 Tonnes To Gold Holdings Jul 08 2019
Wall St, Main St. Look For Gold Prices To Recover From Sell-Off Jul 05 2019
Commerzbank Sees $1,500/Oz Gold By End Of 2019 Jul 05 2019
LaSalle's Nedoss: Gold Prices Could Dip Further To 20-Day Average Jul 05 2019
TDS: Gold Shines As Treasury Yields Fall Below 2% Jul 03 2019
Sandstorm Gold Reports Record Sales Of Gold-Equivalent Ounces Jul 03 2019
LBMA: Gold, Silver Ounces Transferred Daily Decline In May Jul 02 2019
INTL FCStone: Gold To Hold In Higher Range during July Jul 02 2019
Endeavour Silver Reports Fatality At Bolanitos Mine Jul 02 2019
B2Gold To Sell Nicaraguan Mines To Calibre, Become Biggest Shareholder Jul 02 2019
Equinox Gold: Aurizona Mine Achieves Commercial Production Jul 02 2019
Analysts: Gold Due For Profit-Taking After Bulls Hike Positioning Jul 01 2019
Barrick, Newmont Complete Nevada Joint Venture Jul 01 2019
UBS: ‘We Expect Gold To Ultimately Be Supported’ Jul 01 2019
Wall St, Main St. Look For Gold Prices To Continue To Shine Jun 28 2019
Credit Suisse: Factors Boosting Gold 'Occurring Concurrently' So 'Amplified' Jun 28 2019
Yamana Gold Increases Production Guidance For Jacobina Mine Jun 28 2019
BMO: Macro Backdrop To Keep Gold In Higher Range; $1,380 Forecast For 3Q Jun 27 2019
FXTM: 'Gold Is Shielded From Downside Shocks' Jun 27 2019
Gold Remains Softer After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise 10,000 To 227,000 Jun 27 2019
Lundin Gold On Schedule With Fruta del Norte Project Jun 26 2019
Standard Chartered Sees $1,450 Gold Price In Fourth Quarter Jun 26 2019
Metals Focus Upbeat On Gold But Sees Near-Term Headwinds Jun 25 2019
INTL FCStone: Relative Strength Index Suggests Gold 'Overbought' Jun 25 2019
Endeavour Mining Announces Maiden Gold Reserve At Kari Pump Jun 25 2019
Gold Rally Chased By Money Managers Jun 24 2019
Commerzbank: Surging ETF Gold Holdings Help Boost Gold Price Jun 24 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold Prices To Keep Rising Jun 21 2019
BMO: 'We Expect Continued Inflows Into Gold' Jun 21 2019
Gold Prices Seen Topping $1,400 On Dovish Fed Jun 20 2019
INTL FCStone: Fed Meeting Prompts 'Thunderous Rally In Gold' Jun 20 2019
Aberdeen Investments: Trade-War Concerns Could Lift Gold To $1,400/Oz Jun 19 2019
Gold To Trade At $1,425 In 12 Months, Boosted By EM Demand: Goldman Jun 18 2019
Gran Colombia Gold CEO: 2019 Output Could Exceed Guidance Jun 18 2019
Money Managers Hike Bullish Gold Positioning; Some Fear Price Correction Jun 17 2019
Pan American Silver Suspends Argentine Operations After Fatal Accident Jun 17 2019
Newmont Goldcorp Resumes Operations At Peñasquito Mine Jun 17 2019
BBH: FOMC Rate Cut This Week Unlikely; Less Chance Of Recession Jun 17 2019
Wall St, Main St. Look For Still-Higher Gold Prices Jun 14 2019
FXTM: Gold Shines On 'Sprint' Into Safe Havens Jun 14 2019
Agnico Eagle Offers To Acquire Alexandria Minerals Jun 14 2019
Standard Chartered: Gold Better Supported Above $1,300 Amid Rate-Cut Expectations Jun 13 2019
Gold Remains Higher After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise 3,000 To 222,000 Jun 13 2019
Duke Survey: U.S. CFOs Expect Recession By End Of 2020 Jun 12 2019
Price Group's Flynn: Worries About Economy Lift Gold Prices Jun 12 2019
Seabridge Gearing Up For Testing At Snowstorm Jun 12 2019
Iamgold: 'Positive Results' From Drilling At Rouyn Project Jun 12 2019
Barrick Increases Investment In Midas Gold Jun 11 2019
TDS: Gold Prices To Consolidate Until Next Catalyst For Up Move Jun 11 2019
Gold Miners Beware - Activism From Unhappy Investors Picking Up Jun 10 2019
Money Managers Triple Bullish Positioning In Gold Futures Jun 10 2019
RBC's Gero: Gold Prices Ease But To Stay In New Higher Range Jun 10 2019
China's Central Bank Purchases More Gold In May Jun 10 2019
Wall St, Main St. See Gold Rising Amid Expectations For Rate Cut Jun 07 2019
Global ETF Gold Holdings Decline Modestly In May Jun 06 2019
Hecla Cuts Nevada Spending, Trims Gold-Output Guidance Jun 06 2019
UBS: More Gold Upside Needed To Spur Interest In Silver Jun 06 2019
ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Extends Expected Length Of Accommodation Jun 06 2019
Metals Focus: Silver Prices May Not Gain On Gold Until Later In 2019 Jun 05 2019
Commerzbank: Indian Imports Strong In May Due To Low Prices Jun 05 2019
Analysts: Gold ETF Holdings Jump, Positive For Year To Date Jun 04 2019
Victoria: First Gold Pour At Eagle Mine Targeted For September Jun 04 2019
Funds Increase Bullish Gold Positioning, Pessimistic Toward Silver Jun 03 2019
LBMA: Gold Ounces Transferred Daily Rises In April; Silver Volume Falls Jun 03 2019
RBC's Gero: Gold Breaks Higher Out Of Trading Range Jun 03 2019
There Are No Bears On Wall St.; Main St. Also Sees Higher Prices May 31 2019
RJO's Pavilonis: Weak Equities Mean Boost For Gold Prices May 31 2019
Agnico Eagle Achieves Commercial Output At Meliadine Mine May 31 2019
Standard Chartered: Gold Holds Up Despite Dollar Strength, To Average $1,285 In 2Q May 30 2019
LaSalle's Nedoss: Gold Holds 200-Day Avg., May Test 20-Day May 30 2019
Endeavour Silver: Changes To Mean Improved Results In 3Q, 4Q May 30 2019
UBS: Silver Takes Cue From Gold But Falls Behind May 29 2019
Commerzbank: Swiss Exports To Asia Rise During April May 28 2019
Barrick Expects Pueblo Viejo Feasibility Study In 2020 May 28 2019
Sentiment Upbeat On Palladium, Less Dubious Of Platinum: UBS May 21 2019
Commerzbank, BMO: Central-Bank Gold Purchases Continue May 21 2019
Crypto, Forex Scams Cost U.K. Investors $34 Million - FCA May 21 2019
Funds Hike Bullish Positioning In Gold By More Than 500% May 20 2019
MKS' Nabavi: Gold Bounces From Lows; Market Eyes Equities May 20 2019
Wall St., Main St. Think Exactly Alike While Forecasting Higher Gold Prices May 17 2019
McEwen Mining: Fatal Accident Apparently Triggered By Medical Emergency May 17 2019
Iamgold Declines Comment After Shares Jump On Report Of Possible Sale May 17 2019
Phoenix's Grady: Gold Prices Ease But Exit 'Orderly' May 16 2019
Gold Eases As Philadelphia Fed Survey Index Rises To 16.6 In May May 16 2019
Great Panther Reports 1Q Loss On Acquisition Charges, Lower Metals Prices May 16 2019
Aberdeen's Gold: 'Upside Risks' Larger Than 'Downside Risks' In Precious Metals May 15 2019
Fortuna: 1Q Profit Declines; Lindero Construction 47% Done May 15 2019
Equinox Reports First Gold Pour At Aurizona Mine May 14 2019
FXTM: Gold To Be 'Star Of The Show' While Trade Fears Persist May 14 2019
Funds Hike Bullish Positioning In Gold Amid Global Uncertainties May 13 2019
Metals Focus: Palladium To Outperform Platinum Again In 2019 May 13 2019
INTL FCStone: Gold 'Frustratingly Range-Bound' During Trade Dispute May 13 2019
Wall St. Still Split On Near-Term Gold Prices; Main St. Bullish May 10 2019
Barrick: Greg Walker To Head Nevada Joint Venture May 10 2019
Franco-Nevada Hikes Dividend; Lassonde To Step Down May 09 2019
Gold Moves Little After U.S. Jobless Claims Fall 2,000 To 228,000 May 09 2019
First Majestic Silver: 1Q Results Helped By San Dimas Output May 09 2019
Hecla Mining Posts 1Q Loss, Suspends Guidance For Nevada Ops May 09 2019
Pan American Silver Lists 1Q Profit, Updates Guidance After Merger May 09 2019
Wheaton Reports Adjusted Profit, Record Gold Sales May 08 2019
Analysts: China’s Central Bank Still Accumulating Gold May 08 2019
SEMAFO 1Q Profit Jumps Along With Gold Output May 08 2019
B2Gold Posts 1Q Adjusted Profit; Output Above Budget May 08 2019
Barrick Gold Reports Profit In First Quarter After Merger May 08 2019
Kinross Gold’s 1Q Adjusted Profit Dips But Tops Expectations May 08 2019
Global ETF Holdings Decline During April May 07 2019
TDS: 'Gold At $1,300/Oz Is Well Within Reach' May 07 2019
Kirkland Lake 1Q Adjusted Profit Rises; Dividend Payment Increasing May 07 2019
Iamgold Reports 1Q Adjusted Loss As Output Declines May 07 2019
Gold Spins Wheels Amid Weak Stocks, Demand Worries, Strong Dollar May 06 2019
Money Managers Eliminate Net-Bearish Position In Gold May 06 2019
