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Massive 'capitulation event' could be happening in gold – TD Securities Jul 06 2022
Luxury jeweler Graff Diamonds pays $7.5 million worth of Bitcoin in ransom to Russian hackers Jul 06 2022
'It's a war on two fronts' for commodities as short positions grow in copper, silver, gold — Pepperstone Jul 06 2022
Central banks step up gold buying in May, June looks promising – WGC Jul 05 2022
Zimbabwe to tame inflation with gold coins Jul 05 2022
Gold price erases $35 on U.S. dollar strength, all eyes on FOMC minutes, jobs data Jul 05 2022
Bitcoin as a global standard would be an 'absolute economic catastrophe' - Ernst & Young's global blockchain leader Jul 04 2022
Crypto winter impact: 50% drop in the number of active crypto users, says Bank of America Jul 04 2022
Fed to err on the side of too many rate hikes: Why is gold at $1,800? Jul 01 2022
Bitcoin closes June down 40% and below $20k as markets see recession fears, contagion risks Jun 30 2022
Gold price jumps as Fed's preferred inflation indicator shows signs of cooling Jun 30 2022
Crypto risks 'elevated,' Bitcoin's next price support is below $14k, Ethereum's is below $500 – Fairlead Strategies Jun 29 2022
Robert Kiyosaki is waiting for Bitcoin price to drop to $1,100: 'if it recovers, I will buy more' Jun 29 2022
Fed's Powell: There is a risk the Fed could go too far, but clock is running to bring inflation down Jun 29 2022
Forget June's crypto crash, this is the event to watch in digital assets this year Jun 28 2022
Forget June's crypto crash, this is the event to watch in digital assets this year Jun 28 2022
Gold price to revert to tracking real yields for the rest of 2022 – Standard Chartered Jun 28 2022
World at 'tipping point': if inflation becomes entrenched, it'll trigger 'major paradigm shift' – BIS Jun 27 2022
Gold price loses early gains as U.S. pending home sales surprise on the upside in May Jun 27 2022
What if the Fed can't stop inflation? This is when Bitcoin's bear market could reverse Jun 24 2022
Focus on recession: next week is all about this level for gold price – analysts Jun 24 2022
U.S. new home sales beat expectations in May, gold price steady Jun 24 2022
What's gold price outlook as markets shift from inflation to recession fears? Jun 23 2022
Powell: 'Big part of inflation' won't be affected by what the Fed does despite its 'unconditional' fight for price stability Jun 23 2022
Gold price at daily highs as U.S. manufacturing PMI reveals sharp slowdown in the U.S. economy Jun 23 2022
U.S. weekly jobless claims fall to 229,000, gold price awaits Fed Chair Powell's day two testimony Jun 23 2022
Survivors of 2022 crypto crash could be the new Amazons and eBays - BOE Jun 22 2022
Russia looks to set up special gold and gem reserves to mobilize during times of war Jun 22 2022
Fed's Powell weighs on recession risks, reaffirms commitment to aggressive rate hikes Jun 22 2022
The crypto pendulum swings back to 'real economic value': can Bitcoin price survive a recession? Jun 21 2022
The future monetary policy is all about CBDCs, not crypto - BIS' report Jun 21 2022
U.S. existing home sales return to 2019 levels after May’s 3.4% drop, gold price steady Jun 21 2022
Crypto weekend meltdown: Bitcoin price touches $17k, Ethereum below $900 as renewed selloff sends prices spiraling Jun 18 2022
Gold is doing 'spectacular job' but price drop to $1,800 not ruled out, here's why Jun 17 2022
Fed's Powell: Digital dollar could help USD maintain world's reserve currency status Jun 17 2022
Nothing comes out 'unscathed': Here's what inflation in downcycle means for Bitcoin - Coinbase's David Duong Jun 16 2022
Bill Gates on crypto and NFTs: '100% greater fool theory' Jun 16 2022
U.S. housing sees a sharp drop in May, gold price edges up Jun 16 2022
Gold price, Bitcoin price react as Fed's Powell says another 75bps hike possible in July, 'softish landing' depends more on external factors Jun 15 2022
Bitcoin price nears $20k, Ethereum $1k on more volatility, SEC's Gensler warning Jun 15 2022
Gold price at daily highs as U.S. retail sales fall in May Jun 15 2022
What's next for crypto after 'perfect storm' crashes prices? Ethereum's market cap is 'orders of magnitude higher' than Bitcoin — Messari Jun 14 2022
World's 500 wealthiest people just lost $206 billion Monday and $1.4 trillion in 2022 Jun 14 2022
Bitcoin price at risk of testing $19,500 support as prevailing trend points down, says Fairlead Strategies' Katie Stockton Jun 13 2022
Markets in chaos: Gold price down $50, Bitcoin price hits lowest level since December 2020, stocks plunge Jun 13 2022
Crypto crash: Ethereum plummets, Bitcoin price outlook 'deteriorates' Jun 12 2022
Washington descends on crypto conference to talk regulation: federal stablecoins law could be passed this year Jun 11 2022
Gold is great, but it's not Bitcoin: Edward Snowden talks independent money Jun 11 2022
Entire financial system is 'a black hole,' crypto will become the dominant force – Garry Kasparov Jun 10 2022
How soon will the Fed flinch? This is when the next Bitcoin price rally will kick off, says Galaxy Digital's Novogratz Jun 10 2022
It's time to 'to draw lines' between commodity and security crypto tokens — CFTC Chair Behnam on crypto regulation Jun 09 2022
New sweeping crypto bill unveiled and it classifies most digital assets as commodities Jun 07 2022
World Bank's warning: 'recession will be hard to avoid,' 1970s stagflation is 'likely' Jun 07 2022
Here's why the bear market in Bitcoin and Ethereum is not over despite Monday's rally Jun 06 2022
Scammers bring in over $1 billion in crypto craze - FTC report Jun 06 2022
Latest crypto price crash triggers wave of layoffs Jun 03 2022
What's next for gold price after May's U.S. employment surprise? Jun 03 2022
Gold price off daily lows as U.S. service sector comes in short of expectations Jun 03 2022
Metals shortages ahead, net-zero targets at risk - BofA Jun 02 2022
Gold on recovery path as prices see double-digit gains Jun 02 2022
Bitcoin price falls back below $30k after Dimon's economic 'hurricane' warning Jun 01 2022
Yellen: 'I was wrong' about inflation's path Jun 01 2022
Gold priced in CAD shakes off Bank of Canada’s second oversized 50bps rate hike to 1.5% Jun 01 2022
Russia's central bank: expect more demand for gold and other currency alternatives to the U.S. dollar, the euro May 31 2022
'I won't meddle with the Fed,' says Biden as he summons Powell for a rare meeting at the White House May 31 2022
The real 2022 'shocker' is coming, and it has to do with U.S. natural gas prices – Goehring & Rozencwajg May 20 2022
Gold's big $1,800 test on the radar next week as stocks' steep selloff intensifies May 20 2022
This algorithm says gold is 'cheap' as safe-haven plays dominate May 19 2022
Russia to make crypto legal 'sooner or later' – Industry and Trade minister May 19 2022
SEC's Gensler makes a case for higher budget to boost crypto oversight May 18 2022
Investors stockpile cash at highest levels in two decades - BofA survey May 18 2022
Gold price hits daily lows as Powell says Fed to move 'more aggressively' if inflation fails to come down May 17 2022
2022's $1 trillion crypto wipeout: 'necessary cleansing' of excess speculation just like dot-com bubble - Bloomberg Intelligence May 17 2022
Crypto 101 from SEC's Gensler: lies, disclosures & token ownership confusion in 'highly speculative' space May 16 2022
Recession is 'very high risk factor' as Fed's path is 'narrow' - former Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein May 16 2022
Gold price in 5 years: $1,300 or $4,000? May 14 2022
Gold price sees worst week in 11 months, but is the market oversold? May 13 2022
Gold price is in a 'danger zone' as prices drop another $30 May 12 2022
Fed Chair Powell confirmed for 2nd term as Fed focuses on its inflation battle May 12 2022
Yellen addresses stablecoin turmoil: not a 'real threat to financial stability,' but it's growing 'rapidly' and presents 'bank run' risks known for centuries May 12 2022
U.S. weekly jobless claims rise to 203,000, gold price edges up from daily lows May 12 2022
Gold price on 'cusp' of $2k rally, here's how not to miss it – Bloomberg Intelligence May 11 2022
'Extreme panic' in crypto: How risky is Bitcoin price below $30k? May 11 2022
Gold's bearish momentum is fading, prices to hit $2,050 after moving past this level – ANZ May 10 2022
Yellen: U.S. financial system is functioning in 'orderly manner,' but some valuations 'remain high' May 10 2022
Crypto crash: Bitcoin, Ethereum selloff accelerates as stocks plummet May 09 2022
Gold price's 5-year outlook: $1,300 or $4,000? MKS PAMP weighs in May 09 2022
Bitcoin price at risk of dropping below $30k as trading remains bearish May 09 2022
Here's why gold is 'the most confusing' commodity right now May 07 2022
Is the Fed facing a credibility problem and why is gold price the 'punching bag'? May 06 2022
The Fed's dilemma is 'as great as any since the 1970s' - Bridgewater's Dalio May 05 2022
Bitcoin price plummets, gold gives up gains and stocks plunge in post-Fed trading May 05 2022
IMF: Central African Republic's decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender raises 'major legal, transparency, and economic challenges' May 05 2022
Gold and bitcoin jump as Fed's Powell takes 75bps hike off the table in June May 04 2022
Commodities at risk of reversing massive gains with 'wild run' similar to 2008, gold price to take on $2k - Bloomberg Intelligence May 04 2022
How sensitive is Bitcoin to Wednesday’s Fed announcement? Here's price outlook breakdown May 03 2022
SEC doubles the size of its crypto fraud unit May 03 2022
Paul Tudor Jones: 'Capital preservation is the most important thing' right now May 03 2022
Gold is 'the most confusing' of all commodities right now, here's why May 02 2022
Crypto world reacts to Buffett and Munger slamming Bitcoin as worthless, 'stupid' and 'evil' May 02 2022
Kremlin in 'discussions' to peg ruble to gold, but Russia's central bank rejects the idea Apr 29 2022
What's in store for gold price as Fed remains laser-focused on inflation and its supersized hikes? Apr 29 2022
Gold is an 'ideal' asset right now but why isn't the price higher? Fidelity weighs in Apr 28 2022
Second country adopts Bitcoin as legal tender Apr 28 2022
U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 180,000, gold price moves up in reaction to morning data Apr 28 2022
Unintended consequences of U.S. dollar 'weaponization': here's how gold and Bitcoin utilize the moment Apr 27 2022
Ethereum price could drop to $1,700 before seeing record highs, crypto's growth resembles 'Web2's early years' - Bloomberg Intelligence Apr 27 2022
Saylor says Bitcoin is 'perfect asset for retirement,' less risky than bonds and gold as Fidelity offers Bitcoin option with 401(k) plans Apr 26 2022
Major Russian gold miner opts for exports versus imports as local banks buy gold at discount Apr 26 2022
IMF warns Russia could use crypto ecosystem to avoid sanctions, cites bitcoin mining Apr 26 2022
U.S. new home sales fall short of expectations in March, gold price edges up above $1,900 Apr 26 2022
EU vs. US inflation: differences warrant 'particular type of response' – ECB's Lagarde Apr 25 2022
Why did palladium price just plummet more than $250? Apr 25 2022
'Stocks about to fall sharply': S&P 500 ready to join the bear market - Morgan Stanley Apr 25 2022
After touching $2k, why did gold price tumble $70? Apr 23 2022
Here's what latest gold price pattern tells investors about the metal's next move Apr 22 2022
Yellen: Europe's Russian energy ban would have 'damaging impact' on inflation, global growth Apr 21 2022
Gold price outlook 'healthy' as $1,900 level holds during next few quarters – S&P Global Apr 21 2022
Politicians to be banned from accepting crypto donations in Ireland to prevent Russia's interference Apr 20 2022
Inflation risk vs. hawkish Fed: There's a new price floor for gold – BMO Apr 20 2022
Is gold the next big play? Gold price heading to $2,100 - Wells Fargo Apr 20 2022
Will the Fed raise its inflation target? Here's what that means for gold price and crypto, says El-Erian Apr 19 2022
'Turning point' for the U.S. dollar is near, says billionaire 'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach Apr 19 2022
IMF's warning: Russia's war in Ukraine severely hurts global growth, adds to decade-high inflation Apr 19 2022
Gold price attempts to take $2,000, but Bitcoin and Ethereum miss the rally Apr 18 2022
Chance of recession at 35% in next two years, says Goldman Apr 18 2022
U.S. dollar is gold's main obstacle in breaching $2k - analysts Apr 14 2022
Volatility to dominate gold market as 'central banks running out of options,' bullish sentiment intact - Kitco's gold price survey Apr 14 2022
Gold price ticks down as U.S. retail sales rise 0.5% in March Apr 14 2022
As gold price eyes $2,000 again, its 'big test' is yet to come, says MKS PAMP Apr 13 2022
Russia cut its USD holdings prior to invading Ukraine, has enough gold and yuan despite sanctions, says country's central bank Apr 13 2022
Gold priced in CAD holds most daily gains despite Bank of Canada’s oversized 50bps rate hike to 1% Apr 13 2022
Gold price jumps to test $1,975 as inflation accelerates to 8.5% in March Apr 12 2022
Inflation 'causes recessions,' price pressures already out of control, warns BofA Apr 11 2022
Recession risks and inflation fears keep gold price volatile, palladium price driven by Russia supply questions Apr 11 2022
Gold price to focus on new decades-high inflation numbers next week - analysts Apr 08 2022
Russia's central bank scraps gold buying at fixed price for 'negotiated price' after ruble returns to pre-invasion levels Apr 08 2022
Wood declares 'radical' change in politics around Bitcoin, Saylor commands 'not to sell your Bitcoin' Apr 07 2022
Yellen: crypto regulation needs to be 'tech neutral,' CBDC to take years to develop Apr 07 2022
Gold price edges down as U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 166,000 Apr 07 2022
Germany seizes $25 million in Bitcoin after shutting down world's largest darknet marketplace Apr 06 2022
World is 'on the cusp of new inflationary era' and adjustment to higher rates won't be easy, warns BIS Apr 06 2022
'Bitcoin goes to the moon' when Fed is forced to pause after rate hikes – billionaire crypto investor Novogratz Apr 06 2022
SEC's Gensler on $2 trillion crypto market: 'Lots of innovation, but plenty of hype' Apr 06 2022
Deutsche Bank's recession call: U.S. economy to take 'major hit' as Fed tightens Apr 05 2022
U.K. plans to issue its own NFT 'by the summer,' announces stablecoins oversight Apr 05 2022
Bitcoin to become world's digital collateral, continue to outperform gold - Bloomberg Intelligence Apr 04 2022
There's 'hefty' geopolitical risk premium in gold price and it's $300, says ANZ Apr 04 2022
U.S. dollar 'to implode': buy gold, silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum, says Kiyosaki Apr 04 2022
Why did Russia just set a fixed gold price on bullion purchases? Apr 02 2022
Gold price kicks off Q2 with $30 losses, but $2k mark expected to be hit soon - analysts Apr 01 2022
ISM Manufacturing Index disappoints, but gold price focused on bond yields Apr 01 2022
ISM Manufacturing Index slightly beats expectations in March, gold price eyes bond yields Apr 01 2022
Gold price posts best results since Q3 2020, path to $2,000 looks clear Mar 31 2022
This Russian bank sold 1 ton of gold in March Mar 31 2022
U.S. weekly jobless claims increase to 202,000, gold price ticks up Mar 31 2022
Here's why crypto market is ignoring latest $600 million heist Mar 30 2022
Fed to raise rates by 1% in next 3 months, says ABN AMRO Mar 30 2022
Gold price volatile as key section of U.S. yield curve inverts, Russia promises to de-escalate Mar 29 2022
Lessons from the 1970s: war in Ukraine to 'reshape commodity markets for years to come' - Capital Economics Mar 29 2022
Japan outlaws gold exports to Russia, steps up sanctions Mar 29 2022
Russia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion purchases Mar 28 2022
Crypto comeback: Bitcoin price erases 2022 losses, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana surge Mar 28 2022
Can gold price tackle $2,000 next week? Here's how that can happen Mar 25 2022
'Nothing but a series of black swan events' since mid-2019, what shock is next? Goehring & Rozencwajg weighs in Mar 24 2022
Ethereum co-founder warns of crypto's 'dystopian potential' if done wrong Mar 24 2022
U.S. durable goods disappoint in February, gold price trades above $1,940 Mar 24 2022
Gold price posts double-digit gains as markets worry about the yield curve inverting Mar 23 2022
Gold price to end the year at $2,200 as stagflation fears take hold, says UOB Mar 23 2022
It's time to gear up for two 50-point hikes in May and June, says Goldman Mar 22 2022
It could 'take a decade' to get inflation under control if Fed fails - Almonty Industries CEO Mar 22 2022
This is how gold price takes on $2,000 - Bloomberg Intelligence Mar 22 2022
New global 'commodity-based' monetary order is coming - Credit Suisse Mar 21 2022
Malaysia's Communication Ministry wants to see crypto as legal tender Mar 21 2022
Gold price at $2,500, oil price at $50 in 9 months? Mar 19 2022
Volatile gold price action is here to stay as safe-haven interest 'reignited' - analysts Mar 18 2022
Commodity chaos triggers double-digit gains for gold price as war in Ukraine enters fourth week Mar 17 2022
IMF's warning: Russia's invasion of Ukraine 'may fundamentally alter' global economic and geopolitical order Mar 17 2022
Hawkish Powell: U.S. economy 'can handle' six more rate hikes Mar 16 2022
Gold price to average $2k in 2022, with potential to hit $2.5k after Q1 price action, says MKS PAMP Mar 16 2022
Russians on gold buying spree as ruble collapses and sanctions hurt economy Mar 16 2022
Fed in focus: gold price gets pulled closer to $1,900, here's what to expect next Mar 15 2022
Elon Musk's advice when it comes to high inflation: own 'physical things' Mar 15 2022
All crypto ATMs are illegal in the U.K., warns financial watchdog Mar 14 2022
Gold price and risk: metal off daily lows but surging yields, risk sentiment, and oil price crash weigh Mar 14 2022
What's this year's 'potential end game'? Gold price at $2,500, oil price at $50 - Bloomberg Intelligence Mar 14 2022
What's next for gold price after making a run for record highs? Fed, Ukraine updates on deck Mar 11 2022
Gold price pares daily losses as Biden wants to end normal trade relations with Russia Mar 11 2022
NFT trading surges 21,000% in 2021 - report Mar 10 2022
Everything you need to know about gold price at $2,000 and what to expect next Mar 10 2022
Gold price trades near $2,000 as inflation rises 7.9% in February, remaining at 40-year highs Mar 10 2022
Crypto price surge: Biden's executive order on cryptocurrencies, Wall Street rebound boost bitcoin price by $3k Mar 09 2022
Gold price sheds $70, bitcoin price surges $3k as oil crashes, but all eyes on CPI number Mar 09 2022
'Commodities are better investment than gold' as inflation could hit 10%, says billionaire 'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach Mar 09 2022
U.S. senators want to target Russia's gold reserves Mar 08 2022
Is $3k next for gold price after breaching all-time highs? Mar 08 2022
Are markets in for a Fed shocker because of war in Ukraine? Goldman weighs in Mar 07 2022
Record high food prices and the rising threat of inflation Mar 07 2022
What's next for palladium price after metal hits record highs on Ukraine crisis? Mar 07 2022
Gold price to hit $2,150 as Russia escalates war in Ukraine Mar 05 2022
'Tremendous momentum' in gold price: Watch out for next week's U.S. inflation number as geopolitics continue to drive metals Mar 04 2022
Gold price steady above $1,940 as U.S. job numbers surprise with strong gains Mar 04 2022
'Everything is so uncertain': Fed is worried Ukraine war could push inflation higher, slow growth, says Powell Mar 03 2022
Gold price edges down as U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 215,000 Mar 03 2022
Gold price retreats from $1,950 as Powell supports 25-point hike in March but remains uncertain over Russia-Ukraine risk Mar 02 2022
Gold price steady as Powell says Fed on track to raise rates in March despite ‘highly uncertain’ Ukraine impact Mar 02 2022
Gold price edges down but holds above $1,920 as U.S. private payrolls surprise on the upside in February Mar 02 2022
Is crypto winter over? Bitcoin price jumps toward $45k as safe-haven appeal returns to digital assets Mar 01 2022
Big moves into safe-havens: gold price, silver price, palladium price surge as markets weigh Russia sanctions, supply fears Mar 01 2022
Is Russia 'panic gold buying'? And is panic-selling about to kick in? Mar 01 2022
Gold price to hit $2,150 on Russian invasion, 'very high inflation path' – Goldman Sachs Feb 28 2022
Russia's invasion of Ukraine could trigger global recession and eventual oil collapse, says Bloomberg Intelligence Feb 28 2022
Mark Mobius to investors: turn to gold, China, and Asian stocks Feb 28 2022
Russia-Ukraine conflict: $100 gold price swings and volatility warning Feb 26 2022
Is gold price at risk of a bigger pullback after $100 swings? Feb 25 2022
U.S. durable goods beat expectations in January, gold price trades under $1,900 Feb 25 2022
Dramatic price swings: Gold price sheds $90, silver price sees sharp reversal as analysts warn of more volatility to come Feb 24 2022
Gold price drops below $1,900 as Biden announces new Russia sanctions, traders reassess Ukraine crisis Feb 24 2022
Commodities surge as Russia invades Ukraine: major spikes in oil price, aluminum, palladium, and nickel Feb 24 2022
Crypto crashes as Russia attacks Ukraine: Bitcoin price down 9% and Ethereum plunges 12% Feb 24 2022
U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 232,000 Feb 24 2022
Gold's path to $2k: Fed rate hikes won't hurt gold price rally this year, says Wells Fargo Feb 23 2022
Inflation fear: Traders point to inflation as 'biggest' market mover in 2022 – JPMorgan survey Feb 23 2022
Gold price looks past 'mild' Russia sanctions, gears up for more uncertainty Feb 23 2022
Watch palladium, gold, and silver prices as West sanctions Russia in response to Ukraine crisis Feb 22 2022
Gold price holds $1,900 as Biden announces first tranche of Russia sanctions Feb 22 2022
Gold price beats out Bitcoin as traditional havens dominate during escalating Russia-Ukraine crisis Feb 22 2022
Gold is making its move as markets hit with geopolitical shock and recession fears Feb 19 2022
What's next for gold price? Geopolitics shock markets, growth outlook at risk Feb 18 2022
Bitcoin is 'paying the price' for Wall Street's 'de-risking' plight Feb 17 2022
Gold price hits $1,900 on mounting Russia-Ukraine tensions and recession fears Feb 17 2022
U.S. reports mixed housing data, gold price nears $1,900 Feb 17 2022
Rally for 'wrong' reasons? Gold price eyes high levels as Russia-Ukraine tensions get mixed with Fed policy mistake calls Feb 16 2022
Russian invasion of Ukraine to fast-track already hot inflation, create supply shock Feb 16 2022
Rapid crypto growth threatens global financial stability, says top finance watchdog Feb 16 2022
Energy crisis to trigger gold price bull run when inflationary mindset takes hold – Goehring & Rozencwajg Feb 15 2022
Two out of three 'fund selectors' say investors shouldn't be exposed to crypto - Natixis survey Feb 15 2022
Gold price jumps $32 on confusion over Ukraine tensions Feb 14 2022
Gold price jumps $32 on confusion over Ukraine tensions Feb 14 2022
Potential Russian invasion of Ukraine could tip economies into an 'outright recession' - Morgan Stanley Feb 14 2022
Is gold price about to sprint? Feb 12 2022
Gold price jumps as U.S. warns Russia could attack Ukraine 'any day' Feb 11 2022
Gold price looks to take $1,850 as markets fear emergency Fed move Feb 11 2022
Turkey wants billions worth of 'under the mattress' gold back in the financial system as it fights inflation, currency devaluation Feb 10 2022
Inflation fears have Wall Street eyeing Fed rate hike shocker in March, but gold price is not buying in Feb 10 2022
Crypto has no value, it's 'not even a tulip,' warns India's central bank governor Feb 10 2022
Bitcoin needs to breach this level to kick off the next bull run - strategist Feb 09 2022
Protection plays? Gold and Bitcoin are seeing 'stealth climbs' - Pepperstone Feb 09 2022
Bitcoin's 'fair value' is $38k and that's based on its volatility as compared to gold, says JPMorgan Feb 09 2022
U.S. makes 'largest financial seizure ever,' taking control of $3.6 billion in Bitcoin stolen in 2016 Feb 08 2022
KPMG Canada buys Bitcoin and Ethereum, adding crypto to its corporate treasury Feb 08 2022
From one of the worst to best-performing assets? Gold price to tackle $2,100 by year-end, says Wells Fargo Feb 08 2022
'Dramatic' improvement in Bitcoin and Ethereum sentiment as prices rally - analysts Feb 07 2022
North Korea's nuclear and missile program funded by crypto - UN report Feb 07 2022
'Clash' coming: expectations vs. reality Feb 05 2022
Gold price holds $1,800, but can Fed's 50-point hike trigger selloff? Feb 04 2022
Gold to take on $1,900 by year-end but 'boring' $1,800 level will be sticky - StoneX Feb 03 2022
Will Arizona be the first U.S. state to accept bitcoin as legal tender? Feb 03 2022
The future of money: Nearly 100 countries are exploring CBDCs, what are the risks? Feb 02 2022
There's a 'clash' coming as markets underprice how 'aggressive' the Fed will have to be - Bridgewater Associates Feb 02 2022
Biggest gold price losses to hit market in mid-2022, here's why Feb 01 2022
Bitcoin price is now driven by 'macro conditions', can it still see $100k? Feb 01 2022
Gold is 'prime candidate' to rally as stocks reverse in 2022 - Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 31 2022
'Permanent' inflation to end the days of high returns - world's largest wealth fund Jan 31 2022