INTL FCStone: Gold, Silver To 'Continue To Flounder In May' May 06 2019
New Gold: Milling Resumes; Company Still Expects To Reach Output Guidance May 06 2019
Wall St., Main St. In Quandary Over Direction Of Gold Prices May 03 2019
Gold Market Resilient Despite Strong U.S Jobs Growth May 03 2019
Pretium: 1Q Adjusted Profit Rises; Executive Chairman To Retire May 03 2019
CME Group: April Metals Volume Falls 23% From Year Ago May 02 2019
Argonaut Gold Lists 1Q Profit, Record Production May 02 2019
Royal Gold Reports Profit, Planned Retirement Of CEO May 02 2019
Yamana Gold Posts Adjusted First-Quarter Profit May 01 2019
Coeur Mining Posts Adjusted Loss In First Quarter May 01 2019
RBC's Gero: Gold Modestly Softer While Awaiting Fed May 01 2019
Equinox: First Gold Pour At Aurizona Mine Expected In May May 01 2019
Gold Pares Gain After U.S. April Consumer Confidence Index Rises To 129.2 Apr 30 2019
Gold Higher After Chicago PMI Falls To 52.6 In April Apr 30 2019
Commerzbank: China's Gold Imports From Hong Kong Down From Year Ago Apr 30 2019
Alacer Posts 1Q Profit; Output Rises Sharply Apr 30 2019
Funds Increase Net-Bearish Positioning In Gold, Silver Apr 29 2019
BMO: Exchange-Traded-Fund Gold Holdings Decline Apr 29 2019
OceanaGold Posts 1Q Profit While Dealing With Haile Challenges Apr 29 2019
Gold Still Softer As U.S. March Personal Spending Rises 0.9%; Core PCE Index Steady Apr 29 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold Prices To Keep Bouncing Apr 26 2019
Commerzbank: China Relying On Imports To Meet Gold Demand Apr 26 2019
Goldman Favors Gold Over Silver, Palladium Over Platinum Apr 26 2019
Agnico Eagle Reports Dip In 1Q Profit, But Tops Expectations Apr 26 2019
Agnico Eagle Reports Dip In 1Q Profit, But Tops Expectations Apr 25 2019
New Gold Reports Smaller Loss In First Quarter Apr 25 2019
Freeport 1Q Profit, Output Slide During Transition At Indonesian Mine Apr 25 2019
Gold Inches Higher After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise By 37,000 Apr 25 2019
Newmont 1Q Adjusted Profit Declines But Tops Forecasts Apr 25 2019
TDS: Gold Not Far From 200-Day Moving Average Apr 24 2019
Newmont Goldcorp Announces 14-Cent Quarterly Dividend Apr 24 2019
Mitsubishi: 'Medium- To Longer-Term Conditions For Gold Are Still Favorable' Apr 23 2019
Gold Subdued As U.S. Existing-Home Sales Fall 4.9% In March Apr 22 2019
Funds Reverse Course, Hold Net-Bearish Position In Gold Futures Apr 22 2019
Barrick-Newmont Joint Venture Clears Regulatory Hurdles Apr 22 2019
MKS' Nabavi: Longs Tiptoe Back Into Gold Market After Holiday Apr 22 2019
Wall St., Main St. Split On Short-Term Outlook For Gold Prices Apr 18 2019
Commerzbank: Central Banks Still Accumulating Gold Apr 18 2019
Hecla: 1Q Silver, Gold Output Up From Year Ago Apr 18 2019
Newmont, Goldcorp Complete Merger To Form Largest Gold Producer Apr 18 2019
Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index Falls To 8.5 In April Apr 18 2019
Barrick: 1Q Gold Output Within Its Expectations Apr 18 2019
Palladium Supply/Demand Fundamentals Remain 'Robust': Metals Focus Apr 17 2019
Barrick’s Bristow: Kibali Mine Performing Well In 2019 Apr 17 2019
Commerzbank: Gold Below 100-Day Average, Could Dip Some More Apr 17 2019
Gold Output To Hit Record High In 2019: S&P Global Market Intelligence Apr 16 2019
Credit Suisse: 'We Remain Positive On Gold Prices In 2019' Apr 16 2019
Kinross Gold Streamlines Senior Management Apr 16 2019
First Majestic 1Q Silver-Equivalent Output Sharply Higher Than Year Ago Apr 16 2019
Funds Increase Bullish Position In Gold Futures Apr 15 2019
MKS: Gold Prices Slip On Long Liquidation Apr 15 2019
Yamana Sells Chapada Mine To Lundin Mining For Over $1 Billion Apr 15 2019
Wall St. Split, Main St. Bullish On Gold Prices Apr 12 2019
Eureka Miner’s Report: High Gold-Silver Ratio Unsustainable Apr 12 2019
Coeur: 1Q Production In Line With Guidance Apr 12 2019
Newmont Shareholders OK Proposals For Goldcorp Takeover Apr 11 2019
Gran Colombia Gold Reports Record 1Q Output Apr 11 2019
RJO's Pavilonis: Gold Retreats On Technical-Chart Factors Apr 11 2019
Gold Slightly Softer After U.S. March CPI Climbs 0.4% Apr 10 2019
European Central Bank Leaves Rates Unchanged Apr 10 2019
Adrian Day: Interest Rates, Dollar To Help Gold Apr 09 2019
TDS: Gold Positioning For $1,320s Sooner Than Anticipated Apr 09 2019
McEwen Mining: Black Fox, Gold Bar Mines Finish 1Q On Strong Note Apr 09 2019
Money Managers Slash Net-Bullish Gold Positioning Apr 08 2019
Societe Generale Sees $1,400 Gold In 1Q 2020 Apr 08 2019
New Gold 1Q Output On Track To Meet 2019 Guidance Apr 08 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold Prices To Tick Higher Apr 05 2019
Global ETF Gold Holdings Increase Modestly In March Apr 04 2019
RBC's Gero: Gold Weaker After Jobless Claims Fall Apr 04 2019
Pretium: Brucejack Mine Economics Improved Apr 04 2019
Alacer Reports Jump In Ardich Resource, PFS For Gediktepe Project Apr 03 2019
Hecla Reports Higher Reserves At Two Mines Apr 02 2019
INTL FCStone Sees Gold Range-Bound During April Apr 02 2019
LBMA: Gold, Silver Ounces Transferred Daily Decline In February Apr 01 2019
Money Managers Build Up Bullish Gold Positioning Apr 01 2019
McMullen To Become Next CEO Of Detour Gold Apr 01 2019
Commerzbank: Gold Gives Up Most Of Early 1Q Gains Apr 01 2019
Alamos Gold Announces Sale Of Non-Core Royalties Apr 01 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold To Regain Luster Mar 29 2019
RBC's Gero: Gold Decline May Be Buying Opportunity Mar 29 2019
First Majestic Reports Big Rise In Reserves Mar 29 2019
BMO Revises Gold Forecast Up A little, Palladium A Lot Mar 29 2019
Analysts: Palladium Prices Tumble From 'Bubble' Territory Mar 28 2019
FXTM: Long-Term Outlook Still Favors Gold Bulls Mar 28 2019
Gran Colombia Gold: 4Q Output, Adjusted Profit Rise Mar 28 2019
Gold Pares Loss After U.S. Jobless Claims Fall 5,000 To 211,000 Mar 28 2019
Metals Focus Sees Continued Photovoltaic Demand For Silver Mar 27 2019
Newmont Names Planned Leadership Team After Goldcorp Merger Mar 27 2019
MKS’s Nabavi: Gold Eases On Long Liquidation Mar 26 2019
Fund Managers Increase Bullish Posture In Gold Mar 25 2019
BMO: Gold, Platinum ETF Holdings Rise In 2019 Mar 25 2019
Newmont To Pay Special Dividend If Goldcorp Merger Approved Mar 25 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold To Shine After Fed Meeting Mar 22 2019
Standard Chartered: Gold Prices Skewed To The Upside Mar 22 2019
Look For Gold Prices To Keep Pushing Higher - Traders Mar 21 2019
INTL FCStone: Gold Prices May Stage 'Another Upside Push' Mar 21 2019
Gold Maintains Gains After U.S. Jobless Claims Fall By 9,000 Mar 21 2019
Wheaton Precious Metals 4Q Adjusted Profit Declines Mar 20 2019
Aberdeen's Gold Suggests 'Caution On Palladium' Mar 20 2019
Franco-Nevada 4Q Adjusted Profit Below Consensus Estimate Mar 20 2019
Record-Setting Palladium Outshines Gold, Other Precious Metals Mar 19 2019
SP Angel: Gold Rises On Expectations Of Dovish Fed Mar 19 2019
Money Managers Scale Back Gold, Silver Bullish Positioning - CFTC Mar 18 2019
Barrick: Court Ruling Delays Ultimate Pascua-Lama Decision Mar 18 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold To Strengthen Mar 15 2019
Commerzbank Sees $1,400 Gold, $16.50 Silver By Year-End Mar 15 2019
Newmont Completes Tanami Mine Power Project Mar 15 2019
Goldcorp: Operations Resume At Cerro Negro Mine Mar 14 2019
Metals Focus: U.S. Retail Gold, Silver Demand To Rise In 2019 Mar 13 2019
B2Gold Reports Rise In 4Q Adjusted Net Income Mar 13 2019
Standard Chartered: Gold Struggling to Regain $1,300/Oz Mar 12 2019
Goldcorp Reports Work Stoppage At Cerro Negro Mine Mar 12 2019
CEOs: Barrick-Newmont JV Would Be Third-Largest Gold Co. In World Mar 11 2019
Commerzbank: Outflows Continue From Gold ETFs Mar 11 2019
Barrick, Newmont Agree To Nevada Joint Venture Mar 11 2019
Wall St., Main St. Look For Gold To Maintain Renewed Luster Mar 08 2019