Why did gold price just plunge $70? Jan 29 2022
Gold's breakout hopes crashed but focus shifts to U.S. jobs data next week Jan 28 2022
What's next for Bitcoin and Ethereum after crypto crash? Jan 27 2022
Expect 'much higher' commodity prices if Russia-Ukraine crisis escalates - ING Jan 27 2022
Gold price hits new daily lows as U.S. Q4 GDP beats expectations Jan 27 2022
Gold price tumbles $35 as Fed's Powell says inflation 'is slightly worse' than in December, signals March rate hike Jan 26 2022
IMF tells El Salvador to drop bitcoin as legal tender Jan 26 2022
Gold price in CAD trims daily losses as Bank of Canada holds off hiking rates Jan 26 2022
All eyes on the Fed, but can it 'soothe' markets? Here's what to expect Jan 25 2022
Fed in focus as IMF cuts U.S. growth outlook, cites tighter monetary conditions Jan 25 2022
GLD holdings explode as investors rush to safety Jan 24 2022
Bitcoin sheds $10k and Ethereum is down $1k in 4 days, what's next for crypto? Jan 24 2022
Gold price reverses morning gains despite U.S. manufacturing PMI dropping to multi-month lows Jan 24 2022
Is Fed about to make a mistake? Here's what gold is saying Jan 22 2022
Gold price next week: a breakout or a sideways trap? All eyes on hawkish Fed and stocks volatility - analysts Jan 21 2022
Bitcoin plunges 9%, Ethereum is down 12% as analysts link selloff to stocks volatility, hawkish Fed Jan 21 2022
Fed outlines pros and cons to digital dollar, invites public to weigh in Jan 20 2022
Are gold prices about to fly? Gold is a hedge against a policy mistake, says Pepperstone Jan 20 2022
Gold price rallies $30, silver price surges more than 3% as investors flock to safe-havens Jan 19 2022
If oil keeps rising, the Fed will be forced to step up its fight against inflation – Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 19 2022
Bitcoin could plunge below $30k in 2022, there are similarities to Wall Street Crash of 1929, says Invesco Jan 18 2022
UK, Spain, Singapore to crack down on 'misleading' crypto ads as prices remain under pressure Jan 18 2022
'Inflation is an issue, thank God for oil producers,' Dalio says about the shift to a green economy Jan 18 2022
Recession watch: How far will Fed go to control inflation? Jan 15 2022
Gold price outlook improves as analysts weigh Fed policy mistake, hot inflation data Jan 14 2022
Gold price has 'innate ability to rally when consensus is bearish' – MKS Jan 13 2022
Surging inflation across the globe is a real test for gold price Jan 13 2022
Crypto scams are the top investor threat 'by far' - NASAA Jan 12 2022
Jeffrey Gundlach is on 'recession watch,' remains bullish on gold long-term Jan 12 2022
Fed's Powell gives hope to gold bulls in Q1 2022, watch the $1,830 level - Pepperstone Jan 11 2022
Gold price sees 1% gain as Fed's Powell talks policy normalization, controlling inflation and recession risk Jan 11 2022
This is the difference between gold price surging above $2k or plunging below $1,600 in 2022 Jan 10 2022
Gold is staring down the barrel of surging yields and Fed's QT, can it handle it? Jan 10 2022
Is hawkish sentiment about to peak? Here's what is next for gold price after this week's Fed-related selloff Jan 07 2022
Retail investors look to gold and silver for best results in 2022, Wall Street points to silver and platinum Jan 07 2022
Gold price fails to move above $1,800 as U.S. job numbers disappoint in December Jan 07 2022
Crypto post-Fed minutes selloff: Bitcoin sheds more than 7%, Ether down 11% Jan 06 2022
Gold price unable to trim Fed-related losses despite U.S. service sector falling short of expectations Jan 06 2022
Gold price edges up but remains under pressure as U.S. weekly jobless claims rise to 207,000 Jan 06 2022
Gold price loses gains as Fed minutes signal faster rate hikes, balance sheet reduction Jan 05 2022
What does bitcoin at $100k mean for gold price? Goldman weighs in Jan 05 2022
Gold price climbs despite U.S. private payrolls more than doubling expectations in December Jan 05 2022
Gold can surprise with a 20% gain in 2022, says Blackstone's Byron Wien Jan 04 2022
Gold ETF suffers largest outflow in nearly a decade Jan 04 2022
Gold price rises after Monday’s selloff as ISM Manufacturing Index disappoints in December Jan 04 2022
Gold price tanked last year, can Fed make metal even worse in 2022? Jan 03 2022
The bullish season for gold price begins, can gold tackle $1,850? Dec 23 2021
Silver price 2022: Here's how silver can outperform gold as it plays catch-up next year Dec 23 2021
U.S. new home sales disappoint in November, gold price steady at above $1,800 Dec 23 2021
Can gold price rally 15% in 2022? Here are the triggers to watch Dec 22 2021
U.S. existing home sales rise 1.9% in November, gold price steady Dec 22 2021
Crypto scams: $7.7 billion stolen in 2021 – report Dec 21 2021
$1 million of silver bullion stolen from truck traveling between Sydney and Melbourne Dec 21 2021
Crypto is 'alternative money' in a world where inflation is a significant concern and cash 'is trash' - Ray Dalio Dec 20 2021
Can gold price keep its post-Fed gains? Dec 18 2021
Is gold price in a bull trap? 'December is the hardest month to trade' - analysts Dec 17 2021
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Ireland buys gold for the first time in 12 years Dec 02 2021
Gold price at $10k, silver at $500 due to 'a decade of shortage', says Goehring & Rozencwajg Dec 01 2021
Yellen says stimulus only 'small contributor' to inflation, Powell sees Fed ready to adapt policy to higher price pressures Dec 01 2021
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Metals prices set for 'historically above-average prices through to 2025' – S&P Global Market Intelligence Nov 09 2021
Singapore's central bank 'frowns on crypto,' warns of 'significant losses' as bitcoin and ethereum scale record bull rallies Nov 09 2021
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U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 281,000 Oct 28 2021
Gold price ticks down from daily highs as U.S. Q3 GDP disappoints Oct 28 2021
$11 million silver heist: Canadian police looking for suspects who stole pure silver bars Oct 27 2021
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New York Fed Empire State Survey disappoints as it comes in at 19.8 Oct 15 2021
Gold price falls to daily lows as U.S. retail sales surge past expectations in September Oct 15 2021
'Cryptocurrency is not supported by anything as yet' - Putin Oct 14 2021
U.S. producer price growth rises to 8.6%, gold price near daily highs Oct 14 2021
Gold price trades just below $1,800 as U.S. weekly jobless claims decline to 293,000 Oct 14 2021
Gold price remains near daily highs as Fed sees tapering beginning in mid-November Oct 13 2021
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Afghanistan's gold stash is out of the Taliban's reach Aug 18 2021
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Fed 'in the process' of putting away its emergency tools, says Powell Aug 17 2021
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U.S. existing home sales rise 1.4% in June, gold price edges up Jul 22 2021
Elon Musk on owning bitcoin, ethereum and doge: 'I might pump, but I don't dump' Jul 21 2021
EU to tighten regulations on bitcoin transfers Jul 21 2021
'We're in untested waters' with inflation and the real winners are hard assets like gold - former JPMorgan MD Jul 20 2021
Crypto selloff accelerates: bitcoin drops below $30k, ethereum tumbles below $1.8k Jul 20 2021
Warning from Robinhood: Retail trading is slowing, especially when it comes to crypto Jul 19 2021
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It's a 'challenge' how to react to this 'unique inflation' shock, says Fed's Powell Jul 15 2021
Gold price reacts: Fed's Powell says he hears inflation worries 'loud and clear,' but remains dovish Jul 14 2021
The ECB kicks off its digital euro project Jul 14 2021
Police confiscate record $250 million worth of crypto in London Jul 13 2021
Lumber erases all 2021 gains, here's why deflation is the risk to watch, says Bloomberg Intelligence Jul 13 2021
Watch Tuesday's inflation number, it could be the driver gold price needs - analysts Jul 12 2021
Gold price is watching Fed's tapering talk with Powell's testimony on the docket next week Jul 09 2021
Black swan inflationary event to trigger gold-buying panic in next 2-3 years - Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates Jul 08 2021
Getting to $2k gold: stock market reversion, lower U.S. Treasury bond yields - Bloomberg Intelligence Jul 08 2021
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Russia's wealth fund abandons U.S. dollar, boosts gold, euro, and yuan - country's Finance Ministry Jul 07 2021
'The mother of stagflationary debt crises': Nouriel Roubini sounds alarm on rising prices and debt Jul 06 2021
After the worst June since 2013, is gold price ready to rebound? Jul 03 2021
Gold price has a chance to break out next week, here's why – analysts Jul 02 2021
'It's one step forward, two steps back' for gold bulls, but Wall Street remains bullish on gold price - Kitco's gold survey Jul 02 2021
Gold price jumps as U.S. job numbers beat expectations but unemployment rate rises in June Jul 02 2021
Gold price to recover most of its recent losses, says TD Securities Jul 01 2021
Yellen announces agreement of 130 countries to support global minimum tax on corporations Jul 01 2021
Gold price near daily highs as ISM Manufacturing Index disappoints in June Jul 01 2021
Gold price ticks down as U.S. weekly jobless claims reach a new pandemic low Jul 01 2021
New crypto regulations on horizon? Bitcoin is world's first digital commodity that functions like gold - finance experts testify on crypto frenzy Jun 30 2021
Higher inflation for the next 5 years: 'be overweight stocks, gold, and commodities,' says WisdomTree's research head Jun 30 2021
Gold ticks up as U.S. pending home sales surge in May Jun 30 2021
Gold price dips as U.S. private payrolls surprise with more jobs in June Jun 30 2021
Gold is looking at worst June since 2013 as prices plunge on stronger dollar Jun 29 2021
Gold price hits 2.5-month lows as U.S. consumer confidence soars to pre-pandemic levels in June Jun 29 2021
Is recession next? El-Erian is concerned the 'Fed is falling behind' on inflation story Jun 28 2021
Shift from gold into bitcoin? Indian investment into crypto surges - report Jun 28 2021
Basel III to take gold to record highs? Jun 26 2021
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Gold price edges up as U.S. annual core PCE meets expectations in May Jun 25 2021
Bolivia to buy more gold to strengthen reserves as prices set to rise - Bolivia's president Jun 24 2021
U.S. investors prefer gold over bitcoin for the next 10 years - survey Jun 24 2021
U.S. Q1 GDP meets expectations as U.S. economy recovers Jun 24 2021
Yellen urges Congress to raise debt ceiling to avoid August default: Failing to do so would have 'catastrophic' consequences Jun 23 2021
Crypto comeback? Bitcoin is in a more enduring bull market because of China's crackdown – Bloomberg Intelligence Jun 23 2021
BIS backs central bank digital currencies: Their time 'has come' Jun 23 2021
Gold price ignores Powell's inflation stance: It's higher than expected, but it'll 'wane' Jun 22 2021
Basel III to trigger 'liquidity squeeze,' gold price could be looking at $2,100 by year-end - Goldex CEO Jun 22 2021
Gold price under pressure as U.S. existing home sales drop for a fourth straight month in May Jun 22 2021
Not a quiet summer: Gold price to take direction from U.S. data, Fed speak, USD, and yields - MKS PAMP GROUP Jun 21 2021
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'We are not at risk of hyperinflation,' but it's been a 'bumpy reopening' - U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Jun 17 2021
Gold price plunges $40 as Powell says inflation will be like the 'lumber experience' Jun 16 2021
'Big Short' investor Michael Burry warns of 'greatest speculative bubble of all time' Jun 16 2021
'Best time to buy gold is before crisis': watch inflation risk and $3K gold price target, says industry expert Jun 16 2021
Gold price tumbles as markets eye Fed's inflation stance, tapering, and dot plot comments Jun 15 2021
U.S. PPI beats expectations in May, gold price flat Jun 15 2021
There's 'a massive short' in commodities: if Fed ignores inflation, 'I'd buy commodities, crypto, gold' – Paul Tudor Jones Jun 14 2021
Russia's central bank 'not planning to buy gold' due to changes in National Wealth Fund composition Jun 14 2021
Gold's path to $2K: Biggest market risk is 'invisible wealth destruction' Jun 12 2021
Gold price stuck at a 'speed bump' on its path to $2,000 - analysts Jun 11 2021
Bitcoin could surge to $1 million in 6 years as it becomes more scarce than gold, says crypto-asset expert Jun 10 2021
Gold price at 'steep discount' vs. crude oil: $2,000 gold will be breached - Bloomberg Intelligence Jun 10 2021
Get a vaccine, win gold bars or a Tesla: Hong Kong intensifies vaccination drive with lucrative prizes Jun 09 2021
'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach says 'gold will go much higher' as he doubles down on bearish dollar call Jun 09 2021
Gold priced in CAD edges down as Bank of Canada leaves interest rate at 0.25% Jun 09 2021
70s-style inflation: Biggest risk is 'invisible wealth destruction,' gold price going to $20K this decade Jun 08 2021
Economy is 'sitting on a time bomb': Deutsche Bank warns of 'devastating' effects of inflation Jun 08 2021
Trump: Bitcoin is a 'scam,' it competes against the U.S. dollar Jun 07 2021
Gold's $1,900 price target is a 'high hurdle,' but positioning points to more gains - Standard Chartered Jun 07 2021
Gold price makes a comeback: Russia ditches U.S. dollar, gold stocks best buy since 1980s Jun 05 2021
Gold price holds bullish line: Inflation and U.S. dollar are key for next week Jun 04 2021
May was 'as good as it gets' for metals this year, including gold price, silver price - Capital Economics Jun 03 2021
Russia's wealth fund to ditch all U.S. dollar assets for gold, euros, and yuan this month Jun 03 2021
Digital currency is the future of Russia's financial system, says country's central bank governor Jun 02 2021
Bitcoin is substitute for copper, not gold - Goldman's top commodity analyst Jun 02 2021
'Gold stocks best buy since 1980s': Gold price to double, but gold stocks could see 10X gains in next 3 years - analyst Jun 01 2021
'Sound bull market': Gold sees best month since July, is $2,000 gold price next? Jun 01 2021
Gold's big strides and its ultimate $10K price target May 29 2021
Gold price is up $220 from March lows, but watch this big risk next week May 28 2021
'No sense fighting' the bullish gold price trend - Kitco's gold price survey May 28 2021
Gold price steady as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in April May 28 2021
U.S. Q1 GDP misses expectations: consumer spending revised up, exports revised down May 27 2021
Ultimate gold price target is $5,000-$10,000, says Guggenheim's Scott Minerd May 26 2021
These are inflation-resilient investments - Wells Fargo May 26 2021
'A regime change in gold': This is why gold price is last to surge on inflation trade - portfolio manager May 25 2021
Gold price inches away from $1,900 as U.S. new home sales disappoint in April, prior month revised down May 25 2021
Ray Dalio: 'I have some bitcoin, I'd rather have bitcoin than a bond' May 24 2021
Bitcoin rebounds 15%, ethereum up 25% after chaotic weekend collapse May 24 2021
Rules of the game are changing and gold is taking advantage May 22 2021
What's next for gold price after 'game-changing' week? May 21 2021
Cryptocurrencies not convenient payment method due to price swings, says Fed's Powell May 20 2021
U.S. Treasury cracks down on crypto: transfers over $10K to be reported to IRS May 20 2021
Massive deflation, not inflation, will be a problem as commodities drop, says Ark's Cathie Wood May 20 2021
Reversal of money flows: Big institutional players exit crypto and turn to gold, says JPMorgan May 19 2021
Stocks, crypto, commodities plunge as gold sets aim at record highs May 19 2021
Crypto price collapse: Bitcoin & ethereum see biggest one-day losses since March of last year May 19 2021
Crypto space about to beat gold in this category despite bitcoin's plunge, says Bernstein May 18 2021
Gold market to accelerate: Price forecasts eye return to January levels on summer inflation story May 18 2021
Here comes $1,900 gold price? All eyes on U.S. data May 17 2021
Gold's energy consumption doubles that of bitcoin - Galaxy Digital May 17 2021
Russia on track to surpass China as the largest gold producer this decade May 12 2021
SEC issues a warning: Bitcoin is 'highly speculative', be aware of 'investor loss' May 12 2021
Copper to surge at least seven-fold before this bull market is over - Goehring & Rozencwajg May 11 2021
Summer of volatility? Gold price to make a run to $1,900 as Fed waits for better data May 11 2021
U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency luster as greenback's share of global reserves hits 25-year low - IMF May 10 2021
Gold price sees best week in 6 months May 08 2021
What's next for gold price after biggest weekly gain of 2021? May 07 2021
U.S. bitcoin traders not protected, crypto space to benefit from more regulation, says SEC Chairman Gensler May 06 2021
Russia's gold exports surge more than 70% in Q1 2021 after central bank stops buying gold May 06 2021
Gold price action is 'meh' and only stock market correction can fix that, says Bloomberg Intelligence May 05 2021
Could the Fed's overreaction pull U.S. into recession? May 05 2021
Russia is concerned with sudden metals price surge as it looks into price control measures May 04 2021
Gold price to fall $200 by year-end despite stronger physical demand, says Capital Economics May 04 2021
Here's what gold bulls need, but investors have to watch this price level - Pepperstone May 03 2021
'I hate bitcoin success': It's 'disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization,' says Charlie Munger May 03 2021
How high would gold price be if not for bitcoin? May 01 2021
Gold price rally in May? Chances are tied to inflation expectations as U.S. data runs hot – analysts Apr 30 2021
Gold price at $2,300 if not for bitcoin - Bloomberg Intelligence Apr 29 2021
Commodities are surging: can this last or is it 'transitory' spike as Fed says? Apr 29 2021
Gold price at daily highs as Powell says 'too early' to taper, reaffirms inflation is 'transitory' Apr 28 2021
It's too early to call bitcoin the new gold, says Goldman Sachs Apr 28 2021
Russia accelerates its de-dollarization policy, chooses to settle exports in euro over dollar Apr 27 2021
Gold price zeros on Fed's Powell comments as markets watch for hints of tapering Apr 27 2021
'We are sitting on economic cliff': Gold price will be 'well north of $2,000 this year' - ex-JP Morgan MD Apr 26 2021
Gold price is starting to find its 'mojo,' should test $1,900 before year-end, says TD Securities Apr 26 2021
Bitcoin warning, can gold use this to its advantage? Apr 24 2021
Can massive bitcoin selloff push gold price above $1,800 next week? Apr 23 2021
'Tell me we have inflation without telling me we have inflation': Analysts point to 'skyrocketing' real estate and commodities prices Apr 22 2021
ECB can't move in tandem with the Fed, although 'it would be nice' - Lagarde Apr 22 2021
Is bitcoin losing its luster? JPMorgan and others issue a warning Apr 21 2021
Gold priced in CAD halts rally after BoC hints higher rates could come sooner Apr 21 2021
Gold price has upside in Q2 as 'tremendous amount of liquidity is looking for a home' - StoneX Apr 20 2021
Central and Eastern European central banks are buying up gold, citing 'rapid structural changes in the global economy' - WGC Apr 20 2021
'Severe deflation': Everything depends on rising stock market, even commodities - Bloomberg Intelligence Apr 19 2021
China calls bitcoin 'investment alternative' as Fed maintains crypto is 'speculation' Apr 19 2021
What's the real price of gold? Apr 17 2021
Is gold price prepping for a major move higher next week? Apr 16 2021
GLD vs. GBTC: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to surpass world's largest commodity ETF Apr 15 2021
Jobless claims are at new pandemic lows after drop to 576,000 Apr 15 2021
Gold price keeps early-morning gains as U.S. retail sales surge 9.8% in March Apr 15 2021
Coinbase goes public: Bitcoin hits new record highs, gold price fails at $1,750 Apr 14 2021
The real price of gold is at $2,100, here's why - former U.S. Mint director Apr 13 2021
Runaway inflation? Commodity bulls could be at risk of 'speculative exodus' - TD Securities Apr 13 2021
Risk-off sentiment making a comeback? StoneX cites 'early indications' of gold price turnaround Apr 12 2021
Path towards $1,800: Gold price 'not reflecting risks of high inflation' - Standard Chartered Apr 12 2021
Should you be buying up real assets? Precious metals, real estate, art 'appear cheap' Apr 10 2021
This could push gold price to $1,800 next week Apr 09 2021
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Gold price tackles key level as Fed's Powell says uneven global vaccinations are 'risk to progress' Apr 08 2021
Central banks on gold buying spree again? Hungary triples gold reserves Apr 08 2021
Stark 2020 vs 2021 gold price contrast: 'Tailwinds turning into a headwinds' - RBC Capital Markets Apr 06 2021
'Shocking' pace of adoption: Bitcoin will be as big as gold, says billionaire Mike Novogratz Apr 06 2021
Gold price could double in 5 years, here's why yields are not a problem Apr 05 2021
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Worst quarter in over 4 years: Can gold price turn it around? Apr 01 2021
President Biden unveils his $2 trillion infrastructure plan Mar 31 2021
Gold price could fall another $100 by year-end as yields rise higher - Capital Economics Mar 31 2021
'Stalled bull market': Gold price caged between $1,600-$1,900 and bitcoin is to blame, says Bloomberg Intelligence Mar 30 2021
Gold price fails to hold $1,700 as U.S. Treasuries wrap up worst quarter since 2016 Mar 30 2021
'Strong era for commodities': Here's why silver deserves the focus, says Mettalex CEO Mar 29 2021
Gold's 'strongest price rally' is coming: Wells Fargo's 2021 target is $2,200 Mar 29 2021
Hold gold or drop gold? Mar 27 2021
What's the catalyst to take gold price to $1,900? Mar 26 2021
Supply fragility to 'fuel commodity supercycle' Mar 26 2021
Gold price fails attack on $1,750 as Fed's Powell hints tapering Mar 25 2021
Gold price holds the line as U.S. weekly jobless claims reach lowest level since start of pandemic Mar 25 2021
'5% in gold, 5% in bitcoin': Jim Cramer tells investors to drop 'half of their gold' Mar 24 2021
Millennials main buyers of silver jewelry in 2020, SPS survey says Mar 23 2021
The pandemic 'changed the world' and gold price will reap the benefits - CPM Group Mar 23 2021
Bitcoin to remain 'ultra-volatile' due to its 'limited tradability' – Deutsche Bank Mar 22 2021
Gold price on pause until U.S. bond auctions this week - StoneX Mar 22 2021
Gold price not paying attention to a miss in U.S. existing home sales data Mar 22 2021
Tide is turning: 'You have to be in gold, silver, platinum and palladium' Mar 20 2021
Gold price is 'back on the field' after 'being benched,' signs point to more gains – analysts Mar 19 2021
Space mining is critical for terrestrial mining, here's why Mar 18 2021
Could Biden's first major tax hike in 30 years boost gold price? Mar 17 2021
Why geopolitics of this green battery metal should be on your radar - CRU Mar 17 2021
Ray Dalio on 'shocking' tax changes: Could see new 'prohibitions' against gold, bitcoin Mar 16 2021
Gold-bitcoin comparison is 'exaggerated' - RBC Capital Markets Mar 15 2021
Gold price looks to the Fed as focus shifts to 2023 rate hikes - analysts Mar 15 2021
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Copper price to peak this year, here's why - CRU Mar 11 2021
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Too early to call a commodities 'supercycle', but watch these metals - CRU's chief economist Mar 10 2021
COVID pandemic was not as bad for miners as first thought, says S&P Global Market Intelligence Mar 09 2021
Another gold price spike 'is coming' - Barrick Gold CEO Mar 08 2021
Peak gold is a myth: Industry is not running out of big deposits, says Douglas Silver Mar 08 2021
Brutal March? Gold price at risk of a flash crash to $1,600 - analysts Mar 05 2021
This is when gold price reverses: Goehring & Rozencwajg on $15K gold Mar 04 2021
Is Wall Street signaling a bubble as gold price fights off a move below $1,700? Mar 03 2021
Mark Cuban says 'gold is dead' as Peter Schiff slams bitcoin as 'waste of energy' Mar 03 2021
Fitch revises metals prices on 'tight market supply,' warns gold price to fall to $1,200 by 2023 Mar 02 2021
Silver is 'the best trade': It's sporadic but could hit $60 in 2021 - ex-JP Morgan MD Mar 02 2021
‘Where to’ for gold price? Stay cautious, says Pepperstone Mar 01 2021
Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger: 'Since I never buy any gold, I never buy any bitcoin' Mar 01 2021
Losing streak: Gold price down nearly $200 since start of the year, what's next? Feb 26 2021
Gold price down 3%, silver price tumbles 5% as selling accelerates Feb 26 2021
Gold price sheds nearly $100 this week as Wall Street calls for more losses Feb 26 2021
Gold price remains under pressure as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in January Feb 26 2021
Gold price remains under pressure as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in January Feb 26 2021
Commodities supercycle or bull rally? Analysts point to silver as the one to watch Feb 26 2021
This is the catalyst that could take gold price to $2,100 after selloff - ANZ Feb 25 2021
Gold price near daily lows as U.S. durable goods beat expectations Feb 25 2021
Inflation debate: Famous 'Big Short' investor signals risk as Fed's Powell downplays concerns Feb 24 2021