Goldcorp Sets April 4 As Date For Vote On Merger Mar 08 2019
Eureka Mining Report's Baker: The Good, Bad And Ugly Mar 08 2019
Global ETF Holdings Decline During February Mar 07 2019
TDS Exits Long Platinum Trade But Still Bullish Medium Term Mar 07 2019
McEwen Mining Suspends Dividend Distribution Mar 07 2019
ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Announces Liquidity Measures Mar 07 2019
Silver To Strengthen, Outmuscle Gold By Late 2019 - Metals Focus Mar 06 2019
CFTC: Money Managers Trim Gold Positioning In Week To Feb. 26 Mar 06 2019
SEMAFO 4Q Output, Profit Rise Sharply Mar 06 2019
Gold Dips After Feb. ISM Service-Sector Index Rises To 59.7% Mar 05 2019
Great Panther Announces Name Change; Beadell Acquisition Finalized Mar 05 2019
TD Securities: Gold Pressured Lately By Profit-Taking; Better Days Ahead Mar 05 2019
RBC's Gero: Stops, Dollar, Equities All Pressuring Gold Mar 04 2019
Newmont Rejects Barrick Merger Proposal But Offers Joint Venture Mar 04 2019
Wall St. Bearish, Main St. Bullish On Gold Prices Mar 01 2019
FXTM: Gold Bulls Lose Battle, But War Still Rages On Mar 01 2019
LBMA: Gold Ounces Transferred Daily Falls In Jan.; Silver Volume Up Mar 01 2019
Jaguar Mining Reports 81% Jump In Proven, Probable Reserves Mar 01 2019
BMO: Sentiment For Metals Markets 'Surprisingly Positive' Feb 28 2019
Barrick Presentation Reiterates Synergies From Newmont Merger Feb 28 2019
Gold Moves Little After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise To 225,000 Feb 28 2019
TD Securities: CTAs Not Acting In Gold But Buying Platinum Feb 27 2019
Centerra Gold Receives Water Approval For Mount Milligan Feb 27 2019
Gold Dip Slightly After U.S. Feb. Consumer Confidence Index Rises Feb 26 2019
Gold Trims Loss After U.S. Dec. Housing Starts Fall To 1.078 Million Units Feb 26 2019
FXTM: 'Gold Is Insulated From Extreme Downside Shocks' Feb 26 2019

Mark Mead Baillie

Gold's near-term brush with the 1600s Feb 23 2021
Make gold your stash before the S&P crash Feb 15 2021
Gold's current commodity costume Feb 09 2021
Gold churns but silver (finally) returns! Feb 01 2021
Abidin' Biden by Gold Jan 25 2021
Gold Sheared, Silver Smeared Jan 18 2021
Gold leaps -- then cascades -- to start the new decade Jan 11 2021
Seeking gold 2401 (+26%) in 2021 Jan 05 2021
Our hope from Santa was in vain; gold 1900 still to gain Dec 29 2020
Gold's 1900+ track looks to be in santa's sack Dec 21 2020
Gold grindin' 'n gatherin' toward groovin Dec 15 2020
Gold finally breaks ties with the dollar's demise Dec 07 2020
Gold from conservative consolidation into convoluted correction Nov 30 2020
Gold more consolidative than corrective before 'boing!' Nov 23 2020
Well after all that, gold & co. are pretty much unch Nov 16 2020
And the winner is... team gold! Nov 09 2020
Gold & co. on election go Nov 02 2020
Gold and the S&P see re-election as reality Oct 26 2020
Neither a higher gold gear nor pre-election fear has yet to appear Oct 19 2020
Gold flies within negativity's guise Oct 13 2020
Gold remaining relatively sober into October Oct 05 2020
Gold Garroted, Silver Slaughtered Sep 28 2020
Negative gold camber for the balance of September Sep 21 2020
Oil's drop is steep... But gold goes to sleep Sep 14 2020
Gold's season to be jolly...or folly? Sep 08 2020
Gold climbs from a rut ... but ... Aug 31 2020
Gold from bold to sold to finding a foothold Aug 24 2020
Dare thee short gold? no! Aug 17 2020
Gold taps two thousand Aug 03 2020
Gold returns to glory and the gateway to 2000 Jul 27 2020
Gold - Near-term price coil or coming off the boil? Jul 20 2020
Gold's Initial Tour of The Final Frontier (1800-1900) Jul 13 2020
Gold takes the northern front at 1800 Jul 06 2020
Gold's fiercest fight yet for the northern front (1750-1800) Jun 29 2020
Gold's northern front foray no. Six - but shall it stick? Jun 22 2020
Gold lacks nerve; silver a concern Jun 15 2020
Gold 1600 before 1800 Jun 08 2020
Money supply up; gold price unch Jun 02 2020
Covid priced into gold? Economy's 'vee' starts to unfold? May 26 2020
Gold's third attempt to take the northern front (1750-1800) May 18 2020
Gold's near-term trend turns negative May 11 2020
Gold retreats (again) from the northern front (1750-1800) May 04 2020
Gold battles for the northern front (1750-1800) Apr 27 2020
Resistance roars down on gold Apr 20 2020
Gold arrives at the threshold for hyperdrive Apr 13 2020
Gold losing a gear as markets are losing their fear Apr 07 2020
Gold Foiled in its Fourth Foray for 1700 Mar 30 2020
Gold sellers neatly sponged; trump rally nearly expunged Mar 23 2020
Why gold got sold Mar 16 2020
Gold - same pop, same top Mar 10 2020
Gold's target reached; then safe-haven breached Mar 03 2020
Gold Nears Our High Forecast ... for the Entire Year! Feb 24 2020
Gold firm, yet lacking puff Feb 17 2020
Gold's worst week in three months? Whoomp there it is! Feb 10 2020
Silver hits downside support; gold stays a safe-haven port Feb 03 2020
Wisdom wins with gold and silver Jan 28 2020
Gold looking lower near-term Jan 20 2020
Gold's geopolitical routine rewind Jan 13 2020
Gold's 2020 drive to 1675 Jan 06 2020
Tis a gold trifecta!!! Dec 30 2019
Gold need dial in a little more power Dec 23 2019
Gold gears up for its year-end rise Dec 16 2019
Gold takes a whack, its support shelf intact Dec 09 2019
Shall Santa gift gold at 1500? Dec 02 2019
Higher gold ahead Nov 25 2019
Gold gets supported; downside thus thwarted! Nov 18 2019
Behold the gift of gold Nov 11 2019
Gold a go-go or a no-go? Nov 04 2019
Gold remains meek; silver wins the week!" Oct 28 2019
Gold - trading range tapering at 1500; price spring coiling for 1600? Oct 21 2019
Gold stays as told in correction mode Oct 15 2019
Gold's correction seems a short inflection Oct 07 2019
Gold at the 3/4 post is putting in a year over which to boast Sep 30 2019
Gold up! Rate cut! Recession looming! Economy booming! Sep 23 2019
1526: gold's centerpiece price Sep 16 2019
Gold loses its grip, silver triples the slip Sep 09 2019
Gold can't compete with the silver streak! Sep 03 2019
Gold-Dip Wary but the Picture Stays Merry Aug 26 2019
Gold Sticks Our 1526 Fix Aug 19 2019
Gold - 1500 Quick as a Wit Aug 12 2019
Gold - Contango and Tariffs and Fed Oh My! Aug 05 2019
Gold Furthers Its Flatlining Jul 29 2019
Silver, Baby! Jul 22 2019
Gold Stays Blah Despite the Rah-Rah Jul 15 2019
Gold: Near-Term-Churn Remains the Watchword Jul 08 2019
Gold - Another Week, Another Milestone Jul 01 2019
Finally THE Gold Breakout of Significance Jun 24 2019
Our 500th Gold Update: Extremes are the Norm Jun 17 2019
Gold Gains Pace; Shall it Fail at the Same Place? Jun 10 2019
Our Key Gold Price Trend Goes Long Jun 03 2019
Gold Just Sits as the World Flies By May 28 2019
Gold Comatose Whilst Stocks Overdose May 13 2019
Gold Sits On Its Box Whilst The Herd Chase Stocks May 07 2019
Put Gold in Your Bag, Man, but Let Silver Sag, Says Sachs Apr 29 2019
Gold Southbound, Box-Bound Apr 22 2019
Gold Again Snowed Apr 15 2019
Gold's Down Trend Continues; Except That Price Isn't Going Down Apr 08 2019
Gold's Stumbles to Complete Q1; the Econ Baro Comes Undone Apr 01 2019
Gold's Short-Lived Short Trend Mar 25 2019
Gold Still Getting a Bid; but Stocks Blowing their Lid Mar 18 2019
Gold Gets a Bid; Stocks Resume Skid Mar 11 2019
Gold Goes 'Thunk' and 'tis a Good Healthy Thing Mar 04 2019
Gold's Up Streak Completes Its 24th Week Feb 25 2019

Bill Baruch

Don’t chase gold prices Feb 24 2020
Gold prices are in a good place Feb 13 2020
U.S. dollar weighs on gold Feb 05 2020
Gold needs to hold $1,575 Jan 27 2020
Gold damaged but still standing Jan 21 2020
Gold price remains constructive Jan 17 2020
Gold looks healthy at current levels Jan 15 2020
Tame inflation supporting gold prices Jan 14 2020
Easing geopolitical uncertainty could unwind gold price Jan 13 2020
Gold price will be susceptible to wave of selling Jan 09 2020
Gold bulls should use caution at current price Jan 08 2020