Gold or bitcoin? Two assets can co-exist as gold retakes its safe-haven status Feb 23 2021
Can crypto be taxed like gold? Is regulation the real threat to bitcoin's $1 trillion market cap? Feb 22 2021
Gold vs. everything else: Gold price is competing with bitcoin, dollar and now silver Feb 20 2021
Will gold's selloff accelerate next week? Search for a bottom in gold price Feb 19 2021
U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in January, gold price keeps morning gains Feb 19 2021
Bitcoin is better 'stimulus asset' than gold, says 'Bond King' Jeffrey Gundlach Feb 18 2021
Warren Buffett exits GOLD entirely Feb 18 2021
Mixed housing data keep gold price muted Feb 18 2021
Is bitcoin a threat to U.S. dollar? Emerging markets see an explosion of interest in crypto Feb 17 2021
Gold price takes another major step back as investors look for value elsewhere, says Pepperstone Feb 17 2021
BlackRock sells more than $470 million worth of gold as it focuses on silver Feb 16 2021
If gold price can't hold $1,800, major selloff could be next Feb 12 2021
Bullion coin demand 'off the charts,' why isn't gold price? Former U.S. Mint director weighs in Feb 11 2021
'The tide is turning' on inflation, kicking off the 5th commodity supercycle, says JPMorgan Feb 11 2021
Jim Cramer's top 3 alternatives: 'Own some gold, bitcoin, and cash' Feb 10 2021
Silver demand to hit 8-year highs, but what about prices? The Silver Institute weighs in Feb 10 2021
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Is the silver squeeze really dead? Here’s some great news for silver price Feb 05 2021
Is gold price at risk of another $100 drop next week? Feb 05 2021
Silver price is defined by volatility, this is nothing new - Capital Economics Feb 04 2021
Why was silver targeted? Analysts point to a price move in silver Feb 04 2021
Gold and silver coin sales surge in January, U.S. Mint limits sales Feb 03 2021
Mark Cuban to Reddit: If you believe in an asset, hold it; just look at bitcoin Feb 03 2021
Gold price to hit record highs in Q2 as retail demand picks up, says Standard Chartered Feb 02 2021
'Silver is a tough nut to crack': Why silver squeeze is failing, analysts weigh in Feb 02 2021
SLV records one-day inflows of $1 billion Friday, more to come Feb 01 2021
Silver explodes; these silver miners are seeing best gains Feb 01 2021
Gold price is riding silver's new attention wave, but is that good news? Jan 29 2021
Gold price rallies as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in December Jan 29 2021
Gold to still hit $2,300 in 2021, but silver and platinum to outperform — MKS Jan 28 2021
Army of day-traders piling into silver? As prices rally, analysts point to $40 and higher Jan 28 2021
Gold price holds gains as U.S. new home sales disappoint Jan 28 2021
China's muted gold demand: Gold imports from Hong Kong plunge 85% in 2020 Jan 27 2021
Gold price edges down as U.S. durable goods miss expectations Jan 27 2021
Inflation or deflation? Markets most likely to see 'extremes,' but gold price benefits, says WGC Jan 26 2021
Bitcoin's volatility could drop below that of gold, says Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 26 2021
There's price reaction delay in bitcoin, here's how investors can benefit – TradingView Jan 25 2021
Gold's new trading regime and Fed Powell's comments in focus this week, can gold price break out? Jan 25 2021
Why this could kick off new bullish phase in gold price Jan 22 2021
Why is gold stuck? Analysts see 'ladder approach' when it comes to gold price rally in 2021 Jan 22 2021
Gold price erases a chunk of morning losses as U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in December Jan 22 2021
Polarized U.S., delayed recovery, inflation: Gold price to 'maintain high prices' in 2021 – StoneX Jan 21 2021
Gold price begins bullish phase as Biden takes office, analysts eye $1,950 level Jan 20 2021
'Bulk of gold price gains to materialize in first half of 2021' – Standard Chartered Jan 19 2021
'Bulk of gold price gains to materialize in first half of 2021' – Standard Chartered Jan 19 2021
Gold price maintains daily gains as Yellen says 'U.S. does not seek weaker dollar' Jan 19 2021
More selling in store for gold price? Markets eye Yellen's take on U.S. dollar Jan 18 2021
Is a move to cash a threat? Fear is creeping in and gold price is falling - analysts Jan 15 2021
Gold price won't recover quickly after Friday's selloff, says Wall Street Jan 15 2021
Gold Survey Jan 15 2021
Gold price tumbles to new daily lows as U.S. PPI comes in below expectations Jan 15 2021
U.S. retail sales disappoint in December, weighing on gold price Jan 15 2021
Gold's 2021 drivers: Ballooning deficits, inflation and overvalued equities – WGC Jan 14 2021
'Commodities can survive USD strength,' says Wells Fargo Jan 14 2021
Gold price under pressure as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 965,000 Jan 14 2021
Gold market saw record ETF inflows in 2020 - WGC Jan 13 2021
Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach: 'I'm neutral on gold and bitcoin,' 25% of your portfolio should be in real assets Jan 13 2021
Gold gains as U.S. consumer prices rise in December Jan 13 2021
Russia's gold reserves surpass its U.S. dollar holdings for first time, says country's central bank Jan 12 2021
Buy gold now, prices on path to $2,800, says Edelweiss Jan 12 2021
Is gold price now oversold? Markets focus on Fed debate, higher U.S. yields Jan 12 2021
Silver survey 2021: Average silver price by year-end is $38, most popular vote is $50 Jan 11 2021
Central banks sold gold in November as prices dropped below $1,800, says WGC Jan 11 2021
Can gold price drop below $1,800 next week? Here is what's behind the shocking selloff Jan 08 2021
Gold price plummets $100 this week as economic outlook remains grim, bitcoin competes for safe-haven status Jan 08 2021
Gold price trades below $1,900 as U.S. loses 140,000 jobs in December Jan 08 2021
Most of gold's 'big gains are behind us,' says Capital Economics Jan 07 2021
$2,000 gold to keep metals 'atop the leader board' in 2021, says Bloomberg Intelligence Jan 07 2021
Gold price edges up as U.S. service sector beats expectations in December Jan 07 2021
Gold price steady as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 787,000 Jan 07 2021
Gold price climbs from daily lows as pro-Trump protesters storm U.S. Capitol Jan 06 2021
Fed releases minutes from December meeting, gold price still down $40 Jan 06 2021
U.S. factory orders beat expectation in November, gold price trading near daily lows Jan 06 2021
Gold price moves up from daily lows as U.S. private payrolls surprise with a decline in December Jan 06 2021
Ethereum's co-founder calls gold 'lame' as precious metal starts 2021 with a bang Jan 05 2021
Bitcoin could rally to $146K as it competes with gold for 'alternative currency' status - JPMorgan Jan 05 2021
Gold price edges down as ISM Manufacturing Index beats expectations in December Jan 05 2021
'$2,300 is gold's key level': Georgia Senate runoffs, bitcoin crash to boost prices to new highs – OANDA Jan 04 2021
'Don't be surprised to see new highs this quarter': Gold price jumps more than $50 to start the new year Jan 04 2021
Tallying up 2020: Gold price up 25% as analysts look to new all-time highs in 2021 Dec 31 2020
Top 7 gold stories of 2020: From a boom in gold price to best buying opportunities Dec 30 2020
Watch out for this risk as bitcoin looks toward $50,000 and higher in 2021 - analysts Dec 29 2020
Last-minute rally? Gold price to challenge $1,900 next week as investors shift away from risk assets Dec 24 2020
U.S. dollar outlook 2021: 'Significant weakness' in store for greenback as global economy recovers - analysts Dec 23 2020
Gold price is making its way to daily highs as U.S. annual core PCE disappoints in November Dec 23 2020
'Silver may take the gold': Bloomberg Intelligence is looking at $50 silver price Dec 22 2020
U.S. existing home sales disappoint in November, falling for the first time in five months Dec 22 2020
Rapid recovery in 2021: 'We'll be shocked at how strong economy comes back' but risks remain, say analysts Dec 21 2020
Is gold price gearing up for a Christmas rally? Dec 18 2020
Why gold price will rally to new record highs in a new normal - analysts Dec 18 2020
'Convincing move higher' in gold: TD Securities looks for $2,000+ gold price next year Dec 17 2020
Gold price spikes as Fed's Powell sounds dovish, stresses asset purchases will continue 'until job is well and truly done' Dec 16 2020
Bitcoin hits new record high as it breaches $20K for first time, is $25K next? Dec 16 2020
Silver price outperforms gold as precious metals rally Dec 15 2020
Gold to trade near $1,900 in 2021, price risk is to the downside, says Capital Economics Dec 14 2020
Gold price zeroes in on Fed's last meeting of the year Dec 14 2020
Year-end surprise in store for gold? 3 weeks left in 2020 Dec 11 2020
Can 2020's last full week take gold price to $1,925? Dec 11 2020
Gold price to 'suffer' in coming years as money shifts into bitcoin - JPMorgan Dec 10 2020
Gold price attempts to tackle $1,850 as inflation beats expectations in November Dec 10 2020
Here's why gold price is up nearly $50 in two days Dec 08 2020
More hedging options: Gold and oil futures welcome another resource competitor to Wall Street and it's water Dec 08 2020
Bitcoin is challenging gold: Gold price outlook is 'no longer overwhelmingly bullish,' says UOB Dec 07 2020
Gold price to return to $2,000 in just a couple of months - Standard Chartered Dec 07 2020
This is why $1,925 gold price is next: 'Stimulus is absolutely crucial' – analysts Dec 04 2020
Cash is a 'temporary parking space': Are you holding too much of it? Wells Fargo weighs in Dec 03 2020
Gold price attempts to tackle $1,850 resistance as U.S. service sector disappoints in November Dec 03 2020
Is this a breakout for gold price or just an oversold rally? Dec 02 2020
Investments into gold ETFs to tumble in 2021, weighing on gold price - Citi Nov 30 2020
Risk in gold is 'limited': Prices still on track towards $2,100 in 2021 - Bloomberg Intelligence Nov 30 2020
Gold is off more than $250 from August's record highs, but here's why the bull run is not over Nov 29 2020
Can gold price fall below $1,700 before selloff is over? Markets eye COVID restrictions, stimulus Nov 27 2020
Vaccine not to 'scuttle gold's current rise higher,' says ANZ Nov 26 2020
Bitcoin just inches away from record highs, Blackrock says crypto could replace gold Nov 25 2020
Is Powell-Yellen duo good news for gold price? 'Market is looking past realities on the ground' - analysts Nov 25 2020
Gold price fights for $1,800 as U.S. consumer confidence disappoints in November Nov 24 2020
Peak in gold price? Precious metal to drop below $1,650 in next two years, says Westpac Nov 23 2020
Selloffs in gold are 'misguided': Focus shifts to Fed's minutes and December meeting - analysts Nov 23 2020
Is gold price in a zero-sum game? Here's the catalyst needed to go higher Nov 20 2020
Gold's path to $2,300: Renewed investment flows from lower stocks, 'bitcoin's demise' Nov 19 2020
'Massive ETF selling' is hurting gold price, say analysts Nov 19 2020
Euro beats U.S. dollar as most used currency globally - SWIFT Nov 19 2020
Why are base metals doing so well? Nov 18 2020
$40,000 bitcoin in 2021? Cryptocurrency is quietly making its way back to record highs Nov 17 2020
U.S. dollar to plunge 20% in 2021 on vaccine rollout, loose monetary policy, says Citi Nov 17 2020
Gold price ticks up to daily highs as U.S. retail sales disappoint in October Nov 17 2020
Miners are taking advantage of higher gold price, more projects kicking off in Q4 - Metso Outotec Nov 16 2020
'Gold's story is not over': Rallying stocks don't mean investors forgot their fear - RBC Capital Markets Nov 16 2020
Chaotic week but here's why gold still got it Nov 14 2020
Biggest immediate gold price risk is U.S. government inaction - analysts Nov 13 2020
How will higher gold price, COVID-19 impact Diwali's gold demand? Nov 12 2020
'Buy gold price dips with conviction,' says Orchid Research Nov 11 2020
COVID-19 vaccine is 'a boon for gold bugs' - TD Securities Nov 11 2020
Aggressive investors need to 'favor oil over gold' - Goehring & Rozencwajg Nov 10 2020
'It's too early to dismiss coronavirus': Gold price setback is temporary - Commerzbank Nov 10 2020
Silver price falls 7% on vaccine news, but here's key difference between gold and silver Nov 09 2020
Are stocks too optimistic? This rally is 'justifiable,' says Jim Cramer Nov 09 2020
Post-Trump era? Gold price to see $2,000 next week as attention shifts to coronavirus - analysts Nov 06 2020
Gold price rallies $50 as Biden maintains lead, markets look past litigation - TD Securities Nov 05 2020
This trigger will get gold price back to $2,000, and it's not the election - Digix co-founder Nov 04 2020
Gold price battles $1,900 as U.S. service sector disappoints in October Nov 04 2020
Gold price up 1% as markets watch swing states, weaker dollar on U.S. Election Day Nov 03 2020
Gold price ahead of U.S. election: 'We cannot be certain of a clear result on Wednesday' - StoneX Nov 02 2020
How to trade U.S. election night and what to expect from Fed, BoE this week Nov 02 2020
The election is just days away, is gold the biggest winner? Oct 31 2020
How much chaos will gold price see next week? U.S. election, Fed meeting, jobs data on the docket Oct 30 2020
Why is gold not acting like gold? Safe-haven quality to kick in after U.S. election Oct 29 2020
Volatile gold price action is triggered by 'low volume and aggressive flow' before the U.S. election: TD Securities Oct 29 2020
Gold price climbs as U.S. pending home sales miss expectations in September Oct 29 2020
Gold price sheds $40 on COVID restrictions, contested election worries Oct 28 2020
Volatile gold moves expected into the election but major selloffs below $1,840 are unlikely: MKS PAMP Group Oct 28 2020
Contested election is a 'primary risk for gold bugs': TD Securities Oct 28 2020
It's election homestretch for Trump and Biden, but which asset is the post-election winner? Oct 27 2020
Chinese gold demand rebounds in Q3 Oct 27 2020
Gold options expiration 'could be very volatile': RBC Wealth Management Oct 27 2020
Wait-and-see mode sets in on the gold market: TD Securities Oct 27 2020
Weaker-than-expected U.S. consumer confidence pushes gold price higher Oct 27 2020
Election outcomes for gold price: from a slow grind higher to an explosive rally Oct 26 2020
Why is gold price action on pause? Standard Chartered sees $2,100 level early next year Oct 26 2020
On the radar this week: U.S. political drama, rising COVID-19 cases - FXTM Oct 26 2020
No major gold price move expected until U.S. election or stimulus agreement: MKS PAMP Group Oct 26 2020
Lack of physical gold demand in Asia is weighing on the metal: Commerzbank Oct 26 2020
Is gold price stuck until the election? This driver can propel metal higher next week Oct 23 2020
Gold price could surge another 50% under the next president – Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 22 2020
Lower chance of stimulus before the election weigh on gold price: Commerzbank Oct 22 2020
Gold could see support as focus shifts to U.S. presidential debate, Brexit headlines: MKS PAMP Group Oct 22 2020
Best-case vs. worst-case election scenarios: Why gold price wins either way Oct 22 2020
Gold price hits new daily lows as U.S. existing home sales beat expectations in September Oct 22 2020
Markets don't discount '2016 election outturn', here's what it means for gold price - StoneX Oct 21 2020
'Gold traders would benefit from looking past the noise' - TD Securities Oct 21 2020
U.S. stimulus to trigger rally: Gold price to surge to $2,200 by year-end - ANZ Oct 20 2020
Stimulus deal to see resumption of the gold bull trend: MKS PAMP Group Oct 20 2020
Gold price is watching key stimulus deadline while Asian demand remains weak: Commerzbank Oct 20 2020
On gold's radar this week: U.S. stimulus talks, Brexit, rise in COVID-19 cases - Commerzbank Oct 19 2020
Risk of gold selloff in the near-term if prices fall below $1,900: TD Securities Oct 19 2020
Gold price could 'change quickly' amid political/election headlines today: RBC Wealth Management Oct 19 2020
Election countdown: Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, and other advice from analysts Oct 17 2020
Election countdown: Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, and other advice from analysts Oct 17 2020
'Markets addicted to stimulus' as anxiety builds: What to expect from gold price with election two weeks away Oct 16 2020
Looking past election mayhem: Gold price to move to new record highs once new administration is established - TD Securities Oct 15 2020
Don't trust the gold market? Nearly half of potential new investors lack trust but there's a solution Oct 15 2020
Expect 'renewed and lasting upswing' in gold price in next few weeks: Commerzbank Oct 15 2020
Gold buyers remain on sidelines amid 'some rush to cash': RBC Wealth Management Oct 15 2020
IMF not planning to sell its gold for debt relief: 'Gold reserves provide fundamental strength' Oct 14 2020
Gold to see more investment demand after the election: TD Securities Oct 14 2020
Sell U.S. dollar, buy silver, says Goldman Oct 13 2020
Gold price fails to hold $1,900 level as U.S. dollar gains strength: Commerzbank Oct 13 2020
$2,000 gold price delayed as volatility weighs: RBC Wealth Management Oct 13 2020
Gold price enters election countdown mode, here's what analysts are watching next week Oct 09 2020
This driver could 'propel' gold price back to its new all-time highs - Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 08 2020
Trump or Biden? Both to 'provide substantial tailwinds for the long gold trade' - TD Securities Oct 08 2020
Biden victory presents 'the most upside risk' for gold price and it's yet to be priced in, says Standard Chartered Oct 07 2020
Gold price steady below $1,900 as Fed's minutes reveal officials expect more fiscal stimulus this year Oct 07 2020
Interrupted inflation expectations weigh on gold price: TD Securities Oct 07 2020
Market volatility, U.S. election 'don't deter $2,000 gold price, $30 silver price' near year-end: RBC Wealth Management Oct 07 2020
Bitcoin could go from 10K to 100K in 5 years as crypto becomes 'digital version of gold' - Bloomberg Intelligence Oct 06 2020
Gold price tumbles 2% as Trump calls off stimulus talks with Democrats Oct 06 2020
Gold price sees support from weaker U.S. dollar, ETF inflows: Commerzbank Oct 06 2020
Central banks could be stepping up gold purchases after 2020 pause Oct 05 2020
Some gold with your gas and groceries? Costco enters the gold bullion market Oct 05 2020
Interest in gold is back as markets eye U.S. stimulus talks: Commerzbank Oct 05 2020
Gold price action 'agnostic' to who wins the election: TD Securities Oct 05 2020
What does Trump's COVID-19 news mean for gold price next week? Oct 02 2020
Bridgewater on gold: 'It's wise to hold some of what central banks can't create more of' Oct 01 2020
Gold price is 'a long way from ending its upswing': Commerzbank Oct 01 2020
Gold price edges down as ISM Manufacturing Index slightly disappoints Oct 01 2020
U.S. fiscal stimulus hopes are supporting gold price: TD Securities Oct 01 2020
Gold price at new daily highs as U.S. annual core PCE beats expectations in August Oct 01 2020
Silver price to get a boost from higher gold price, improved demand into year-end, says Capital Economics Sep 30 2020
Gold price looking at biggest monthly drop in nearly 4 years if $1,900 doesn't hold, more volatility ahead - analysts Sep 30 2020
Traders are conserving cash as they digest first presidential debate: RBC Wealth Management Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
Gold price back below $1,900 as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in August Sep 30 2020
This is the time to buy gold, says Wells Fargo Sep 29 2020
Gold price advances on hopes of U.S. fiscal stimulus package: Commerzbank Sep 29 2020
The U.S. dollar retreats, watch this level for a deeper pullback: BBH Sep 29 2020
'Stage is set' for gold price rebound: TD Securities Sep 29 2020
Bumpy ride ahead as investors price in elections and raise cash: RBC Wealth Management Sep 29 2020
China to launch first space mining robot in November Sep 28 2020
Silver price plunge 'not terminal', precious metal already up 2% on the day – StoneX Sep 28 2020
Without so many speculators gold price should recover, says Commerzbank Sep 28 2020
Is this the end of consolidation phase for gold price? Sep 28 2020
Is gold oversold? $200 price drop does not mean the bull market is over – analysts Sep 25 2020
U.S. election risk 'under-appreciated', gold price could see new record highs above $2K before year-end, Citi says Sep 24 2020
'Both gold and silver are now oversold': Commerzbank Sep 24 2020
U.S. dollar's rise is not a trend change but a positioning adjustment: BBH Sep 24 2020
Pullback in gold price 'is unlikely to turn into a rout': TD Securities Sep 24 2020
Gold price ticks up from daily lows as U.S. new home sales beat expectations in August Sep 24 2020
Use this gold price weakness as 'aggressive buying opportunity', says Goehring & Rozencwajg Sep 23 2020
Gold price story is not about a break higher, it's about about sustained profitability: BMO Sep 23 2020
'Firm U.S. dollar is like a millstone around the neck of precious metals': Commerzbank Sep 23 2020
The U.S. dollar's rise is fueling gold price pullback: TD Securities Sep 23 2020
Watch out for these 3 gold price risks as most volatile quarter approaches Sep 22 2020
Gold price 'to recover quickly' after Monday's selloff: Commerzbank Sep 22 2020
Gold investors to miners: 'Appeal of mining equities escapes generalist investors' Sep 21 2020
Gold price could touch $1,765 before reversing towards $2,300, says Credit Suisse Sep 21 2020
Rising COVID-19 cases shift risk to the downside: FXTM Sep 21 2020
Investors are taking profits off the table as election uncertainty looms: BBH Sep 21 2020
Bloated positioning weighs on gold price: TD Securities Sep 21 2020
Gold price begins the week in positive territory as analysts eye new U.S. election risk, dollar, and Fed speakers Sep 20 2020
Another rush to cash? Analysts are cautiously watching stocks, gold price Sep 18 2020
Risk to stocks in Q3: Equities could lose $200 billion as wealth funds re-balance portfolios - JPMorgan Sep 17 2020
'The very high bar set for rate hikes' points to higher gold price: Commerzbank Sep 17 2020
Minority expecting 'powerful dovish tilt' were disappointed by the Fed, pushing gold price down: TD Securities Sep 17 2020
Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index drops as expected, gold price remains under pressure Sep 17 2020
Gold price is down more than 1% on the day as U.S. weekly jobless claims total 860,000 Sep 17 2020
Why is platinum surging and should you be investing? Sep 16 2020
India to see a significant rebound in gold jewelry demand: BMO Capital Markets Sep 16 2020
The Fed to send a dovish signal: QE, the dot plot and Powell's press conference - TD Securities Sep 16 2020
Missed the gold rally? Gold mining stocks are still undervalued as gold price trades above $1,950 - VanEck Sep 15 2020
Gold price to take on $1,992-$2,000 resistance: MKS PAMP Group Sep 15 2020
Fed to 'clear the second hurdle for gold bugs': TD Securities Sep 15 2020
Gold to outperform silver into year-end, $4K gold price not ruled out by 2023 - Bloomberg Intelligence Sep 14 2020
Junior and intermediate mining companies raise the most in more than six years in August: BMO Capital Markets Sep 14 2020
Gold price is all about the U.S. dollar and interest rates right now: RBC Wealth Management Sep 14 2020
This week's biggest market movers are central banks: FXTM Sep 14 2020
Extreme gold price swings to hit markets next week as metal tackles $2,000 - analysts Aug 28 2020
Markets 'want more substance' out of Powell as gold price tumbles $72 in less than an hour Aug 27 2020
Gold price hits new daily lows as U.S. pending home sales beat expectations in July Aug 27 2020
Gold price retreats as U.S. weekly jobless claims come in just above one million Aug 27 2020
Gold price to test this key level before rallying towards $2,700, says Credit Suisse Aug 26 2020
Attention is turning to platinum as gold price trades below $2,000 an ounce - Commerzbank Aug 26 2020
Western markets dominate Swiss gold exports for 5th month in a row in July: Metals Focus Aug 26 2020
Gold price consolidation could last for months, deeper pullbacks not ruled out: TD Securities Aug 26 2020
Gold price bull run points to 'lack of trust in the world’s monetary system' - Wells Fargo Aug 25 2020
Rallying stock market keeps gold price under pressure: Commerzbank Aug 25 2020
Current gold price weakness is a buying opportunity before Fed's Powell speech on Thursday: TD Securities Aug 25 2020
U.S. new homes sales beat expectations in July, gold price falls to daily lows Aug 25 2020
Gold at $3,000? 'Upward gold price trajectory to accelerate' - Bloomberg Intelligence Aug 24 2020
New and old money is behind gold price’s explosive move this year, says Standard Chartered Aug 24 2020
Fed Chair Powell's keynote at Jackson Hole could 'reinvigorate' gold price action: TD Securities Aug 24 2020
This event could change everything for the gold price next week, expect extreme volatility - analysts Aug 21 2020
Gold price holds $1,950 despite investors stuck in waiting mode after Fed's mixed signals Aug 20 2020
Should you be buying dips in gold price, silver price? Aug 20 2020
Fed stalls gold price rebound: Commerzbank Aug 20 2020
U.S. dollar-gold correlation to dictate price moves in the near term: MKS PAMP Group Aug 20 2020
Gold price edges up as U.S. weekly jobless claims rise above one million again Aug 20 2020
Scotiabank to pay more than $127 million to settle spoofing and precious metals market manipulation case Aug 19 2020
Which central banks are buying gold this year? Aug 19 2020
A slow price rebound for gold is actually more bullish in the long run: Commerzbank Aug 19 2020
Larger gold price moves are now expected: RBC Wealth Management Aug 19 2020
Turkey sees gold rush as local currency keeps losing value Aug 18 2020
test Aug 18 2020
Gold vs. bitcoin: Generational divide persists as investors seek alternative investments - JPMorgan Aug 18 2020
Confidence in gold is on the rise: Commerzbank Aug 18 2020
Gold price at one-week high and well above $2K as U.S. housing starts surprise on the upside in July Aug 18 2020
Here is why gold price uptrend is intact – Standard Chartered Aug 17 2020
Fed's unlimited QE is pushing the world 'to the verge of a global financial crisis' - China's banking watchdog Aug 17 2020
Silver price is 'now only marginally undervalued as compared with gold': Commerzbank Aug 17 2020
Early-dip buyers of gold and silver are vulnerable but silver maintains cleaner positioning: TD Securities Aug 17 2020
Gold price is gearing up: Here's the direction analysts are looking at Aug 14 2020
After major gold price drama, bullish sentiment still looks at $2,000 and beyond - Kitco's gold survey Aug 14 2020
Gold Survey Aug 14 2020
Gold price lower on the day as U.S. retail sales disappoint in July Aug 14 2020
Gold price finds new support as U.S. dollar sinks, stimulus talks fail to move forward Aug 13 2020
CME Group sees record precious metals volumes during Tuesday's gold, silver price drops Aug 13 2020
Is the gold price pullback over? TD Securities is not convinced Aug 13 2020
Gold price ticks up as U.S. weekly jobless claims drop below 1 million Aug 13 2020
'Last great buying opportunity': Gold price can dip below $1,700 this year before resuming its path towards $15K - Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates Aug 12 2020
Can gold price see quick return to record highs after worst daily sell-off since 2013? Aug 12 2020
'There are no signs of capitulation' in gold price, silver price just yet: TD Securities Aug 12 2020
Gold price above $1,940 as inflation beats expectations in July Aug 12 2020
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The overdue correction begins: How much can gold price, silver price fall? Aug 11 2020
Bloated positioning in gold could set off a deeper price pullback: TD Securities Aug 11 2020
Gold price continues to drop below $2,000 as U.S. PPI surprises on the upside Aug 11 2020
Gold price below $2K: Profit-taking triggers sell stops - RBC Wealth Management Aug 11 2020
Chinese national arrested with $28K in gold bars after illegally crossing Canada-U.S. border Aug 10 2020
Investors continue to pile into gold ETFs, boosting price in July - WGC Aug 10 2020
Gold price, silver price see nine weeks of consecutive gains: Commerzbank Aug 10 2020
Silver is 'our precious metal favorite' as gold's positioning is bloated: TD Securities Aug 10 2020
Barrick Gold reports 14% rise in dividend amid soaring gold prices, on track to achieve 2020 production guidance Aug 10 2020
The chase for new all-time highs is not over, gold price eyes this level next Aug 07 2020
Be careful what you wish for: Would a gold standard trigger gold confiscation? Aug 07 2020
Surging interest in gold keeps price rally alive but bearish sentiment creeps in — Kitco's gold survey Aug 07 2020
Gold Survey Aug 07 2020
Gold price, silver price ‘know no bounds’: Commerzbank Aug 06 2020
Look for $30 silver price by year-end: RBC Wealth Management Aug 06 2020
Gold price keeps making new all-time highs: TD Securities Aug 06 2020
Hecla announces 24% higher revenues, citing rising production and prices in Q2 Aug 06 2020
Gold price retreats from new record high of $2,076 as U.S. weekly jobless claims drop more than expected Aug 06 2020
'A star asset': Here's how $3,000 gold price could be on the table - RBC Aug 05 2020
Gold is up 34% since start of the year, expect volatility at these prices: RBC Wealth Management Aug 05 2020
'Excess retail speculation and momentum' are adding fuel to gold price rally: TD Securities Aug 05 2020
Gold price holds near new record highs as ADP report disappoints in July Aug 05 2020
Gold price has another $200 to go after soaring past $2,000 - analysts Aug 04 2020
Gold price at daily highs as U.S. factory orders beat expectation in June Aug 04 2020
Gold price dips are buying opportunities, weak jewelry demand not an obstacle: Commerzbank Aug 04 2020
Gold's surge beyond $2,000 'might prove difficult for now': TD Securities Aug 04 2020
Gold's historic rally is a sign that the U.S. dollar’s reign as reserve currency is in question, says portfolio manager Aug 03 2020
Gold investors are changing their trading pattern as gold price approaches $2,000 Aug 03 2020
Gold price recovers after a slight pullback as ISM Manufacturing Index surprises on the upside Aug 03 2020
Gold price hits new record highs, but $2,000 proves strong resistance Aug 02 2020
'Gold is climbing a wall of worries': As $2,000 gold price approaches, there might be buying opportunities, say analysts Jul 31 2020
Gold price near new record highs as U.S. PCE price index rises 0.2% in June Jul 31 2020
Gold price is looking at making new highs: Commerzbank Jul 30 2020
Gold price largely ignores worst U.S. GDP contraction on record Jul 30 2020
Pullbacks in gold price, silver price look to be short-lived: Commerzbank Jul 29 2020
Gold price ticks down as U.S. pending home sales surprise on the upside in June Jul 29 2020
Is this gold's market top? Jul 29 2020
IAMGOLD announces a restart of operations at Rosebel Gold Mine Jul 28 2020
'I don’t like the idea that people don't have exposure to gold', but choose your buying days wisely, says Jim Cramer Jul 28 2020
Gold price sees more gains as U.S. consumer confidence disappoints in July Jul 28 2020
Gold price above $2K can be sustained, but be cautious in near-term: TD Securities Jul 28 2020
Will Trump's Judy Shelton Fed nomination disrupt or fuel the gold price rally? Jul 27 2020
Gold could take on $2,000 an ounce price tag in a few days, says Commerzbank Jul 27 2020
Dollar debasement is now a key theme driving gold price higher: TD Securities Jul 27 2020
Gold price path to $2,000: 'There is no quick solution to U.S.-China tensions' — analysts Jul 24 2020
Spot gold price above $1,900 for first time since 2011 as U.S. new homes sales beat expectations in June Jul 24 2020
Gold is a 'safer bet than chasing overvalued stocks': FXTM Jul 23 2020
Silver ETFs on track to see record inflows this month: Commerzbank Jul 23 2020
Gold price holds above $1,870 as U.S. weekly jobless claims worse-than-expected Jul 23 2020
'$1,900 is certainly in sight': Overvalued equities are buoying gold price – StoneX Jul 22 2020
Silver price 'is firing on all cylinders', says Commerzbank Jul 22 2020
Gold price action could see sudden profit taking this week - RBC Wealth Management Jul 22 2020
Gold price holds above $1,850 as U.S. existing home sales see record recovery but fall short of expectations Jul 22 2020
Are gold and silver prices benefiting from margin trading out of China? Jul 22 2020
Silver's price arsenal now includes exposure to green stimulus — BMO Jul 21 2020
Gold prices gearing up to take all-time highs, silver could reach $30 — Citi Jul 21 2020
'Silver's the hot commodity': Safe-haven appeal doubles down on rising industrial demand — TD Securities Jul 21 2020
Silver holds its value well in debased currencies — LCG Jul 21 2020
Silver leads the precious metals sector higher — MKS Jul 21 2020
Gold and silver prices begin the week ‘on the front foot’ — TD Securities Jul 20 2020
More conflict gold concerns raised, LBMA responds Jul 17 2020
Sell-off or another rally? Here is what gold’s pause at $1,800 could mean for prices Jul 17 2020
Gold prices at daily highs as U.S. housing starts surprise on the upside in June Jul 17 2020
Gold to push above $3K in 3-5 years: Fiat currency is a key bubble — hedge fund Jul 16 2020
Gold's gains driven by 'macro themes and technicals', not risk sentiment — TD Securities Jul 16 2020
Gold in EUR holds just below record highs as ECB’s Lagarde says ‘ample monetary stimulus remains necessary’ Jul 16 2020
Gold prices see an uptick as U.S. retail sales surprise on the upside in June Jul 16 2020
Is it time to short copper? Metal hits 2-year high this week as analysts turn cautious Jul 15 2020
Gold's trading pattern is still 'heavily bullish' — FXTM Jul 15 2020
Gold is supported by weaker U.S. dollar, geopolitical tensions — Commerzbank Jul 15 2020
Gold takes a breather amid risk-on sentiment — TD Securities Jul 15 2020
Russia's revenue from gold exports beats that of gas for the first time Jul 14 2020
The days of bitcoin doubling in a week are over — fintech CEO Jul 14 2020
Gold's ability to return above $1,800 an ounce points to more gains — Commerzbank Jul 14 2020
Gold traders look for opportunities to buy below $1,800 an ounce — RBC Wealth Management Jul 14 2020
Long-term inflation expectations continue to support gold prices — TD Securities Jul 14 2020
Gold attempts to erase overnight losses as inflation beats expectations in June Jul 14 2020
Traders are looking at 'one of the most eventful weeks in a while' — BBH Jul 13 2020
Market wants gold price to climb even higher — Commerzbank Jul 13 2020
Silver to continue to outperform — TD Securities Jul 13 2020
Expect gold price volatility on 'overly bullish sentiment', price dips to be bought — RBC Wealth Management Jul 13 2020
'Record-highs in sight': Gold on path north of $1,800 next week — analysts Jul 10 2020
Gold price at daily highs following 0.2% decrease in U.S. PPI Jul 10 2020
Silver is exploding, is $20 an ounce next? Analysts weigh in Jul 09 2020
Volatility indicates gold is heading to $1,850 - RBC Wealth Management Jul 09 2020
Real rates to drive gold prices higher - TD Securities Jul 09 2020
Gold attempts to erase morning losses as U.S. weekly jobless claims beat expectations Jul 09 2020
Fighting COVID-19 with a mask made out of gold Jul 08 2020
'We still like gold at these levels': Prices can move another $500 by end of next year - Wells Fargo Jul 08 2020
Risk aversion is back and it is helping gold stay at its 9-year high - Commerzbank Jul 08 2020
Macro forces are driving gold prices higher - TD Securities Jul 08 2020
Gold at $1,800: 'There’s little to stop the gold-up trajectory' -- Bloomberg Intelligence Jul 07 2020
Short-term noise is reinforcing $1,800 as strong resistance level for gold -- TD Securities Jul 07 2020
Copper market to tighten further -- BMO Jul 07 2020
Gold is resisting positive market sentiment -- Commerzbank Jul 07 2020
December gold futures already above $1,800 as investors wait for August gold to get there -- RBC Wealth Management Jul 07 2020

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Copper production in Peru down 11.2% in May, ministry says Jul 06 2022
Gold Road reports record quarterly gold production of 85,676 ounces at Gruyere Jul 06 2022
Novo produces 12,610 oz of gold in Australia in Q2 2022, in line with revised guidance Jul 06 2022
Ten Sixty Four achieves annual gold production guidance at its Co-O mine in the Philippines Jul 06 2022
Canada Nickel more than doubles M&I resources at its Crawford nickel sulphide project in Ontario Jul 06 2022
Marathon grows resources and increases grade at its Valentine gold project in Newfoundland Jul 06 2022
Alphamin reports record quarterly tin production in DR Congo, declares dividend Jul 06 2022
i-80 Gold begins shipping of Granite Creek ore to Barrick's Twin Creeks processing facility Jul 05 2022
Soma increases gold production in Colombia by 73% in second quarter Jul 05 2022
Sandstorm Gold announces record sales and revenue in second quarter Jul 05 2022
Rio2 says EIA for its Fenix gold project in Chile is not approved Jul 05 2022
Gold Royalty receives initial royalty payments on Newmont’s producing Borden gold mine in Ontario Jul 05 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula set new quarterly copper production record of 87,314 tonnes in Q2 2022 Jul 05 2022
SilverCrest pours first silver and gold at its Las Chispas mine in Mexico Jul 05 2022
Brazilian Nickel launches the world’s first stand-alone nickel laterite heap leaching operation Jul 04 2022
The world's largest uranium producing countries in 2021 - report Jul 04 2022
Peru's metals mining industry contracts 10.7% in May – report Jul 01 2022
Chile's mining sector contracts in May as local copper production falls 1.4% Jul 01 2022
Canada’s mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction sector expands 3.3% in April - StatCan Jun 30 2022
Argosy Minerals says construction of the Rincon lithium project in Argentina is nearing completion Jun 30 2022
Osisko Development adds 1 Moz+ gold resources to its San Antonio project in Mexico Jun 30 2022
GSilver to acquire all of Great Panther’s Mexican mining assets for $14.7 million Jun 30 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater to achieve majority shareholding in lithium developer Keliber Jun 30 2022
Goldstone reports armed robbery at its gold mine in Ghana Jun 29 2022
Australian lithium producer Pilbara ups quarterly production ~54%, decides to increase capacity at Pilgangoora Jun 29 2022
Star Diamond shares plummet after Rio Tinto's decision to suspend Star–Orion South diamond project Jun 29 2022
Alamos expects Island Gold to be one of the lowest cost and most profitable mines for decades to come Jun 29 2022
Teck announces carbon capture utilization and storage pilot project at its Trail operations in British Columbia Jun 28 2022
Lithium developer Keliber receives environmental permit for its lithium chemical plant in Finland Jun 28 2022
Impala Platinum reaches ‘historic’ five-year wage settlement agreement Jun 28 2022
Western Copper and Gold reports feasibility study results for its Casino deposit, with NPV of C$2.3B Jun 28 2022
Kinross expects to declare initial gold resources for Great Bear as part of its 2022 year-end results Jun 28 2022
Steppe Gold expects to produce 10.4Koz of gold in Mongolia in second quarter, eyes further production growth Jun 27 2022
Sibanye-backed lithium developer Keliber receives building permit for its lithium concentrator plant in Finland Jun 27 2022
SSR Mining comments on local Turkish media reports about potential temporary suspension of the Çöpler gold mine Jun 27 2022
Top 10 largest copper mining companies in Q1 2022 - report Jun 24 2022
Jervois ups construction budget for its Idaho cobalt project, says on track for commissioning in Q3 2022 Jun 24 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater says its platinum group metals operations in Montana 'largely unaffected' by regional flooding Jun 24 2022
Automaker Stellantis to become substantial shareholder in lithium developer Vulcan Energy Jun 23 2022
Argonaut Gold reaffirms Magino's estimated cost to completion, announces $250 million funding package Jun 23 2022
Sibanye-backed lithium developer Keliber reports maiden mineral resources at its Tuoreetsaaret deposit in Finland Jun 23 2022
St Barbara launches strategic review of its Simberi gold operations in PNG Jun 22 2022
Sigma Lithium increases resources by 50% at its Grota do Cirilo lithium project in Brazil Jun 22 2022
Anglo American sees strong rough diamond demand in fifth sales cycle of 2022 Jun 22 2022
Perpetua reaches first permitting milestone at its Stibnite gold project in Idaho Jun 22 2022
Calibre Mining plans to boost gold production by 2024 Jun 22 2022
Hudbay ceases production at its 777 copper-zinc-gold mine in Manitoba due to depletion of reserves Jun 22 2022
NexGen Energy submits environmental impact statement on Rook I uranium project in Saskatchewan Jun 21 2022
Future Metals turns Panton into Australia's second largest PGM deposit, according to updated resource estimate Jun 21 2022
Trevali recovers bodies of remaining workers missing after flooding event at Perkoa mine Jun 21 2022
Minera Alamos executes surface rights agreements for advancement of Cerro De Oro gold project in Mexico Jun 21 2022
Global gold supply to fall after 2022 - report Jun 20 2022
Global Atomic receives letters of intent from banking syndicate to finance Dasa uranium project in Niger Jun 20 2022
Alamos Gold completes construction, starts initial production at its La Yaqui Grande gold mine in Mexico Jun 20 2022
Top 10 largest gold mining companies in Q1 2022 - report Jun 17 2022
Spearmint more than doubles resources at its McGee lithium clay deposit in Nevada Jun 17 2022
Vital Metals begins commissioning at its Saskatoon rare earth extraction plant Jun 17 2022
BHP to retain NSW Energy Coal, says trade sale process did not result in a viable offer Jun 16 2022
Uranium developer Global Atomic secures acceptance of strategic uranium sale offer Jun 16 2022
GCM Mining increases gold production in May, declares monthly dividend Jun 16 2022
Calibre receives enviro permit for its high-grade Pavon Central open-pit gold mine in Nicaragua Jun 16 2022
Antofagasta says repairs to the concentrate pipeline at Los Pelambres copper mine in Chile have begun Jun 15 2022
Rio Tinto delivers first ore at Gudai-Darri iron ore mine in the Pilbara Jun 15 2022
Kinross completes sale of its gold assets in Russia for $340 million Jun 15 2022
Harmony Gold obtains regulatory approvals to expand its Kareerand tailings storage project in South Africa Jun 14 2022
Senior copper miner Antofagasta reports maiden resources at its Encierro deposit in Chile Jun 14 2022
Benchmark ups gold equivalent resources 44% at its Lawyers project in British Columbia Jun 14 2022
Albemarle inaugurates new plant in Chile designed to double lithium production Jun 14 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater says flood event in Montana affects its Stillwater platinum group metals mine Jun 14 2022
Marathon Gold receives mining leases for the Valentine Gold Project in Newfoundland Jun 14 2022
Pasofino reports 'strong' feasibility study results for Dugbe gold project in Liberia Jun 13 2022
Critical Elements says feasibility study on the Rose lithium-tantalum project delivers after-tax NPV of $1.9 billion Jun 13 2022
Marathon Gold secures $81 million of equipment financing for its project in Newfoundland Jun 13 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater signs wage agreement, plans to resume production at its gold operations in South Africa Jun 13 2022
Alamos Gold announces initial 30% reduction target in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 Jun 13 2022
Gold production in Peru down 1.6% in January-April 2022, ministry reports Jun 10 2022
Commodity trader Trafigura ups half-year net profit 27% to $2.7 billion despite 'challenging' market conditions Jun 10 2022
Solaris announces investment protection agreement, tax incentives for its Warintza copper project in Ecuador Jun 10 2022
Silver Bullet starts commissioning of its mill in Arizona Jun 10 2022
Nutrien to increase its potash production capability in response to the uncertainty of supply from Eastern Europe Jun 09 2022
Rio Tinto makes a strategic investment in Nano One, a Canadian clean technology innovator in battery materials Jun 09 2022
South Africa's mining sector contracts 14.9% in April as gold and platinum group metals production down - report Jun 09 2022
Brazil's Vale advances Canadian nickel sulphate project, eyes annual capacity of 25,000 tonnes Jun 09 2022
Peru's zinc production down 23.6% in April, ministry reports Jun 08 2022
Hudbay says preliminary economic assessment delivers ‘robust’ project economics for the Copper World Complex in Arizona Jun 08 2022
Montage Gold to acquire Mankono JV project in Côte d’Ivoire from Barrick and Endeavour for C$30 million Jun 08 2022
Roscan reports initial pit-constrained interim 1.2Moz gold resources at its Kandiolé project in Mali Jun 08 2022
French mining giant Eramet pours first concrete at lithium plant in Argentina Jun 08 2022
Silver production in Peru down 4.4% in April - report Jun 07 2022
Hastings announces first construction blast at its Yangibana rare earths project in Australia Jun 07 2022
Augusta Gold announces mineral resource estimate for the Reward gold project in Nevada Jun 07 2022
Antofagasta reports leak in the underground pipeline at the Los Pelambres copper mine in Chile Jun 07 2022
Soma Gold sets new monthly gold production record in Colombia Jun 07 2022
Copper production in Peru down 1.7% in April, ministry says Jun 06 2022
Allkem reports continued strong lithium pricing, expects its annual production to fall marginally short of guidance Jun 06 2022
Lavras Gold announces mineral resource estimate for Cerrito prospect in Brazil Jun 06 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula achieved record monthly copper production, expects it to reach upper end of 2022 guidance Jun 06 2022
Indonesian mining giant ANTAM aims to increase nickel ore production by 10% in 2022 Jun 03 2022
Top 10 largest gold mining companies in 2021 ranked by reserves - report Jun 03 2022
Alphamin reports 46% increase in inferred resources at the Mpama South tin project in DR Congo Jun 03 2022
Automaker Stellantis signs lithium offtake with California-focused producer Controlled Thermal Resources Jun 02 2022
Silver X boosts inferred resources 104% at its Recuperada silver-polymetallic project in Peru Jun 02 2022
Newmont completes acquisition of properties from Skeena Resources to support land use planning in Tahltan Territory Jun 02 2022
Asante launches processing plant at its Bibiani gold mine in Ghana Jun 02 2022
Peru's metals mining industry contracts 4.7% in April - report Jun 01 2022
Osisko Development drills 164.92 g/t gold over 10.50 meters at Cariboo Jun 01 2022
Altaley posts loss in first quarter, says operational issues impacted its Campo Morado mine Jun 01 2022
Li-Cycle, Glencore enter into long-term commercial agreements on battery feedstock and battery-grade end products Jun 01 2022
Nuinsco reports initial mineral resources on its Prairie Lake critical minerals project in Ontario Jun 01 2022
Robex increases operating income 53% in first quarter as its gold production in Mali up 14% May 31 2022
Equinox Gold receives regulatory approval for tailings dam lift at its RDM mine in Brazil May 31 2022
Santacruz Silver says its net income up in first quarter as silver equivalent production jumps 97% May 31 2022
Canada's mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction expands in March, all subsectors up - StatCan May 31 2022
Chile's mining sector contracts in April as local copper production falls 10% May 31 2022
Predictive Discovery raises A$55 million for its Bankan gold project in Guinea May 30 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater receives notice from Appian to commence legal proceedings on terminated $1 billion deal May 30 2022
Battery materials developer Talga boosts its graphite resources in Sweden by 54% May 27 2022
Elevation Gold posts $1.7 million loss in first quarter as its gold production in Arizona down 29% May 27 2022
Cerrado books net income of $3.4 million in first quarter as its gold equivalent production in Argentina up 74% May 27 2022
Silvercorp posts lower net income in fiscal 2022, says its silver and other metals production in China down, costs up May 27 2022
Barrick announces major social, skills and infrastructure investment in Tanzania May 27 2022
Sigma Lithium says integrated phase 1 and 2 of Grota do Cirilo project delivers after-tax NPV of $5.1 billion May 26 2022
Equinox Gold and Sandstorm Gold launch Sandbox Royalties, a diversified metals royalty company May 26 2022
Aurelius announces maiden mineral resources at its Aureus East gold project in Nova Scotia May 26 2022
SilverCrest completes construction, starts commissioning activities at its Las Chispas gold and silver project in Mexico May 26 2022
B2Gold to acquire Oklo Resources and its Dandoko gold project near Fekola mine for A$91 million May 26 2022
Osisko Development reports PEA results for its Cariboo gold project with NPV of $764 million May 25 2022
Superior Gold reports lower production in Australia in Q1 due to the planned mill shutdown, maintains 2022 guidance May 25 2022
Belo Sun receives interim suspension order related to construction and environmental licenses for Volta Grande project May 25 2022
Hudbay receives favourable U.S. District Court ruling on Copper World project in Arizona May 25 2022
Karora Resources to acquire Lakewood gold mill in Australia for A$80 million May 25 2022
First Majestic to sell its La Guitarra silver mine to Sierra Madre Gold & Silver for $35 million May 25 2022
Nornickel expects mild deficit of palladium, surplus of platinum and nickel in 2022 - report May 24 2022
Nexa resumes production at its Atacocha zinc mine in Peru May 24 2022
Artemis awards mining fleet supply contract to Finning for Blackwater gold project, eyes fleet decarbonization May 24 2022
South African platinum producer Tharisa expects up to 54% increase in 6M basic earnings May 20 2022
Atico receives enviro approval for its La Plata gold and copper project in Ecuador May 20 2022
Chilean lithium giant SQM boosts net income 1,071% in first quarter, increases capacity May 20 2022
Global cobalt demand set to grow rapidly as EV transition gains pace - report May 19 2022
Peru's zinc production down 9.8% in March, ministry says May 19 2022
Agnico Eagle ups its stake in gold explorer Cartier Resources May 19 2022
Uranium developer Bannerman to acquire strategic stake in Namibia Critical Metals May 19 2022
Fortescue founder to oversee its iron ore business to help drive the company's transition May 18 2022
Lucapa says 204 carat diamond recovered at Mothae mine in Lesotho May 18 2022
Atico posts higher quarterly net income as its gold and copper production in Colombia up in Q1 May 18 2022
Anglo American sees 'good' rough diamond demand in fourth sales cycle of 2022 May 18 2022
Gold production in Peru down 9.4% in March, ministry says May 17 2022
Riverside inks earn-in agreement with Hochschild for La Union gold-silver project valued at over $31M May 17 2022