Now is the time to take some profits in gold Jan 06 2020
Should gold bulls lock in profits? Jan 03 2020
Gold holding its own in the face of higher yields and record equities Dec 19 2019
Gold’s daily battle continues Dec 17 2019
Chinese trade deal front and center for gold investors Dec 13 2019
Headlines driving gold prices Dec 12 2019
A favorable environment for gold Dec 11 2019
Gold continues to hold strong support above $1,450 Dec 10 2019
This is seasonally a bearish time for gold Dec 09 2019
Gold market needs to do a more work after Tuesday's rally Dec 04 2019
Gold is on the move but needs to hold $1486 Dec 03 2019
Gold investors need to show some patience Nov 25 2019
Gold prices needs to push above $1,474 Nov 21 2019
Gold is holding its ground Nov 20 2019
Gold is back to a one-week low Nov 05 2019
Gold holding its ground but the fight's just starting Nov 04 2019
Dismal data creating a tailwind for gold Oct 31 2019
Gold prices are lacking a near-term catalyst Oct 22 2019
Gold prices are struggling Oct 15 2019
Gold vulnerable to waves of selling Oct 10 2019
Gold is in a stable landscape Oct 03 2019
Weak manufacturing data was gold’s buy signal Oct 02 2019
Gold’s rally is healthy but it needs more Sep 25 2019
Gold market sees terrific technical landscape Sep 23 2019
Budding market liquidity issues will support gold Sep 18 2019
Gold is holding $1,500 as rate cut expectations fall Sep 17 2019
Gold prices still feeling the pressure Sep 11 2019
Gold needs to hold its ground this week Sep 09 2019
Weak Economic Data Supporting Gold Market Sep 04 2019
Gold battles higher Aug 29 2019
Gold Bulls: You Can't Ask For Anything More Aug 26 2019
Headwinds Building For Gold Aug 19 2019
Gold Rally Looking A Little Exhausted Aug 16 2019
Should Gold Traders Lock In Profits? Aug 13 2019
Gold Still Enjoying A Favorable Landscape Aug 09 2019
Gold Rallies As Markets Price In More Rate Cuts Aug 05 2019
Friday's Employment Data Will Be Critical For Gold Aug 01 2019
Gold Market Faces The Gauntlet Jul 31 2019
Gold Bulls In The Driver's Seat Jul 30 2019
Christmas Comes Early As Gold Bulls Hold The Edge Jul 29 2019
Silver Is Now Supporting Gold Prices Jul 18 2019
Finally! Silver Is Doing Some Heavy Lifting Jul 17 2019
Gold On The Back Foot Jul 16 2019
Will Shifting Growth Landscape Weigh Down Gold Jul 15 2019
Gold Under Pressure As Bond Yields Rise Jul 12 2019
Gold Prices Reinvigorated Jul 11 2019
A Tremendous Landscape for Gold Jul 10 2019
Wind Spilling From Gold’s Sails As Economy Improves Jul 09 2019
Gold Takes A Hit, But Keeps Standing Jul 08 2019
Gold Is Stable At $1,400 Jun 28 2019
Gold Investors: Watch Technicals; Support Needs To Hold At $1,415 Jun 26 2019
Gold Is Ripping Higher As Markets See 50 bps Cut In July Jun 25 2019
The Fed Is As Dovish As They Can Be Jun 20 2019
Gold Keeps Pushing The Tape Jun 13 2019
Gold Needs To Close Above $1,337 Jun 12 2019
Is Gold Priming For A Run To $1,400 Jun 05 2019
Gold Prices Supported By Growing Calls For Fed Rate Cuts Jun 04 2019
Gold Is On Track To Make A New Yearly High Jun 03 2019
Gold Caught Between U.S. Dollar And Bond Yields May 30 2019
Gold Investors: Watch USD Reaction To Fed Minutes May 22 2019
Technicals Dragging Down Gold May 17 2019
Gold Investors Hurting After A Swift Kick To The Gut May 16 2019
Gold Investors Keep To Keep On The Gas To Avoid Market Stalling Again May 15 2019
Gold Market Laying the Bullish Groundwork May 14 2019
Gold Needs To Close Above $1294 May 10 2019
Friday's NFP Data Could Make or Break Gold May 02 2019
Strong USD Adds To Gold's Woes Apr 23 2019
Gold Needs To Close Above $1,291 To Undo Damage Apr 17 2019
Gold Market Has Turned Bearish Short Term Apr 16 2019
Gold Bulls Need To Protect Themselves Apr 15 2019
It Will Take Time To Repair Technical Damage In Gold Market Apr 12 2019
Gold Prices Needs To Keep Stay Above $1,280 Apr 11 2019
Gold Suffering From A Lack Of Enthusiasm Apr 04 2019
Gold Traders Should Prepare For NFP Volatility Friday Apr 03 2019
Neutral Signals Flash As Gold Prices Unable To Rally Apr 02 2019
Is The U.S. Dollar Too Much For Gold Apr 01 2019
Gold Is Suffering From A Lack Of Interest Mar 28 2019
Gold Needs To Close Above $1,315 To Confirm New Momentum Mar 21 2019
Gold Bulls Need To Be Patient Mar 19 2019
Gold Bulls Are Nervous Mar 14 2019
Gold Could Find Sticky Resistance At $1,307 Mar 13 2019
Gold's Price Action Firming Up Mar 12 2019
Gold Prices Need To Close Above $1,291 Mar 06 2019
Gold Licking Its Wounds Mar 04 2019
Gold Is Down But Not OUt Feb 27 2019

Vladimir Basov

Russian mining behemoth Nornickel partially suspends mines due to flooding Feb 24 2021
Centerra Gold boosts free cash flow 1,640%, declares dividend Feb 24 2021
B2Gold reports record operational and financial results, declares Q1 2021 dividend Feb 23 2021
Endeavour delivers strong PFS results for Fetekro and Kalana Feb 23 2021
Strong performance in West Africa lifts Perseus’ net profit 61% Feb 23 2021
Barrick and Japan Gold approve 2021 exploration budget Feb 23 2021
Harmony Gold boosts net profit 336%, declares dividend Feb 23 2021
Australian gold miner Ramelius posts record 297% net profit increase Feb 23 2021
Dundee delivers robust PFS for its gold project in Serbia Feb 23 2021
Major platinum player Sibanye-Stillwater invests in lithium project in Finland Feb 23 2021
Eldorado declares maiden high-grade gold resource at Ormaque Feb 22 2021
Nomad Royalty declares Q1 2021 dividend Feb 22 2021
Power restored at Gatos Silver mine in Mexico Feb 22 2021
Anaconda boosts M&I open pit gold resources by 1,361% in Nova Scotia Feb 22 2021
Vandalism and theft of copper cables impacted Sylvania Platinum operations Feb 22 2021
Uranium production in the U.S. was close to zero in 2020 Feb 22 2021
Atico restarts mining operations in Colombia Feb 22 2021
SilverCrest closes $138M financing, aims to advance Las Chispas Feb 22 2021
AngloGold Ashanti ups dividend fivefold, production falls 7% Feb 22 2021
Australian Vital Metals signs contract to start rare earths mining in Canada Feb 22 2021
Capstone achieves net cash position with $150M received from Wheaton Feb 19 2021
Hudbay meets annual production guidance for all metals Feb 19 2021
Livent announces lithium supply agreement with BMW, expects revenue growth in 2021 Feb 19 2021
Lundin Mining ups cash dividend by 50% Feb 19 2021
New Gold achieves revised production and cost guidance Feb 19 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel to pay ~$2 billion in environmental damages Feb 19 2021
Harmony Gold expects up to 339% net profit growth Feb 19 2021
Aurcana readies RV silver mine for restart Feb 18 2021
First Majestic reports 157% net earnings increase Feb 18 2021
Pan American Silver generates record operating cash flow, announces dividend Feb 18 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater increases profit 47 times in 2020 Feb 18 2021
Pandemic-related suspensions hit hard Hochschild mines Feb 18 2021
Hecla exceeds pre-COVID silver production guidance, increases gross profit by 523% Feb 18 2021
Gold Fields reports fourfold increase in headline earnings, declares dividend Feb 18 2021
Barrick reports 4% gold reserves decline in 2020 Feb 18 2021
IAMGOLD reports 8% production decline, turns to net profit in 2020 Feb 18 2021
Teck announces dividend Feb 17 2021
Sale of Sadiola mine in Mali hits IAMGOLD’s year-end reserves and resources Feb 17 2021
Uranium One reports 7% production decline in 2020 Feb 17 2021
Mountain Province auctions exceptional 157 carat "Polaris" diamond from Gahcho Kué Feb 17 2021
BeMetals gets B2Gold as new strategic partner in Japan Feb 17 2021
Osisko Mining increases high-grade gold resources at Windfall Feb 17 2021
SSR Mining reports strong results, declares inaugural dividend Feb 17 2021
Pretium lifts COVID-19 travel restrictions at Brucejack Feb 17 2021
Spat over proposed Kvanefjeld mine triggers a national election in Greenland Feb 17 2021
First Quantum achieves record copper production, declares dividend Feb 16 2021
Northam Platinum delivers strong operational results, revenue jumps by 52% Feb 16 2021
Barrick sells Lagunas Norte gold mine for $81 million plus closure liability Feb 16 2021
Galiano Gold exceeds annual production guidance, generates record revenue in Ghana Feb 16 2021
Glencore reports net loss of $1.9B in 2020, elects not to pay dividend Feb 16 2021
BHP delivers strong half year results, announces record dividend Feb 15 2021
Leading mining school launches unique program for space mining Feb 15 2021
Chile was the largest copper producer in 2020; top copper countries felt impact of the pandemic - report Feb 15 2021
Orocobre reports minor earthquake damage to lithium plant in Japan Feb 15 2021
Top diamond miner ALROSA sees demand recovery Feb 15 2021
Fortescue deploys autonomous light vehicles for driverless equipment transfer Feb 15 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater boosts 4E platinum group metals reserves by 40% Feb 15 2021
Global copper production declines 2% in 2020 - report Feb 12 2021
Namibia expects uranium and diamond boom after a bleak 2020 Feb 12 2021
Nexa reports 13% zinc output decline in 2020 Feb 12 2021
Swedish mining giant Boliden ups profit on improved operations Feb 12 2021
Yamana Gold boosts reserves and resources of yellow metal Feb 12 2021
SilverCrest raises $120M to advance Las Chispas Feb 12 2021
Yamana Gold reports strong Q4 and FY 2020 results, declares dividend Feb 11 2021
Parral mine delivers another record quarter for GoGold Feb 11 2021
Denison raises $31.3 million to advance uranium project in Saskatchewan, shares up Feb 11 2021
Uranium Royalty buys royalty interests on two world's biggest uranium mines Feb 11 2021
COVID-19 outbreak declared at Pretivm's Brucejack mine in BC Feb 11 2021
Newcrest reports gold reserves declined by 5% Feb 11 2021
Kinross boosts gold reserves by 23% Feb 11 2021
Russian gold mining giant Polyus switches to renewables Feb 11 2021
Red Chris mine gets permit and funding to explore block cave option Feb 10 2021
Newcrest delivers record free cash flow, ups dividend by 100% Feb 10 2021
Endeavour and Teranga complete creation of new top 10 gold producer Feb 10 2021
Franco-Nevada declares quarterly dividend of US$0.26 per share Feb 10 2021
Kinross delivers record free cash flow, more than doubles net earnings in 2020 Feb 10 2021
Taseko secures financing, moves forward with Florence project Feb 10 2021
Gold production in Canada rebounded strong in Q3 2020; Canadian Malartic was the biggest gold mine - report - Kitco Feb 10 2021
Wesdome intersects 326 g/t gold at Kiena, expects commercial production this year Feb 10 2021
Cameco receives $37 million under CEWS program Feb 10 2021
New Gold loses 69% of gold reserves due to Blackwater sale Feb 10 2021
Gold Fields expects up to 325% earnings growth in 2020 Feb 10 2021
Northern Star posts record profits, cashflow and dividend Feb 09 2021
Silvercorp receives mining license extension in China Feb 09 2021
Harte Gold keeps building momentum at Sugar Zone Feb 09 2021
Global palladium output fell 7% in 2020; Russia was the biggest palladium producer - report Feb 09 2021
Tanzanian Gold raises US$21.4 million to advance Buckreef project Feb 09 2021
Battle North Gold approves construction plans for Bateman, eyes production by end of 2021 Feb 09 2021
Japan Gold and Barrick expand exploration holdings in Japan Feb 09 2021
AngloGold Ashanti reports 7% production drop in 2020, earnings to grow by up to 174% Feb 09 2021
Pan African Resources ups earnings by up to 90% Feb 08 2021
Largest silver producing countries in 2020 - report Feb 08 2021
Mountain Province Diamonds suspends Gahcho Kué over COVID-19 outbreak Feb 08 2021
Pretium reports nine COVID-19 cases at Brucejack Feb 08 2021
Monarch Mining increases gold inferred resource by 300% at Mckenzie Break Feb 08 2021
Adriatic Metals receives key permit for silver project in Bosnia Feb 08 2021
New Gold resumes underground activities at New Afton Feb 08 2021
Pebble Partnership served with grand jury subpoena in Alaska Feb 05 2021
China keeps burning through its gold reserves fastest in the world - report Feb 05 2021
McEwen Mining secures funding to expand Fox Complex Feb 05 2021
Eskay acquires 19.5% of Garibaldi Resources from Sprott Feb 05 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater earnings surge on higher metal prices and solid performance Feb 05 2021
Eldorado Gold signs amended investment agreement with Greece Feb 05 2021
New Gold resumes surface operations at New Afton Feb 05 2021
Buenaventura reports Q4 and full-year production results Feb 04 2021
Talon Metals delivers 96% after-tax NPV increase for Tamarack Feb 04 2021
Biggest gold producing countries in 2020 - report Feb 04 2021
Northisle delivers robust PEA for North Island, eyes $1.1B NPV Feb 04 2021
Dynacor generates record sales from artisanal gold miners Feb 04 2021
Amarillo Gold receives key development permit in Brazil Feb 04 2021
Glencore to return "uneconomic" coal mines back to Colombia Feb 04 2021
Largest gold mining companies ranked by reserves - report Feb 03 2021
Aura Minerals greenlights construction of Almas gold project Feb 03 2021
Saudi Arabian mining giant Ma'aden reduces net loss by 72% Feb 03 2021
Endeavour Silver ups its silver reserves by 11% Feb 03 2021
Mining permit granted for large-scale Waterberg PGM mine Feb 03 2021
Novo scores final permit for Beatons Creek gold project Feb 03 2021
Freeport-McMoRan's reinstated dividend tops its pre-pandemic rate Feb 02 2021
Albemarle reports sales drop, raises $1.3B to fund growth capex Feb 02 2021
Cerro de Pasco discovers 31 million oz of silver in stockpile Feb 02 2021
Top gold miners rebounded strongly post COVID-19 interruptions Feb 02 2021
Agnico Eagle completes acquisition of TMAC Feb 02 2021
Santacruz Silver ups silver eq. output by 30% Feb 02 2021
Serious mud rush incident at New Gold's New Afton mine Feb 02 2021
Peru's mining sector contracted 2.5% in December Feb 01 2021
The world's largest silver producers in 2019 Feb 01 2021
The world's largest silver mines in 2019 Feb 01 2021
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom meets 2020 guidance, production drops 19% Feb 01 2021
Berkeley threatens to claim 500 million euro from Spain if proposed uranium mine vetoed Feb 01 2021
Vizsla drills 10,019 g/t silver equivalent at Panuco Feb 01 2021
Golden Minerals pours first gold at Rodeo Feb 01 2021
Lucapa restarts diamond mine in Lesotho after nationwide COVID-19 lockdown Jan 29 2021
Sokoman drills high-grade near-surface gold intervals at Moosehead Jan 29 2021
Canada Silver Cobalt drills bonanza 89,853 g/t silver interval in Ontario Jan 29 2021
INV Metals shares up on IAMGOLD investment Jan 29 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel meets 2020 production guidance Jan 29 2021
Surging rare earth prices help Lynas to generate highest sales revenue in its history Jan 28 2021
Denison shares up on bonanza 7.66% uranium oxide interval Jan 28 2021
Excelsior sells first copper cathode from Gunnison to Trafigura Jan 28 2021
Barrick touts performance of its Tanzanian mines Jan 28 2021
Endeavour Silver plans to boost 2021 silver output by up to 23% Jan 28 2021
KAZ Minerals exceeds copper production target in 2020 Jan 28 2021
Alianza intersects 818 g/t silver at Haldane, shares up Jan 28 2021
Top 5 gold miner Polyus posts 3% output drop in 2020, meets guidance Jan 28 2021
Galaxy boasts record quarterly lithium shipments, rapidly advances projects in Argentina and Canada Jan 27 2021
Gold mine in Ontario helps Australian Evolution Mining to increase production Jan 27 2021
Newcrest increases quarterly gold production, reduces costs Jan 27 2021
French nuclear giant Orano obtains uranium exploration permits in Greenland Jan 27 2021
MAG Silver generates pre-production cash-flow at Juanicipio Jan 27 2021
Minera Alamos readies Santana gold mine for production Jan 27 2021
New gold producer in Australia pours first metal Jan 27 2021