Banyan reports 4Moz gold mineral resource estimate for Aurmac property in Yukon May 17 2022
TDG Gold reports initial mineral resources at former Shasta gold and silver mine in British Columbia May 17 2022
China Gold International posts 26% quarterly net profit growth as its gold production up in Q1 May 17 2022
Silver production in Peru down 9.8% in March 2022, ministry says May 16 2022
Trevali posts quarterly net income increase on higher zinc prices, production down in Q1 May 16 2022
Revival Gold reports 56% indicated resource increase at Beartrack-Arnett May 16 2022
K92 Mining reports 49% gold equivalent production increase in Q1, boasts record cash position May 16 2022
Equinox Gold temporarily suspends operations at RDM mine in Brazil due to tailings storage facility permits delay May 16 2022
Altaley initiates mining and milling operations at its new Tahuehueto gold mine in Mexico May 16 2022
South Africa's mining sector contracts 9.3% in March - report May 13 2022
Capstone reports higher copper production in first quarter, posts net income of $35 million May 13 2022
Kazakh miner KAZ Minerals boosts copper production in first quarter, sales up as China logistics constraints ease May 13 2022
Great Panther posts net loss in first quarter as gold equivalent production down 41% y-o-y May 13 2022
Polish copper miner KGHM books highest quarterly EBIDTA in its history as copper production up in Q1 May 13 2022
Karora Resources posts net loss in first quarter while gold production up 11% May 13 2022
Fortuna Silver reports net income of $27 million in first quarter May 12 2022
Pan American Silver reports net income of $76.8 million in Q1, maintains its 2022 guidance May 12 2022
Argonaut Gold reports lower production and net income in first quarter, flags cost pressures at Magino May 12 2022
Harmony Gold reports lower production in 9M FY22, all-in sustaining costs jump 20% May 12 2022
First Majestic increases quarterly net earnings as silver equivalent production up 59% in Q1 May 12 2022
Orvana says its quarterly net loss widens as production in Spain dropped due to 'exceptional' events May 11 2022
Americas Gold and Silver cuts losses on higher production and negative costs in first quarter May 11 2022
Rio Tinto starts production of critical mineral tellurium at Kennecott May 11 2022
McEwen posts net loss of $19.3 million in first quarter as gold equivalent production down 18% May 11 2022
Kinross reports higher quarterly net income while gold production down in Q1 May 11 2022
Ero Copper says it generated net income of $52 million in first quarter May 10 2022
Gatos posts record silver production in first quarter, announces restart of normal mining operations in Mexico May 10 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula set new copper production record in Q1 and generated record EBITDA of $400M May 10 2022
Aura Minerals ups income in first quarter, says gold production was in line with expectations May 10 2022
Hecla reports lower quarterly income as it feels inflationary pressures; says on track to grow silver output May 10 2022
Hudbay posts net earnings of $63.8 million in first quarter as gold and copper production up May 10 2022
Copper production in Peru down 0.5% in March 2022, ministry says May 09 2022
Geodrill reports record revenue and net income in first quarter on strong demand for drilling May 09 2022
AngloGold Ashanti posts $268 million in quarterly free cash flow as its gold production remains flat in Q1 May 09 2022
Ivanhoe completes production shaft 1 at Platreef, expects first metal production in Q3 2024 May 09 2022
Harmony Gold reports fatalities at Kusasalethu May 09 2022
MP Materials says its Q1 net income up 431% on strong rare earth prices and higher production May 06 2022
Lucara boosts net income in first quarter on strong diamond market fundamentals May 06 2022
Amerigo ups net income in first quarter on higher copper production and metal prices May 06 2022
Franco-Nevada ups quarterly net income on higher oil and gas prices as precious metals revenue down May 06 2022
Wheaton reports lower quarterly net earnings as gold equivalent ounces sold down in Q1 May 06 2022
Dundee Precious Metals reports net earnings increase in first quarter May 05 2022
Taseko reports copper and molybdenum production decline in Q1, books $52M cash flow from operations May 05 2022
Coeur reports higher silver and lower gold production in first quarter, reaffirms full year guidance May 05 2022
Sibanye Stillwater sees lower gold and platinum group metals production in Q1, posts adjusted EBITDA of $898M May 05 2022
Gold Fields reports gold production increase in Q1, says pandemic-related absenteeism impacted Salares Norte May 05 2022
Endeavour Mining increases gold production in ‘strong’ first quarter, on track to meet full year guidance May 05 2022
Centerra Gold reports net earnings of $89.4 million in Q1 2022 May 04 2022
Calibre Mining reports record quarterly gold production in Q1 2022 May 04 2022
Equinox Gold reports net loss in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance May 04 2022
IAMGOLD delivers 'good' results in Q1 2022, flags challenges at Côté gold project May 04 2022
Barrick books $393M free cash flow in 'softer' first quarter, announces enhanced dividend May 04 2022
Lundin Gold boasts 'exceptional' first quarter performance, generates $92 million in free cash flow May 04 2022
B2Gold posts net income of $91 million in Q1, says total gold production above budget May 04 2022
Southern Copper reports 10% copper production decline in Q1, says net income up on higher metal prices May 03 2022
Mosaic posts 653% net income growth in Q1 on higher commodity prices May 03 2022
Anglo American says enviro permit application for Los Bronces expansion rejected May 03 2022
Chinese mining giant Zijin to acquire lithium mine in Tibet for $741 million May 03 2022
SSR Mining reports lower gold equivalent production and net income in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance May 03 2022
New Gold books adjusted net earnings of $10 million in Q1 as gold equivalent production down 9% May 02 2022
Chile's mining sector contracts in March as local copper production falls 5% May 02 2022
Peru's mining and hydrocarbons sector contracts 1.21% in March May 02 2022
Canada's mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction expands in February, all subsectors up - StatCan May 02 2022
Sandstorm Gold to acquire Nomad Royalty and BaseCore portfolio for $1.1 billion May 02 2022
Impala Platinum reports production decline in March quarter, says operating landscape remains challenging Apr 29 2022
Chaarat reports gold equivalent production decline in Armenia in Q1, flags inflationary pressures Apr 29 2022
Eldorado Gold posts $317M net loss in Q1 due to impairment of Certej project; gold production down 17% Apr 29 2022
OceanaGold boosts quarterly net profit 391% as gold production jumps 61% in Q1 Apr 29 2022
Agnico Eagle ups gold production 28% in Q1, says net income down due to merger costs Apr 29 2022
Lundin Mining boosts net earnings 145% in Q1 on higher metal prices Apr 28 2022
Sibanye-backed Keliber obtains building permit for its lithium chemical plant in Finland Apr 28 2022
Newcrest produces 480koz of gold in March quarter, increases 2022 guidance Apr 28 2022
Glencore reports lower copper and zinc output in Q1, increases nickel and coal production Apr 28 2022
Gatos Silver suspends mine operations in Mexico following a blasting incident Apr 28 2022
Yamana reports higher quarterly net income as gold production up in Q1 2022 Apr 28 2022
Alamos posts net loss in Q1 as gold production down 21%, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 28 2022
Fosterville South jumps on gold drill results in Australia Apr 27 2022
Anglo Pacific posts record $43.6M portfolio contribution in Q1 on strong cobalt and coking coal prices Apr 27 2022
Panoramic ramps up nickel, copper and cobalt production at Savannah as state border restrictions relaxed Apr 27 2022
Mako Mining produces 9,280 gold ounces in Nicaragua in Q1 2022, expects improvements in recoveries Apr 27 2022
Teck reports 'record-setting' financial performance in Q1 driven by high commodity prices Apr 27 2022
Fresnillo ups silver production in Q1 while gold output down 34%, says 2022 guidance unchanged Apr 27 2022
First Quantum posts record gross profit despite copper production decline in Q1; lowers 2022 copper guidance Apr 26 2022
Perseus announces record quarterly gold production in Africa Apr 26 2022
South32 says achieved 'excellent' operating results in March quarter, reports first copper production Apr 26 2022
Shanta says its Q1 gold production in Tanzania was in line with guidance Apr 26 2022
Atico reports ‘above budget' copper and gold production in Colombia in Q1 Apr 26 2022
Hochschild reports lower silver equivalent production in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 26 2022
South Africa's Royal Bafokeng reports platinum group metals production increase in Q1 2022 Apr 25 2022
Polymetal reports gold equivalent production decline in Q1, delays and suspends new projects due to sanctions Apr 25 2022
Russian mining giant Nornickel reports higher nickel production in Q1, says palladium and platinum output down Apr 25 2022
Kinross to sell its Chirano gold mine in Ghana to Asante for $225 million Apr 25 2022
The world's top 10 largest gold mines in 2021 - report Apr 22 2022
Newmont reports lower gold production and net income in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 22 2022
MP Materials begins construction on Texas rare earth magnetics factory, aiming to restore full U.S. supply chain Apr 21 2022
Trevali suspends 2022 production guidance due to flooding at its Perkoa zinc mine in Burkina Faso Apr 21 2022
Anglo American reports lower production of copper, nickel, PGM, iron ore, coal and manganese ore in Q1 2022 Apr 21 2022
BHP says copper production down in March quarter due to challenges in Chile, lowers guidance Apr 21 2022
Antofagasta says drought impacted its copper production in Chile in Q1, hopes to launch desalination plant in H2 2022 Apr 21 2022
Freeport-McMoRan more than doubles quarterly net income as gold and copper production up in Q1 2022 Apr 21 2022
Brazil’s Vale reports iron ore, copper and nickel production decline in Q1 Apr 20 2022
SolGold unveils robust pre-feasibility study results for the Cascabel copper and gold project in Ecuador Apr 20 2022
Rio Tinto reports lower iron ore production in Q1 while copper output up 4% Apr 20 2022
Karora increases gold production in Australia in Q1 despite 'challenging' conditions Apr 20 2022
Centamin reports 'scheduled' gold production decrease in Egypt in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 20 2022
Turquoise Hill reports copper and gold production decline at Oyu Tolgoi in Q1 due to lower head grades Apr 19 2022
Altius Minerals expects record quarterly royalty revenue in Q1 2022 Apr 19 2022
Aura to acquire owner of Borborema gold project in Brazil for A$92 million Apr 19 2022
Sierra Metals reports 38% copper equivalent production decrease in Q1, expects improvement on a quarterly basis Apr 19 2022
Americas Gold and Silver reports production increase in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 19 2022
South Africa's mining sector contracts 6% in February - report Apr 18 2022
Fortitude produces 9,875 gold ounces in Nevada in Q1, maintains its 2022 outlook Apr 18 2022
GCM Mining reports gold production increase in Colombia in Q1, says on track to meet 2022 guidance Apr 18 2022
Trevali reports flooding at its Perkoa zinc mine in Burkina Faso, operations suspended Apr 18 2022
First Majestic reports 59% silver equivalent production increase in Q1 2022 Apr 18 2022
Mountain Province says Q1 2022 diamond production impacted by lower than planned grades Apr 15 2022
Orvana reports lower quarterly gold equivalent production due to strike in Spain Apr 15 2022
B2Gold says its Q1 2022 total gold production was 5% above budget, on track to meet annual guidance Apr 14 2022
Great Panther reports 41% gold equivalent production decline in Q1, says on track to meet annual guidance Apr 14 2022
Wesdome reports gold production up 14% in Q1, expects commercial production at Kiena by mid-year Apr 14 2022
Eldorado Gold says Q1 production impacted by 'higher-than-anticipated' absenteeism related to COVID-19 Apr 14 2022
Barrick reports lower Q1 gold production, says on track to achieve 2022 targets Apr 14 2022
The world's top 10 largest silver mines in 2021 - report Apr 13 2022
Osino reports fourfold growth in indicated resources at its Twin Hills gold project in Namibia Apr 13 2022
Northern Star to sell its Paulsens gold mine and Western Tanami project for $44.5 million Apr 13 2022
Atalaya Mining says its copper production down 20% in Q1 due to operational disruptions Apr 13 2022
Russia's Polymetal postpones 2021 final dividend as sanctions-related challenges mount Apr 13 2022
Novo to sell stake in New Found Gold to Eric Sprott–controlled company for C$125.9 million Apr 12 2022
Caledonia Mining reports record Q1 gold production in Zimbabwe Apr 12 2022
Aura Minerals reports lower Q1 2022 gold equivalent production, on track to achieve guidance Apr 12 2022
Hecla reports Q1 2022 silver production down year-over-year, says on track to grow output Apr 12 2022
New Gold reports gold production growth in Q1 2022 while copper output down 41% Apr 12 2022
Newmont to acquire remaining stake in Yanacocha gold mine Apr 12 2022
Lundin Gold reports record quarterly production at Fruta del Norte Apr 12 2022
Glencore inks cobalt supply agreement with General Motors Apr 12 2022
Thor Explorations says its Segilola gold mine produced 21,343 ounces in Q1, in line with forecast Apr 11 2022
Endeavour Silver reports its Q1 silver production increased 25% year-over-year Apr 11 2022
Ivanhoe reports record copper production at Kamoa-Kakula in Q1 2022 Apr 11 2022
Fortuna Silver ups gold production 93% in Q1, silver output down 13% Apr 11 2022
Dundee says its Q1 gold production ‘above expectation’, on track to meet annual guidance Apr 11 2022
Peru's zinc production down 12.8% in February 2022 - report Apr 08 2022
Gatos Silver reports record quarterly production as silver output jumps 58% in Q1 2022 Apr 08 2022
U.S. sanctions top diamond miner, Russia's Alrosa Apr 08 2022
Silver production in Peru down 9.6% in February 2022, ministry says Apr 07 2022
Pure Gold denies allegations of failures to disclose certain information relating to its mine Apr 07 2022
Novo Resources ramps up gold production in Australia Apr 07 2022
Central Asia Metals reports copper production increase in Kazakhstan in Q1 2022 Apr 07 2022
Victoria Gold says periods of 'exceptionally' cold weather impacted its Q1 2022 operations Apr 07 2022
Copper production in Peru up 0.4% in February 2022 - report Apr 06 2022
GoGold produces 455,991 silver equivalent ounces in Q1 2022, 17% lower than a year ago Apr 06 2022
Steppe Gold pours first gold, ramps up production in Mongolia Apr 06 2022
Asante says in exclusive talks with Kinross to purchase Chirano gold mine in Ghana Apr 06 2022
Orla produces 23,031 ounces of gold in Q1, says on track to meet annual guidance Apr 06 2022
Calibre Mining reports record Q1 2022 gold production of 51,900 ounces Apr 06 2022
The world's top 10 largest copper producers in 2021 - report Apr 05 2022
Kinross sells its Russian assets to Highland Gold for $680 million Apr 05 2022
Nevada Copper reports record monthly production at Pumpkin Hollow as ramp-up continues Apr 04 2022
Top diamond miner ALROSA suspended from the Responsible Jewellery Council Apr 04 2022
Nexa says operations at its Vazante zinc mine in Brazil resumed at full capacity Apr 04 2022
Orvana restarts its Orovalle gold-copper operations in Spain as strike suspended Apr 04 2022
Endeavour to launch expansion of its Sabodala-Massawa gold mine in Senegal Apr 04 2022
Centerra Gold reaches agreement with Kyrgyzstan aimed at 'clean separation' of the parties Apr 04 2022
Peru's mining sector contracts by 2% in February - report Apr 01 2022
OceanaGold reports gold reserves and resources decrease in 2021 Apr 01 2022
Agnico Eagle invests C$14 million in Green Star Royalties Apr 01 2022
Chile's mining sector contracts in February as local copper production falls 6% Apr 01 2022
Orla Mining declares commercial production at its Camino Rojo gold mine in Mexico Apr 01 2022
Canada's mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction declines in January - StatCan Mar 31 2022
AngloGold Ashanti reports maiden 3.4Moz of gold and 14.2Moz of silver at its Silicon project in Nevada Mar 31 2022
Buenaventura receives all required permits to build its San Gabriel gold mine in Peru Mar 31 2022
Paladin Energy raises A$215M to restart uranium mine in Namibia, announces supply deal Mar 31 2022
Two Australian uranium developers agree to $658M merger to create new global uranium player Mar 31 2022
Newmont to acquire properties from Skeena Resources to support land use planning in Tahltan Territory Mar 31 2022
Equinox Gold pours first gold at its Santa Luz mine in Brazil Mar 30 2022
SouthGobi says its annual financial results impacted by border restrictions imposed by China Mar 30 2022
Aya Gold & Silver reports record silver production, revenue and operating cash flow in 2021 Mar 30 2022
Lundin Mining reports fatality at Neves-Corvo mine in Portugal, operations temporarily suspended Mar 30 2022
Galiano Gold posts net loss in 2021, says production at Asanko was below guidance Mar 30 2022
Kinross Gold seeks to divest its Russian assets, says in exclusive negotiations with potential buyer Mar 29 2022
The world's largest silver producing companies in 2021 - report Mar 29 2022
Hudbay says reserves and resources increase ensures its long-term production growth profile Mar 29 2022
Mountain Province Diamonds reports 'excellent' sales results, record free cash flow in 2021 Mar 29 2022
Zijin Mining starts construction of Tres Quebradas lithium brine project in Argentina Mar 29 2022
Rio Tinto completes $825M acquisition of Rincon lithium project in Argentina Mar 28 2022
Pure Gold expects production and grade improvement at its gold mine in Ontario in 2022 Mar 28 2022
Perseus extends mine life for its Sissingué gold mine in Côte d’Ivoire Mar 28 2022
St Barbara says COVID-19 outbreak at Simberi under control, lowers gold production target Mar 28 2022
Russia’s Norilsk Nickel sold its subsidiary airline Nordstar to focus on its core business Mar 25 2022
MMG commits to Kinsevere expansion, adds 'significant' cobalt output to its portfolio Mar 25 2022
HK-listed miner MMG delivers record net profit in 2021 on higher commodity prices Mar 25 2022
Major Russian gold miner affected by UK sanctions against Russia's Gazprombank Mar 25 2022
Victoria Gold reports record gold production, revenue and net income in 2021 Mar 25 2022
Orvana suspends Orovalle gold-copper operations in Spain due to strike Mar 25 2022
Vale to supply Northvolt with low-carbon nickel products for batteries Mar 22 2022
Electra commences foundation work at North America’s only battery grade cobalt refinery Mar 22 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula's Phase 2 copper concentrator plant begins hot commissioning Mar 22 2022
Sabina Gold & Silver to raise C$110 million for construction of the Goose gold mine in Nunavut Mar 22 2022
Avino completes acquisition of La Preciosa silver project from Coeur Mar 22 2022
Nexa resumes production at its Atacocha zinc mine in Peru Mar 22 2022
Lowest cost gold mining companies in 2021 - report Mar 21 2022
Santacruz Silver completes acquisition of Glencore’s producing silver-zinc assets in Bolivia Mar 21 2022
Chinese mining giant Zijin reports 141% net profit jump in 2021 on higher production and metal prices Mar 21 2022
Jaguar Mining says its gold production, net income down in 2021 due to COVID-19 impact Mar 21 2022
Barrick Gold reaches agreement with Pakistan to restart gigantic Reko Diq copper-gold project Mar 21 2022
Barrick says it set to deliver substantial future free cash flows Mar 18 2022
Anglo American announces commissioning of the Benguela Gem marine diamond recovery vessel Mar 18 2022
Nexa suspends Atacocha zinc mine in Peru due to community protests Mar 18 2022
Anglo American partners with EDF to secure 100% renewable energy supply for South Africa operations Mar 18 2022
Centerra suspends gold doré bar production at Öksüt due to mercury buildup Mar 18 2022
Barrick Gold hunts for high-quality assets around the world, CEO says Mar 18 2022
Fortuna Silver increases gold reserves 81% in 2021, silver reserves down 10% Mar 17 2022
Marathon says its Valentine gold project gets provincial approval Mar 17 2022
Caledonia Mining reports record annual gold production in Zimbabwe, doubles dividend in 2021 Mar 17 2022
Endeavour Mining reports record 2021 results, net income up 130% Mar 17 2022
Russian mining giant Nornickel loses three independent non-executive directors Mar 17 2022
Metals Acquisition to acquire CSA mine from Glencore for more than $1 billion Mar 17 2022
Osisko enters into binding agreement to acquire silver stream on CSA copper-silver mine for $90M Mar 17 2022
Centamin posts lower annual profit as its gold production in Egypt down 8% in 2021 Mar 16 2022
China Moly reports record net profit in 2021 on strong battery and rare metals demand Mar 16 2022
Ganfeng Lithium reports 405% increase in annual net profit on strong demand and production Mar 16 2022
Osisko Mining drills 431 g/t gold over 4.7 metres at Windfall Mar 16 2022
Teck's Highland Valley copper mine achieves Canada's first Copper Mark verification Mar 16 2022
The world's largest zinc producing countries in 2021 - report Mar 15 2022
Granite Creek reports major increase in resources at Carmacks copper-gold-silver project in Yukon Mar 15 2022
GCM Mining increases gold production in Colombia in February, announces monthly dividend Mar 15 2022
Silver Bullet to commence mining at its Washington silver mine in Idaho Mar 15 2022
Alpha Lithium provisionally suspends closing of the transaction with Uranium One Mar 15 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater says two South African unions accept its wage offer Mar 14 2022
Silver production in Peru down 0.2% in January 2022, ministry says Mar 14 2022
Karora delivers record annual revenue on strong gold production, net income down on impairment reversal Mar 14 2022
Rio Tinto makes offer to acquire 49% of Turquoise Hill, eyes to double its interest in Oyu Tolgoi Mar 14 2022
South Africa's mineral sales down 8.2% in January - report Mar 11 2022
MAG Silver to acquire Gatling Exploration in all-share acquisition Mar 11 2022
Wesdome Gold reports 159% increase in net income as gold production up 37% in 2021 Mar 11 2022
Tanzanian Gold receives mining license renewal extension for Buckreef project Mar 11 2022
Endeavour sells its Karma gold mine in Burkina Faso, revises guidance Mar 11 2022
Wheaton Precious Metals posts record revenue and operating cash flow in 2021; net earnings up 49% Mar 11 2022
Endeavour Silver reports highest annual revenue in 5 years on strong production Mar 10 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater announces lockout in response to strike notice from South African unions Mar 10 2022
Altius Minerals reports net income of $38M in 2021 compared to net loss of $26M in 2020 Mar 10 2022
Franco-Nevada reports its ‘best results ever’ as net income up 125% in 2021 Mar 10 2022
First Majestic Silver posts record revenues in 2021, raises quarterly dividend Mar 10 2022
The world's top 10 largest gold mining companies in 2021 - report Mar 09 2022
Canada Nickel upsizes its bought deal public offering to C$45M from C$25M Mar 09 2022
i-80 Gold completes first gold sale in company history Mar 09 2022
Anglo American sees 'robust' rough diamond demand in second sales cycle of 2022 Mar 09 2022
Gold Reserve considers legal action as Venezuela revokes mineral rights of Siembra Minera Mar 09 2022
Senior gold miner Newcrest completes acquisition of Canada's Pretium Resources Mar 09 2022
Kinross pours first gold bar at its La Coipa project in Chile Mar 09 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater receives strike notice from two South African unions Mar 08 2022
Thor Explorations says its Segilola gold mine in Nigeria performs above design capacity Mar 08 2022
Nighthawk boosts in-pit gold resources 174% at Indin Lake Mar 08 2022
Ivanhoe Mines reports $48 million profit in Q4 2021 on strong results from Kamoa-Kakula copper JV Mar 08 2022
Gold production in Peru up 4.5% in January 2022, ministry says Mar 08 2022
Gold production in Australia down in 2021 as pandemic bites - Surbiton Associates Mar 07 2022
Alphamin says it achieved record tin production and EBITDA in Q4 2021 Mar 07 2022
Copper production in Peru up 12.7% in January 2022 - report Mar 07 2022
GM, POSCO to build a $400 million battery materials facility in Canada Mar 07 2022
Manitou Gold to sell its Dryden properties in Ontario to Dryden Gold Mar 07 2022
i-80 Gold commences underground development program at McCoy-Cove Mar 07 2022
Three Valley Copper commences Papomono block caving operations, negotiates financing Mar 07 2022
Argonaut protects gold price for the remainder of the Magino construction phase Mar 04 2022
Marimaca to sell its non-core copper processing plant in Chile for up to $17 million Mar 04 2022
BASF secures site in Canada for its North American battery materials and recycling expansion Mar 04 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater reports record financial results for 2021 Mar 03 2022
KEFI resumes development of Tulu Kapi gold project as security situation remains stable Mar 03 2022
Recovery in western jewelry demand remains strong - Metals Focus Mar 02 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater reports reduction in platinum group metals, gold reserves and resources in 2021 Mar 02 2022
Argonaut Gold reports record production in 2021, net income jumps 87% Mar 02 2022