KGHM increased copper output in 2020, other metals fell Jan 27 2021
Uranium Energy restarts project in Texas, wants to capitalize on the U.S. uranium reserve program Jan 26 2021
Wesdome sells 3.2Moz gold deposit in Ontario for $57M Jan 26 2021
Medgold delivers robust PEA for its gold project in Serbia Jan 26 2021
First Cobalt to commence pilot cobalt solvent extraction in February Jan 26 2021
Base metal, iron ore and thermal coal propel Altius’ royalty revenue Jan 26 2021
Petropavlovsk increases gold output, misses 2020 production target Jan 26 2021
First Quantum achieves record copper production in 2020 Jan 26 2021
Yamana Gold expects steady production growth through 2030 Jan 25 2021
Yamana Gold exceeds original 2020 production target, cuts debt by $323M Jan 25 2021
Harmony Gold increases quarterly production by 38% Jan 25 2021
KEFI is on track to start gold production in Ethiopia next year Jan 25 2021
Gold Resource reports 49% gold production drop in 2020 Jan 25 2021
Sherritt misses 2020 nickel production target due to disruptions in Cuba Jan 25 2021
Endeavour reports record 2020 gold production, reduces debt by $600M Jan 25 2021
Seabridge Gold to raise up to US$75 million Jan 22 2021
IAMGOLD and Sumitomo confirm significant gold mineralization near Côté Jan 22 2021
Kazatomprom confirms 128 positive COVID-19 cases at two uranium mines Jan 22 2021
Pan African Resources increases gold production in South Africa Jan 22 2021
Lithium Americas raised US$400M to build gigantic lithium mine in the U.S. Jan 22 2021
China Gold exceeds 2020 production guidance Jan 22 2021
Endeavour sells Agbaou gold mine for $80 million Jan 22 2021
Lynas signs contract with the U.S. Government to build rare earths plant Jan 21 2021
Global gold production to drop 5.4% in 2020 Jan 21 2021
Endeavour shareholders approve Teranga acquisition, closing expected in February Jan 21 2021
Nexa restarts Atacocha mine after protests end Jan 21 2021
Russian Seligdar increases gold and tin output in 2020 Jan 21 2021
Northern Star posts robust quarterly results, cuts debt Jan 21 2021
Perseus keeps delivering strong in West Africa Jan 21 2021
Chaarat Gold exceeds 2020 guidance in Armenia Jan 21 2021
ALROSA reports 22% diamond production drop in 2020 Jan 21 2021
B2Gold posts twelfth consecutive year of record annual gold production Jan 20 2021
Medusa Mining beats gold production plan in the Philippines Jan 20 2021
Ero Copper achieves record copper output in 2020 Jan 20 2021
GoGold delivers robust PEA for Los Ricos South with NPV of US$295M Jan 20 2021
Hochschild's Q4 2020 production recovers from the pandemic disruptions Jan 20 2021
Premier Gold boasts strong Q4 results at both mines Jan 20 2021
Top uranium producer Kazatomprom quarantines two mines over COVID-19 emergency Jan 20 2021
IAMGOLD meets 2020 guidance, enters 2021 with $950M cash on hand Jan 20 2021
SSR Mining achieves 2020 production guidance Jan 19 2021
Centamin achieves 2020 production target in Egypt despite 6% gold output drop Jan 19 2021
Fortuna reports 19% silver output decline in 2020, expects gold production to grow up to 365% in 2021 Jan 19 2021
Argonaut Gold announces record Q4 2020 production Jan 19 2021
Premier Gold delivers strong PFS, increases inferred resources by 917% at South Arturo Jan 19 2021
Pan American Silver reports lower production of gold and silver in 2020 Jan 19 2021
Glencore sells its 73% stake in Mopani for $1 and $1.5B debt Jan 19 2021
Nord Gold posts record output in 2020, expands Gross mine Jan 19 2021
Trevali achieves 2020 guidance, plans to ramp-up production in 2021 Jan 18 2021
Rio Tinto reports 9% copper production drop in 2020 Jan 18 2021
Caledonia Mining reports record gold production in Zimbabwe Jan 18 2021
Sierra Metals ups 2020 production by 6% despite COVID-19 challenges Jan 18 2021
Orvana increases quarterly production in Spain Jan 18 2021
Pretivm achieves 2020 production guidance Jan 18 2021
Richest gold mines in Q2 2020 Jan 15 2021
Aura anticipates 22% to 42% production growth in 2021 Jan 15 2021
Eldorado expects to produce less gold in coming years Jan 15 2021
Trevali restarts Caribou mine with improved economics Jan 15 2021
Resolute did not meet 2020 guidance due to production disruptions Jan 15 2021
Silvercorp on track to meet annual production targets in China Jan 15 2021
Torex plans to ramp-up gold production in 2021 Jan 14 2021
Anglo Asian generates record revenue in Azerbaijan Jan 14 2021
Moneta acquires Garrison project, becomes leading Canadian gold developer Jan 14 2021
Excellon reports strong Q4 production, annual output down 18% Jan 14 2021
Anaconda Mining boasts record revenue in 2020 Jan 14 2021
Great Panther achieves 2020 guidance Jan 14 2021
Centerra increases 2020 gold production, exceeds guidance Jan 14 2021
New Gold achieves 2020 guidance, production drops 10% Jan 14 2021
Barrick meets 2020 targets despite 13% gold production drop Jan 14 2021
Lucapa suspends diamond mine in Lesotho over COVID-19 lockdown Jan 13 2021
Rio Tinto extends New Zealand smelter operations to 2024 Jan 13 2021
East Africa Metals on schedule in Ethiopia despite unrests Jan 13 2021
Avino increases measured and indicated resources by 60% Jan 13 2021
Golden Minerals commissions Rodeo mine ahead of schedule Jan 13 2021
Osisko boasts 93.5% cash operating margin from royalties and streams Jan 13 2021
Gran Colombia meets 2020 guidance despite 8% production decline Jan 13 2021
K92 Mining achieves record production at Kainantu Jan 13 2021
Hecla sees 23% gold production drop in 2020, other metals up Jan 13 2021
GoGold reports record quarterly production at Parral Jan 13 2021
Newcrest approves funding to start construction at Havieron Jan 12 2021
Calibre production exceeds high-end of 2020 guidance range Jan 12 2021
Top uranium producer Kazakhstan decreases output by 15% in 2020 Jan 12 2021
Jaguar Mining ups 2020 gold output by 23% Jan 12 2021
Teranga posts record 40% production growth in 2020 Jan 12 2021
Fiore Gold posts lower production in December quarter Jan 12 2021
Ariana Resources beats its 2020 production target Jan 12 2021
Roxgold exceeds its 2020 production guidance Jan 12 2021
Kirkland Lake Gold increases its 2020 production by 41% Jan 12 2021
Central Asia Metals ups production of copper, zinc and lead in 2020 Jan 11 2021
Sayona Mining shares soar on strategic investment from Piedmont Lithium Jan 11 2021
Taseko expects its adjusted EBITDA to double in 2020 Jan 11 2021
Important permitting milestone achieved at Trilogy's Ambler project Jan 11 2021
State of Alaska to appeal Pebble project permit denial Jan 11 2021
Sandstorm Gold Royalties posts record revenue in 2020 Jan 11 2021
Lundin Gold delivers strong 2020 production from Fruta del Norte Jan 11 2021
Dundee Precious Metals achieves record gold production in 2020 Jan 11 2021
Endeavour announces its first dividend payment date Jan 11 2021
Equinox Gold beats revised 2020 guidance, posts record Q4 production Jan 11 2021
Global gold production in Q2 2020 was lowest in seven years Jan 08 2021
Osisko Development closes CDN $68.6 million financing Jan 08 2021
Sierra Metals mulls over its future Jan 08 2021
Frontier launches lithium hydroxide pilot plant with Glencore Jan 08 2021
Eldorado increases 2020 gold production by 34%, appoints new Chair Jan 08 2021
Albemarle plans to double lithium production in Nevada Jan 07 2021
Copper Mountain achieved record production in Q4 2020 Jan 07 2021
McEwen loses 16% of gold reserves at Gold Bar Jan 07 2021
Condor sells its bonanza grade gold-silver project in Peru Jan 07 2021
Two miners died after rock collapsed at Asacha gold mine in Russia Jan 07 2021
Harte Gold posts record quarterly production at Sugar Zone Jan 07 2021
Torex Gold beats its revised production target for 2020 Jan 07 2021
Endeavour Silver posts record quarterly production in two years Jan 07 2021
Aura Minerals increases its Q4 2020 GEO production by 29% Jan 07 2021
Precipitate receives permit to drill near Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo mine Jan 06 2021