Core Lithium, Tesla ink binding lithium supply term sheet Mar 01 2022
Peru's mining and hydrocarbons sector expands 4.5% in January - report Mar 01 2022
Steppe Gold resumes full production in Mongolia after solving reagent supply problems Mar 01 2022
Canada's mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction declines in December 2021 – StatCan Mar 01 2022
Ivanhoe announces ‘exceptional’ feasibility study results for Platreef Feb 28 2022
Vizsla reports maiden 139Moz silver equivalent resource estimate for Panuco, expects further growth Feb 28 2022
Asante commences mining at Bibiani gold mine in Ghana Feb 28 2022
Trigon ships first copper concentrate from its Kombat mine in Namibia Feb 28 2022
Alamos to sell its Esperanza gold project in Mexico for up to $60 million Feb 28 2022
Hochschild says its profit up in 2021 on strong gold and silver production Feb 23 2022
Kinross says its gold mines in Russia currently unaffected by sanctions Feb 23 2022
New Gold posts net earnings of $141M in 2021 on higher revenue and gain on Blackwater gold stream sale Feb 23 2022
SSR Mining reports 171% net income growth in 2021 as gold equivalent production up 64% Feb 23 2022
B2Gold reports record total gold production, strong operating cashflows in 2021 Feb 23 2022
Alamos reports gold reserves growth in 2021, while resources shrink after Mulatos review Feb 22 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa to be the world's fourth largest copper producer by 2023 as it ready to expand capacity Feb 22 2022
AngloGold Ashanti reports production, earnings decline in a 'challenging' 2021 year Feb 22 2022
MP Materials secures heavy rare earth processing contract with the U.S. Department of Defense Feb 22 2022
Antofagasta ups underlying earnings 161% in 2021 on stronger copper prices, expects lower production in 2022 Feb 22 2022
Amplats reports 160% earnings growth in 2021 on strong platinum group metals sales Feb 21 2022
Global mine tin production up in 2021 as consumer demand rebounded - report Feb 18 2022
Lundin Mining says production of all metals up in 2021, net earnings jump 365% Feb 18 2022
Harmony Gold expects drop in half-year earnings mainly due to Mponeng acquisition Feb 18 2022
Yamana Gold exceeds 2021 production guidance, eyes up to 50% production growth within ten years Feb 18 2022
St Barbara reports COVID-19 outbreak at Simberi, withdraws annual guidance Feb 18 2022
The world's largest cobalt reserves by country in 2021 Feb 17 2022
Coeur meets annual production guidance for gold and silver, posts net loss of $31 million Feb 17 2022
Hecla says its silver reserves near all-time high at 200 million ounces Feb 17 2022
Newcrest reports lower half-year profit as gold and copper production down Feb 17 2022
Gold Fields reports gold production, profit increase in 2021 Feb 17 2022
Osisko to develop Windfall gold project independently as JV talks with Northern Star terminated Feb 17 2022
Kinross says 2021 gold production in line with guidance, earnings decline due to operational issues Feb 17 2022
Chilean mining giant Codelco to start lithium exploration in Salar de Maricunga Feb 16 2022
Asante announces $100 million financing for its Bibiani gold mine in Ghana Feb 16 2022
EcoPro triples lithium offtake volume from Rhyolite Ridge project in Nevada Feb 16 2022
Iron ore mining giant Fortescue reports 32% drop in net profit in H1 FY22 Feb 16 2022
Sandvik secures $216M contract with BHP for Jansen potash project in Saskatchewan Feb 16 2022
First Quantum posts net earnings of $832 million in 2021 on record copper production Feb 15 2022
Global palladium market to face deficit in 2022 due to growing demand from automotive industry Feb 15 2022
MMG says copper production at Las Bambas to ramp up over coming days Feb 15 2022
Ero Copper greenlights construction of the Boa Esperança copper project in Brazil Feb 15 2022
World Copper posts 'exceptional' PEA results for Escalones with after-tax NPV of $1.5 billion Feb 15 2022
Glencore reports net income of $5 billion in 2021 on rising demand for metals and energy products Feb 15 2022
Ivanhoe, Gécamines ink new agreement to develop high-grade Kipushi copper-zinc mine in DR Congo Feb 14 2022
Argonaut Gold reports record production in 2021, expects lower production and higher costs in 2022 Feb 14 2022
Global copper market to face deficit in 2022 despite projected production growth - report Feb 11 2022
The world's largest iron ore producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 11 2022
Anglo American Platinum expects up to 166% earnings jump in 2021 Feb 11 2022
Russian mining giant Nornickel says its net profit jumps 92% in 2021 Feb 10 2022
China keeps burning through its mine gold reserves fastest in the world - report Feb 10 2022
South Africa's mining sector expands 11.2% in 2021 - report Feb 10 2022
Top diamond miner ALROSA posts $325M in January sales on strong demand Feb 10 2022
KAZ Minerals beats copper production target in 2021, flags lower sales due to rail network congestion Feb 10 2022
Global silver demand to hit record in 2022 on strong industrial and investment demand - report Feb 09 2022
Atlantic Nickel reports record 2021 production at Santa Rita nickel mine in Brazil Feb 09 2022
Vista Gold delivers 'solid' feasibility study results for its Mt Todd gold project in Australia Feb 09 2022
Cerrado plans to produce 90koz of gold per annum in Argentina by 2023 Feb 09 2022
Chaarat Gold exceeds production guidance at Kapan in 2021, flags issues in Kyrgyzstan Feb 09 2022
Gold Fields says its gold production, earnings up in 2021 Feb 09 2022
Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold complete merger, creating the top 3 gold producer Feb 08 2022
Passenger EV battery capacity hits record in 2021, raising concerns over battery materials supply Feb 08 2022
Global graphite production up in 2021 as China cements its top producer status Feb 08 2022
MMG says production at Las Bambas copper mine in Peru is expected to cease on February 20 Feb 08 2022
Sabina Gold & Silver announces $520M financing package to build Goose gold mine in Nunavut Feb 08 2022
Newmont to acquire Buenaventura's stake in Yanacocha gold mine in Peru for up to $400 million Feb 08 2022
U.S. uranium production in 2021 was 6 tonnes or 0.03% of domestic nuclear energy needs Feb 07 2022
The world's largest rare earth metals producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 07 2022
Wheaton Precious Metals meets 2021 production guidance, expects 'steady' long-term growth Feb 07 2022
Top 10 largest mining investment projects in Peru in 2021 Feb 04 2022
Russian energy giant Gazprom plans to extract lithium from brines at largest gas field in eastern Russia Feb 04 2022
Piedmont Lithium expects to double its planned lithium hydroxide production in the U.S. Feb 04 2022
The world's largest nickel producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 03 2022
South Africa's DRDGOLD expects earnings to fall in H2 2021 on higher costs, lower gold price Feb 03 2022
Peru's copper production up by more than 6% in 2021 - report Feb 03 2022
Glencore, Britishvolt agree to build battery recycling ecosystem in the UK Feb 03 2022
Chinese mining giant Zijin launches lithium exploration project in DR Congo Feb 03 2022
Southern Copper says its 2021 net income up 116% to a record $3.4 billion as production exceeds guidance Feb 03 2022
The world's largest cobalt producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 02 2022
Implats reports platinum group metals production, basic earnings down in H2 2021 Feb 02 2022
Anglo American sees strong rough diamond demand in first sales cycle of 2022 Feb 02 2022
Peru's metals mining industry contracts 7.11% in December 2021 - report Feb 02 2022
The world's largest lithium producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 01 2022
Top 10 largest copper producing countries in 2021 - report Feb 01 2022
China supplies the largest number of minerals to the US, many of which classified as 'critical' Feb 01 2022
Canada's mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction declines in November 2021 - StatCan Feb 01 2022
AngloGold Ashanti says its gold production, earnings dropped significantly in 2021 Feb 01 2022
SSR Mining produces 794 koz of gold equivalent in 2021, reaches top end of guidance Feb 01 2022
Top 10 largest silver producing countries in 2021 - report Jan 31 2022
Top 10 largest gold producing countries in 2021 - report Jan 31 2022
Caterpillar more than doubles profit per share in 2021 despite ‘challenging’ operating environment Jan 28 2022
The world's top 10 largest gold mines in Q3 2021: Grasberg regained the crown Jan 28 2022
Newcrest produces 436koz of gold in December quarter, cuts all-in sustaining costs Jan 28 2022
Petropavlovsk reports gold production decline in 2021, achieves guidance Jan 27 2022
Anglo American says its 2021 copper production flat y-o-y, refined PGM output hit record Jan 27 2022
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom ups production 10% in 2021, flags supply chain issues Jan 27 2022
Russia's Polymetal produces 1.7Moz of gold equivalent in 2021, beats guidance Jan 27 2022
Global transition to net-zero will require $275 trillion investment by 2050 - report Jan 26 2022
Magna Gold produces 56 koz of gold in Mexico in 2021, achieves annual guidance Jan 26 2022
Teck, Caterpillar ink agreement on zero-emissions mining haul trucks Jan 26 2022
Karora Resources posts record gold production in Australia in 2021 Jan 26 2022
Freeport-McMoRan reports sevenfold increase in net income, boasts ‘stellar’ performance in 2021 Jan 26 2022
Harmony Gold revises its annual production guidance due to issues at Hidden Valley Jan 26 2022
Fresnillo reports silver production below guidance in 2021, says gold output exceeds target Jan 26 2022
MMG reports 12% copper production decline in 2021 due to issues at Las Bambas and Kinsevere Jan 25 2022
Barrick says its gold mines in Tanzania advancing to tier one status Jan 25 2022
Equinox Gold eyes up to 18% production growth in 2022, flags inflationary pressures Jan 25 2022
Osisko Development to acquire high-grade gold mine in Utah for $177 million Jan 25 2022
Three Valley Copper suspends mining operations in Chile due to underperformance, withdraws production outlook Jan 24 2022
St Barbara flags issues at its Atlantic gold operations in Canada, revises guidance Jan 24 2022
OceanaGold ups gold production 20% in 2021, achieves guidance Jan 24 2022
Teck says new collective agreement reached at Highland Valley copper mine Jan 24 2022
Polymetal reports maiden 2.4Moz gold equivalent resources for its Novopet deposit in Russia Jan 24 2022
Endeavour Mining announces record gold production in 2021, beats guidance Jan 24 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater terminates $1B deal to acquire nickel and copper mines in Brazil, citing geotechnical event Jan 24 2022
Gold technical analysis: Upside levels are in focus Jan 24 2022
Copper think tank flags refined copper market deficit in 10M 2021 despite production growth Jan 21 2022
Macassa shines as richest gold mine in Canada in Q3 2021 - report Jan 21 2022
Top diamond miner ALROSA ups revenue 49% in 2021 on strong demand, increases production 8% Jan 21 2022
Barrick hails another 'stellar' performance from Kibali gold mine in 2021, expects reserves to grow Jan 21 2022
Russian gold miner will use nuclear energy from the world's first land-based small modular reactor Jan 20 2022
Russia's Seligdar increases gold and tin production in 2021 Jan 20 2022
Northern Star produces 389Koz of gold in Q4 2021, advances its growth strategy Jan 20 2022
China Gold International achieves record gold and copper production in 2021, exceeds guidance Jan 20 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater says its gold, platinum group metals production in 2021 was within guidance Jan 20 2022
Hochschild reports 'strong' gold and silver production increase in 2021 Jan 20 2022
Imperial Metals surrenders two copper deposits to BC govt for C$24 million Jan 20 2022
Global platinum group metals autocatalyst demand to hit record levels in 2022 - report Jan 19 2022
Pan African Resources reports record gold production in H2 2021 Jan 19 2022
GCM announces that its 2021 gold production in Colombia meets guidance Jan 19 2022
Great Panther says its gold production down 35% in 2021 due to operational challenges Jan 19 2022
Pan American Silver increases production in 2021, postpones 2022 guidance due to COVID-19 crisis Jan 19 2022
Antofagasta says its copper production down 1.7% in 2021, gold output jumps 23.6% Jan 19 2022
B2Gold reports record total gold production in 2021, says consolidated production exceeds original guidance Jan 19 2022
Barrick reports lower gold and copper production in 2021, achieves guidance Jan 19 2022
Lynas reports record quarterly rare earth sales on strong demand amid rising prices Jan 18 2022
South Africa's mining sector up 5.2% in November on strong PGMs and iron ore production - report Jan 18 2022
Canada's natural resources sector rises in Q3 2021, surpassing pre-pandemic levels - StatCan Jan 18 2022
Rio Tinto reports iron ore, copper production down in 2021 as operating conditions remained challenging Jan 18 2022
Fortuna says its gold production up 274% in 2021, expects further growth in 2022 Jan 18 2022
Caledonia Mining announces record gold production in Zimbabwe in 2021, beats guidance Jan 18 2022
First Majestic Silver reports record production in 2021, achieves annual guidance Jan 18 2022
First Quantum achieves record copper production in 2021, expects up to 12% output growth by 2024 Jan 17 2022
Oyu Tolgoi increases copper production 9% in 2021, gold output jumps 157% Jan 17 2022
Alamos Gold reports 7% production increase in 2021, meets annual guidance Jan 17 2022
Detour Lake was the largest gold mine in Canada in Q3 2021; top 10 local mines up production 12% - report Jan 17 2022
Kirkland Lake Gold achieves record production in 2021, beats guidance Jan 17 2022
Desert Gold reports maiden 1.1Moz gold resources at its SMSZ project in Mali Jan 17 2022
Endeavour adds 3.9Moz of gold to its resources as discoveries hit record in 2021 Jan 17 2022
Chinese mining giant Zijin expects 140% net profit jump in 2021 on higher production of all metals Jan 17 2022
Rare earth metals market strong as global EV fleet hits record levels, supply tightens - report Jan 14 2022
Novo says gold production at Nullagine in Q4 was lower than expected due to technical issues Jan 14 2022
Global uranium exploration budgets up in 2021 for the first time since 2011 - report Jan 14 2022
Eldorado achieves revised annual guidance, says gold production down 10% in 2021 Jan 14 2022
Mountain Province boosts diamond sales revenue in 2021 on strong demand and higher prices Jan 13 2022
Amerigo beats its annual copper production guidance in Chile Jan 13 2022
Taseko says copper production at Gibraltar in 2021 impacted by lower grades and recoveries Jan 13 2022
Hecla achieves 2021 guidance with 'strong' production from all mines Jan 13 2022
ALROSA says its 2021 diamond sales of $4.2B skyrocket 50% over 2020 on strong demand Jan 13 2022
Yamana Gold beats annual guidance with ‘standout’ performances at its core operations Jan 13 2022
Equinox reports record gold production in Q4 2021, achieves annual guidance Jan 13 2022
Wesdome ups 2021 gold production 37% in an 'excellent' year for the company Jan 13 2022
SSR Mining to sell its Pitarrilla silver project in Mexico to Endeavour Silver for up to $127M Jan 13 2022
Australia’s iron ore exports to China down 24% in November – report Jan 12 2022
Burgeoning green economy may lead to a structural silver deficit - report Jan 12 2022
New Gold announces 2021 production in line with updated guidance Jan 12 2022
IAMGOLD reports 2021 gold production in line with guidance, says CEO stepped down Jan 12 2022
Teck flags potential strike at Highland Valley beginning January 16, says negotiations ongoing Jan 12 2022
Liontown inks binding lithium offtake term sheet with LG Energy Solution Jan 11 2022
Russia will never run out of mineral resources, ministry says Jan 11 2022
K92 Mining reports record gold production at Kainantu, beats updated guidance Jan 11 2022
Torex Gold reports record annual production in Mexico in 2021 Jan 11 2022
Dundee Precious Metals reports record gold production in 2021 Jan 11 2022
Pure Gold says production to continue at reduced rate due to Covid-19 response measures Jan 11 2022
Neo Lithium receives main enviro approval for its 3Q project in Argentina Jan 11 2022
Aura reports record quarterly and annual gold production Jan 11 2022
Osisko boosts M&I gold resources 73% at Windfall as grade jumps to double digits Jan 11 2022
Lundin Gold produces 429 thousand ounces of gold in Ecuador in 2021, beats guidance Jan 10 2022
Westhaven reports initial 1.1Moz gold equivalent resources for Shovelnose Jan 10 2022
Hummingbird begins construction at its Kouroussa gold mine in Guinea Jan 10 2022
Thor Explorations expects to produce up to 100,000 oz of gold in 2022 at its new mine in Nigeria Jan 10 2022
Jaguar Mining says its gold production in Brazil down 8% in 2021 Jan 10 2022
Gatos posts record silver production in Q4 2021, beats annual guidance Jan 10 2022
Sandstorm Gold reports record revenue and ounces sold in 2021 Jan 10 2022
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula will produce up to 340,000 tonnes of copper in 2022 Jan 10 2022
Cerrado Gold reports record quarterly and annual production in Argentina Jan 10 2022
Second largest silver producer posts 23.9% output jump in 11M 2021 Jan 07 2022
Third largest zinc producer reports 18.4% production drop in November 2021 Jan 07 2022
Gold production in Peru up 2.7% in November 2021, ministry says Jan 07 2022
Copper production in Peru falls 5.6% in November 2021 - report Jan 07 2022
Antioquia almost doubles gold production in Colombia in 2021 Jan 06 2022
NEO Battery Materials builds research centre in South Korea's Yonsei University Jan 06 2022
KEFI boosts copper, gold, silver and zinc resources at Hawiah project in Saudi Arabia Jan 06 2022
Atalaya greenlights construction of innovative copper and zinc plant in Spain Jan 06 2022
Calibre says its record 2021 gold production exceeds guidance Jan 06 2022
Victoria Gold achieves record gold production in 2021 despite COVID-19 impact Jan 06 2022
Osino to acquire gold project in Namibia from B2Gold for $15.2 million Jan 06 2022
Kuya Silver reports initial 13.9Moz silver equivalent resources for its Bethania project in Peru Jan 06 2022
Firefinch says pre-stripping begins at the Morila gold mine in Mali Jan 05 2022
GoGold reports production decline in Q4 2021, expects ‘aggressive’ growth in resources in 2022 Jan 05 2022
Trigon produces first copper concentrate at its Kombat mine in Namibia Jan 05 2022
Shares in the world’s top uranium miner plummet amid massive protests in Kazakhstan Jan 05 2022
Omai reports initial 1.6Moz+ resources for its Wenot gold deposit in Guyana Jan 04 2022
Fortitude Gold submits plan of operations for its Golden Mile project in Nevada Jan 04 2022
Vedanta ups zinc production in India in Q4 2021; production in South Africa falls Jan 04 2022
Pure Gold appoints new CEO and CFO as it transitions to 'a culture of operational excellence' Jan 04 2022
EBRD to make a strategic investment in Euro Manganese Jan 04 2022
Copper production in Chile falls 0.7% in November 2021 - report Jan 04 2022
Ceylon Graphite receives enviro renewal for its K1 mine in Sri Lanka Jan 04 2022
Firefinch says final investment decision approved for Goulamina lithium project in Mali Jan 03 2022
Gold miner St Barbara completes deep sea tailings placement pipeline at Simberi Jan 03 2022
Peru's mining industry contracts 5.85% in November 2021 - report Jan 03 2022
Centerra Gold confirms negotiations with Kyrgyz govt over Kumtor mine Jan 03 2022
Electra Battery Materials inks cobalt tolling contract with Glencore Dec 30 2021
Artemis Gold says MOU with Ausenco on Blackwater processing plant terminated Dec 30 2021
Anglo American confirms talks with Vale over Serpentina iron ore project in Brazil Dec 29 2021
Ukraine to invest more than $333 million in its uranium mining industry over five years, ministry says Dec 29 2021
Barrick says its North Mara gold mine in Tanzania achieves tailings storage target Dec 29 2021
Covid-19 outbreak declared at Gacho Kué diamond mine; production unaffected at this time Dec 28 2021
Mining giant Zijin commissions largest porphyry copper mine in China Dec 27 2021
Commissioning of Juanicipio silver project faces setback due to grid connection delays Dec 27 2021
The only nickel smelter in Western Europe stops due to slag explosion Dec 27 2021
Gold and silver demand in India sees strong recovery in H2 2021; next year will be even better - report Dec 24 2021
Li-Metal raises over C$19 million for lithium anode technology development Dec 24 2021
Triple Flag acquires royalties near Gold Fields’ Salares Norte gold-silver project in Chile Dec 24 2021
SSR Mining commissions flotation circuit at its Çöpler gold mine in Turkey, aims production increase Dec 24 2021
Mundoro, Vale form strategic alliance for copper in Southwest USA Dec 23 2021
Tram system for Black Horse chromite project in Ontario to cost $657 million Dec 23 2021
Canada's mining, quarrying, oil and gas sectors up 1.5% in October - StatCan Dec 23 2021
Nova Minerals boosts gold resources at Estelle by 55% to 9.6 million ounces Dec 23 2021
Black Rock inks offtake term sheet with POSCO for Mahenge graphite Dec 23 2021
Agnico Eagle reduces activity levels at its Nunavut gold mines due to COVID-19 emergency Dec 22 2021
Syrah Resources inks active anode material offtake with Tesla Dec 22 2021
Nevada Copper achieves record development rate at Pumpkin Hollow Dec 22 2021
European Lithium, Traxys ink MOA on Wolfsberg offtake and cooperation Dec 22 2021
Russia may face uranium shortage from 2030, ministry says Dec 22 2021
Wheaton acquires gold and platinum stream from Gen Mining's Marathon project Dec 22 2021
Polishing factories closure in Africa impact De Beers diamond sales in tenth cycle of 2021 Dec 22 2021
Kamoa-Kakula produces more than 100,000 tonnes of copper in 2021, beats guidance Dec 22 2021
BHP says it will not match Wyloo’s proposal to acquire Noront Dec 22 2021
Chubut governor repeals amendments to mining law amid violent demonstrations Dec 21 2021
EMX Royalty options four gold projects to Hochschild Mining Dec 21 2021
Allkem delivers strong FS for its James Bay lithium project in Quebec, with pre-tax NPV of $1.4B Dec 21 2021
Rio Tinto to acquire Rincon lithium project in Argentina for $825 million Dec 21 2021
Centerra says rail service disruption won't affect Mount Milligan production in 2021 Dec 21 2021
Eramet identified internal fraud estimated at EUR 45 million Dec 21 2021
Noront reaches arrangement agreement with Wyloo; BHP has five days to respond Dec 21 2021
Trigon Metals produces first copper flotation concentrate in Namibia Dec 20 2021
Fortuna Silver shares skyrocket on enviro ruling in Mexico Dec 20 2021
Gold Royalty intends to acquire Elemental Royalties in a deal valued C$130 million Dec 20 2021
Lundin Mining to acquire world-class Josemaria copper-gold project in Argentina for C$625 million Dec 20 2021
Eramet successfully extracts battery-grade lithium carbonate from European geothermal water Dec 17 2021
Endomines begins mining at the Pampalo gold mine in Finland ahead of schedule Dec 17 2021
Sandstorm acquires gold stream from Mercedes mine in Mexico, ups production guidance Dec 17 2021
Sigma Lithium upsizes its placement by 60% to C$136.7M with investment from BlackRock Dec 17 2021
Equinox to sell its Mercedes gold mine in Mexico to Bear Creek for $125M in cash and shares Dec 17 2021
Top 10 largest copper mining companies reduced production 2% in Q3 2021 Dec 16 2021
Alamos drills 1,105 g/t gold (uncut) in waste area of Gordon deposit in Manitoba Dec 16 2021
Anaconda delivers robust feasibility study for its Goldboro gold project in Nova Scotia Dec 16 2021
Jervois ups capex estimate for its Idaho cobalt project, says on track for production in Q3 2022 Dec 16 2021
Victoria Gold says its 2021 production will be lower than expected; costs to exceed guidance Dec 16 2021
Lundin expects to produce up to 445 koz of gold at Fruta Del Norte in 2022 Dec 15 2021
SolGold reports maiden 1.68Mt copper and 2.18Moz gold resources for Cacharposa deposit in Ecuador Dec 15 2021
Hudbay announces maiden mineral resources for its Copper World project in Arizona Dec 15 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater revises 2021 production forecast due to a group-wide safety intervention Dec 15 2021
Sabre Gold ups M&I resources 32% at Brewery Creek Dec 14 2021
Aya boosts M&I silver resources at Zgounder by 116% to 96 million ounces Dec 14 2021
NextSource says fabrication and assembly of the Molo graphite processing plant completed Dec 14 2021
Piedmont 'extremely pleased' with BFS for Carolina lithium project as NPV shoots to $2B Dec 14 2021
Orla pours first gold at Camino Rojo, targets commercial production for Q1 2022 Dec 14 2021
One of the largest gold mines in Australia gets nod to increase processing capacity Dec 14 2021
i-80 to raise up to $235M for its Nevada-focused gold mining complex Dec 14 2021
Russia's ARMZ plans to build lead-zinc mine not far from former nuclear tests site in the Arctic Dec 13 2021
Tarachi Gold says 'incredibly pleased' with PEA results for Magistral Dec 13 2021
Galan begins ponds construction at its HMW lithium project in Argentina Dec 13 2021
Skeena announces strategic C$30.9M investment from Franco-Nevada Dec 13 2021
Sigma Lithium upsizes private placement by 42% to C$85 million on strong interest Dec 13 2021
Lowest cost gold mining companies in Q3 2021 - report Dec 10 2021
Rio Tinto begins construction of its renewable energy project in Madagascar Dec 10 2021
ALROSA generates $3.9B in diamond sales for 11M 2021 on strong demand Dec 10 2021
Sigma Lithium to raise C$60 million for its future lithium operation in Brazil Dec 10 2021
Vulcan acquires geothermal plant in Germany with potential to produce lithium hydroxide from brine Dec 10 2021
B2Gold reaches agreement on renewal of Menankoto permit in Mali Dec 10 2021
Northam inks offtake with Ivanplats on PGMs from Platreef Dec 09 2021
South Africa's mining industry expands 2.1% in October Dec 09 2021
U.S. rare earths miner MP Materials inks supply agrmt with GM, plans to build domestic magnet factory Dec 09 2021
Alien Metals works to re-open high-grade silver mine in Australia Dec 09 2021
Commodity trader Trafigura announces new green hydrogen project in Australia Dec 09 2021
Mosaic commits to net zero by 2040 Dec 09 2021
Aura begins construction of the Almas gold project in Brazil Dec 09 2021
Noram Lithium 'thrilled' with Zeus PEA as NPV shoots to $1.3B Dec 08 2021
Commodity trader Trafigura nearly doubles net profit in its record 2021 financial year Dec 08 2021
Vulcan Energy inks lithium offtake agreement with Volkswagen Dec 08 2021
Ironbark lands up to $657M in funding for its zinc project in Greenland Dec 08 2021
Braveheart boosts copper resources 57% at Bull River mine Dec 08 2021
Centamin ups gold reserves, targets production of 500Koz per annum at Sukari Dec 08 2021
Xanadu reports 50%+ increase in copper and 80%+ increase in gold resources for Kharmagtai Dec 07 2021
Atlantic Lithium reports ‘exceptional’ scoping study update for its lithium project in Ghana Dec 07 2021
GoGold reports initial 161Moz silver equivalent resources for Los Ricos North, expects more to come Dec 07 2021
Erdene receives significant enviro approval for Bayan Khundii gold project in Mongolia, begins early works Dec 07 2021
Barrick acquires gold prospecting licences in Tanzania from Tembo Gold Dec 07 2021
Ascot reaches 'momentous' permitting milestone for its Premier gold project, reports development delays Dec 07 2021
Silver is the only precious metal likely to achieve persistent deficit over 2021-22 - Metals Focus Dec 07 2021
Gold market to remain in major surplus next year as production grows - report Dec 07 2021
Orla Mining reports initial mineral resources for its Caballito copper-gold deposit in Panama Dec 06 2021
Osisko Gold grabs additional royalties from Talisker for C$7.5M Dec 06 2021
Sigma Lithium starts construction at the largest hard rock lithium deposit in the Americas Dec 06 2021
Lingering rail disruption impacts Teck's steelmaking coal sales in fourth quarter Dec 06 2021
Top 10 largest gold mines in Australia in Q3 2021 - report Dec 03 2021
Belo Sun says its Volta Grande gold project selected as strategic for Brazil Dec 03 2021
Australia's iron ore exports to China fall in October - report Dec 03 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater reports four fatalities in South Africa, notes increase in fatal safety incidents this year Dec 03 2021
Copper production in Chile falls 3.2% in October - report Dec 02 2021
China's CGN Global to supply Uranium Royalty with physical uranium Dec 02 2021
Maritime Resources commences site clearing activities at its Hammerdown gold project Dec 02 2021
Val-d'Or Mining options its gold projects in Quebec and Ontario to Eldorado Gold Dec 02 2021
Midland options its Tete Nord nickel-copper property in Quebec to Rio Tinto Dec 02 2021
SSR Mining acquires Taiga Gold for $21 million, expands its presence in Saskatchewan Dec 02 2021
Cornish Lithium reports maiden resource estimate for its Trelavour lithium project in the UK Dec 02 2021
Inflation drives global gold production costs to their highest level since 2013 - report Dec 01 2021
The world's top 10 largest gold mines in Q2 2021 - report Dec 01 2021
GCM Mining delivers robust PEA for Toroparu gold and copper project in Guyana, with $1.7 billion free cash flow Dec 01 2021
Savannah Resources exits Mozambique to focus on lithium project in Portugal Dec 01 2021
Americas Gold and Silver says production ramping up at Cosalá Dec 01 2021
Peru's mining industry expands 0.42% in October - report Dec 01 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel supports rescue operation in the Arctic Dec 01 2021
Top diamond miner ALROSA begins stripping operations at Mayskaya pipe in Russia Dec 01 2021
Yanfolila gold mine back in operation after Malian govt cleared roadblocks Dec 01 2021
Every job in gold mining sector supports up to ten more jobs in local economies - report Nov 30 2021
Pan Global drills 16.8% copper interval at its Escacena project in Spain Nov 30 2021
Galan Lithium reports robust PEA results for its Candelas project in Argentina, with NPV of $1.23 billion Nov 30 2021
GoldStone pours first commercial ounces at Ghana's newest gold mine Nov 30 2021
Discovery Silver delivers ‘excellent’ project economics for Cordero with after-tax NPV of $1.2 billion Nov 30 2021
Canada's mining, quarrying, oil and gas sectors grew 1.2% in September - StatCan Nov 30 2021
Mineral exploration expenditure in Australia up 32% in September quarter 2021 y-o-y - report Nov 29 2021
Vulcan Energy inks lithium offtake with automaker Stellantis Nov 29 2021
AbraSilver delivers robust PEA for its Diablillos silver and gold project in Argentina Nov 29 2021
Platinum and nickel markets to see surpluses in 2022, while palladium will be in deficit - report Nov 29 2021
Russian nuclear giant Rosatom to invest up to $215 million in Argentine lithium project Nov 29 2021
Noise complaints trigger investigation at Kirkland Lake Gold’s Fosterville mine in Australia Nov 29 2021
Hummingbird suspends operations at Yanfolila gold mine in Mali due to unrest Nov 29 2021
Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold shareholders approve merger Nov 26 2021
Burgeoning battery sector will drive global nickel demand growth in coming years - report Nov 26 2021
Global lithium demand to more than double between 2020 and 2023 while supply may fall short - report Nov 26 2021
At least 52 dead, including 6 rescuers, in methane explosion at Russian coal mine Nov 25 2021
Li-Metal launches its advanced lithium anode development facility in Ontario Nov 25 2021
Australian Strategic Materials says hot commissioning begins at its rare earth metals plant in South Korea Nov 25 2021
South African platinum producer Tharisa expects up to 134% earnings growth in 2021 Nov 25 2021
Hochschild continues 'business as usual' in Peru after clarification from Peruvian govt Nov 25 2021
Hummingbird boosts gold reserves 65%, plans to more than double production in Africa in coming years Nov 25 2021
Top 10 biggest gold mines in South America increased production 13% in Q2 2021 - report Nov 24 2021
Sandstorm Gold says feasibility for Hod Maden delivers $1.05 billion NPV Nov 24 2021
Defense Metals reports positive PEA results for its Wicheeda rare earths project in British Columbia Nov 24 2021
Standard Lithium announces $100 million direct investment from Koch Strategic Platforms Nov 24 2021
Cutting factory closures in India impact De Beers diamond sales in ninth cycle of 2021 Nov 24 2021
Swedish mining giant Boliden halts production at Tara due to flooding Nov 24 2021
Nordgold produced 765 koz of gold in 9M 2021, in line with expectations Nov 24 2021
North American Helium raises $127 million to increase production as helium demand on the rise Nov 23 2021
NEXTSource to power its graphite mine in Madagascar with hybridized solar-thermal energy Nov 23 2021
Sprott Uranium Trust seeks to raise up to $3.5 billion to buy more uranium Nov 23 2021
Jervois advances construction of Idaho cobalt operations, says commissioning will be weather dependent Nov 23 2021
Horizonte intends to raise $633 million to fully fund Araguaia nickel project into production Nov 23 2021
Russian gold mining giant Polyus ups earnings per share 36% in third quarter Nov 23 2021
Newmont to sell its Kalgoorlie power business to Northern Star for $95 million Nov 22 2021
Top 10 biggest gold mining companies reduced production 5% in Q3 2021 - report Nov 22 2021
Pasofino boosts M&I gold resources 44% for Dugbe project in Liberia Nov 22 2021
Hochschild says 'categorically rejects' allegations of environmental pollution in Peru Nov 22 2021
Taseko receives initial draft of crucial permit for its Florence copper project in Arizona Nov 22 2021
Gold jewelry market in the US beats expectations in 2021, hitting a 12-year high Nov 19 2021
Global gold supply growth to slow over next two years - report Nov 19 2021
Uzbek mining giant Almalyk to borrow 712 million euros from Russian bank VEB to expand production Nov 19 2021
Centerra Gold says heavy rains disrupted rail service to Mount Milligan mine Nov 19 2021
World copper demand to grow on economic recovery and global energy transition - report Nov 18 2021
Chilean lithium giant SQM ups net income 171% in 9M 2021, expects 50% lithium prices jump in Q4 Nov 18 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel settles dispute with Botswana govt, receives cash compensation Nov 18 2021
Thor Explorations reports initial gold resource estimate for Douta project in Senegal, shares up Nov 18 2021
Rio Tinto becomes sole owner of Diavik diamond mine in Canada Nov 18 2021
Jewelry demand will drive global gold consumption growth over next two years - report Nov 17 2021
Sandstorm reports major permitting milestone for Hod Maden gold project in Turkey Nov 17 2021
Gold production in South Africa to eclipse 4Moz per year by 2025 - report Nov 17 2021
Copper miner KGHM boosts net income fourfold in 9M 2021 on strong production and higher commodity prices Nov 17 2021
Heavy rain disrupts Teck logistics chain in British Columbia Nov 16 2021
Wheaton offers $141 million silver stream to Artemis Gold as additional funding for Blackwater project Nov 16 2021
Rio2 inks $50 million gold stream with Wheaton Precious Metals on Fenix project in Chile Nov 16 2021
Cora Gold ups gold resources 200% at Sanankoro, eyes mine construction start in 2022 Nov 16 2021
Sarama increases gold resources 20% at the Sanutura project in Burkina Faso Nov 16 2021
China Gold posts higher net income in third quarter despite lower gold and copper production Nov 16 2021
Elemental Royalties generates record revenue in Q3 2021 Nov 16 2021
Newmont named co-leader of mining and metals sector on DJSI World Index Nov 16 2021
Rio Tinto invests in European battery manufacturer InoBat Nov 16 2021
First Quantum taps COO Tristan Pascall as new CEO Nov 15 2021
Teck named industry leader on 2021 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Nov 15 2021
K92 Mining ups gold equivalent production in Q3, lowers 2021 guidance due to COVID-19 impact Nov 15 2021
Nickel 28 says production restarted at the Ramu nickel and cobalt mine Nov 15 2021
Pure Gold posts net loss of $13.2 million in Q3, gold production up 54% Nov 15 2021
Argonaut Gold ups net income in Q3 as gold production jumps 20% Nov 15 2021
China's rare earths will no longer be ‘cheap’ as prices hit record highs - report Nov 12 2021
Victoria Gold reports ‘record breaking’ quarterly net income as production jumps 58% in Q3 Nov 12 2021
Fortuna Silver reports adjusted EBITDA of $75.3 million in third quarter, ramps up construction at Seguela Nov 12 2021
Pretium says its Q3 earnings declined on lower gold prices and higher production costs Nov 12 2021
New Gold reports net loss in Q3 2021, expects to meet updated production and cost guidance Nov 12 2021
China’s industrial silver demand to exceed all-time high in 2021; gold consumption to jump 40% - report Nov 11 2021
South Africa’s mining industry contracts 3.4% in September - report Nov 11 2021
Caledonia doubles adjusted earnings per share in Q3 on record gold production in Zimbabwe Nov 11 2021
Gold Fields posts production increase in September quarter, reiterates its annual guidance Nov 11 2021
Harmony Gold ups production 32% in September quarter, on track to meet annual guidance Nov 11 2021
Endeavour Mining more than doubles net income in Q3, expects to beat its 2021 gold production guidance Nov 11 2021
Kinross reports net loss in Q3 2021 as gold production slides due to fire at Tasiast Nov 10 2021
Gold production in China to grow 5% in 2021 while demand is expected to surge 32% - report Nov 10 2021
ALROSA generates $308 million in diamond sales in October on strong demand Nov 10 2021
Osisko reports record operating cash flows from royalties and streams in Q3, declares dividend Nov 10 2021
Lundin Gold more than doubles net income in Q3 2021 Nov 10 2021
Uranium production in the U.S. was near zero in Q3 2021 Nov 10 2021
Pan American Silver ups production of all metals, net income slides in third quarter Nov 10 2021
Newmont, Caterpillar join forces to achieve zero emissions mining Nov 10 2021
Mountain Province Diamonds posts second highest quarterly revenue in its history, hails strong market conditions Nov 09 2021
Northam Platinum acquires stake in Royal Bafokeng for ~$1.1 billion Nov 09 2021
i-80 delivers robust PEA results for its Granite Creek gold project in Nevada Nov 09 2021
Uranium Energy snatches Russia’s Rosatom uranium assets in the US for $112 million Nov 09 2021
Endeavour Silver posts net loss, withholds metal sales in third quarter Nov 09 2021
Alphamin reports record EBITDA of $53.7M in Q3 on strong tin prices and higher production Nov 09 2021
Major gold miner Newcrest to acquire Pretium for $2.8 billion Nov 08 2021
Russian mining giant Polymetal greenlights $447M investment in 4Moz Veduga gold project Nov 08 2021
Jaguar Mining says disappointed with rising costs, net income slides in third quarter Nov 08 2021
Aurion options its Silaskaira gold property in Finland to Kinross Nov 08 2021
French mining giant Eramet restarts construction of lithium plant in Argentina Nov 08 2021
Trevali announces sale of Santander mine in Peru, shares down Nov 08 2021
Gatos Silver reports net loss of $15 million in third quarter as it becomes net debt free Nov 08 2021
AngloGold Ashanti posts 17% gold production drop in Q3, focuses on cutting costs Nov 08 2021
Karora reports record gold production in Q3 2021, on track to double output by 2024 Nov 08 2021
U.S. rare earths miner MP Materials ups net income 192% in Q3 on strong prices and production Nov 05 2021
Gold Fields' Agnew gold mine now powered by Australia's largest hybrid renewable microgrid Nov 05 2021
Mining giant Anglo American commits to carbon neutral shipping by 2040 Nov 05 2021
Novo restarts its Golden Eagle mill in Australia after repairs Nov 05 2021
Canada's gold and silver exports down 12% in September - StatCan Nov 05 2021
Centerra Gold reports net earnings of $27.6 million in Q3, declares dividend Nov 05 2021
Kirkland Lake upgrades key Fosterville drill intercept to 947 g/t gold Nov 05 2021
Top gold miners increased carbon intensity of their operations over the past seven years - Metals Focus Nov 04 2021
IAMGOLD reports net loss of $75.3 million in third quarter Nov 04 2021
OceanaGold commences processing at the Didipio gold and copper mine ahead of schedule Nov 04 2021
Minera Alamos pours first gold at Santana, confirms rapid gold extraction kinetics Nov 04 2021
Teck inks agreement with Oldendorff Carriers to reduce supply chain CO2 emissions Nov 04 2021
Aura stops investing in Gold Road mine, considering its disposal Nov 04 2021
Great Panther reports $18 million net loss in ‘challenging’ third quarter Nov 04 2021
Hecla posts net loss in third quarter as silver production slides Nov 04 2021
Equinox ups gold production 12% in third quarter, says on track to achieve annual guidance Nov 04 2021
Kirkland Lake Gold boasts record net earnings in Q3 2021 on strong production and sales Nov 04 2021
Franco-Nevada reports strong Q3 results, ‘setting the stage’ for a record year Nov 03 2021
Orano, Denison report successful test of new ‘groundbreaking’ uranium mining method Nov 03 2021
Teck commits to Copper Mark, selects Highland Valley for 'responsible production' assessment Nov 03 2021
Barrick Gold digs deeper in Red Lake area, signs two earn-in agreements Nov 03 2021
Torex Gold reports net earnings drop in Q3, says on track to meet 2021 guidance Nov 03 2021
Eros Resources gets major permit approval for its gold project in Nevada Nov 03 2021
Copper production in Chile falls 7% in September - report Nov 03 2021
Otso Gold restarts production, pours first gold in Finland Nov 03 2021
SSR Mining ups gold equivalent production 74%, more than doubles net income in Q3 Nov 03 2021
B2Gold reports higher than budgeted gold production and operating cashflows in Q3, ups annual production guidance Nov 02 2021
Top 10 largest gold mines in the US in Q2 2021 - report Nov 02 2021
Agnico Eagle announces 'most ambitious' gold exploration program in its history Nov 02 2021
Gold Mountain receives mining permit for its gold project in BC Nov 02 2021
Harmony Gold reports fatality at Doornkop Nov 02 2021
Peru's mining industry expands 12% in September - report Nov 01 2021
Lithium Americas makes $400 million offer to acquire Millennial Lithium, beats CATL offer Nov 01 2021
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom ups production 16% in Q3, lowers 2021 guidance Nov 01 2021
Novo shuts mill at its Nullagine gold project in Australia due to wear at crusher Nov 01 2021
IAMGOLD says all Essakane personnel returned safe following 'security incident' Nov 01 2021
Chifeng Jilong Gold to acquire Golden Star for $470 million Nov 01 2021
Top 10 largest copper mining companies in Q2 2021 - report Oct 29 2021
'Beyond rare' Argyle™ blue diamonds sold in a record breaking global bid - Rio Tinto Oct 29 2021
African Gold Group achieves key permitting milestone in Mali Oct 29 2021
Shortage of 'critical skills' at Impala Canada contributes to lower PGM production for Implats in Q3 Oct 29 2021
Canada's mining and quarrying sector up 1.7% in August - StatCan Oct 29 2021
Osisko acquires royalties from Barrick Gold for $11.75 million Oct 27 2021
Agnico Eagle reports record quarterly gold production of 542 koz in Q3 2021 Oct 27 2021
Orex reports initial 19Moz silver and 286Koz gold resources at Coneto Oct 27 2021
Southern Copper reports 72% net income jump in Q3 while copper output remains flat Oct 27 2021
Osisko receives final permits to expand its gold mine in British Columbia Oct 27 2021
Rio Tinto, USGS partner to survey for critical minerals in Southwest Montana Oct 27 2021
Fresnillo reports silver production decline in Q3, maintains its annual guidance Oct 27 2021
Equinox Gold announces groundbreaking at Greenstone mine in Ontario Oct 27 2021
Pure Gold ups production 54% in Q3 2021, expects to reach full capacity by the end of Q1 2022 Oct 27 2021
First Quantum reports 945% net earnings jump in third quarter Oct 26 2021
Newlox says mining begins at the historic Boston gold mine in Costa Rica Oct 26 2021
Yellow Cake raises $150M to buy more uranium amid its tight supply Oct 26 2021
Osisko Development drills 2,420 g/t gold interval at Cariboo Oct 26 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater to acquire nickel and copper mines in Brazil for $1 billion Oct 26 2021
Newmont declares quarterly dividend of $0.55 per share Oct 26 2021
Polymetal reports 8% gold equivalent production decline in Q3, flags COVID-19 outbreaks Oct 26 2021
South Africa's DRDGOLD ups gold production and EBITDA in third quarter Oct 25 2021
St Barbara reports 43% gold production decline in Nova Scotia in September quarter Oct 25 2021
Brazilian mining giant Vale resumes operations at Salobo Oct 25 2021
Saudi Arabian mining giant Ma'aden reports 19,549% net profit growth in third quarter Oct 25 2021
South Africa's Royal Bafokeng announces record quarterly platinum group metals production Oct 25 2021
Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk ups 17% its own mined production in third quarter Oct 25 2021
Fiore Gold shares jump on acquisition announcement Oct 25 2021
KEFI says its abducted employees in Ethiopia released 'safe and unharmed' Oct 25 2021
B2Gold to sell its Burkina Faso gold projects to West African Resources Oct 25 2021
Richest gold mines in Canada in Q2 2021 - report Oct 22 2021
Merafe boosts ferrochrome production 64% in 9M 2021 Oct 22 2021
Hummingbird reports gold production decline in Mali due to 'underperformance' by mining contractor Oct 22 2021
Orocobre posts another record quarterly production, notes lithium prices surge Oct 22 2021
MMG reports 11% copper production decline in Q3 2021 due to road blockade in Peru Oct 22 2021
Seismic event causes fatality at Kusasalethu gold mine in South Africa Oct 22 2021
Elevation Gold reports production decline in Q3, ups resources at Moss mine Oct 21 2021
South32 reports lower base metals production in September quarter, maintains its guidance Oct 21 2021
Perseus Mining delivers another gold production record in West Africa Oct 21 2021
British mining giant Anglo American ups copper equivalent production 2% in third quarter Oct 21 2021
Orca to begin construction of a gold mine in Sudan Oct 21 2021
Eric Sprott invests C$48 million in New Found Gold Oct 21 2021
Declining production and growing demand will support diamond prices growth - report Oct 21 2021
Barrick says Pueblo Viejo gold mine progresses life-extension project Oct 20 2021
Santacruz Silver reports third quarter production increase Oct 20 2021
Tanzanian Gold begins commissioning of expanded processing plant at Buckreef Oct 20 2021
De Beers generates $490M in rough diamond sales in eighth cycle of 2021 on 'robust' demand Oct 20 2021
Rio Tinto earmarks $7.5 billion to lower emissions by 2030 Oct 20 2021
Antofagasta ups copper and gold production in Chile in 9M 2021 Oct 20 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel reports production decline for all metals in 9M 2021 Oct 20 2021
Top 10 largest gold mines in Canada in Q2 2021 - report Oct 19 2021
Egypt-focused gold miner Centamin reports production decline in Q3, maintains its annual guidance Oct 19 2021
Vital inks MOU with Ucore for the supply of rare earth carbonate Oct 19 2021
Jervois delivers first blast at its Idaho cobalt operations Oct 19 2021
BHP posts lower copper equivalent production in September quarter due to planned maintenance Oct 19 2021
Trigon restarts production at the Kombat copper mine in Namibia Oct 19 2021
B2Gold increases gold production in third quarter, raises its annual guidance Oct 19 2021
Sierra Metals says 'tough challenges' impact its Q3 production Oct 18 2021
IAMGOLD announces initial 5.1 Moz gold resource estimate for Gosselin Oct 18 2021
Noront accepts 'superior' Wyloo offer, says BHP has five days to counter Oct 18 2021
Cerrado Gold reports record production in Argentina in third quarter Oct 18 2021
Norway-based REEtec wants more rare earths from Vital's plant in Canada Oct 18 2021
Vulcan inks binding lithium offtake agreement with Umicore Oct 18 2021
Great Panther suspends ore mining at Tucano's UCS open pit, expects lower production in 2021 Oct 18 2021
Polymetal begins production at its Nezhda gold and silver mine in Russia Oct 18 2021
IAMGOLD reports gold production decline in Q3, says on track to meet its annual guidance Oct 18 2021
Peru's Buenaventura suspends production at its Uchucchacua mine Oct 15 2021
Avino Silver & Gold ramps up production in Mexico Oct 15 2021
China's Ganfeng Lithium expects up to 528% net profit growth in third quarter Oct 15 2021
Chinese mining giant Zijin announces 151% net profit growth in 9M 2021, ups production of all metals Oct 15 2021
Mountain Province Diamonds posts 13% production decrease in Q3, says on track to meet 2021 guidance Oct 15 2021
Galiano reports gold production at Asanko in Q3 in line with guidance Oct 15 2021
Turquoise Hill reports 256% gold production increase at Oyu Tolgoi in third quarter Oct 15 2021
China’s Zijin obtains all permits to start commercial production of copper and gold in Serbia Oct 15 2021
Kenmare boosts shipments of titanium minerals 173% in Q3 2021 Oct 14 2021
Fortitude Gold says on target to meet its 2021 production guidance Oct 14 2021
Foran Mining boosts copper resources 74% at McIlvenna Bay Oct 14 2021
First Cobalt receives key permit for its battery materials refinery in Canada Oct 14 2021
Karora boasts record quarterly gold production in Australia Oct 14 2021
Wesdome ups gold production 47% in Q3, receives first ounces from Kiena mine restart Oct 14 2021
South32 acquires 45% of the Chilean Sierra Gorda copper mine from Sumitomo for $1.55 billion Oct 14 2021
Nexa Resources receives operating license for Aripuanã polymetallic project in Brazil Oct 14 2021
Lundin Gold ups production 14% in Ecuador in Q3, on target to meet annual guidance Oct 13 2021
South Africa's mining industry expands 2% in August - report Oct 13 2021
Treasury Metals shares up on 870 g/t gold interval drilled at Goliath Oct 13 2021
Cypress Development to start lithium extraction at its Clayton Valley pilot plant next week Oct 13 2021
Atalaya Mining ups its 2021 copper production guidance on strong performance at Proyecto Riotinto Oct 13 2021
Hecla reports 24% silver production decline in Q3 due to lower grades at Greens Creek Oct 13 2021
Eldorado Gold plans to review 2021 production guidance on 'strong performance' in 9M 2021 Oct 13 2021
Gran Colombia Gold says on track to meet 2021 production guidance Oct 13 2021
Caledonia reports 25% gold production increase in Zimbabwe in third quarter Oct 13 2021
Triple Flag ups gold equivalent ounces sales 62% in third quarter Oct 12 2021
Amerigo says its Q3 copper production in Chile exceeds guidance while cash cost trends lower Oct 12 2021
Novo ups gold production 22% in Q3, says it 'fell short of expectations' due to lower grades Oct 12 2021
Otso receives all approvals to restart gold operations in Finland Oct 12 2021
Orla eyes first gold pour at Camino Rojo in December 2021 as commissioning progresses Oct 12 2021
Aura Minerals reports gold equivalent production increase in Q3 2021 Oct 12 2021
Glencore to sell its Bolivian zinc assets for $110 million Oct 12 2021
Taseko reports significant copper production increase in third quarter Oct 12 2021
Victoria Gold reports 58% production increase in Q3 2021, breaks many records Oct 12 2021