Bear Creek raises C$30M to advance its silver-zinc deposit in Peru Jan 06 2021
O3 goes strong in Quebec with 12 drill rigs mobilized for winter campaign Jan 06 2021
Soma Gold exceeds its 2020 production target Jan 06 2021
South Star shares skyrocket on permitting milestone Jan 06 2021
Pilbara increases lithium concentrate shipments by record 38% Jan 06 2021
Victoria Gold increases Q4 2020 production by 20% Jan 06 2021
Conic reports Ramu exceeded its production capacity in 2020 Jan 05 2021
Salamanca Provincial Council terminates collaboration agreement with Berkeley, hopes to derail uranium project Jan 05 2021
Anaconda hits 871 g/t gold near surface in Nova Scotia Jan 05 2021
Kamoa-Kakula mines remarkable 8.75% copper ore from Kakula Jan 05 2021
Ramelius exceeds gold production guidance in Q4 2020 Jan 05 2021
Westwater sells its uranium business to enCore, focuses on graphite Jan 05 2021
Judge denies wetlands permit for Aquila's Back Forty project Jan 05 2021
Lucara’s mining licence for Karowe renewed to 2046 Jan 04 2021
Peru's mining sector contracted by 3% in November Jan 04 2021
Asiamet achieves key permitting milestone at BKM Jan 04 2021
Rover Metals plans to build ice road to its Cabin Lake gold project Jan 04 2021
SilverCrest secures $120 million financing for Las Chispas construction Jan 04 2021
Argonaut Gold executes EPC contract with Ausenco for Magino construction Jan 04 2021
McEwen reports its gold output dropped by 31% in 2020 Jan 04 2021
Polyus is the top 2020 market performer among biggest gold miners Dec 31 2020
Top ten copper mines that stand to benefit in 2021 Dec 31 2020
Gold production in Australia to grow 17% by 2024 Dec 31 2020
IAMGOLD and AngloGold sold their interests in Sadiola mine Dec 31 2020
McEwen Mining delivers positive feasibility study for Fenix Dec 31 2020
Solaris closes $80.6 million financing led by Lundin family Dec 31 2020
Adventus and Salazar hit 45% CuEq at El Domo Dec 30 2020
Gratomic advances construction of graphite mine in Namibia Dec 30 2020
Sky Gold intercepts visible gold at Mustang Dec 30 2020
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom sells its solar power business Dec 30 2020
Red River shares up on production start at Hillgrove gold mine Dec 30 2020
Russian ARMZ exceeds its 2020 uranium production target, sees 29% revenue growth from non-uranium businesses Dec 29 2020
Patagonia Gold resumes exploration at El Tranquilo, hopes to find high-grade resource Dec 29 2020
Zimbabwe ratifies Minamata Convention, bans mercury in mining Dec 29 2020
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom sells 49% interest in two mines to China’s CGN Dec 29 2020
Orvana increases gold reserve by 33%, updates LOM for its Spanish operation Dec 29 2020
Gold Resource reports fatality in Mexico, declares December monthly dividend Dec 29 2020
Turkish fertilizer producer claims found $6 billion gold deposit Dec 24 2020
Former Petropavlovsk CEO detained and interrogated Dec 24 2020
Chile's SQM raises $1.1 billion, plans to more than double lithium production Dec 24 2020
Gold miners' production set to rebound in 2021 Dec 24 2020
Global Atomic shares skyrocket on crucial permitting milestone in Niger Dec 24 2020
New IAEA data shows no shortage of uranium for global nuclear energy programs Dec 23 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold reports high-grade drill intersections, extends mineralization at Detour Lake Dec 23 2020
Polyus invests $600 million to add 390 koz of gold annually Dec 23 2020
VanGold raises capital to restart El Cubo Dec 23 2020
Equinox Gold restarts Los Filos mine after lengthy blockade Dec 23 2020
Gold miners' production set to rebound in 2021 Dec 23 2020
ZEN Graphene shares soar on breakthrough in graphene-based treatment of viral infections Dec 22 2020
Golden Minerals commissions mining at Rodeo ahead of schedule Dec 22 2020
Generation Mining announces capital raising led by Eric Sprott Dec 22 2020
Uranium One reports 6% production decline in Q3 2020; revenue drops by 19% on lower sales Dec 22 2020
Battle North secures financing to build next gold mine in Red Lake Dec 22 2020
Midas Gold delivers NPV of US$1.9 Billion for Stibnite Dec 22 2020
Vital Metals signs first offtake on rare earths from Nechalacho Dec 21 2020
Excelsior pours first cathode at Gunnison, becomes newest copper producer in the US Dec 21 2020
Cameco announces new COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan Dec 21 2020
Another deadly landslide near Vale's Brumadinho dam Dec 21 2020
Endeavour increases its stake in Fetekro ahead of PFS Dec 21 2020
Lundin Mining resumes full production at Chapada Dec 21 2020
AEX expands its gold holdings in Greenland Dec 18 2020
Greenland initiates permitting consultation on massive Kvanefjeld project Dec 18 2020
Perseus commissions Yaouré, plans to double production in two years Dec 18 2020
Endeavour Silver sells El Cubo to VanGold for US$15 million Dec 18 2020
O3 Mining hits 413 g/t gold at Alpha Dec 17 2020
GoGold's net income jumps by 432% in 2020 Dec 17 2020
Seabridge begins KSM and Snowfield projects integration Dec 17 2020
Fiore Gold increases its annual net income by 650% Dec 17 2020
Rio Tinto appoints new CEO Dec 17 2020
Mountain Province recovers exceptional diamond from Gahcho Kué Dec 17 2020
Great Panther restarts operations at Topia, reaffirms 2020 production guidance Dec 17 2020
Karora increases gold reserves by 334% at Beta Hunt and Higginsville Dec 16 2020
First Cobalt shares skyrocket on $10 million government investment news Dec 16 2020
Centerra unloads 50% interest in Hardrock for US$225 million Dec 16 2020
Roxgold shares up on crucial permitting milestone at Séguéla Dec 16 2020
Aura declares commercial production at Gold Road Dec 16 2020
Kirkland Lake to pay quarterly dividend of US$0.1875 per share Dec 16 2020
Aurania discovers ancient roads and mine sites in Ecuador Dec 15 2020
Santacruz Silver extends Zimapan mine lease, advances acquisition process Dec 15 2020
New Found Gold shares up on drill results in Newfoundland Dec 15 2020
Neo Lithium closes strategic investment with CATL Dec 15 2020
Peru's mining export fell by 15% in October Dec 15 2020
Barrick to commence drilling at Precipitate’s Pueblo Grande project Dec 15 2020
Vale blasted headframe of iconic Stobie mine in Ontario Dec 14 2020
O3 Mining delivers robust PEA for Garrison project Dec 14 2020
Otso gears up for gold production in Finland Dec 14 2020
Roxgold increases Indicated Mineral Resources by 97% at Séguéla Dec 14 2020
Freeport-McMoRan unloads copper project in DRC for $550 Million Dec 14 2020
Cameco declares COVID-19 outbreak at McArthur River, suspends Cigar Lake mine Dec 14 2020
Spearmint announces "game changing" drill results at Clayton Valley Dec 11 2020
Spearmint announces "game changing" drill results at Clayton Valley Dec 11 2020
Anglo American plans to raise 2021 PGM production by 19% Dec 11 2020
Berkeley shares skyrocket on positive court decision in Spain Dec 11 2020
Rockcliff announces positive PEA results for its polymetallic project in Manitoba Dec 11 2020
Kirkland Lake plans to increase gold output by 7% in 2023 Dec 11 2020
Asiamet Resources shares rise after they dispose of the BKM prospect Dec 11 2020
Peru boasts US$56 billion construction portfolio in mining sector Dec 10 2020
Erdene consolidates highly prospective Khundii gold district in Mongolia Dec 10 2020
Rio Tinto declares maiden reserves at Jadar, speeds up permitting Dec 10 2020
Newmont invests $500 million to address climate change Dec 10 2020
Moneta shares skyrocket on 166% resources increase at Golden Highway Dec 10 2020
Ascot secures US$105 million from Sprott and Beedie to start construction at Premier Dec 10 2020
Skyharbour options its uranium project in Saskatchewan with grab samples of up to 68% U3O8 Dec 09 2020
Backed by Eric Sprott, Galleon Gold initiates permitting at West Cache Dec 09 2020
Canasil intercepts up to 36.7 g/t Au and 1,010 g/t Ag at Nora Dec 09 2020
Seabridge closes US$115.7 million financing for Snowfield acquisition Dec 09 2020
Lundin Gold expands Fruta Del Norte mine Dec 09 2020
Dundee bumps its quarterly dividend by 50% Dec 09 2020
Ely Gold purchases royalty on property surrounding future IAMGOLD’s Coté gold mine Dec 08 2020
Rokmaster delivers robust PEA for Revel Ridge Dec 08 2020
Fiore extended life of Pan gold mine Dec 08 2020
KAZ Minerals says its 2020 copper and gold output will be higher than planned Dec 08 2020
Last uranium mines in Europe shut down over insufficient funding Dec 08 2020
Osisko Development upsizes private placement to CDN $80 Million due to strong demand Dec 08 2020
New Carolin plans to capitalize on gold tailings near Vancouver Dec 07 2020
Turmalina intersects 6m at 23.7 g/t gold near surface at San Francisco Dec 07 2020
Abitibi Royalties bumps dividend by 20% Dec 07 2020
Largest Gold Mining Companies in Q2 2020 Dec 07 2020
Northern Vertex and Eclipse Gold merge to create new gold producer in Western U.S. Dec 07 2020
Highest-grade gold mines in West Africa in Q2 2020 Dec 07 2020
Dominion Diamond to sell Ekati Mine Dec 07 2020
Cameco reports second positive COVID-19 case at Cigar Lake Dec 07 2020
Market value of top mining & metals companies climbed 2.7% in November, S&P reports Dec 04 2020
Newmont to cleanup former uranium mine to pave the way for rare earths project Dec 04 2020
Ivan Glasenberg to retire after 36 years with Glencore Dec 04 2020
Seabridge Gold raises US$105 million to acquire Pretivm's Snowfield project Dec 04 2020
Piedmont receives all federal permits to build lithium hydroxide plant in the U.S. Dec 03 2020
Amex intersects 242 g/t Au at Perron Dec 03 2020
Japan Gold expands its alliance with Barrick Dec 03 2020
Pebble to appeal negative permitting decision Dec 03 2020
Lowest cost gold mines in West Africa in Q2 2020 Dec 03 2020
Brazil restarts uranium production for the first time since 2015 Dec 02 2020
Largest gold mines in West Africa in Q2 2020 Dec 02 2020
Sanatana intends to acquire copper and gold project on Solomon Islands Dec 02 2020
Superior Gold delivers robust PEA for the Plutonic project Dec 02 2020
Ivanhoe mined record 250,000 tonnes of development ore grading 4.85% copper at Kamoa-Kakula Dec 02 2020
Eldorado raised its gold reserves by 1.3% while Inferred resources nosedived by 18% Dec 02 2020
Newmont restores commercial production at Musselwhite conveyor after a fire Dec 02 2020
Osisko Mining intersects record 90,700 g/t Au at Windfall Dec 01 2020
Troilus raised C$22.1M for development of historic gold mine Dec 01 2020
Kamoa-Kakula secures US$420 million in project financing Dec 01 2020
Radisson shares up on 371 g/t Au drilled at the O'Brien project Dec 01 2020
IsoEnergy intersects 74% U3O8 at Larocque East Dec 01 2020
Largest copper mines in Chile: July 2020 overview Dec 01 2020
Abcourt turns net loss into profit in quarter ended September 30, 2020 Nov 30 2020
Santacruz Silver reports its gross profit jumped 12 times in Q3 2020 Nov 30 2020
McEwen suspends San José mine in Argentina due to COVID-19 crisis Nov 30 2020
Yukon Government rejects ATAC's tote road permit Nov 30 2020
Platreef updated feasibility study yields an after-tax NPV8% of US$3.7 billion Nov 30 2020
The world's highest cost gold mines in Q1 2020 Nov 30 2020
Cameco reports positive COVID-19 case at its flagship Cigar Lake uranium mine Nov 30 2020
Highest-grade open pit gold mines in Q1 2020 Nov 30 2020
ALROSA has the best manufacturing execution system in mining Nov 27 2020
Lundin Mining reaches deal with Candelaria mine workers union, operations ramping up Nov 27 2020
National security review of TMAC and Shandong deal extended Nov 27 2020
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom reports 139% income jump in Q3 2020 on sales and uranium spot price increase Nov 27 2020
Northern Vertex reports 55% gold output increase in Q3 2020; net loss jumped 233% on non-cash revaluation Nov 27 2020
Highest-grade underground gold mines in Q1 2020 Nov 27 2020
At least 10 illegal miners trapped after abandoned gold mine collapsed in Zimbabwe Nov 26 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold sells 66% of its shares in Novo Resources for $45M Nov 26 2020
Dynacor declares a dividend payment of CA $0.015 per common share Nov 26 2020
Talisker intersects 995 g/t gold at Bralorne, prepares for resource definition drilling Nov 26 2020
Pebble project permitting denied Nov 25 2020
Osisko Gold Royalties launches a premier gold development company in North America Nov 25 2020
Trevali prices upsized C$30,000,000 unit offering Nov 25 2020
Azarga Uranium achieves crucial permitting milestone at its Dewey Burdock project Nov 25 2020
Hudbay resumed full production at its 777 mine in Manitoba Nov 25 2020
B2Gold declares Q4 2020 dividend of $0.04 per share Nov 25 2020
Minera Alamos is one step closer to start construction at Fortuna gold project Nov 24 2020
Ero Copper announces 78% increase in gold reserves at NX mine Nov 24 2020
KGHM reports copper production increased by 9% in October; year-to-date output is below plan Nov 24 2020
Equinox Gold declared commercial production at Castle Mountain Nov 24 2020
Misima project PFS delivers strong pre-tax NPV of A$822m and 33% IRR Nov 24 2020
Western Copper and Gold closed $28.75 million offering Nov 24 2020
O3 Mining intersects 1,510 g/t gold at Marban project Nov 24 2020
Patagonia Gold receives provisional permit to build Cap Oeste underground mine Nov 23 2020
Caldas Gold changes name to Aris Gold after a CA$85 million private placement Nov 23 2020
Kirkland Lake Gold to start exploration at Wallbridge's Detour East property Nov 23 2020
Kerr Mines is closer to restart Copperstone gold mine after US$18 million project financing Nov 23 2020
Gold production in Canada fell 22% in Q2 2020 due to pandemic-related suspensions Nov 23 2020
IAMGOLD reduces workforce by 70% at Westwood gold mine after a seismic event Nov 23 2020
Brixton Metals closed $4.46M private placement Nov 20 2020
Eskay Mining announces $10 Million private placement Nov 20 2020
Fitch Ratings revises Outlook on Polyus to Positive and reaffirms 'BB' Rating Nov 20 2020
Equinox Gold announces resumption of a blockade at the Los Filos mine Nov 20 2020
Melkior closes option/JV agreement with Barrick at White Lake Nov 20 2020
Newmont ranked as top gold miner in the DJSI World Index for the sixth consecutive year Nov 19 2020
Sierra Metals announced significant resource increase and positive PEA for Yauricocha mine Nov 19 2020
Gold Bull closed C$13.8 Million financing Nov 19 2020
Western Copper and Gold upsizes capital raising to $28.8 million Nov 19 2020
Bluestone drills bonanza grades of up to 1,380 g/t gold at Cerro Blanco project Nov 19 2020
Sokoman Minerals intersects 8.1 m at 68.7 g/t Au near surface at Moosehead project Nov 19 2020
Sierra Metals increases Inferred Resources by 200% at Cusi silver mine in Mexico Nov 18 2020
Updated PEA delivers significant 32% increase in NPV to US$107 million at Altus' Diba gold project, Mali Nov 18 2020
HighGold intersects 17.4 meters at 10.3 g/t AuEq at Johnson Tract Nov 18 2020
Karora Resources intercepts 168 g/t gold near surface at Spargos Nov 18 2020
Santacruz production up on new underground equipment Nov 18 2020
Golden Triangle is not the only gold exploration hotspot in British Columbia Nov 17 2020
Northern Canada emerging as a new gold mining and exploration hotspot Nov 10 2020
Largest Gold Mines in Australia - June Quarter 2020 Overview Oct 30 2020
Saskatchewan is ready to ride the rising uranium wave Oct 30 2020
Largest gold mines in the world - Q1 2020 overview Oct 28 2020
Gold production in Quebec hit hard by COVID-19 Oct 22 2020
Gold mining industry in Ontario during Q2 2020 Oct 20 2020
Largest gold producing countries in 2019 Jul 06 2020
Ranked: lowest cost gold mines in Canada - 2019 Jul 06 2020
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