Fortuna Silver reports 411% gold production jump in third quarter Oct 12 2021
First Majestic Silver boosts production 41% in Q3, suspends silver sales Oct 12 2021
Russia’s ALROSA reports $3.3B in diamond sales for 9M 2021 on ‘record high’ demand Oct 11 2021
Russian gold miner will use nuclear power for its remote Arctic mine Oct 11 2021
Barrick says its Tanzanian gold mines on track to meet their 2021 production targets Oct 11 2021
Gungnir drills 5.61% nickel in Sweden Oct 08 2021
Vale resumes operations at its Onça Puma nickel mine in Brazil Oct 08 2021
Dundee Precious Metals delivers 'strong' operating results in third quarter Oct 08 2021
Great Panther reports 44% gold equivalent production drop in Q3 as operational issues persist Oct 08 2021
K92 Mining to expand production capacity at Kainantu gold mine Oct 07 2021
Trafigura to track carbon emissions at its nickel and cobalt supply chains via blockchain Oct 07 2021
Central Asia Metals reports strong production results in third quarter Oct 07 2021
Russia's ALROSA sees strong demand for large rough diamonds Oct 07 2021
Gatos Silver reports production decline, says mined tonnage hits record levels in Q3 Oct 07 2021
Endeavour Silver boosts silver output 39% in Q3, lifts production guidance Oct 07 2021
Lithium Americas more than doubles resources at Thacker Pass Oct 07 2021
Torex Gold reports production decline in Q3 2021, on track to meet annual guidance Oct 07 2021
Top 10 largest gold mines in Australia in Q2 2021 - report Oct 06 2021
Friedland-led company funds geophysical survey at South Voisey's Bay nickel project Oct 06 2021
Calibre says on track to achieve high-end gold production target in 2021 Oct 06 2021
GoGold reports silver equivalent production decline in Q3 2021 Oct 06 2021
Lithium producer Pilbara says its quarterly shipments exceed prior guidance Oct 06 2021
McEwen Mining reports 41% gold equivalent production increase in Q3 2021 Oct 06 2021
Soma Gold reports 37% production increase in third quarter Oct 06 2021
Canada's copper export jumps 73% in August - StatCan Oct 05 2021
Baru Gold breaks ground on its Sangihe gold project in Indonesia Oct 05 2021
Osisko Gold Royalties reports strong revenue in third quarter Oct 05 2021
Vital says its Saskatoon rare earth extraction plant on track for first feed in 2021 Oct 05 2021
Evolution to divest its Mt Carlton gold mine for A$90 million Oct 05 2021
Thor Explorations declares commercial production at its Segilola gold mine In Nigeria Oct 05 2021
Osisko hits 3,979 g/t gold over 2.3 metres at Windfall Oct 05 2021
Sigma Lithium signs lithium offtake with LG Energy Solution Oct 05 2021
Newmont cuts Boddington guidance, switches to fully autonomous haulage fleet Oct 05 2021
Copper production in Chile falls 5% in August - report Oct 04 2021
MetalsTech drills "bonanza" 594 g/t gold interval at Sturec mine in Slovakia Oct 04 2021
West African produces record 81,960 gold ounces at Sanbrado in September quarter Oct 04 2021
Vale halts operations at its Onça Puma nickel mine in Brazil Oct 04 2021
Endomines restarts Orogrande processing facility at its Friday gold operation in Idaho Oct 04 2021
Caledonia ups quarterly dividend, expects gold production increase in Zimbabwe Oct 04 2021
Alphamin expects 56% EBITDA growth as its tin production up 17% in Q3 Oct 04 2021
Barrick ramps up new underground gold mine at Loulo-Gounkoto Oct 04 2021
Akobo Minerals receives large scale gold mining license in Ethiopia Oct 04 2021
Mining giant BHP delivers first nickel sulphate crystals from Kwinana Oct 01 2021
Russian bank to open $1 billion credit line to Uzbek miner Navoi Oct 01 2021
'Iron ore prices decline and rapid rise in shipping rates' - another iron ore miner halts operations Oct 01 2021
Peru's mining industry expands 5% in August - report Oct 01 2021
Evolution receives regulatory approval for its Cowal underground gold project in Australia Oct 01 2021
Endeavour aims to discover up to 20Moz of gold over next five years Sep 30 2021
Braveheart reports high-grade copper and gold mineralization at Bull River mine Sep 30 2021
Production begins at the Balabag gold and silver project in the Philippines Sep 30 2021
Westgold to make takeover bid for Gascoyne, potentially creating 5th largest Australian gold producer Sep 30 2021
Kamoa-Kakula copper concentrator exceeds steady-state design throughput in September Sep 30 2021
AngloGold Ashanti expects operations at Obuasi gold mine to resume in October Sep 30 2021
Predictive Discovery reports initial 3.7Moz gold resource estimate for Bankan Sep 30 2021
Sayona to acquire 60% stake in Moblan lithium project in Québec for $87M Sep 29 2021
Canadian steel products prices up 67% year-over-year in August on strong demand from China - StatCan Sep 29 2021
African Gold says updated Kobada DFS delivers 'solid economics' Sep 29 2021
Nord Gold completes Phase 1 of its flagship gold mine expansion project Sep 29 2021
Global Atomic inks LOI with CMAC-Thyssen for portal and underground development at Dasa Sep 29 2021
Bearing Lithium ups M&I resources 90% at Maricunga Stage One lithium project in Chile Sep 29 2021
Fortuna greenlights its Séguéla gold project in Côte d’Ivoire, ready to start construction 'immediately' Sep 29 2021
Vulcan secures site for its lithium hydroxide plant in Germany Sep 29 2021
KEFI pauses launch of Tulu Kapi development phase over security concerns Sep 29 2021
Agnico Eagle, Kirkland Lake merger establishes the top 3 gold producer Sep 28 2021
Central African Gold to acquire 60% stake in 2Moz DRC gold project for $55 million Sep 28 2021
Europe's only uranium miner reports 44% production decline in January-August 2021 Sep 28 2021
Mountain Province Diamonds reports $74 million in sales in Q3 2021 on strong prices Sep 28 2021
Otso Gold announces processing plant restart and production ramp-up in Finland Sep 28 2021
ASX-listed Mineral Resources enters earn-in on New Age Metals’ lithium projects in Manitoba Sep 28 2021
IAMGOLD commits to net negative greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 Sep 27 2021
Tinka ups indicated zinc resources at Ayawilca by 68% Sep 27 2021
55 North Mining increases high grade near surface gold resources at Last Hope Sep 27 2021
Jervois says Idaho cobalt operations construction 'on schedule' Sep 27 2021
African Gold Group boosts gold reserves by 66% at Kobada Sep 27 2021
Segele scoping study delivers 'very low' AISC of $243/oz of gold - Akobo Minerals Sep 27 2021
New Found unveils 1,131 g/t gold rock sample from new area at Queensway Sep 24 2021
Top 10 largest uranium mining companies in 2020 Sep 24 2021
The Metals Company converts seafloor nodules into alloy containing critical battery metals Sep 24 2021
MGX Minerals commences review of small modular nuclear reactor technology Sep 24 2021
Altiplano expands underground mining at its Farellon copper-gold mine in Chile Sep 24 2021
Core Lithium moves closer to become new lithium producer Sep 23 2021
Gensource Potash secures C$280 million for Tugaske project construction Sep 23 2021
Caledonia acquires dormant Maligreen gold mine in Zimbabwe Sep 23 2021
Gatling reports initial 1.3 Moz gold resource at Larder Sep 23 2021
Osisko drills 1,096 g/t gold interval at Windfall Sep 23 2021
Buenaventura suspends operations at Uchucchacua due to strike Sep 23 2021
Akobo Minerals to be awarded large scale gold mining license in Ethiopia Sep 23 2021
Uranium miner Cameco, partners mull fuel supply chain for small nuclear reactors in Poland Sep 23 2021
Copper miner KGHM to deploy small nuclear reactors for its operations in Poland Sep 23 2021
Canada’s minerals and mining industry expands in Q2 2021 - StatCan Sep 22 2021
Top 10 largest uranium mines in the world in 2020 - report Sep 22 2021
Barrick and Newmont partner with Ridgeline on Swift gold project in Nevada Sep 22 2021
Freeport-McMoRan declares quarterly cash dividend of $0.075 per share Sep 22 2021
Despite strong fundamentals, major gold miners’ valuations remain low - report Sep 21 2021
Emerald achieves full production at Okvau gold mine in Cambodia Sep 21 2021
Inca One reports record gold production in August Sep 21 2021
Teck reduces its 2021 zinc production guidance due to wildfires Sep 21 2021
Sabre Gold ups measured gold resources by 53% at Copperstone Sep 21 2021
International Lithium to sell its remaining stake in Mariana to Ganfeng Sep 21 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater reports fatalities among rescue team at Kloof Sep 21 2021
Rolls-Royce says working on nuclear reactor for space mining Sep 20 2021
Serabi Gold commissions mine development at Coringa Sep 20 2021
Copper Fox 'very pleased' with PEA results for Schaft Creek Sep 20 2021
Namibia Critical Metals moves into the pilot-scale phase at Lofdal Sep 20 2021
Kenorland options South Uchi project to Barrick Gold Sep 20 2021
Vital says rare earths grades mined at Nechalacho exceed expectations Sep 20 2021
Equinox Gold delivers positive pre-feasibility for Aurizona expansion, ups reserves by 73% Sep 20 2021
Top 10 largest gold mining companies in Q2 2021 - report Sep 17 2021
Integra raises US$17 million to advance DeLamar gold and silver project in Idaho Sep 17 2021
Vulcan Energy raises US$145 million for lithium projects development in Europe Sep 17 2021
Kirkland Lake Gold declares quarterly dividend payment Sep 17 2021
Uranium miner Cameco, X-energy to explore cooperation on small modular reactors Sep 16 2021
Kingston ups indicated gold resource by 39% at Misima Sep 16 2021
World's largest uranium producing countries in 2020 - report Sep 16 2021
Global Atomic plans to break ground for its uranium mine in Niger in Q1 2022 Sep 16 2021
Kimberlite absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - study Sep 16 2021
World's rough diamonds production to grow 12% by 2025 - report Sep 15 2021
Sonoro Gold reports positive PEA results for Cerro Caliche Sep 15 2021
New Found drills 137 g/t gold over 2m at Keats, extends high-grade zone towards surface Sep 15 2021
Global bauxite production to grow 10% by 2025 - report Sep 15 2021
This company just added fuel to burning uranium fire Sep 15 2021
Keliber ups lithium ore reserves 55% at Rapasaari Sep 15 2021
Agnico Eagle reports fatality near its Hope Bay gold mine, operations suspended Sep 15 2021
Global nickel production to grow 20% by 2026 - report Sep 14 2021
Japan Gold intersects 125 g/t gold from 64.2 m at Ryuo Sep 14 2021
South Africa's mining industry expanded 10% in July - report Sep 14 2021
Americas Gold and Silver recalls workers, commences Cosalá re-opening Sep 14 2021
Skyharbour drills 6.80% uranium oxide interval at Moore Sep 14 2021
Malawi renewed uranium mining licence for Kayelekera amid surging uranium prices Sep 14 2021
OceanaGold reiterates its 2021 production guidance despite COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand Sep 13 2021
Kutcho Copper ups resources to 1.1 billion pounds of copper equivalent at Kutcho Sep 13 2021
Mosaic reports 56% sales revenue growth in August 2021 Sep 13 2021
Rupert Resources reports maiden 3.95 million oz gold resource for Ikkari Sep 13 2021
Artemis Gold says Blackwater feasibility delivers 'industry leading' NPV of C$2.15B Sep 13 2021
Metalla Royalty acquires 5% NSR on part of Equinox's Castle Mountain gold mine in California for $15M Sep 13 2021
Lower than modeled gold grade at Rainy River impacts New Gold's updated 2021 operational outlook Sep 13 2021
Cypress Development secures water rights for its Clayton Valley lithium project Sep 10 2021
B2Gold declares Q3 2021 dividend of $0.04 per share Sep 10 2021
Cornerstone reports 1,010 m at 0.55% copper equivalent intersection at Cascabel Sep 10 2021
Ramelius increases gold resources in Western Australia Sep 10 2021
Albemarle expects up to 35% EBITDA growth in 2022 on strong lithium demand Sep 10 2021
Top diamond miner ALROSA generates $306 million in sales in August on strong demand Sep 10 2021
Caterpillar acquires carbon capture technology company Sep 10 2021
World's lowest cost gold mines in Q1 2021 - report Sep 09 2021
Pebble will generate 'significant' financial returns over multiple decades - Northern Dynasty Sep 09 2021
Endeavour Silver delivers robust feasibility for Terronera, rapidly advances towards construction Sep 09 2021
Costs at primary silver mines increased in Q2 2021 on higher sustaining capital spending - Metals Focus Sep 08 2021
Cora Gold secures $25 million for Sanankoro development Sep 08 2021
Equinox grows gold reserves and resources at Mesquite Sep 08 2021
Russian mining giant Nornickel generates value from waste tailings Sep 08 2021
Universal Copper reports maiden NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource for Poplar Sep 08 2021
Pan African Resources expects up to 79% earnings growth in FY 2021 Sep 08 2021
Nord Gold ups net profit 9% in H1 2021 despite 3% production decline Sep 08 2021
Ivanhoe says Kamoa-Kakula Phase 1 concentrator plant is "progressing well" Sep 07 2021
Palladium One doubles endowment at its LK project in Finland with resource estimate for Haukiaho zone Sep 07 2021
Probe Metals delivers robust PEA for its Val-d'Or East gold project, with after-tax NPV5% of C$598M Sep 07 2021
Asante Gold initiates works to fast track Bibiani to production Sep 07 2021
Akobo Minerals applies for gold mining license in Ethiopia Sep 07 2021
Gold miner Karora says it will achieve carbon neutrality in 2021 Sep 07 2021
Pure Gold achieves 1,000 tpd milestone, pours record gold ounces in August Sep 07 2021
i-80 to exchange gold assets with Newmont and Barrick, aims to create mining complex in Nevada Sep 07 2021
Pilbara reports ‘significant’ increase in Pilgangoora lithium resource Sep 06 2021
AngloGold Ashanti says its gold mine in Guinea is ‘operating normally’ Sep 06 2021
Mineral Resources divests its interest in Pilbara Minerals for ~$244 million Sep 06 2021
Glencore commences formal relinquishment process of its coal operations in Colombia Sep 06 2021
Tirupati begins graphite production at Vatomina in Madagascar Sep 06 2021
Richest gold mines in the world in Q1 2021 - report Sep 03 2021
Chile produced 465 ktonnes of copper in July 2021, unchanged y-o-y - report Sep 03 2021
Largest gold mines in the world in Q1 2021 - report Sep 02 2021
Implats reports 190% profit surge for FY 2021 on higher production and PGM prices Sep 02 2021
Harmony Gold says seismic event caused fatality at Mponeng Sep 02 2021
African Gold Group ups M&I gold resource by 44% at Kobada Sep 02 2021
Jervois closes "transformational" Freeport Cobalt acquisition Sep 02 2021
Piedmont Lithium submits mine permit for its Carolina project, applies for loan funding Sep 02 2021
Hurricane Ida disrupts Mosaic phosphate operations in North America Sep 02 2021
Kirkland Lake boosts M&I gold resources 216% at Detour Lake Sep 02 2021
Nippon Dragon sells its Rocmec 1 (Russian Kid) gold deposit in Quebec to ASX-listed Orminex Sep 01 2021
Standard Lithium completes installation of lithium carbonate plant Sep 01 2021
GSilver begins expansion drilling, re-commissions primary crusher at El Cubo Sep 01 2021
Peru's mining industry expanded 1.64% in July - report Sep 01 2021
Torex expects gold production to decline until it commissions Media Luna in 2024 Sep 01 2021
Iconic says Bonnie Claire boasts the largest lithium resource in North America, shares up Sep 01 2021
Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk ups profit in H1 2021 despite production decline Sep 01 2021
Profits of Australian mining companies jumped 43% in June quarter y-o-y - report Aug 31 2021
Nicola Mining ships gold and silver concentrate from its milling facility in BC Aug 31 2021
OceanaGold resumes gold operations in New Zealand, releases impact on production estimate Aug 31 2021
Canada's mining, quarrying, oil and gas sectors grew 1.7% in June - StatCan Aug 31 2021
Lara acquires Kenita project in Peru from BHP Aug 31 2021
Royal Road receives new 30-year mining concession contract in Colombia Aug 31 2021
Santacruz Silver reports net loss for Q2 2021 on increase in operating and finance expenses Aug 31 2021
Harmony Gold boosts net profit 758% in FY 2021, increases reserves and resources Aug 31 2021
Top diamond miner allocates its entire free cash flow on dividends for H1 2021 Aug 30 2021
Altaley Mining posts income surge for Q2 2021 on strong zinc and lead production in Mexico Aug 30 2021
Mexus ramps up gold production in Mexico Aug 30 2021
Cerrado Gold reports record production at MDN in Q2 2021, cuts losses Aug 30 2021
Mineral exploration expenditure in Australia up 33% in June quarter y-o-y, metres drilled jumped 47% - report Aug 30 2021
Australia's Fortescue breaks records in FY 2021 on sharp rise in iron ore prices and increased shipments Aug 30 2021
China's Ganfeng boosts profit 797% in H1 2021 on higher sales and lithium prices Aug 30 2021
Aurcana Silver commissions processing plant at Revenue Virginius Aug 30 2021
Lowest cost gold mines in Africa in Q1 2021 - report Aug 27 2021
Canadian steel products prices up 51% year-over-year in July on strong demand from China - StatCan Aug 27 2021
Top uranium miner's CEO steps down to 'pursue another opportunity' Aug 27 2021
Alamos Gold declares quarterly dividend, announces share repurchases Aug 27 2021
Top uranium miner Kazatomprom ups revenue and cash flow in H1 2021, warns of supply chain issues Aug 26 2021
Mawson increases gold resources in Finland by 47% Aug 26 2021
Perseus boosts net profit on strong gold production in Africa, declares maiden dividend Aug 26 2021
St Barbara posts statutory net loss of A$177M in 2021 on impairment of its gold operations in Canada Aug 26 2021
Polymetal approves fast-track development of Prognoz to benefit from favorable silver market Aug 26 2021
Polymetal reports earnings growth in H1 2021, declares interim dividend Aug 26 2021
Harmony Gold expects earnings to more than double in FY 2021 Aug 26 2021
Sibanye-Stillwater reports record profit in H1 2021, plans to push its green energy metals strategy Aug 26 2021
South Africa's DRDGOLD doubles earnings in 2021, declares dividend Aug 25 2021
Teck announces dividend of $0.05 per share Aug 25 2021
NEO Battery Materials to build its pilot plant in South Korea Aug 25 2021
Petra sold 342 carat white diamond from Cullinan for $10 million Aug 25 2021
Andean Precious Metals posts strong Q2 results as its silver production in Bolivia up 60% Aug 25 2021
GoldSpot boosts net income 348% in Q2 2021 on net investment gains jump Aug 25 2021
Australian gold miner Northern Star ups net profit 300% in FY2021 Aug 25 2021
Rio Tinto, Sumitomo to assess hydrogen pilot plant at Yarwun alumina refinery in Australia Aug 24 2021
Rio Tinto, Sumitomo to assess hydrogen pilot plant at Yarwun alumina refinery in Australia Aug 24 2021
Cerrado Gold shares up on 'extremely robust' PEA results for Monte do Carmo Aug 24 2021
Rio Tinto resumes operations at Richards Bay Minerals as security situation stabilizes Aug 24 2021
Eric Sprott maintains his interest in New Found Gold by participating in its recent offering Aug 24 2021
Polyus ups revenue and EBITDA in Q2 2021, advances feasibility for Sukhoi Log Aug 24 2021
First Cobalt secures $45M to build battery material refinery in Ontario Aug 23 2021
Global lead production to grow 16% by 2025 - report Aug 23 2021
OceanaGold suspends operations in New Zealand due to a country-wide COVID-19 lockdown Aug 23 2021
Pensana breaks ground at its Saltend rare earth processing hub in the UK Aug 23 2021
IGO says first lithium hydroxide produced at Australia's first Kwinana refinery Aug 23 2021
Nicola Mining resumes gold and silver operations in BC as wildfire threat subsides Aug 23 2021
Gem Diamonds to sell its Ghaghoo diamond mine in Botswana Aug 23 2021
KEFI assembles $356M financing package to start gold mining in Ethiopia Aug 23 2021
Atico Mining consolidates 100% of La Plata VMS project in Ecuador Aug 20 2021
Euromax scores favourable court decision for its gold-copper project in North Macedonia Aug 20 2021
Globe Metals secures mining licence for its Kanyika niobium project in Malawi Aug 20 2021
Noront reiterates support of BHP offer, says Wyloo declined to execute confidentiality agreement Aug 20 2021
St Barbara impairs its Canadian gold operations due to permitting delay Aug 20 2021
South32 posts $195 million loss in FY 2021 on Illawarra impairment charges Aug 19 2021
Gold Resource ramps down operations in Mexico amid COVID-19 crisis Aug 19 2021
African Rainbow Minerals expects 138% headline earnings jump in FY 2021 Aug 19 2021
Nicola Mining evacuates personnel from its gold mine in BC due to wildfire Aug 19 2021
Evolution delivers record net profit in FY 2021 despite gold output decline Aug 19 2021
Major gold producer Newcrest reports record profit in FY 2021, ups dividend 129% Aug 19 2021
Chilean lithium giant SQM ups earnings 77% in Q2, expects 40% demand jump this year Aug 19 2021
Gold Fields boosts profit 148% in H1 2021, ups dividend Aug 19 2021
Top 10 largest copper mining companies in Q1 2021 - report Aug 18 2021
South Africa's DRDGOLD anticipates earnings to double in 2021 Aug 18 2021
Titanium minerals producer Kenmare ups profit 278% in H1 2021, triples dividend Aug 18 2021
Hochschild reports profit surge in H1 2021 on higher production and precious metal prices Aug 18 2021
Trigon secures power supply for its Kombat copper mine in Namibia Aug 18 2021
Teck resumes operations at Highland Valley copper mine Aug 18 2021
Clayton Valley lithium project in Nevada obtains federal approval for pilot plant Aug 17 2021
Uranium production in the U.S. was near zero in Q2 2021 Aug 17 2021
Polish mining giant KGHM reports 'best results in decades' for H1 2021 Aug 17 2021
BHP returns to shareholders $15.2 billion in 2021 financial year Aug 17 2021
Nord Gold achieves ISO 55001 certification status of its asset management systems Aug 17 2021
Glencore to supply Britishvolt with responsibly sourced cobalt Aug 17 2021
Mining giant BHP approves investment in Jansen Stage 1 potash project in Saskatchewan Aug 17 2021
K92 Mining generates net income in Q2 despite operational challenges at Kainantu Aug 16 2021
First Majestic posts record revenues in Q2 2021, ups dividend Aug 16 2021
Nova Royalty acquires its first cash flowing royalty on Aura's Aranzazu mine in Mexico Aug 16 2021
Westhaven Gold halts work at Shovelnose due to wildfire Aug 16 2021
Impala Platinum expects up to 195% earnings growth in FY2021 Aug 16 2021
South Africa's Northam Platinum expects 338% earnings boost in FY2021 Aug 16 2021
Galaxy reports net profit surge in H1 2021 on record production and higher lithium prices Aug 16 2021
Orvana suspends its El Valle plant in Spain due to rock fall Aug 16 2021
Endomines begins mining at its Friday gold mine in Idaho, USA Aug 16 2021
China Gold delivers its 'best performance in history' in second quarter Aug 13 2021
Gran Colombia boosts net income in Q2 on higher production and increased gold price Aug 13 2021
Top diamond miner ALROSA ups EBITDA and net profit in Q2 on strong demand Aug 13 2021
Barrick joins challenge to decarbonize surface mining Aug 13 2021
Teck resumes production at Trail, but risk of further outages remains due to smoke from wildfires Aug 13 2021
Aya boosts silver production 219% in Morocco, generates record operating cash flow in Q2 Aug 13 2021
Victoria Gold generates net income in Q2 on rising production in Yukon Aug 13 2021
Gold Resource reports spike in COVID-19 cases in Mexico, warns about potential operations constrain Aug 13 2021
Majestic Gold to resume production at its Songjiagou mine in China Aug 12 2021
Newcrest earmarks $182 million to extend Telfer mine life Aug 12 2021
Empress Royalty becomes revenue-generating company Aug 12 2021
Fortuna Silver reports record sales and consolidated EBITDA margins above 45% in second quarter Aug 12 2021
GoGold says Parral generated record free cash flow in Q2 2021 Aug 12 2021
Franco-Nevada ups net income 86% in Q2 2021, declares dividend Aug 12 2021
Lundin Gold boosts net income in second quarter on strong production at Fruta del Norte Aug 12 2021
Caledonia Mining sets new Q2 gold production record in Zimbabwe Aug 12 2021
Re|Source, Tesla cement partnership in sustainably sourced cobalt Aug 12 2021
Hudbay pours first gold at its New Britannia mill in Manitoba Aug 12 2021
Russian gold giant Polyus reports Q2 production decline year-on-year, reiterates 2021 guidance Aug 12 2021
Top 10 biggest gold mines in Africa in Q1 2021 - report Aug 11 2021
Pan American Silver ups net income 267% in Q2, boosts quarterly dividend by 43% Aug 11 2021
Amerigo boosts net income in Q2 on higher copper production and metal prices Aug 11 2021
i-80 Gold ramps up production at South Arturo Aug 11 2021
Trigon appoints mining contractor for Kombat, plans open pit restart in October 2021 Aug 11 2021
Rose lithium mining project in Quebec gets nod from the Minister of Environment Aug 11 2021
Otso Gold executes mining contract, plans to start production in Finland next month Aug 11 2021
Argonaut Gold ups net income 383% on record production in second quarter Aug 11 2021
Jaguar Mining says its Q2 2021 net income falls to $2.9 million due to the pandemic impact Aug 10 2021
Orvana ups production, EBITDA and cash flow in June quarter Aug 10 2021
Hudbay cuts net loss in Q2 2021 on higher metals prices and sales volumes Aug 10 2021
Altius boosts regular dividend 40% on 'long-term positive outlook' for its royalty business Aug 10 2021
Osisko Gold Royalties reports record operating cash flow in Q2, ups dividend Aug 10 2021
Sierra Metals boosts net income in second quarter, revises 2021 guidance Aug 10 2021
Endeavour Silver reports 136% net revenue increase in Q2 on higher production and metal prices Aug 10 2021
Centerra Gold posts net loss of $852 million in Q2 on Kumtor seizure Aug 10 2021
Vital Metals acquires Kipawa and Zeus projects in Quebec, strengthens Canadian rare earths portfolio Aug 10 2021
Global copper output up 2% in Q1 2021, but fears of production shortages remain - report Aug 09 2021
Canada Silver Cobalt drills 30,416 g/t silver at Castle East